Sunday, June 29, 2014

Of Exhausted putting up fruit~~~~

Well Darklings,

We finished putting up the last of the fruit, plum jam, cooking, prepping the jars and lids, it got warm in the kitchen, Sis and I sweating, but all worth it.

Right now the jars are cooling, Doyle printed up more labels all ready to go.  

Sis and I finished the clean up and putting everything except the filled jars, away, no the jars are cooling down in the warm kitchen,  they will be put away later.

Sis is sitting across from me with her feet up, fanning herself with the bottom of her apron, I can still feel the trickle of sweat going down my back and across my forehead, in a few minutes we will flip a coin to see who uses the shower first. 

Whoops, no Sis just dashed upstairs laughing and saying "Haw, Haw I'm going first!"  There are times when we don't feel like we're in our sixties but still young girls, giggling, fussing, sometimes feuding but not often as we always make up, sharing, hugging, and reminiscing.

While Sis was fanning herself for a brief moment I thought it was Mom as she use to do the same thing.  And Dad would call this place called Lola's near our house and order chicken dinners with French fries (big cut deep crispy fries) for pick up.  Then he and our brothers would go and get the dinners while Mom and us girls got cleaned up.

Those were wonderful days, oh there'd be bad times as well, but the good times always outweighed the bad times, like the time our youngest brother came home with 6 baby chicks from a neighbor who had chickens and a whole bunch of chicks had hatched in his brooder, and Mom saying "where are we going to keep them? we need to keep them warm"  and Dad went to the man and came home with a hen that was past laying eggs, she was going to be the man's dinner but said "Pay me $3 and ya got yur self a broodin' hen"  Well she did take good care of those chicks, which fortunately turned out to be hens and we had eggs, even the Mama hen would lay one or two on occasion,  Dad building a chicken coop, and us having a moving fence around the veggies so the chickens could pick at bugs and scratch the soil.

We never ate any of the chickens even when they stopped laying eggs, they could turn over and enrich the soil for the veggies real good.    Sometimes one would escape and come into the house through the back door and poke around the kitchen while Mom prepared dinner, then when dinner was almost ready she'd say to the hen, "whoever you are time to go to bed" and shoo the hen out and us kids would put them in their coop.

The original Lola's is long gone, but someone told me that there is another near-by, we'll have to check it out sometime, but now Doyle is saying to me "Shower, I'm going to get KFC"

In a way some things never really change.

Later Darklings

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Of putting up fruit, County Fairs and Maleficent~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am taking a break right now and so is Sis, we have been up since "Oh my God its Early in the A.M."

Why you ask?  Well today and tomorrow Sis and I are putting up  and have put up plum jam, apricot halves, and cherries,  the cherries have a tendency to blanch but the flavor is good.  Today the apricots, tomorrow the plums, it is an all day affair, but worth it in the end, at least I have next week off.

Well my Boss said  I needed to take some time off so I won't go over my hours since I'm working half time now, which is fine, more time for ME time.  And financially I'm in good shape to be doing it.

But the sweet smell of the apricots is just heady, and now we're finishing off the cherries, we still have some apricots left but Sis is going to make them into a cobbler, she's taking some time off as well. 

I love doing things that are old-fashioned, we even have an old style apple peeler and corer which will be put into use come fall, apple sauce and apple slices.

Doyle wisely stayed out of the way but he's offered to print out the labels for us, item and date put up. And to go into our pantry, although we do go to the Farmer's Market and get home made goodies there as well, there is a sort of satisfaction of doing our own.

Now there is a lady whose Loganberry bushes are ripening, more jam to come.

Tonight of course dinner from our favorite Chinese restaurant, perfect!

This has been a very busy week for me, I was only working a few hours just a few days, then next week off, just busy, first fruit picking,  we had bags and bags of fruit and we used the re-useable bags we get from the grocery stores, and then the bags will have to be washed later, they are sticky with fruit juice, using the ladders, getting leaves and dust on us, gave us sneezing fits, blowing off the lady-bugs, and shrieking at spiders, good thing we wore long sleeves and garden gloves, and then the long slow hot showers afterward, and Doyle and Brian (they helped)  grabbing pizza for us, it was their choice.

Then the next evening girls night out with Sis, Coralline, Monica and myself, we went to see "Maleficent".  And then went to dinner afterwards.  Angelina Jolie was perfect for the lead character, but as a re-work of the old tale I liked it, not only with the basic story but also with the several areas of sub-text within it. 

