Thursday, July 31, 2014

Of dental surgery, British Territories, Halloween and a sprained wrist~~~~~

Well Darklings,

Doyle is not looking forward to his dental surgery, he will not be able to have coffee in the morning, we have to get up at "Oh my God it's Early" and I'll have to drive him home.

Fortunately Brian will be working from my sister's home on his computer, so when I get Doyle back he can help me get him into the House, I'll have him sleep in the spare room off the kitchen, that way it will be easy for me to check on him and a lot fewer steps to climb, for a fellow who's over 6 feet, if he fell it will be too much for me to handle.

He is going to ask the oral surgeon if he can keep the tooth for a souvenir, well why not, we are into bizarre teeth, why not an extracted tooth in my cabinet of curiosities.  As a matter of fact some years ago, out of curiosity I bought on E-Bay alleged teeth from executed criminals from the 19th century.  One of them was a curious copper green.

 I took a couple of them with me to work and had them analyzed as a form of practice (work was a little slow) and they were from that time period.  As a matter of fact one of the persons who analyzed it for me asked me if they were "Waterloo Teeth"  I'd never heard of that until I researched it and found that for dentists to make primitive dentures the teeth from the dead soldiers who died at Waterloo were extracted to make dentures.
And it seems that the one that was copper green had been buried in the ground near a copper deposit.  How bizarre!  But then I do collect bizarre things, and have these on display as "alleged teeth from criminals".

And to make sure that Doyle's tooth doesn't get too mixed up I'll put a tiny red dot on one side. 

I know this next tid-bite is going to sound strange but I have never been so happy with my kitchen sink drain, it's like all my troubles draining away.  Little things so appreciated.

On the Halloween front, I've found with the exception of really little children, most of them ages 7 and up really do, in a twisted sort of way love the scary stuff, pre-teens especially.

The Harry Potter idea is good for 8 years old and younger, it's more magic than scares,  so we try to split the scares.

Although it has given me an idea, the trick is to get a boy size manikin, dress him as Harry Potter and having him displayed that his defeating my Grim Reaper character, so have Harry between Grim and the Trick or Treaters,  and with the red and green lights, the fog and such and then have the manikin pointing a lighted wand with a strobe light in it at Grim.  

That way the parents can tell their children Harry is protecting them.  Well I hope it will work, I do like the idea, I've never worked Harry Potter in before.  But Sis would like us to include Maleficent as well, so much to plan and design. 

I've been checking the Spirit Web site for ideas as well.

I think I'll ask my Ghostly artist friends if they have such a manikin, I'm sure they can turn one up.  I'm getting excited about this.

I have a tendency to see what countries look into my blog, and of course it's from all over, USA, UK, Russia especially, Germany, France etc.  But I was surprised to see something listed as British Indian Ocean Territories,  I was curious about this and surprise it does exists it's also called the Chagoes Islands.

I won't go into the history as it is easy to Google, but some lonely Brit or Yank must have wanted something that was a taste of home.  And maybe a bit Goth as well.

Well whomever you are  "Hello There" and welcome to my Gothic Parlor, you're welcome to peruse my postings, just be nice.

And now the sprained wrist, well it's not mine nor Sis's nor Doyle's, it's Coralline, poor thing and she was so frustrated too, it was a simple fall at a craft Day Camp and she sprained her wrist, and broke her little finger. 

She was so mad, saying to me on the phone that now it's hard for her to write in her journal, so I asked her if she could type and she said she could if she held her hand carefully but she can't use the one little finger at this time, I said substitute another finger for now, type out what you want to say and paste it into your journal until you can write again, I was sure her Mother would let her use the family computer. 

And she so wanted to write a note back to you Trisha, but I told her that typing one is perfectly fine, that is what spell correct is for.

According to her Mother she should be fine in a couple of weeks from the sprain and the broken finger might take a little longer.

So now it's time to buy some new school clothing, she's grown a bit, and go through her current school supplies and see what needs to be replaced. 

Her school introduction will occur the week before Labor day and then she'll be officially in school.  Each school system Public, Private etc seems to have different start times, so confusing.

Now I must go, for some reason Belladonna and Weiner Dog are barking furiously in the back yard,  I hope its not another squirrel.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Of Teeth, washing things, Halloween and skulls~~~~~

Well My Darklings,

It's so true the simplest things can give us so much pleasure, I never thought being able to use my washing machine, my kitchen sink and for large gatherings my dishwasher again could make me so happy.

