Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Halloween was a success!!!~~~~~

Hello Darklings

I had to get a new computer,  the one I had went wonky for some reason that even my computer repair person could not fix it, didn’t have a clue why it acted up.   So I surrendered and bought a new one.

And things seem to be working just fine,  I’m glad I don’t do banking on line,  nor keep phone number etc. on the hard drive,  I still prefer hard copy, you know like address books and paper.

First my Saturday Halloween Party was a success, having everyone come in costume was a big treat,  the fortune teller and the magician were big hits,  and although folks could dance if they liked outside on the patio it was a little chilly and wet.  One of my guests was enthralling his audience with tales of his ghost hunting experiences,  so much so that one of the guests wanted to know if there were spirits in my house,  I said only the kind you drink.

But I wondered, is my house haunted?  I decided not to look into that, no sense stirring things up.

I spent Sunday cleaning things up which wasn’t too bad really, having help from my sister in law and niece Coralline, Betty and her daughter came by as well since I still have the walking cast which will come off in time for the Dickens Fair HooRay!!  But I’ll have to use a cane for a while just to make sure I don’t break it again. 

Halloween was on a Monday and with all the threats of rain I wondered if I would have any trick or treaters,   Doyle was my stalwart guardian at the gates, and we had a huge cauldron filled with Candy,  I had what I thought over bought and thought I’d have a lot left over,  imagine my surprise when almost all the candy was gone by 8:45, by that time the fine on and off drizzle started coming down heavier and all my neighbors had “packed it in” turning off their lights my House was the last hold out.  Doyle didn’t see any more trick or treaters so we turned off the lights to the display  and our porch light,  10 minutes later the door bell rings (we did have the front parlor lights on)  3 older teen ager trick or treaters were there in some semblance of costume and face make up trying to look like zombies,  I told Doyle “Give them what’s left” which they were surprised, after they left 10 minutes later the rains came down.   I thought to myself “I hope they don’t catch cold”.   

I had nearly 300 trick or treaters, children and parents in costume also saying “Trick or Treat” the youngest was 2 weeks old dressed as a Teddy Bear,  Daddy was holding the baby’s trick or treat bag,  I was sure the baby’s parents would carefully check out it’s candy (LOL).

I have not be posting as much lately, only because I have not been finding things that really tickle my Elder Goth Fancy.  

However the latest issue of Reminisce magazine had a whole article about the Soap Opera “Dark Shadows” and Decades TV ran episodes back to back on the weekend before Halloween, I had one T.V. tuned into that, at the party.   Well really it’s an old T.V. Cabinet from the 1950’s and Brian squeezed in a Small Plasma screen T.V. into the old frame making it look retro, and directing the sound bar to come though the speaker system, but not too loud, mostly just for atmosphere. 

But now I get on line two e-magazines which I talked about briefly in my last post, I'm going to go more in-depth about them now:

  Dirge  Magazine  http://www.dirgemag.com/ This is what they have to say about themselves: 

About Dirge Magazine

Dirge Magazine is the premier dark culture magazine, covering counterculture arts and entertainment, lifestyle, and editorials.

Sifting through generalized sites for things that fit your dark aesthetic can be tedious, and an abundance of redundant horror sites has created an explosive amount of coverage on a surprisingly narrow range of interests. While we appreciate what they do, we seek to expand beyond horror, into the strange, the subversive, and the beautifully grotesque.

We want Dirge to be a place you can come to see things you haven’t seen before, or a fresh take on the dark side of something familiar.  A place where news isn’t robo-barfed at you, but rather experiences are shared in a meaningful way.

We reject the ideas of clickbait and garbage journalism. We keep it smart, sexy, and darkly funny.

And they do,  in their most recent offerings they did an article about Tea Pairing for Discerning Darklings, and some of their tea sets are just wonderful  for example AngiolettiDesigns  did a beautiful tea set with skulls and flowers

Perfect for a Gothic Minded Tea.

The other e-magazine that I receive for free is Blum House http://www.blumhouse.com/    Blumhouse looks at films, scary fun, real life scares and stuff called ‘creepypasta’.    And it is generally pretty dark, some of the odd and morbidly bizarre stories are “The screaming mummies of  Guanajuato” and “The Horrific Crimes of Bruce Pardo, ‘the Santa Claus Killer’ “ just to name two.   But their review of such films as “Friday the 13th” especially the first one is very insightful.

But Blumhouse’s  focus is to scare “the pants off of you” not only with films but also true, bizarre and frightening events,  showing that the world is a very dark and scary place. 

Some of the articles in Dirge Magazine are light and fun with a creepy twist, while Blumhouse is much darker, but even so I do not recommend these two magazines for young readers, unless you feel that your young teenager can handle it, because some of these articles especially about true events about real people can cause nightmares.

As I said before Gothic Beauty is now an e-magazine that you pay a subscription for, and I really prefer to have the hard copy,  so I’m going to think a while before ordering it.

Next on my list is going to see the movie “Dr. Strange” a friend of mine has said I must see it,  and I will, I need to see it on the Big Screen before it’s gone.

And now it’s time for dinner,  it’s been chilly out and I have delicious stew cooking in the crock pot.

Later Darklings.