Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Of Halloween and an update~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have not posted of late because of all the preparations for tonight's Halloween Party, it will be a more smaller affair since many of my friends have to work tomorrow, so it will be mini-bites, pot luck and good conversation.

My flaming skulls are in place but it's a spare the air day I've been told, so I'll have to save it for another "midnight dreary".

The children will be coming by to hand out the candy.

My skeleton Horse and rider are ready,  T-Rex is in the back at the "pet cemetery".   For the adults I've not only purchased my usual wines but also "Curious Beasts"  and see how it goes.

I am so looking forward to tonight.

I also have house guests.

If you've been following the news we have been having horrible wildfires just north of us, air quality so bad one had to wear masks.

Friends of mine that I have stayed at when I've been at Sonoma lost their house, including their in-law unit where there elderly parents were staying.

Because they wanted them to be safe, I've taken in the elderly parents, they are quite mobile and alert, but after the shock of the wild fires do not want to be close to the devastation, and my friends agree, so I have them with me.

For how long I don't know but they are a fun couple, so I have them in my downstairs guest room with bath, and we'll help get them back on their feet.

That way my friends can work on getting what needs to be done to re-build without the extra worry about their parents safety.   And it's no trouble for them to check on the elders.   For them my location is safe, friendly, and a complete change for them to relieve the worry on their minds.   And with Sis's help if they have any form of depression she can address that possibility.

But now I must go back to the preparations for tonight. 

Enjoy Halloween My Darklings.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Of Halloween coming near~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well as you know my favorite holiday of the year (besides Christmas) is approaching!!

Yes you guessed it, Halloween!!!

I have been busy at work, yes I know I'm suppose to be retired, but I am on call if someone is out ill for longer than a week, or is taken an extended vacation like to Cabo.

So I've been working, and I have to admit I'm feeling it, but fortunately the boss told me that since one other staffer has returned from vacation they can do the work and has freed me.   And just in Time for Halloween!!

Well on my days off I have been looking at Spirit, Target, Wal-mart and you guessed it Home Depot!

As you know I both 2 skeleton horses one 6 ft and one 4 ft and a 9 foot tall T-Rex,  well at CVS they had the howling wolf and skeleton Bats and skeleton snakes but Target has some Wonderful Resin Graveyard headstones, and cemetery decorations,  HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

And a punch dispenser the kind you'd put lemonade in, had one labeled "Poison".   Again Had to Have IT!

I went to our nearest Wal-mart but they were focused on kiddie costumes and huge blow up (air filled) displays, no not what I wanted but did they have a good deal on paper plates and napkins in the halloween patterns so I got that.

Spirit had some very nice indoor decorations for the fire place mantles,  and door hangers over the parlor doors,  and fun drinking cups.   But there was a coffee mug I had to have that said "Normal People Scare Me"  it was designed for the American Gothic T.V. program promotion,  as a matter of fact I bought two of them one for home and one to take with me when I'm called in to work.

Sis and I were at Nob Hill the other day and she got happily surprised when she discovered baking pans to bake witches fingers cookies and all kinds of decorations to put on mini-cupcakes and everything. 

We whipped out our Halloween cook books for old time favorites, although we did buy the new magazines with new recipes but she said for now lets go with the tried and true and experiment with the new one's later.  I could only agree

Doyle said that he's going to need help with decorating so I've recruited my nephew to help out.   Coralline will help with the indoor decorations. 

Even though Halloween is on a week night again, we still get a lot of trick or treaters because we are such a popular block and I've been sending out invitations to friends and family.  The party will not run late because it is a school night, but on the weekends Look Out! 

I've also been restocking the cellar with Apothic Red, and Dark and for me a new one Apothic Inferno, and Apothic Crush,  Crush is fruity with a carmel taste, but Inferno is like blending whiskey and wine together smokey and different, it may not be to everyone's taste,  but Doyle liked it, in a whiskey glass, so I stocked up.  It's one of those wines were you want to kick off your shoes, loosen the tie, sit in a recliner and listen to "Old Blue Eyes" singing "its a quarter to 3". 

Another wine that we took a strong liking to is Curious Beasts  Blood Red, its smokey, chocolatey and with dark red fruit flavors,  so we loaded up on that as well.

I have not had a chance to do my wine tour this year as I prefer to do it in the Fall, but well work did call.   So I'll see about doing it next year in the late spring.

So all the Halloween plate ware and table ware are out and getting dusted and washed getting ready for the party.

And I did order two of those flaming skulls, I have them perched in the front parlor fire place, I've not been able to use them because of the spare the air days.  But it will get nippy enough and I can't wait to try them.

But I have to tell you this Dear Darklings, the other evening I got a shock,  I mean granted the stores sort of sneak Christmas onto a few shelves but I was watching T.V. and Wiener Dog distracted me and I then heard the instrumental version of "Jingle Bells"  I looked up and there they were in all their artificial glory  the Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Trees it was on Oct. 1 and already they're advertising and we haven't reach Halloween or Thanksgiving!   It was too much,  Please I say let's at least keep our holidays in the correct order.

We have not assembled the T-Rex yet, it's going to go into our pet cemetery, and I'm not sure what the dogs will make of it.  Most likely give their seal of disapproval.

But we've got a cowboy hat for the Ghost Rider, I found it at the Dollar Store.

But this coming weekend, we've got to load up on the candy,  Wal-mart has the best prices with Target a close 2nd  but I've seen a good deal at Lucky's so much to choose.   But Wal-Mart will be our primary candy go to store.

And now Sis is calling me, dinner is ready.

Later Darklings