But in a way it's like having an artery that's clogged unclogged and then the whole house functions, yes Darklings, Houses, especially old houses that have a history can have "heart attacks", and they say that the Kitchen is the hearth or heart of a house, you have one problem go wrong it can be serious.

Doyle is moving around a lot better from his ailment, he can now wear his regular clothing instead of baggy sweat pants, and drive his car if he's not taking a pain pill, but lifting things is still a problem for him, his tests have come back so far looking very good.

But we have the radiology follow up appointment in two weeks, followed by his two doctor appointments but in the mean time he still had to see his oral surgeon.

Yes Darklings, Doyle has to have a molar pulled, no way of saving it, but since his dentist said it has "bulbous roots" it has to be done by an oral surgeon.  So Doyle went to see him today and the end of this week it will be done. 

I'll have to drive him, thank Goodness we won't have to worry about pain meds.  He has plenty.

When he came home he talked about the x-ray machine that went all around his head, it was fascinating he said, "I didn't have to have that negative thing in my mouth that always gags me, our regular dentist should have one"   Well who know that might be in our dentists future.

For me right now I'm planning other repairs, thinking of the best time for us to take that vacation Doyle promised, and already I'm looking at my Victorian Trading Co. Catalogue, my Grandin Road Catalog, my Pyramid Catalog and checking out the new offerings for Halloween.

Yes My Darklings, Halloween is just around the corner, why the minute the School supplies come out I immediately start planning my Halloween party.  So much to choose from, so much to set up.

Our Grim reaper has been waiting down in the dry basement for his next appearance, just the other day Doyle was testing the fog machine, at first I almost panic when I saw all this smoke come out of the basement but then Doyle emerged and said the fog machine worked fine, sometimes it's hard not to bust out laughing at our Adams family situation, and the reason why I say that is my neighbor who lives on the other side of my property was looking out her kitchen window and I could see her cell phone in hand, I had to yell at her that everything was O.K. it was just the Fog Machine.

I think we nearly gave her a stroke and she's only in her 30's,  I think she sometimes wonders what did she and her husband get into when they bought the house next to mine.  I think I'll have to formally introduce myself to her and her husband, maybe invite them over for drinks and a few munchies.    Hmmmm but I wonder what she and her husband will think with "kitty kat" and the other denizens of my house and garden.

---and we'll have to buy more Fog juice and some red and green spot lights, the old one's died over Christmas. 

And speaking of Halloween, Sis wants to go and see the Skull exhibit at the Academy of Sciences, it's been years since we last went there and that was when it was the old building, so to see the new one will be interesting.

I remember years ago the three of us with Mom and Dad took the bus to S.F. and then we had to find out which connections to the Academy.  We did have a problem, not one person knew what we were talking about, Dad even asked a policeman and he didn't have a clue until Dad said "well you know where they have those stuff animals and a planetarium and the Aquarium"  Well when Dad said Aquarium the policeman's eyes lit up and he said "Oh you want to get to the Aquarium"  and quick as a flash he told us what connections to take and where to get them.   

So when we got on the Bus Dad asked "Is this the Bus to the Aquarium?"  and the Driver said "It is, I let you know when we get to your stop"  and he did.  As we walked to it I heard Dad say "I guess that what the local's call it?"

And Sis and I are going to take public transportation as well, because no matter what parking is Hell in San Francisco.

Well I need to add some veggies to the crock pot stew I'm making and throw in another load of wash.  I feel soooo happy!!!!

Later Darklings.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Of things slowly becoming Normal??? or Tornados in Boston???~~~~

Dear Darklings,

It has been ages since I've heard the weather being so bizarre here in the States.

Yesterday there were lighting strikes in Venice Beach, Ca. which killed one person and injured several others.   So unusual!!

And then this morning eastern time a Tornado in the Boston area, they never have tornados.  It tore apart homes, flooding and I believed someone got hurt.  Just so bizarre. (or was it Chicago---now I'm confused)

Of course we're dealing with wildfires in the Northwest and in California that is almost a given, but to have it start so early in the summer and one is especially close to Yosemite, threatening the community of El Portal.

Of course the weather man is describing how they get created and the drought and everything, but one of my friends came by today to see how I was doing and brought by a wonderful Lemon Blueberry bread or cake I don't know which but oh so scrumptious.  And she brought two of them,  and gave me a copy of the recipe.

My plumber was finishing up on getting my sink unclogged and working beautifully tried a slice and asked for a copy of the recipe as his wife bakes, so I made him a copy (thank you oh photocopy machine attached to my computer)

And YES Darklings my sink is finally unplugged, unclogged, unstagnated and running free, free, free!  Fortunately I had buckets for the plumber to use to catch the water, or sludge really, such gunk, I'd call it swamp water, it was horrible, so horrible I think even the swamps would not want it.. 