Coralline was asking us questions like why did Stephan do such a horrible thing, why couldn't the fairies and humans get along, why was iron so painful?   Yes all the sub-texts,  I feel that all Mother's should take their daughters to see this movie, it does address although in a fairy-tale way about some truths in life.... But its also not the family you're born into but the family that loves you. 

Coralline wished there was a book version of this, when she and Sis went ahead of us into Fenton's Ice Cream parlor where we stopped for dessert, I whispered to Monica that I had bought the book version already, she was relieved, because she had already bought one of the doll sets, the one with both Maleficent and her helper. 

Coralline is learning, she is still a child in many ways, she seems to reject the adopted sophistication of her peers, but she's not backwards, she is on their intelligence level with them and in some ways maybe advanced.  And she seems to have her own style of sophistication, she just rejects their version of it.

One time I asked her if she wanted to act more like her school mates and she said "Why? They just get into trouble, and I like having fun, some of them are getting creepy talking about boys and having babies."   I asked her Mother about that and she told me that she was surprised to hear from Coralline that Coralline thinks those classmates who are too into boys are going to make bad mistakes. 

I asked  Monica if she thought there was any boy Coralline liked and was told that the neighbor Boy who is studying reptiles and wants to be a zoologistm she likes a lot,  they get together either at her house or the boys' parents house from time to time to study or watch movies, just like she does with her friend Marisa, but now Marisa is in high school, but they still get together with us and we play board games and watch horror movies with Doyle and I. 

So she is in transition, someday I will miss the child version of her when she grows up, but who knows what will develop.

But that did not stop us from going to the County Fair, it was just Doyle, myself, Monica and Coralline,  Brother and the boys wanted to watch the Soccer games so we went.

 We took in the livestock large and small, cows and goats, and we saw a 6 hitch team of Clydesdales, not from the Beer Company but from a rock quarry company that use to do the same type of delivery of their product, we saw free performances, the 4 H exhibits, all the huckster stuff they try to sell you but we did buy the Fair Fudge to take home.

And if they can deep-fry it they will, deep-fry Oreo's, pickles, pine-apple upside down cake deep fried,  and there were the standby's like corn dogs, frozen bananas, Funnel Cakes, Big Bad Bubba's Bar-Bee-Que Ribs, Turkey legs, enough food stuff to get sick on.  If you want to find and try weird foods just go to the County or State Fair---Jeff Foxworthy could do a routine on the Food alone not just meeting your weird relatives.

But we did stock up with goodies from the Watkins booth,  I love the Watkins products, if we run out I order more, and poor Doyle he walked a lot with us, its a good thing we took a folding wheeled shopping basket to hold our purchases.  

Then in the evening Doyle took our things to the car, (we got privileged parking) came back and joined us so we took in the Carnival, the merry go round, the Ferris Wheel, and some of the easier rides for us, although Coralline wanted to go on one I think called the Zipper, brave Doyle went with her and came down looking a little green, fortunately there was a nearby men's room, and he looked a little better when he came out.

I did warn him to not try the deep fried pickle.

But all things do come to an end and home we went, with Monica and Coralline stayed over night with us,  tomorrow they will go back to the county fair with my brother and the Boys, they want to see the shows and exhibits that are only open on the weekends,  like the Farm tools and the Blacksmith shop and some motor cycle stunt stuff.  I warned Monica to keep the boys away from the deep-fried food, especially if they go on the carnival rides.

And now the jars are cool and we can put on the labels and put them into the pantry while Doyle goes to get dinner.  Sis is beaming with what has been accomplished and I have to agree, it reminds me of those summers from long ago, at least every other day we were putting up something, Mom could even do vegetables, and it would last all fall, spring and even part of Summer when we did it all again,  picking the tomatoes, the string beans, carrots, and other summer time veggies,  I think keeping them in glass jars may have been healthier, but now it's either frozen or fresh, and we have to do our meal planning ahead of time with what we have on hand and with what we need to purchase.

But for tonight it's Chinese and tomorrow KFC, oh well sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of killing a Sage plant~~~~

I know Darklings,

How does one kill a Sage plant?

Well it is a perennial herb, and I had this one in a pot for over a year, but I think either I over watered it or someone did.

Anyway it is curled up, withered, it just gave up the ghost.  I'll keep it and monitor it, after all it might revive, I can hope.

But I went to the nursery today and bought another sage plant, variegated purple sage, lovely and a Thai Basil, it has a wonderful liquorice scent and a little spicy as well.  With a nice dark purple top.

Now it is an annual, but I may go back and buy some more purple sage for this one area and a couple of more Thai Basil, the scent is just so wonderful.

