Friday, August 30, 2013

Of the 2nd Day of Bridge Closure, less insanity~~~~

Well Darklings,

I'm going in later today and working till early evening, Doyle has an appointment in South San Francisco and will take the San Mateo Bridge to get there and will pick me up from work and take the long round about drive home, but he says he'll take us over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Rafel to meet Sis there for Dinner.  They have it all arranged.  Brian will pick up Belladonna and bring her home.

So I'm just going along for the ride.

Dear Rebecca, I love your idea's for New Orleans, but I wonder when is the best time to visit, obviously not during Mardi Gra nor hurricane season.   And those tours you've suggested sounds wonderful.  I'm putting them on my wish list---hint, hint to Doyle for future plans.  I may get lucky and find some wonderful things for my Cabinet of Curosities.

I've been going on line to the Fright Store Web site to see what they have to offer and I've seen a few things to blow my budget on, a coffin clutch bag, a skull walking stick, some jewerly (even if its pot metal) and some Wonderful outdoor displays.  So much to choose from. 

I must add the Spirit Store and Fright Store links as well as the Doombuggies link as well,  that way Darklings you can have your fill of Disney's Haunted Mansion even when you are not at the Disney parks.  Never enough, just never enough.

I've had some internet friends ask why I don't comment on what is happening in the world,  I believe in another post I gave my reasons why, I want my blog to be a blog to get away from things even though there has been tragedy in my part of the world.

But for an update:  About the Rim fire near Yosemite, latest reports they have it 32 percent contained, cooler weather is helping and the rocky region near Hetch-Hetchy is slowing it down giving the fire fighters a chance.   And they've found a peaceful use of those Drone planes, since a live person is not in the plane they use them to find hot spots that cannot easily be spotted via normal means and can pinpoint water drops.

About Syria:  I feel that its best to leave that in the hands of those who have all or almost all the facts, the use of chemical war fare is horrible and the fact that Russia and China will not go along to condem that shows them for the "evil empire" govenments they are.  Britain's parlament did not pass their vote, maybe they are tired of war, but it can backlash upon them, France is with the U.S.  but again it does show that those middle eastern countries do not play by the standard rules of war, they hide weapons cache's among innocent civilians trying to make other's the "bad guys" and they target civilians to crush them. 

A veteran that I knew said that after the bombing of Dresden, of Heroshima, etc.  many military men knew that the rules of war was changing, the Germans bombed London, oh they were going for the docks etc. but it didn't matter if it landed on civilian targets.   And Sherman's march through Georgia, a burnt earth policy, leave nothing to the enemy.   In war there are no clean hands.   So I will leave it at that.

About the Boston Bombers:  That is going on still both indictments and investigations, a third party has been indicted for concealing and protecting the Boston Bombers and more evidence has been revealed that the two bombers were involved and committed murder the year previous, they are not the confused innocent boys that some parties make them out to be.

About the Limo fires:  One other happened fairly recently involving elderly women but all got out quickly and safely no injuries.  On the original Limo fire, it was found that a electrical short of some kind caused the fire.  A bill is in the works to change the design of Limo's as well as increased safety issues.

About the Murders of an Austrailian Athelete and a 88 year old WWII Vet:   Those parties responsible have been capture and arrested.  In the first it was 3 teen age boys 2 black, 1 white ages 15 to 17 they shot the athelete because "They were bored" and wanted to see what killing a person felt like---all three will be tried as adults in adult court.

In regards to the murder of the 88 year old WWII Vet:  This man survived the battle of Okinawa, was loved in the community was barely 5 feet tall, was waiting in a car for a friend in front of a Lodge Hall when 2 teenage boys draged him out of the car and robbed and beat him to death.  Because of the outrage in the Community one of the perps turned himself in and the 2nd one was Captured, the 2nd one has a record of assault and robbery, both are 16 years old and black, both (as I understand it) will be tried as adults.

If anyone says I'm being racial---I'm not---I'm only reporting what was printed and revealed in the news.

So can you see my Darklings, why I prefer to stay away from a lot of possible politically charged issues?

Why I preferr to stay on topics that are escapist?  

I do not ignore the world around me, I am too much aware of it sadly, and I really prefer to keep much of my opinions to myself as they can become much too volitale.  

I have very strong opinions about things and people, if one wants to know or have an inkling of my thoughts then I recommend reading Agatha Christie's Miss Marple mysteries, time and again this charater voices very close to my own thoughts, which may seem harsh to some. 

And in my blog I do not want volitility, but just as I know I cannot protect my niece Coralline from the uglyness of the world around her, I can at least give her a measure of balance of things, of the Yin and Yang of life, of the Karmic destiny of it.

Recently a friend of mine said to me "Why do the criminals when they are caught having done a violent act, claim that They are the victims, espeically when their Karma has caught up to them?"  

As an Elder/Elderly Goth that has seen the dark and light side of life, I am in agreement with that sentiment.

Now I must go and deal with the Crush of BART.

Later Darklings

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