We took it to the farthest back part of the yard where it would not matter and dumped it there.  Then I ran some water on it to break it down. 

And it's cooling down here in the house finally, oh I'm keeping the fans on to circulate the air but at least we can sleep more comfortably now. 

My friend Lena said to me that the way the weather is going with lighting and tornados she was wondering if some evil sorcerer was doing something really awful.  Well she is very much into the occult and tarot and such, and loves exploring haunted houses and places, doing EVP recordings and such I've heard some of the recordings, and they disturb me a bit.

Anyway after my plumber left and I was happy, we had Lemonade and the Lemon Blueberry bread, the three of us, and discussed the whole situation, triple digits inland for us and 90's just south and north of us and we had reached a very high point in some parts where we live it did reach the 90's, and the drought does not make it any better.

Lena has friends in Arizona and they've been getting monsoon rains, and you have to be careful during that kind of weather because one minute your fine the next minute your car is floating down the street.  And lighting strikes all over, Lena told me that during this time the TV stations in Arizona compete for the best lighting photos. 

To each their own I say,  I remember some years ago, Mom and Dad wanted to sell off a bunch of stuff they didn't want nor needed anymore, so borrowing a neighbors van we loaded everything up the night before, and went to the old Flea Market that was held in an old Drive in Theatre, well lots of things sold even as we were unloading things, and Dad was glad all the large items sold quickly and we were putting out smaller stuff and it started to rain, in July a strange warm rain, I was feeling electricity dancing along my arms which frightened me.

Just then both Dad, Mom and I looked up towards these telephone poles that we just outside the fence of the drive-in and we saw lighting,  multiple lighting bolts dancing along the wires.

Dad said "That's it pack up!!" and we did and still selling things as we were packing up, we managed to get what was left into the van just and we were hit with a torrential down pour, just then we felt the prickling again and Dad said "Don't touch the doors or anything metal, keep your feet on the rubber pads"  we did and a good thing too.

I felt the hair on my head begin to stand up and a heavy pressure pressing down on me, suddenly everything went white in a blinding flash and a loud explosion, when I could see again I saw a ball of lighting moving quickly from metal stantion to stantion (those are those metal posts that held the speakers you mounted on your car window to hear the movie) and then it disappear under our van.

I heard Mom cry out "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!"   and then just as suddenly as the rains came it began to taper off.  People were moving quickly and other sellers were packing quickly as well. 

We knew there had been a lighting strike in the Drive-in but exactly where we didn't know, but we did see another strike further on in a large lot that was empty except for some old trees.

Then we heard sirens,  it was the fire department several people had been hurt by the strike fortunately we found out later not fatal.

It was a bit too much for all of us my Sister was saying "Can we go home??"  Dad said we would but we had to wait for it to clear out as much as possible because everyone was trying to leave at the same time, we did see a few fender benders between some old trucks, nothing that would stop them from working, even the truck owners acted like "It's o.k. let's get outta here".

It was good to get home after all that excitement, my brother who was staying with friends that day was mad having missed all the excitement---I thought he was nuts.  But that's younger brother's for you.

That old drive-in movie theatre is gone McMansions are sitting on that ground, but I'll never forget seeing the lighting dancing on the wires.

Later Darklings

Friday, July 25, 2014

Of being too Bloody HOT!!!~~~

Dear Darklings,

I do not do well in extreme heat, I melt faster than the wicked witch in the "wizard of oz".

I'm glad that I am off for the next few weeks, knowing the pitiful condition the air conditioner at work is it's not much help.

But I have every fan going in the house, box fans, tower fans, rotating fans, ancient fans That I dug up from the basement (they work).

I think I will install a window air conditioner in the down stairs former maid's room but right now the budget won't stretch that far at this point with some of the repairs being made, maybe next month.

I've thrown down wet towels for the dogs, made sure their water bowls are full.  Poor things, they are in front of a box fan, bellies up to cool down, and they are sound asleep.

Doyle and Sis suggested we order pizza, I'd prefer a salad, so we'll combine the two, pizza as the main meal and salad for roughage.

I've got bottles of water chilling in the refrigerator, but I'm going to take a quick cold shower to lower my body temperature, Doyle is using a wet face cloth to cool himself down.

We are sleeping down stairs and when I mean down stairs I mean the laundry room in the basement, it is the coolest part of the house, why not,  that is where I keep my wines, and I've moved my other liquors down there as well although  I'm sure whiskey, vodka and brandy will hold up in the heat but I'm not taking and chances. 