I keep a few herbs on the back porch and then more in the garden, and it seems I've been attracting honey bees, and lady bugs, I hardly use any pesticides, except for snails and slugs they go around sounding like a bad "Bela Lugosi" saying "I vah to Bite yur tomahtos".

Sorry ---snails and slugs go home. 

My sister will be home soon and she and I are going to our neighbors house, we've been invited to pick their apricots, plums and a sort of cherry plum, it has a cherry pit and skin but is smooth like a plum, our neighbor thinks somehow the cherry and plum tree cross pollinated. 

But Sis keeps saying to me "Pie, cobbler, jam, apricot jam, apricot crumble, need to can and put up", I think I know what we are going to be doing this weekend.

I love old fashioned things and speaking of old fashion, we are going to the County Fair, this week.  I am so looking forward to doing something old fashion, I don't worry about the concert, I like the free shows and watching the demos, the livestock and such.  You just never know.

Well I'm dressed in my jeans, tennis shoes and long sleeve tee-shirt and a cloth hat to keep bugs out of my hair, just waiting for Sis.

Well Brain just came in through the back door and told me that Weiner Dog watered the old Sage plant  Alright, I guess I'll have to put them up higher. 

Later Darklings

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Of Father's Day thoughts~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm sitting here thinking, typing, feeling a little tired and a little sad.

It's Father's Day. 

I was up early to wish Doyle good by as he took the cab to the airport he said don't bother to come, just to sleep in and rest, I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, upset stomach that had be bending over and worshiping the "Porcelain God".   What caused it to be upset haven't a clue.

I feel better today, so it must have been a 24 hour bug, but I'm staying home tomorrow.   Doyle called me later in the day to say he arrived safely at his children's home, in time for their Father's Day celebration.  San Diego is only a short flight away, at least its not across country.

Sis came over to see how I was doing, and made a poached egg on toast for me, and took care of the dogs.

But it's Father's Day, Sis asked why I was so sad, I said that it could be a combination of stomach upset and feeling out of sorts.  She nodded her head, "Dad?" she said and I said yes.

Even in old age Dad was a tall man, he walked like he was still in the military, his suits for work just so, shirts just so, he'd take them to the dry cleaners and pick them up, Mom would wash and dry the shirts but Dad would press them.  Not that Mom couldn't or wouldn't, Dad said "Your Mother has enough on her hands without me being picky about how I want them ironed, I can at least help her out that way."  Which was true, he even ironed our brother's shirts and our blouses and skirts when we were little, when we got older we did our own, even our brother's did their own.

He always insisted on buying a car he could fix or at least take care of a lot of the simple things, like changing the oil, adding fluid to the radiator, checking the tires, changing the air filter.  But more complicated things like changing spark plugs, replacing the muffler, tuning the car he'd leave it to an expert, but he made sure about things.

Most of the simpler repairs around the house he'd do, he refused to have Mom get on a step ladder to change a light bulb, but if it was something that took more than his expertise, he'd say call the expert in. 

He even figured out how to change the tubes in the old black and white RCA T.V.,  we had that for years and years until the picture tube blew---that was exciting because, it was near some curtains and the curtains caught fire, we were screaming but Dad just grabbed the curtains and pulled them down, while Mom grabbed a pot of water, the rug got wet, Dad's shirt got singed, his hand got burned, the T.V. was dead, Dad and my brother put it outside just in case, and the living room had to be repainted. 

Mom called the Doctor about Dad's hand but it was just red and a couple of blisters, the Doctor did a house call, treated him and told him to come to his office the next day.  It healed but he said everyone a work kept asking him what happened to his hand. 

Our next T.V. was color, and what a shock that was.  But Dad kept the cabinet from the old T.V. "The wood is good" he said and made it into a sewing cabinet for Mom to keep her sewing stuff and patterns in.  I have that now, it holds CD's.

He always wore a hat, a Fedora, he had several of them, Sunday Best, two go to work hats, Saturday casual hat and the work on the car or work in the garden hat.  I have one of his hats hanging on the Hall Tree as if he just came home.  Sis has the other one.

He'd take us fishing  at the pier,  fix our bikes, he and Uncle Manny built a doll house for Sis and I, Sis has it now with all the furniture. 

He'd take us to the park push us on the swings, made sure we were safe on the titter-totter and no bully's would pick on us.  Take the boys to the ball games, we'd go to the zoo, and on Saturday when the ice cream man came give us our dimes and watch us while we made our selection.  He'd always buy a Fudgesicle for himself and a Orange Creamsicle for Mom.

