Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of Fireplace repair and birds' nests~~~

Well Darklings,

I was right, the firebox in the formal parlour needs some repair, just a few loose bricks towards the back, needs to be re-sealed, he can either finish it today or on another day, I'll know in a few hours.  And it seems that during the summer a bird had made a nest in the upper chambers just under the chimney camp.  Fortunately we didn't burn a fire during the late spring and summer just in the family parlour, so we're assuming the little one's have flown, so we'll need to put some screening around the chimney caps to prevent that from happening again.

The gutter man is finishing things up, cleaning up the debris that was in the gutters, some enterprising squirrel had shoved nuts down one of the down spouts, so I've put them on one of the fence ledges for either it or another squirrel to find.

Progress is being made on my sister's house, a lot of plumbing repairs because of the former owners pouring cement down the drains.   The remodeling of the kitchen is wonderful, it had been upgraded so its victorian look had been long gone but it still had a lot of the 1950's feel to it that Sis wanted to keep.  But that Orange wall paper with the Big Yellow flowers from the 70's HAD to go.   I was getting a head ache looking at it.

The good thing is that the ceramic sink surround had been retained,  but the sink had to be replaced, Sis went with a double sink in stainless steel, and the ceramic tiles were matched to the old ones, pink tiles with green trim, sort of refreshing in a way, Sis said she would stick with white appliances it was simpler that way.

Brian Sis's tennant has been a good sport though all of this.

I'm going for a simple dinner tonight, spagetti with meat sauce, salad with that dressing that Doyle likes, french bread with soft Tillamoke Butter, more of that delicious Deadbolt wine, and fresh fruit mix of grapes and mango chunks over vanilla ice cream.   Hmmmm maybe leave the ice cream out, and just fresh fruit, the ice cream and the wine may not mix well.

Just taking a brief coffee break and once the men leave I'm going to take Belladonna for her evening walk before dinner.   It will feel good.

Later Darklings

Upkeep on an old house can be time consuming but worth it.

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