Saturday, March 26, 2016

Of Easter and Families and other things~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well I'm finally posting on my blog again.

I have to admit it has been a hectic crazy period, and I'm finally coming up for air.

Poor Coralline she didn't do too well with her wisdom teeth being removed, the first weekend to remove the lower ones wasn't too bad.  

But the next week to remove her uppers was just awful,  she was out of school not only for the weekend but for a few days after as well.   And it appears that she has an enzyme problem, she lacks enough of a particular enzyme to throw off depressants efficiently.   They had a hard time waking her up.

So while she was recovering we periodically had to shake her awake to make sure she would be o.k. 

My sister suggested that she be tested and it was confirmed that she has this deficiency, so now she has to wear a medic alert bracelet and its on her medical records.  And she missed a few school days so she has to use her Spring break to make up her assignments.

Needless to say it was rough on her, she doing fine now, she just grumbles a bit about the home work.

I've been busy too, because of the holidays and at my old place of employment they are short staffed, so I've been called in alot to cover "holes in the schedule"  I don't mind really, but when the BART trains started short circuiting and we had to take bus bridges, well I had to take the Bus to work, not easy really, but if I had to work late Doyle could pick me up. 

And while the sun shines I've been having repair work done on the house to replace some important filigree work and such, but the painting is going to have to wait until we have a very clear window of sun.

Easter dinner will be at my brother's house, but it's a bit of pot luck, everyone bringing something to the table, in a way it reminds me of the story of "Stone Soup", a lovely fun tale about how everyone can work together to not go hungry.

I am looking forward to it.  

I've not had much chance to see any new and delightful Gothic things but I have to admit I'm hooked on "Lucifer"  and Tom Ellis well I wouldn't mind seeing him striped to his tidy whities,  but don't tell Doyle.   But I think the latest episode "A priest walks into a bar..." did give some thought on spirituality and faith,  and the fallen angel burning his wings?   I do hope the series gets renewed.

I'm still having fun with "Sleepy Hollow" and all the Revolutionary War references and Crane still getting use to the 21st century, Tom Mison does a wonderful job as the 18th century man in a 21st century world and the entire cast works wonderfully together.

Believe it or not my Darklings I'm finally catching up to "American Horror Story" and I started with the first season, yes I had to buy it, no I do not down load HULU or NET Flicks, I'm still an "old-fashioned girl" but the writers do not leave you bored that you almost have to deliberately tear yourself away from putting another disc in to see the next chapter, otherwise you'll never get to sleep.

Will I be going on my wine tour come this Fall?  I'm not sure, with so much work to do on the house I don't think so, but then we'll see.

There has been some bizarre things happening of late in the Bay Area, long dead bodies or skulls turning up here and there as well as body parts in the marshes at the southern end of the bay, I think El Nino rains have been uncovering that which has been hidden too long.

And I'm afraid that the shifting to Daylight Savings time has not translated well to Belladonna and Wiener Dog,  their time schedule is all mixed up because I think they really go by the sun so they think we are in bed too long,  and we really can't argue with them, especially if we don't want accidents in the house.

Christopher my nephew has told me that there are a couple of boys in his class, who want to do the all dress in black and do the "Goth thing" during the Summer months, in a way he likes them because they are excellent creative writers and get good grades, they are not anti-social but he's puzzled by this wanting to "try out" the "Goth Thing"  he thinks they haven't a clue what it's all about, when he told me I just sighed and said "baby bats" he said he like to bring them around to my house when I'm home just to talk about literature and such, oh if they only knew what they are in for.

So I said if their parents don't mind and Chris's parents don't mind fine, we'll set up a time.  Well I'm curious anyway as to what these young minds think is Goth, and most likely do not have a clue.

Well need to go, my sister is here and is going to treat me to dinner, Doyle says he'll stay home with the dogs, he senses that it's a girls night out anyway. 

Later Darklings