Saturday, August 24, 2013

Of being busy, busy with home chores~~~

Well Darklings,

I was up early this morning, taking in the almost Fall chilliness of it, Belladonna was in her sweater she does not like the cold, and considering how I found her I can understand.  Coffee perking in the coffee maker, sorry Darklings, no drip for me, perk is how I like it.

But the aroma is enough to waft upstairs and wake Doyle to stumbling sleepy headedness, and I do mean stumbling, I heard him cussing when he stubbed his toe.  Told him to wear his slippers that is what I bought them for.  

I sat out on the back porch enjoying my coffee and idlely watching Belladonna sniffing the air, looking at the garden, her ears twitching for anything that should not be there.  Then she would do her back leg stretches followed by her yoga positon of "downward facing dog" and come back to me that all was right in her little world.

Doyle came in and I offered to make breakfast but he said he'd make do with oatmeal that he'd prepare, he can be quiet the gentleman, even though I'm the one who will be washing the dishes and pot, but I don't mind. 

So today I let Sis sleep in, she has been very busy of late, and she'd done her share while I was and am working strange hours, and she'll make her own breakfast and do all the dishes.  So laundry, changing sheets, washing towels,  then gathering up the dry cleaning, the bills to be mailed,  my weekly maid service will be in while I'm out and Sis will be home to monitor and answer questions, while I quickly run the errands.

I had a light lunch out after I took care of things,  I was of two minds to just window shop or go home, but for some reason shopping didn't hold any appeal to me today, but I did need some nylons,  and I found the type I like, came home and did mundane ironing of somethings, while Sis worked on her reports and we talked about what to have for dinner, as Belladonna would go to the backporch screen door and check on things in the yard, which reminded me to call the Gardener and talk to him about some of the roses and what blubs to plant for a Spring Showing.

This time of year the garden gets that sad, dry look but there is some color and then it will be time to put it to bed so to speak. 

Doyle has taken the van to the shop for oil change, checkup, make appointment for tune up, then to car wash for washing, then he came home and picked up Sis's car for washing, and now he has mine for washing.  My vintage car I have carefully hand detailed by a speicalist should the need arrise.

And now I'm  taking a breather, and Sis has told me that the family that I bought Coralline's desk from said they'd be home at their Grandfather's house if we want to go and see what they have that we'd be interested in, she made arrangements for tomorrow afternoon which is perfect.

I told Doyle and my Sis last night about the visit from Mr. Cute Nice Yummy Policeman.   Sis asked me how cute was he and I told her, in front of Doyle, so cute that I was seriously tempted.  Doyle hooted with laughter and said  "My Darling, if you had really put your mind to it that young man would not have had a chance.  What stopped you?"   and I said " He had a wedding ring on, and I have to respect that."  

"Wedding rings,  that is like garlic to us Dear Sister" said Sis.   But I replied "One has to respect the situation, he was on duty.  But I was seriously tempted."

Then Doyle became serious and said that we may have to eventually consider a restraining order on "Crazy" but I said that it appears that he is on the police radar as he's done other calls of that type to other people, it's an annoyance to the police but they have to check the calls out even if its from someone who is not right mentally.  So we made a decision to document each incident that we would have with our local 51/50, and fi it did reach a point where we'd have no choice then we'll go forward with the restraining order.

But now I hear Doyle driving up the driveway, he always honks twice so I'll know he's home and we've still haven't decided what to have for dinner.  Hmmmm maybe Doyle will take us out, we'll see if we can persuade him, we can always dress vintage style and take my vintage car.  That sounds like fun, we'll see.

Later Darklings  

Just another quiet evening at home.

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  1. Oh dear, I hope you do not have to resort to a restraining order for "crazy" but better safe than sorry.

    I am jealous of your weather...still in the mid 90s here in central Illinois. Feh!