Friday, August 16, 2013

Of some changes in my Job~~~~

And Darklings,

This is a good thing that is happening,  ever since I went back to work I've been talking to the "powers that be" about what I'm able to do and what I may not be able to do.  I did have some minor problems with my back, nothing major but enough to know that if I went back full time I could re-injure it and be out for some time to heal.

My Boss has been thinking that it would be good to in essence promote one of my co-workers who worked "below me" but has the same qualities that I have and to have him doing what I do full time with me in a back up, consultant position.

In talking this over I would need to retire and then they hire me back as a consultant working in tandem with David, yes David who has been bringing me coffee.  Frankly I am in total agreement about this, to be retired but still active but turning over the "heavy lifting" (mental) to someone extremely qualified.   This would leave the lower position open to be filled with a new hire.

Now it seems like there would be two "supervisors" and I know the long time staffers would turn to me, but by also saying "Let's bring David into this and see what he says" will let them know that he is taking "point" on the work.

David says that he'd love to be able to work Saturday mornings then off Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday off, and then come in Monday afternoon that way hour wise he'd have two days off, Monday is still covered and then I'd come in Tuesday thru Thursday to help with the back log, if he has to be at a meeting and something comes up I can contact him and cover, since the bulk of the back log is during the middle of the week which is when meetings get scheduled (unfortunately).

Later on when I decide to fully leave, he'd switch to working Monday through Friday and I'd be "On Call" to cover sick and vacation days---with coming in on days when there is training so I can be up to par with the rest of the staff.  

We've been looking over the medical and dental programs for me and I'll be covered for that.   In a way I am happy with these choices and plans, I've noticed that things in my life have been shifting in a way, so maybe the accident was, in the long run a happy event.

David has been concerned that it would seem that he is usurping me, but for sometime I felt that he is the best qualified, his ideas are innovative, checking out-side the box, he works well with everyone and listens to others if they have an excellent idea, he never rejects anything out of hand and has a steady focus on things and inspires the others.   I had quietly ask other staff members how'd they feel if David took over and they were happy with the idea.  So I know I can make these changes with good conscience.

So when I talked to him about this he said he knew he still has a lot to learn, there were things that would arise only occasionally and he'd want to be sure how to take care of it properly, so with having me on hand until I went to just "on call" status relieved his mind.

So we will make these shifts Starting on Sept 16 and still have plenty of time for adjustments should BART decide to go on Strike in October.

I am soooo looking forward to this.   And now I must gather my things,  I'm working until 3 p.m. today and I am going to enjoy this coming weekend.

Later Darklings

Feeling happy with the thought of "turning over the reigns"


  1. " maybe the accident was, in the long run a happy event."

    Isn't it funny how things work out for the best sometimes? This sounds like a perfect plan for everyone involved.

  2. I'm very sure of it Trisha, I had been sending out to the Universe what would be best, and this seems to be the best of all worlds.

    David is Happy, I'm happy, my Boss is happy, the staff is happy and so is Doyle, he does worry about me, the Sweetheart.

    Take care.