My brother has air conditioning in his house since he lives in the southern part of the bay area, so he loaned me three camp cots, because my Sister's basement is not finished yet but she is going to install an air conditioner as well, even if we only use it just few times a year, it will be worth it to avoid heat stroke.

Upstairs is horrible even with the fans.  I have every window open (with screens) upstairs to release the heat, even the vents in the attic are open and I have a box fan running there.

I do not care if my electric bill is going to be high this is melting conditions.

My haunted, ghostly bizarre artistic couple are very strange, and are fine in small doses, although I do like the husband (I think they're married) he is a bit more down to earth than she is, I wish I knew more of their background, it might explain why her paintings are so morbid. 

But he said to me one evening, that he enjoys the dark, it makes the ugly look beautiful until the reality of daylight exposes it for what it really is.  I was surprised that evening a while ago, to discover that he has a master's in psychology, which could explain part of his outlook. 

He told me that instead of becoming a therapist or doing criminal profiling he preferred to go in the more artistic vein.

Doyle is moving around a bit better, the Doctor he has also believes in some form of natural medicine in addition to the standard medical prescriptions and advised that he take Turmeric in capsule form for inflammation and it seems with the combination of it and the prescriptions Doyle is moving better and not in so much pain, he's even reduced his pain meds, I'm grateful for that, then we have a better gauge on his discomfort or comfort level.

After this heat wave is over I am sooooo looking forward to that vacation.  I'm holding him to it.

But right now my Darklings a cool shower is calling me, just a short one I'm timing myself, I know the 20 percent cut back and my garden is suffering for it.  Maybe I'll just fill up a wash tub and ladle the water on me, that way I won't waste it.

Must go Darklings, I'm melting, MELTINGGGGGGGG!

Which with this heat is at the melting point.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Of feeling sleepy and a vacation idea~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I feel so sleepy, the weather seems to have "sucked me dry" although it's cooler outside than inside the house, but I just feel and if I want to hibernate for years.

It has to be the weather or maybe the stresses I've been having.

I did get some good news, Mrs. plumber, my plumber's wife called and had two good pieces of information.

1. Her husband is doing fine, no infection, but they are going to keep him in the hospital for another day or two, but because of his type of work they are insisting he rest for 6 weeks.   Well I'm glad he's going to be well.

2. My plumber has a brother who is also a licensed plumber and said he could finish the job for him, he and I talked and he was apologetic, he's tied up finishing another job but will be able to take on mine next Monday. For some reason I heard a very faint rendition of the Lone Ranger theme, a plumbing hero is coming to the rescue. 

 Doyle recommended we use plastic forks and paper plates and cups, until the sink is fixed.

Well I told him not for the coffee and tea cups, I'm willing to drink wine out of a paper cup but not my coffee,  but Doyle has also suggested we get take out, and I agree, at least I won't have to tackle the pots and pans and then bail out the sink.

We can do it.   And we can deal with it.   But I cannot use the dish washer or washing machine until that connection is replaced.  Oh well.  Tomorrow---The Laundromat!!!

At least we can take baths and showers so all is not lost.

Doyle suggested that we eat outside in the back garden and take advantage of the breeze, for dinner, I certainly am all for that.

And he made a suggestion to me after he gets well----He said "How would you like to take a couple of days and stay in Bodega Bay where Hitchcock filmed "The Birds",  he showed me this web site for Bodega Bay Lodge.  Oh Darklings it looks so wonderful and romantic, dining, a spa, ocean views, nearby historic locations, a few wineries.

I was all for it, so now depending upon how well he'll be we'll go either end of September or Mid-October, for several days, take advantage of the spa, the wineries, seeing the historic sights and just relaxing as well.

My man with the beat up almost Bogart face, being romantic even with his medical problem.  What more could an elder Goth Female ask for.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Of dealing with difficulties and taking time off~~~~

Well My Darklings,

My plumbing problem is still not solved, my plumber had to go to the hospital, it seems it was more than what appeared to be the was appendicitis.

Fortunately he got to the hospital before anything burst and they operated quickly, but he is out of commission for the next 4 to 6 weeks, and I wouldn't even ask him to do any hard work. 

So I have to make other plans,  poor man, he and his wife didn't need this set back, but she told me that they have savings to tied them over while he recovers, to make up any difference that her wages couldn't cover.  And he has good medical insurance.

I'm taking time off from work right now, my boss said that I had just reached the maximum hours that I could work, early because of my covering for those on vacation.  So I need to be off work for 4 weeks.