He taught us kids how to dance, waltz, fox trot, swing, we taught him the Twist, but when "Anniversary Waltz" came on the radio or was played on the phonograph he and Mom always waltz to that, real close and us kids we stayed real quiet.  And always Dad would kiss Mom real gentle at the very end and Mom would blush like a kid.

I can hear the song now with Al Jolson's voice signing " darling I love you so." 

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Of Carla Laemmle R.I.P~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Well if one thing an actress knows is how to make an entrance and a memorable exit.

Carla Laemmel did just that 
Carla Laemmle, Actress, Dancer and Niece of Universal Studios Founder, Died today at the age of 104.  She was born on Oct. 20, 1909.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the story in todays issue.  You can find it there plus links to some of her interviews.  She was being watched over by a Great-Niece and had wisely invested her money and lived modestly but well.
One of the last links to Hollywood’s silent-film era, she appeared in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ as the lead or prima ballerina  and spoke the first line in Bela Lugosi’s ‘Dracula.’  She is the secretary who gets tossed into Renfield's lap by a hard joss of the coach they are in.

Rest in Peace Dear Daughter of Darkness.

Carla Laemmle 1909-2014

Of Full Moons and Friday the 13th~~~~~

Yes Darklings,

Two posts in one day----well I just had to post this tid-bit for you.  Especially if you like to howl and Bay at the moon, which I and Sis might do later tonight.

Because this is a very special moon, its a Friday the 13th Full moon a rare event.  

Yes very Rare---for me to see this next Full moon I will have to live to be 102 years old.

I think I will try to do that, just to freak my nieces and nephews, of course my nephews will think I'm a crazy old hag, but I know one niece who will think I'm pretty "cool". 

So Darklings---it's a Friday Night, it's the Thirteenth, and there's a Full Moon----Get you Howling On!!!   AAARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Later Darklings---I feel like running with the Wolves tonight.

Of worms, slugs, a water meter and Cthulhu~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I had hoped to get home in time to change into something vintage before going to the vintage fashion show but things took a different turn.  And I should have realize it because it's FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Brian was home at my Sister's house working from there and offered to watch Belladonna and Weiner Dog for us since my elderly babysitter was visiting family.

Well I got home and then went to ask if he could take care of the dogs for the evening, he said O.K. but then said that I better check my water meter.

I asked him why and he told me that when he was coming back earlier from walking the dogs and taking a break, both Bella and Weiner got excited and started barking at the water meter lid.

He went over to look and saw slugs and worms, slithering and wiggling out of the view how of the water meter lid and saw slimy mud slowly oozing through the view hole and seeping around the edge of the lid.

"Very disgusting and sort of creepy" he remarked---well I'd think it creepy too, so we both went over to look at it, and there they were, worms, slugs and I'm not sure what else,  I think a very small salamander, it looked like a worm with eyes. 

I walked over to my front porch where I keep the prong to lift the lid for both it and the sewer line lid, and Brian did the honors,  I was thinking to myself "Oh please don't let these be missionaries for Cthulhu".

Well it turned out that the Vault was filled with water, completely covering the meter with water, mud and slugs,  I shiver when I think of it.  That sort of chilly, wet, yucky type of shiver that's not cold but you feel disgusted type of shiver. 

With Brian babysitting the dogs, I went and called our Water Company's emergency line, a repair truck was there in 30 minutes---pretty fast when you think of it.

I was of course tense, thinking "Is this going to be a major problem? Is this going to be an easy or hard fix?  Am I going to have to call a plumber because something else needs to be done?  How long has this been leaking?   Is my Water Bill going to be high?   Is Cthulhu going to send one of its slithery tentacles out of that ooze and drag the poor man and any living creature nearby down into some morass of Hell?

You can see there are times when I worry -----  a lot.

No, the man pumped the water out, found the cut off, cut off the water, pumped some more, dug, pumped, dug, clamped, removed the old meter, pumped some more, installed a new coupler, installed a new meter, dug some more, pumped some more, tighten, pumped, tighten, pump, checked, checked again, went to where we have the front garden faucet, opened that valve, turned on the water in the vault, water comes through the faucet, he tightens some more, checks, checks again, is satisfied, goes to the water faucet that's flowing water, washes his hands, turns off the faucet, grins at me and says "You're in Business".

He explained to me that there had been, according to the computer a Meter Replacement service man out on Wednesday to replace the old meter because the meter reader noted that it was difficult to read the dials and put in a replacement order---but the Meter Service couldn't because he noted a problem with a coupling and put in for it to be done with plumbing work by someone higher up.

And any water overage would be removed since it was caused by the Water Company, not by house usage. 
I now know what Angels look like.

