Monday, August 12, 2013

Of Shopping exhaustion and vampire dolls~~~~

Well Darklings,

We got home a half hour ago, fortunately we managed to avoid the commute traffic.

Coralline is estatic with her new clothes, shoes and other goodies,  we found things at J.C. Penneys, Target and Wal-mart, we took side trips to the Beverly's Craft store for Halloween goodies, and I could not believe the things girls can put into their school lockers, little battery operated chandilers, we got one in black with crystals, mirrors (one with purple and little bats on it) and other sundry goodies. 

We never had anything like that when I went to school,  we really bought two chandiliers one for school and one for her oversize Dracula Dollhouse, we came across a horror high dolls like Draculina and other girl creatures, of course Coralline fell in love with Draculina, she hasn't grown out of dolls yet but this was like it had become her mascot,  who am I to say "No".

I mean I wanted to get the Munster Dolls but couldn't afford them. 

Had to get her shoes that were correct for her school uniforms, as well as fun shoes, but we had to be sure they wouldn't hurt her feet.

And I did promise I would take her to the Spirit Stores when they open.

I finally had a chance to show her the desk that I bought at the estate sale, she was thrilled, she said it was so "Addams Family"  so now she has her own desk.   I thought she would want her Dad to take it home but she said she couldn't trust her over-active brothers to keep out of her room and doing damage to it.   As a matter of fact she asked her Dad to bring over her Dracula Dollhouse to keep at my home.  

It seems her brothers had done some mischief to it, thinking it would be fun to tease her, instead she screamed and for the first time in her life her mother told me (over the phone) Coralline chased her brothers hitting them with a broom and calling them monsters, this was over a week ago.   Coralline told her folks that her brothers had no respect for her things, and her room and declared that she hated them.  Her Mother told me that Coralline refuses to speak to them or acknowledge their existence.

I asked Carol (her mother) what was her feelings about this and she acknowledge that the boys had gone too far and not only were grounded, but grounded through Christmas, and Coralline can lock her bedroom when she is not at home or if she even leaves her bedroom to help around the house to keep her brothers out.  The boys had their video game things taken away and would not be able to watch any sports games on T.V. , of course that means that my brother is going to have to watch the games at a friends house.

And the boys are going to be doing chores around the house under strick supervision, no more fun and games for them.  The dollhouse is repaired and re-painted, but Coralline's distrust of her brothers right now is very strong.  Maybe when they are older they will wake up to the fact that teasing is not as funny as they think.

This was something I was afraid would happen, I even voiced this to my brother a while ago before this happened, but he kept saying "boys will be boys" but I kept saying they have to learn boundries, they know them here at my house, but are they really learning them in his house.  Well now he knows and even he is paying for it, my brother even complained to my sister and I but we took Carol's and Coralline's side, he realized when he was out-gunned.

So Coralline will have dinner with us and her folks will come to pick her up and drop off the Dollhouse which will be put into her bedroom, her desk will be in the Library so she can do her homework while I work on bills and reports, that way I'm there if she needs help.

Sis is preparing dinner, crock pot stew which will be ready in a few minutes, I have to confess she is a much better cook than I am, although I'm not bad, but she has the better talent.  We thought Doyle would be flying in yesterday evening, but he was delayed for another day and will be in tomorrow, he said to not worry he'd either take the transit or a taxi.

And the 60 day cooling off period has been invoked, although according to those in the know Gov. Brown can do more to get this impass moving.  It seems that the BART Board came back to the table but the Union walked out, it has been recommended to change the negotiators new faces, because the personalities and stepping around to do one upsmanship is getting in the way of serious bargaining.  I agree.

So the trains are running now til Oct 10 and then it starts all over again.  Hmmmm maybe I'll make a voodoo doll to get them to come to an agreement.   Ahhhh Dinner is ready and we are all hungry.

Later Darklings
This is a Cuthulu pie made with cherries with cherry eyes, Sis will attempt to make one eventually

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