I'm not worried, I've been saving most of that extra money anyway and my investments will give me anything extra that I need, not that I need much.  I'm pretty much covered.

And it gives me a chance to take care of some things here at home, like make sure Doyle doesn't strain himself, and seeing to the garden. 

The drought has been difficult on my garden, I've avoided replanting any flowers, and I've been using the soaker hose on my plants as it hardly wastes any water, I'm lucky in that I have both rain cisterns and well water for the garden, but I have to be careful with the water table. 

I do have a bird bath so at least the birds can have water, although I've seen squirrels climb up and drink out of it. 

I am glad that I had the work done and paid for before this time off, that is a big help.

My ghostly artistic couple came over last night for drinks and a few munchies, good thing to have the freezer and micro-wave oven.  I try to be prepared.

They've been in New York exhibiting her paintings and selling quiet a few, she said that there is quite a community that is interested in her works.  I told them about Sis going to the Horror Camping event, and they loved the concept, she told me that concept is giving her idea's for some paintings, they've even attended a séance or two while in New York, she was hoping to get some idea's for that.

I asked if they went to Lily Dale which is a summer resort for Spiritualists, they said they had, having gone there for readings and spent a couple of days listening to lectures and walking around the area.

I'd like someday to go there, but I have to see how things go.

My ghostly couple are thinking of holding a séance in their home sometime in the near future they asked if they could put me and Sis on their guest list and being interested in the bizarre and occult I said yes. 

I'm so glad that we entertained outside as the humidity was horrible in the house, it made me wish I had gone ahead and had my contractor do the screening in of the back porch, but the plumbing comes first. 

I feel so flat today, like the life has been sort of wrung out of me, maybe the weather, maybe dealing with the problems of the house, maybe dealing with Doyle's problem and lining up his next appointments. 

I'd wish for something exciting but frankly I think after the last few weeks I've had enough excitement, so maybe this is a good thing.

And now the dogs are demanding their walkies, hmmm one never knows what one will encounter on a walk, that should provide some amusement.

Later Darklings

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Of mundane things and banging one's head against the wall~~~~

Well Darklings,

Did you ever have days where nothing seems to go quite right?

It seems I'm dealing with things like that. 

Doyle will be on the antibiotics for 6 weeks, nothing we can do about that, but it seems that the kitchen sink drain is not just a simple clog.

We found out that the kitchen drain is attached to a "Y" connector which is attached to the drain from the washing machine, we have been advised to not wash our clothing because the old "Y" connector is seriously clogged, and it does not have a "clean out trap"  LOVELY!!!

It's old cast iron, it will have to be replaced and my plumber has come down sick, I want him to do the work because he's given me very good work at very good rates. 

He came down with a fever and had the chills so bad, that we had him stop work,  I got him out of the basement where he promptly threw up.   Well Clorox Bleach took care of that. 

So Brian drove him home to the care of the plumber's wife and I followed in my car to bring Brian back.

I got a phone call later from Mrs. Plumber and it seems he has the flu, he'll be out of work for a week, and she had to call back other customers and re-direct them to someone else, but I want him to work on my situation as I have confidence in him.  She understood,  customer loyalty and all.

So I said I would live with it for the next week,   until he was back on his feet again.

So bucket and bail, and Laundromat time.

Sis does not have a washer and dryer yet, she's been too busy to buy them and she wants Maytag, so she'd been coming to my house to do her laundry, when I told her she said "It never rains, but it pours" but she was good enough to deal with it.

I know I may seem stubborn to wait on my plumber but he's done a lot of work for me, and had told me that we may need to look at a couple of connections to the sewer, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

And he needs the work as well, his wife's hours at her job had been cut back so every dollar counts.

So I'm mentally banging my head, at how things are going.

At least Doyle is slowly improving, although we do have to line up a few appointments which I'll do next week,  once I see how things are going.

A friend of mine wants to take me to a magic show over in the City tonight, Doyle said to go, that I need a distraction since he's out of commission and we can't do anything else right now.

So back to the kitchen sink to bail out water and then water the trees way to the back.

My brother and his family are enjoying their RV they did a long shake down trip going North to the Avenue of the Giants, and he's been planning weekenders as well, this weekend they've gone to Monterey to camp on the beach.  He wants to go to Santa Cruz but avoid Highway 17 which is not kind to RV or vehicles pulling trailers, so he may take an alternative route with is longer but easier.

Next year they want to see historical sights, I think he mentioned something like the Grand Canyon,
that should be fun.  I know Coralline was excited about the idea.

