Friday, August 23, 2013

Of wine, crazy people and cute police officers~~~

Dear Darklings,

I didn't have to go into work today as I have already done the hours for this week, but it will be insane next week with the Labor Day Holiday coming and staffers still trying to squeeze out the very last ounce of Summer while they can.

Frankly I'm looking forward to the  Fall activities, the Octoberfests, the craft shows, the wine festivals, Halloween, the Spirit Store opening, even the Classic Car show that a local community has, Love it, Love it.

One thing that signals that Summer is ending is this Huge Church Rummage sale, a 3 day even, but its best to go on the first day and have LOTS of Money.   Never know what you'll find.   I had Doyle take my car today while I had use of his van, both our names are on both vechiles so we're covered.   Good thing too, I found two antique end tables and a wonderful old style French coffee table.  Originally I had just my Aunt's couch in the Formal Palor but sometimes we have a lot of people and the room is huge so I purchased a 2nd couch from Victorian Trading Company that goes very well with the room but I needed end tables and another coffee table, and these were perfect.

You have to move fast and elbow quickly at these church sales,  then I took my time looking over other things and found a lovely table cloth for the dinning room table,  some 1950's style costume jewerly and hidden under a pile of "stuff" a Catholic "sick call" set, very old and complete and got that for $2.00 dollars.  That will go into my cabinet of curiosities.

After looking around for anything else and buying some home made jams and preserves there, (One lady makes marvelous perserves), I headed back to the grocery store and bought 5 bottles of "Deadbolt" red blended wine to add to my wine cellar.

Last night we weren't sure how well we'd like it but was surprised with it's plum and black cherry and currant flavors a hint of sweetness and jam and perfect for pasta or red meat, or if you just want to sip it.  Doyle thought it would go well with gourmet hamburgers as well, a fun tasty wine.  Doyle told me to stock up and put it on the list.   Sometimes one does get surprised and we found it went well with our evening meal.

Sis came home later having eaten out and we presented her with a glass and she found it very enjoyable.   One thing I've discovered, a wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good,  it just has to be good.
And I've been reading that more and more people are becoming interested in blended wine's to add to one's palate as opposed to just one variatal wine, something to tease the taste buds and the nose I guess.

So Doyle with his murder mystery, and Sis and I with our fashion magazines we relaxed and enjoyed our quiet evening all together and Belladonna snuggled next to me, happy to have a little knitted blankie around her, it did feel nippy.   Doyle informed me that the Chimney person was able to work on the fireplace and chimney in the family parlor but had not done the formal parlor and made arrangements with Doyle next week to come back.   I was pleased with him as there was hardly any dust.

Doyle told me that it was sound and the cleaning wasn't that bad.  So that room is ready.  The gutter man will come after Labor Day so I can take a whole day off to be there.

But today, it became very interesting for me,  I had just set the bottles in the kitchen and was going to call my neighbor to keep Belladonna for a few more hours, when there was a police man at my door.

Mmmmmm one look at him and I was wishing I was 21 again, Hmmmm I was also thinking how could I seduce him, but then I saw his wedding band, So cute and so married.  C'est La Vie  but still yummy!

I invited him in, I was glad that "Kitty Kat" was turned off, didn't want to have him started by kitty.  But I could see how his eyes were just rolling around in their eye sockets as he was trying to take in the entire house,  I took him into the formal palour where my Great-Aunt's portrait could intimadate him.  He stared at the portrait for some seconds as I asked him to sit down.

I asked him what was the matter and reason for his presence.  Well it seems that our local crazy person has made a missing person's report, of all people on my Great-Aunt, I laughed and said I could produce in a matter of two minutes both her death certificate and her will as well as the business card of her lawyer (and mine) who handled all the legalities,  well the upshot of it is that "Crazy Joe" as everyone calls him, had been very agitated, claiming he hadn't seen my Aunt and that I had stolen her house and was getting rid of all my Aunt's possessions.  

Oh Dear, I thought, he seems to have turned his attention to me, so I gave the very cute police officer a brief history of the house, my ownership and Joe's mental condition.   He told me that he had been informed about Joe's mental state by a more experienced officer, so I said "Well I guess you have to get aquainted with all the excentrics in your patrol area, myself included".   I invited him to make an appointment to take a tour of the property and house when he has more time to familarize himself with the layout.

I told him "We don't have much crime in this area, that I'm aware of but it pays to know" and he agreed.  He asked if I had a security system, noting that my property and house was large, and I told him yes and showed him but while I was showing him I activated "Kitty Kat", and I said that I had an internal house system as well and for him to go up just 4 steps to the 2nd floor.  Of course Kitty Kat did his thing and the poor officer almost jumped 10 feet into the air but when he saw me standing there so calm he just gave me a look, then looked at the Lion's head above him, went up the 4 steps again and Kitty Kat obliged.

He laughed and said that my place must be a blast on Halloween, I told him to come on by if he's patroling the area that night,  I also said that if he and any other off-duty officers would love to have a tour of the house and gardens with all the little "treats" activated,  to call me and I'd be happy to.

I gave him  both my personal card as well as my business card, he said he would certainly consider the invitation.  He did mention that earlier in the year there had been a call about "Joe" and I said "yes, he was dancing around in nothing but a smile and his tennis shoes, I didn't want the children in the neighborhood to be upset seeing him that way."     Yummy Young Cute Police Officer gave me a cute little crooked smile and said he understood.   We shook hands at the door and again I reminded him about Halloween and he said he would remember and he left.

Oh Sigh, thought I as I closed the door and leaned against it thinking "What a nice guy" and hoped all the best for him, and sinfully imagined what he'd looked like without his uniform.   Well Darklings I might be up there in years but as my Daddy would  put it "I ain't dead YET!"

And now to get dinner prepared,  and my mind on other mundane things.

Later Darklings

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