This fellow told me that it's a new division with our Water Company and its no problem for them to replace meters on the newer buildings like less than 20 years old, but my house and meter was, in this gentleman's opinion "antique" and remarked that once he cleans it up, he's keeping it as an interesting museum piece.

Then he apologized about the house being antique, but one of the beautiful graceful houses that one rarely sees now a days.   I gave him my card and said for him to bring his grandchildren by for Halloween,  and he said he would. 

So for now Cthulhu is kept at bay and will not rise---- at least not in my neighborhood.

Later Darklings

Of a Vintage fashion show~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I'm on my lunch break, but I'm Soooo excited, there is a Vintage Fashion show at the old NAS base in Alameda tonight and Tomorrow!!!

I can hardly wait.  The big question is do I go tonight or tomorrow----well it's going to depend on how things work out in the next 3 hours---DANG!!!

But it's like that song "I'M SO EXCITIED"  

I know why should I be?  Well it's like a treasure hunt you don't go in with any expectations and you'll never know what you'll find.  Just enjoy the moment.

Oh Dear---here come da Boss. 

Later Darklings

Da Boss

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Of Back to chilly weather and other things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well once again our natural air conditioning kicked in and we are experiencing chilly weather again, it's a good thing I have an all purpose sweater that I leave at the office to keep the chill off.  I simply wore my long black light weight wool trench coat for the commute.

And it looks like the temporary sick out on Muni has passed, if they tried to make a point it backfired on them from the public's reaction---mostly it was "Fire the S.O.B's!!!  There are people who need jobs hire new people who will appreciate what they've got!!!"

Well I don't mind fighting for what is right, but within reason, because it does cause costs to go up and then other people will start demanding increases it just dominos.  But I am all for better health and dental care benefits and retirement packages.

Right now I'm on a coffee break and my co-worker has brought me my 3rd Hazelnut coffee, I'm sorry Darklings but I do have a weakness for having Hazelnut creamer in my coffee. 

As I was taking the Ferry in to work, I could hear people complaining about the fluations in the weather---don't know what to wear??  Well for me it's a long sleeve lightweight blouse, a below the knee skirt, a wide brim hat, vintage cloth gloves (in black) good walking shoes, nylons, and my light weight wool Trench coat (also in black), now that does seem warm but since I travel early in the morning and frequently come back late in the evening, its always chilly at those times, but with the extreme hot weather, I leave the coat at home and wear a light weight sweater that works like a jacket.

If I leave the office at lunch time and it's hot I leave the sweater at the office.

But because I don't like to tan everything is always long sleeved, and cotton gloves and the hat, either in a good expensive straw or felt or wool---if it's raining then a scarf and rain hat.

It is always best to layer on because you can remove it as it gets warmer.  It's also how I pack as well.

Last night I had a lovely phone call from Coralline.  She and her family are leaving today in their R.V to travel for the next few weeks, going North then South, then to Tahoe and Nevada, camping in their RV.

She told me that her parents said no video games, no TV. no cell phones except for the parents for emergencies, the children are to read, play card or board games where the whole family is involved.

Coralline said that her English teacher wants her to keep a journal of her summer experiences, so I said that her folks better include a dictionary and a thesaurus as well, to help with spelling and expanding word usage.  Her Mom has done that.

Coralline is excited about the trip but her brother's wanted to go to Disneyland---I know what my brother said "I'd have to take a loan to go to Disneyland for 6 people!!!"   But I know they are saving up for it for next year---just don't tell the boys.

Well my time is up and I have to go back to work.

Later Darklings

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Of it's hot again~~~~~~

Dear Darklings,

It's hot again, it's only 87 right now, but the inland area I know is cooking hot.

Sis went to see a friend and just got back, Doyle was cleaning some things out of his work area in the garage, I was pruning the dead blossoms off of the roses, the dogs didn't know whether to come out or go in and decided to rest on the back porch.

I put the dead cuttings into our green bin as Doyle came sweating out of the garage declaring that we're going to need to order a dumpster, Questions marks went up over my head as I asked him why,
and he showed me.

At least my vintage car was far over and away from the pile of debris that he had and I did have to agree it was not going to fit in even 3 garbage cans.  So since our standard pick up is on a Friday, we'll have a weekend to put everything in.

I looked it over an it was yucky, nothing usable , just wood end cuttings and loose non-copper wire, broken glass, odd pieces of metal. But Doyle was sweating, so was I so we retreated to the back porch drank ice water wiped ourselves down with wet face cloths, and just crashed into the summer recliners, to tired and hot to move.