She mentioned to me the other day how she noticed how the cost of housing was going up so high, that something like a "Gypsy Wagon" looks attractive to her.  She should me her travel journal and I was amazed at her observations, everything from the feel of the weather, to scents and sights and sounds, and her taking it all in.   And her thoughts on the places where they stayed, what was good about it and what was so-so.

I think this will help with her creativity in writing.  Now she asked her Mother if she could have a camera to take pictures.  Her Mother is thinking it over, so we'll see how that goes.

Well I've got dishes to wash and a sink to bail.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Of Doyle is Home and Horror Camping~~~~

Good News My Darklings,

Doyle is home!!!  Hooray!! Hooray!!!

He's not completely well, but his temperature is normal, Vitals are normal except for the slightly elevated white cell count, the swelling has gone down tremendously, but he still has some pain.

They are continuing to have him take his antibiotics orally for the next 6 weeks!!!   And he has pain meds to take as needed.

Because its so much antibiotics he is also required to take probiotics to keep the healthy bacteria in his digestive system.  And the Doctor also recommended Turmeric in capsules that I can get at the health food store.  For inflammation.  She saw nothing wrong with it and it does seem to have some healthful uses. 

So he's home to continue treatment, but because its so painful to go up and down stairs he's sleeping in the old "maid's" room since it has its own shower and is near the kitchen, on the main floor so he can move around if he gets bored sleeping and still be a part of what's going on.

He's on medical leave for 3 weeks, then he'll be on part time until he gets completely well, he can do a lot of his work at home and just e-mail it in and telephone conference.  It works.

I asked him if he wanted me to sleep with him down stairs but he said no for me to be comfortable as well.  And it seems that Weiner Dog has taken up to guarding him, but just having him home is comforting.

And we have more follow up appointments and lab tests.  Well that's all do-able.

And life is getting back to what passes for normal around here, thanks to the Kitchen sink clogging up.  For the life of me I can't understand why, I make sure no grease or anything goes down the drain, but this is the first time this has happened since I took up residence here. 

So to do the mundane thing----call the plumber, but he's out of town for today, well I can deal with it, removed the standing water.  Some trees way to the back are discovering grey water watering.  And I can use dish pans for now.   I wasn't brought up an old-fashion Gothic Girl for nothing!

Sis went to the Horror Camp out---and they do have two levels, the scardy-cat level where ghost stories are told and you watch a horror film, and the more intense level where you are on a bloody treasure hunt, Sis found it fascinating from a psychological view point, testing people's nerves and such but there were some who couldn't take it and said "I want my Mommy" which is the "out" word.  She managed to get a few names of participants to get their opinions and feelings about this at a later time, of course she also has our friends as well, but all in all, she enjoyed it.

It was hokey in parts and a little intense in others but really good silly fun.   She said it was not like when we were camping with our parents and the coyotes---now that was the real deal.  But the unexpected was enough to give people some serious scares.  She said she could understand why a person has to be at least 18 years old, it would be too intense for anyone younger and of course liability as well.

But really for the younger crowd, she told me "As far as I'm concerned at our age if we go camping it's going to be Glamping or at least in an RV, better yet a 5 star hotel with a spa!"   All I could do was laugh at some of the things that happened.  Silly, hokey and generally fun.

And now I hear Doyle moaning, time for his pain pill.

Later Darklings

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Of Further Updates on Doyle and a haunted campout~~~~

Well Darklings,

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes for Doyle's recovery, I'll let him know that many people are thinking good thoughts for him.

The good news is that Doyle continues to improve, although still very tender in the nether region, his temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate continue to remain stable.

His white cell count continues its downward trend towards normal, but they are still worried about his oxygen saturation, they had him doing physical therapy, going up and down stairs (without a support strap in the vital area---ouch!) and that is when they saw a decrease in the saturation.  But the Doctor attributes that to the pain that Doyle is still in.

His Doctor asked me to bring a couple of athletic supporters so Doyle can do more walking to keep his circulation going.

And yes, he is on pain management.

But all in all the news continues to be good.  Which is a great relief to me.

I have found that my home feels very, VERY large without Doyle in it, Sis is now staying in her own home, since she is meeting her clients there but when I told her how I felt she agreed to sleep over in my home until Doyle is discharged. 

Even the dogs sense such a change in the atmosphere, its not the same as when he goes out of town for his work or to visit his children.  No this is a totally different feeling.

I think it's because its a combination of worry, and a change of routine that is not normal, of course a serious hospitalization illness is never normal.

But because it is so sudden, it feels like a vital organ has been ripped out of the very fabric of existence, and until it can be repaired and returned there,  this is a void that is difficult to fill.

I know some folks would say, "why don't to stay at your sister's, she's right next door".

Well yes this is true but her guest bedrooms are not set up for guests at this time, with the exception of the room that Brian stays in, that he's now renting.  But Brian furnished it himself.

Sis will furnish the other rooms a bit at a time, with furnishings she feels is right for the house and no one wants to be rushed.

So it's easier for her to stay in my place.

I take the dogs for their walks, take care of things around the house, visit Doyle twice a day, and then come home and take something out of the freezer or have a salad, sometimes Sis will have something going in the crock pot, but it usually is too much for two people for one nice so we have left overs the next night.

At least I'm sleeping better, last night was the first real good night's sleep since this started.  And that is an improvement. 

Earlier today when I was visiting Doyle he told me that he wished he had hit the assailant harder, and also damaged him in the same vital area.   Nothing like the thoughts of revenge to perk up a person's mood.

But because his white blood cell count is slow in coming down and the swelling is still slow to get to normal they will keep him over the weekend and possibly through Monday.  Oh well, I'll deal with it one day at a time.

A friend of mine wanted to know if I'd be interested in going with her and her family to a haunted campout at the Alameda Country Fair grounds this weekend,  originally it was going to be 4 of them but her oldest daughter "chickened out".  You have to be over the age of 18, and it is a choose your own adventure.

It's called "The Great Horror Campout"  and it is a 12-hour, overnight, interactive Horror camping adventure. Campers can choose their level of engagement by their choice of activities and tent zone. It can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure. It’s completely up to the camper.

Regardless of how high the camper chooses to turn up the volume on their experience, all content is strictly for entertainment purposes and at no time will campers ever be in real danger.

Sort of like "Jason comes out to play" with a touch of "Blair Witch" and maybe a smidgen of "Texas Chain Saw".

It's this coming weekend and if there are still any openings the URL is

Well I've heard of Glamping, but horror camping is a new one on me, even for an elderly Goth, it sound like fun, but I had to admit that my heart would not be in the mood for it, but I did suggest it to Sis who is up for anything psychologically scary, she told me she wanted to see how people react even to fake scares.   So Sis is going.

Although I did remind her of the time we were camping with our parents and those coyotes late one night showed up and were yipping and circling our tent until Dad our hero, yelled at them calling them "mangy cur's and to get out of here".   This has happened several times in our lives, and always when they've got newly maturing pups.

No for now I don't need this new type of camping experience.

If any of you Darklings are interested check out the web site, there maybe a haunted campout coming to you, Woooooo.

And now my two doggie darlings are begging for their walkies---yes that is just too cute, but they are a demanding duo. 

I hope to have more good news soon.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Of Update on Doyle and Sharks' Teeth~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I saw Doyle last night and was informed by the nursing staff that his fever finally broke and is now normal.

He was very drowsy, but managed to eat a bit of dinner, the diagnosis on the infection is epididymitis, trust me Boys you do NOT want this pain.  It can happen from anything, even a blow to the vital area's.

And Doyle wracked his foggy brain and realized that when he and another investigator went to talk to someone, that person was "out of it" and attacked them so they had to call the police and Doyle did get hit in the vital spot---so it had been building up until it finally flared.

But he said it did explain why he felt so tired on and off. 

So now intensive antibiotics, pain meds, he'll be in the hospital for most likely the rest of the week, and then follow ups.

But he is in good hands, and I hope to see an improvement with him today, it depends upon how much pain meds he'll need. 

I am still tired although I slept well last night, but still woke up tired this morning.  I hate that, it makes me feel very draggy.

Well it was nice to see a bit of interesting news in regards to the area where we live, paleontologists working along side a construction crew found fossils of a huge whale, shells the size of dinner plates,  Megaladon  sharks like "Bruce" and early mammals, one that's distantly related to the Hippo.

This all occurred in Silicon Valley in the foothills of Fremont, at the Calaveras Dam project.  The construction project did expect to find some fossils but nothing the size of this find, so they are going to put more people on it.

This is something that has been going on for some time, when there is a construction project either paleontologists or archeologists will work along side the construction workers.  And it helps map out the type of flora and fauna in this area.

Frankly I'm not surprised considering the findings when they drilled the 4th bore for the Caldecott Tunnel, its exciting in a way.

Now they will have to find a museum to house these finds, because it is a large "treasure trove".

Now I need to have my third cup of coffee and get my body back on track, such excitement in my family life one really doesn't need, it is draining as oppose to feeling uplifted. 