Doyle said that the upstairs bedrooms would be very warm to sleep, since we don't have air conditioning in the house and we'd have to rely on fans, which at this very moment are running to move the warm air.

He then got up and looked at the porch, remarking that the bottom have of the porch railing was not open but solid and I said yes, the open upper half had remnants of old fine mesh wiring, that I had removed, prior to painting. 

He then dashed into the house, or at least moved as fast as the heat would permit him, after a few minutes came out with the old album that showed the house over the years, we looked again at those few pictures that showed the back porch, and I saw that the porch had a wooden screen door, looking more closely I realized that the entire porch was screened in.

It explained why it was so wide as well, I thought at first for entertaining but no, it had been a sleeping porch for hot weather. Doyle said to me, "why don't we have it completely screened in again, it would still keep the bugs out, we could dine out here in the evening without the bug problem and even sleep out here"   I thought about the screen door situation but Doyle said that we could have the screen door designed to be latched open but use the magic mesh during the day so the dogs and anyone in the house can go in and out, and then latch the screen door at night.

Then he said that on very hot nights like tonight's was going to be we could sleep out here on camp cots with the screen door latched from the inside.  I did remind him about our security system, but he said that the one for the porch can be turned off to include the kitchen and "maid's room" while the rest of the house remain alarmed. That is how its set up. 

Sleeping outside, on the porch overlooking the garden on a hot summer's night----it appealed to me so we'll look into it further, but we have other things to take care of first, like what's for dinner, but Doyle solved that by picking up the phone and ordering from our favorite Chinese take out.

And I think if the bug situation isn't too bad we may just sit outside and relax and have lemonade.

Doyle has just left to pick up the dinner and Sis and I will relax on the porch.

Later Darklings

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Of being exhausted, and Muni no-strike but it was a "sick-out" and other things~~~~

Oh Darklings,

I am soooooo exhausted, in many way's I am so glad I have a maid service to come in to "fluff, dust and vacuum" it really helps and they also tackle the bath rooms, but there are some chores that have to be done by yours truly-----cleaning the refrigerator is one of them, and that also means moving it away from the wall and back again.  (Doyle handled that part)

We are pretty good about using our left-overs into salads and sandwiches for lunch, but once in a while if it's not properly cleaned out you can find a "science experiment" trying to take over the world.   And then weeding out old bills and statements, unless they are important to showing the purchase price of large ticket items or medical expenses or even travel expenses if it's related to work.

It's a good thing I have a heavy duty shredder. 

And then going through book shelves, if it was a one time read and not going to read it again, into a shopping bag to be donated, did that but only after Doyle and Sis have done their tiny "tic" marks, and I do mean tiny. If one or both are missing I move it to another shelf.  Lift, lift, lift, lift---tote that barge, lift that bail,   Does house work count as exercise???

And it seems one of my neighbors is having a party with loud music, well it still is daytime, but come 11 p.m. if it's not toned down, I'll call 5-0. 

This week started off with a bit of insanity---it seems that the Muni Drivers decided to call a "sick-out", technically speaking they cannot strike, but they can call in sick, but come day two Muni said they better have Doctor's slips or no pay, but they still pulled it on Wednesday and Thursday although it did seem to improve, but waiting and waiting to catch Muni transport only to pass you by because the buses were full, packed like sardines.

Well the public wasn't happy, I certainly wasn't, and the public let the Muni Drivers know it via their Union reps. but the Union said they didn't call it.  BART did come to the fore to let people who used the muni passes ride for free.  Of course it was over money, and if they got the raise they'd be the 2nd highest transportation staff in the nation but they do not want to contribute to their pension fund.  (As I roll my eye balls) 

Well the public is not pleased, and I feel from what rumblings I heard the public is beyond pissed.  And I don't blame them, I certainly wasn't please either.

Of course it made my commute difficult, I could get into the City via BART, Bus or Ferry but it was making the connection that would drop me off at my work that was impossible.

 The first day I took a chance and I recommend that you do NOT do this but I was desperate, I thumbed a ride, stuck my thumb out and yelled "I need a ride!!!"   Definitely NOT lady-like, but I was picked up  by a limo!!!

The driver asked me my destination and I told him and it was right on his way, so I rode in style to work, he got out opened the door for me and helped me out of the limo like I was a celebrity.  I offered to pay him but he said it was fine.   I smiled and waived to him as my Knight in the black Limousine drove off and my co-workers looked out the window mouths agape.

It's moments like that that can make the City so wonderful. 

But for the remainder of the week Doyle drove me in and picked me up, he had to drive in any way so why not.