But at least Doyle is doing better.

Later Darklings 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Of Holiday weekends and Emergency Rooms~~~~~

I know My Darklings,

How do those two equate.

Give me a minute and I'll explain.

Right now I'm bleary eyed, and going to seek my bed for much needed and wanted rest.

First the 4th of July was good old-fashion fun, Sis and I had set up everything in our back yard for Bar-Be-Que and Doyle was getting the propane grill ready to make burnt offerings to the Holiday Gods.

My Brother and sister in-law took the children very early in the morning to find perfect spots to watch the parade that is just over the Estuary, but as usual some people seem to camp out spots the night before but they did manage to find a location.

I was told it takes  3 or more hours depending upon the length of the parade for it to complete its route.
I know when sis and I were driving to the Store the day before to get some more goodies already we saw along one section of the parade route, chairs and tables set up and even sections quadrate off saying "The So and So Family" and one or two very small tents set up I think some folks were going to sleep over night.

I could understand it for the Rose Parade but for this one???  Well it must be popular.

Afterwards they came to the house and the boys in the back were playing some sort of games, and we oldster's sat around talking and then putting the meat on the Barbie.

It was a nice fun and relaxing day.  Except for the evening when I had to turn on the sprinkler system in the front and Doyle turned on our roof sprinkler system to wet the roof, we moved everything in doors by 9 p.m. and the explosions started going off, at least on our block people were sane and didn't do anything.

Of course we were awake until 2 a.m. to make sure nothing caught fire, we heard of various injuries.  2 different young men were serious injured in San Jose, one lost both his hands and the other lost some fingers, both of them from holding the firecrackers too long.  I wish people would realize they ARE explosives and not toys.

And in another neighborhood some fool as Doyle calls them,  shoot off his gun taking pot shots at a power pole, it caused a power line to break and fell on that person and made him into a "sparkling personality"  needless to say he did not live long to enjoy his celebrity status and his brother was injured trying to get the power line off of him.  I don't think the survivors enjoyed their 4th of July.

I asked my brother about his house and he said his neighbors set up a neighborhood watch and he notified them he would not be home, even tho he set up his lights and such to give that appearance.

So to avoid the traffic my brother and family spent the night a my house which was fine, the house is made to be lived in and enjoyed.  But it was so quiet when they left.

Doyle looked a little peaked and I asked if he was O.K. and he said he was just more tired than usual.  Well I knew he had been putting in a long hard week and told him to rest.

Sunday was very quiet, I just got things prep for dinner after Sis and I came home from church, but Doyle just slept through the day.  Then he woke up feeling drastically feverish and severe chills, and he was tender around the "Crown Jewels" I said "That's it we're going to the ER!"

We got there around 7 in the evening.  And the ER was packed, a full house with weekend warriors, parents with children who had done stupid things and their parents both worried and glaring at their foolish child at the same time, elderly folks with worried family members, and police officers with their drunk or doped suspects needing treatment.

No, my Darklings,  Sunday evening coming off of a Holiday Weekend is never quiet.   And poor Doyle whose pain level went from 2 to 10 in the matter of less than an hour,  and it all seems so horribly slow even if it is triage.

They put him on a gurney, covered him with a blanket, took vitals, took samples, asked questions, all the while Doyle is shivering and in pain at the same time.  Finally they started giving him morphine which helped a bit but only lowered the pain level, then they started antibiotics, because his temperature was 103, after a half hour he started to sweat  and his temp remained around 100.6.

Then x-rays and sonograms, more blood samples, finally around 2 this morning they admitted him into the hospital, what it is we don't know, but I finally got to bed around 4 this morning.

Getting awaken at 7 a.m. because they were not sure of one of  the medications he takes so I have to shower, drink coffee,  drive over to the hospital without getting into an accident, give them the medication, checked on Doyle, he was sleepy but he had eaten breakfast, but mostly drinking a lot of water, he said he was not much good for conversation and was "off his feed" , a Doctor had seen him but Doyle had not heard what it is he has, they keep him on pain meds and antibiotics and he still was sweating.  The temp had fluctuated between 99 and 100.3.

I suspect he will be in the hospital for a few days maybe the whole week, so I made arrangements to take the week off and I called his office so another agent can cover Doyle's cases.

I slept on and off this afternoon, and I'm going back to bed for a few more hours sleep to get through this day.  And I'll check on Doyle this evening and see what it is that affected him.

So please my Darklings, keep good thoughts for Doyle for a quick recovery.   I have to say what a horrible way to end the 4th of July weekend.  I hope yours was much better.

Later Darklings