Of the man Chamberlain that the FBI had a nation wide alert out, well he not only had explosives in his apartment but he was also trying to buy on the black market, toxic poisonous agents like ricin.  There is another "black market" that popped up after "Silk Road" was closed and the FBI managed to track the man down through his purchases through that web site even though it's claimed that such purchases using "bit-coin" is impossible to trace---Well Darklings  I guess not.

And California Chrome lost his chance to become the next triple crown winner, I did not watch the race, I had a feeling that the Belmont was not his field, but he did win the first two so can you imagine the stud fees???

And now for something completely different----Darklings if Doyle ever asks me to marry him, or if he just wants to give me a promise ring I have found something wonderfully Goth---

This is a 14 k Red gold with Black Diamonds wedding ring, yes the Diamonds are real, so is the gold, it is 14k white gold with a red Rhodium overlay, I've also seen one in a different style with a black rhodium overlay on the white gold.  Is that the most dramatic, Gothic looking ring you've ever seen?? and the price is only a measly $2,500.  And that was knocked down.
Here it is with the Black rhodium overlay, just a mere bobble to have on one's finger, but so dramatic in its own way, of course not to everyone's taste but I just had to show you My Darklings.   Forget chocolate Diamonds on Rose gold, black is the way to go.
Later Darklings 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Of a short note and the Alert being called off~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I'm on my coffee break and we have a mess to clear up here, because of yesterday's "alleged" Muni sick out---did not make my commute any easier and yes I'm grumbling.

So this will have to be a short note, The Alert on the person the FBI wanted to find has been called off,  the gentleman in question was captured late yesterday afternoon at Chrissie Field.

Both Police and the FBI were worried about a post his put on his facebook page which indicated he might have been thinking of taking his own life.

Exactly what are all the perimeter's of what he's done or allegedly was doing is still slowly coming out, he may have acted on his own or was being used as a dupe, the FBI is sorting this out, but he may have been despondent as well.

But he has been found and is in custody.

When I have time I will post the "story" around the 2nd hand coffin, I've had more than one person ask me about that.

But I must go, my co-worker has brought me my 3rd cup of coffee and I really need to get "fired up"

Later Darklings

P.S.  did any of you feel that Earthquake last night about 11:05 p.m.  it was located in San Leandro.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Of a yard sale, a book, and an alert~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

First I want to say that I am gratified that you like my blog the way it is, I do appreciate that.

Secondly I have found a Monster High Doll for Coralline and I just got word that the poor child is suffering from Allergies, the Doctor is being careful with the Meds she's taking, but it should help.

I'm going to see her tonight and surprise her with the Doll so I will know more. 

I have to admit that in going to the stores I came across a yard sale, and had to stop, I found some unusual looking garden statues for my yard, one is of a sea serpent and comes in 3 sections, so it looks like it will flow in and out of the grass or if I mount it on some sort of brick work in water it will look like it is flowing in the pond.

The other is a sort of deranged looking Unicorn, its the only way I can describe it, but it looks insane enough to fit in the garden for what I have in mind.

BUT I missed out on purchasing a real 2nd hand coffin----is that just my luck!!!

But the seller told me that it was purchased by a teacher from a medical school---and the seller said for me to come back in two weeks---tons of Halloween things will be for sale---I plan to get there when it opens, in the early A.M. coffee mug in hand, and Doyle's' van at the ready.  You know me and Halloween, my Darklings.

One of my co-workers this morning left me a note about a book that I might be interested in reading, knowing my taste for the bizarre, the morbid etc.  It's a book about a serial killer that no one has heard of names Edward Wayne Edwards, I think the author is Jon Cameron, and it's just being released.  It looks bizarrely fascinating about a serial killer who may have done murders and managed to get innocent people arrested and jailed, such as the Abbot Murder case, the Shepard Murder case, possibly the Zodiac Case and the Black Dahlia.

I'm going to request this book through my local Library and if I find it worthy to add to my collection then I will purchase it.

I'm typing this on my coffee break here at work so it has to be a bit short, but right now my fellow co-workers and I are concerned about a situation that has developed and it's about someone that our Boss is somewhat familiar with and he is concerned as well.

He has given us this information and I did see it on the news last night----We don't know where this person is hiding and since I'm here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm asking my Darkling friends to be on the watch for this person----there is no accusation by me, but to simply be careful, inform the authorities if you see him and to let the authorities handle this.

I am printing part of the article for your information. You can find the person's picture on the internet on Yahoo news.

FBI issues nationwide alert for San Francisco man

Associated Press

By GARANCE BURKE 2 hours ago      

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The FBI has issued a nationwide alert to law enforcement agencies about a San Francisco social media consultant they consider armed and dangerous who is wanted on suspicion of possessing explosives.

FBI spokesman Peter Lee said Sunday that 42-year-old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II was last seen in a dark blue, hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

Multiple agencies, including hazardous materials crews, searched Chamberlain's apartment in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood on Saturday, blocking off the street to vehicle and pedestrian traffic for much of the day.

Lee gave no details Sunday about the nature of the investigation, but said authorities believe Chamberlain is acting alone.

"We believe he is alone in the vehicle but we just don't know, again, where his ties or his network is so we ask that any members of the public be on the lookout for anyone that matches this man's description," Lee said at a press conference outside FBI headquarters on Sunday.

Chamberlain is traveling in a white 2008 Nissan Altima with Texas or California license plates, but authorities do not know where he is heading, Lee said.
Our Boss feels that it's possible that Mr. Chamberlain might be under some sort of mental strain and we hope that he is found unharmed and can explain his actions. 
So Darklings do be careful.
And when I read this book I'll let you know what I think of it.
Later Darklings

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Of Musings, thoughts and the whys of my blog~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I thought we were going to the movies today, but Coralline seems to have come down with either allergies or a Summer cold, her parents are taking her to the doctor tomorrow to be on the safe side.  Poor thing, she called me last night saying her throat itched on the inside, and she kept sneezing, coughing and her nose would not stop running----the fever her mother told me was mild, not even 100 I told her I suspected pollen allergy but we both agreed the Doctor would know, so for now a children's allergy cold tablet to see how that goes. 

In a way I hope its not a summer cold, and that if it is allergies that its mild and controllable.

I've had several people ask me why I do not comment in greater depth about world issues that are happening.

Personally I prefer not to, I do have my opinions, some of them are quiet strong and might offend my blog readers, and I have no wish to do that.

I prefer that my blog be a sort of diary, silly, stupid, funny, sad, slightly opinionated, a bit Gothic, a bit strange, maybe even a bit crazy.

Oh I do comment on things---but more from how it affects myself or my family, or from what I've seen or read, and if it's on the dark Gothic side or strangely bizarre, all the more fun.

But there are things that do horrify me and sometimes I cannot help but express it from my point of view, sometimes it is the only way to mentally clear my mind.

I've posted family things that have happened in the past, mentioned sad and funny things in relationship to family members, both personal, religious, frightening and sometimes angry.

And yes, I have put them out here to "dry" as it were on the wash-line of a blog, but in a way I'd like those who are not from where I live, to get an idea of the fact that some people are not all alike

And I must be popular because I was startled to discover that I've had over 22,000 viewings on my blog, that might not be much, but since I don't advertise it, it is a lot to me, with people from all over the world, even area's where I would think my blog would be banned.

But if through my peramutations my random thoughts or opinions it gives to those who are restrained from seeing the outside world at least a glimpse of over here, then I MUST be doing something right.

I may seem self indulgent, selfish and self-centered, I'm not, but now and then it is relaxing to take sometime for one's self.  I may even seem wealthy, overly wealthy---I'm not Bill Gates----I've managed to save, invest, got lucky with my Great-Aunts Trust to maintain her house and to do adventures---but I don't travel to Europe or over seas, I pretty much stay in my back yard.

I watch my budget and I do things to earn extra money, recycling for instance, buying 2nd hand, yard sales, saving money to buy as needed large purchases.  And there have been times I've worked 2nd jobs to get what is needed or desired. 

I am more than aware of those who are not as fortunate as myself, I take that into account.  That is why I give to charities that help battered women, the homeless, the sick, and to services for animals that are abused and abandoned in the hopes they will find loving homes or santuaries.

I have helped friends, co-workers and family members get back on their feet without thought of re-payment.

Ahhh now I know it sound like I'm being like that person in one of Jesus's parables of the Rich man and the Tax-collector, it may seem like I'm bragging---I'm not, I'm just explaining myself as best as I can---because more than once I've felt like the Tax-collector who says "Lord I am not worthy to be in your presence for I am a sinner."

And I guess God has heard me, for despite my losses of family and friends whom I miss dearly, I have been fortunate.

So I will not comment on the misery of the world, at least not in depth, not on this blog, I intend to have it as a form of escape for folks or something to enjoy vicariously in some way.

A little bit Goth, a little bit Film Noir, a healthy splash of Adams Family and the Munsters,  a little bit "Leave it to Beaver" and a touch of "I Love Lucy".   Because that is just how my family was and is.

And now I'm going to see about finding a Monster High Doll for Coralline to cheer her up.

Later Darklings