Monday, August 5, 2013

Of AC Transit getting into the act~~~

Well Darklings,

I'm still here at work but my work load is done, so a short break while I wait for my ride back home.

Everyone here at work is so dis-enchanted right now.  We heard on the news radio that AC Transit (a 2 county bus Transportation system) has filed to strike on Wednesday.  This will hurt those that have op to get to work or to the Ferry system to S.F. using AC Transit and I am one of them.

So we are looking at Car pooling again for those who live East of S.F. across the Bay, should AC Transit strike and its pretty much what we did before.  We got together taking an approved long afternoon coffee break to discuss this and setting up a telephone tree as well.

Our Bosses are just as unhappy with both BART Union and AC Transit Union essentally holding the public as hostages by denying reasonable transportation. 

We've all decided to continue what we are doing until we know exactly what is going to happen, including the car pooling.  If the Bus system doesn't strike then I can use the bus to take a Ferry but it seems like all is Chaos.

This is suppose to be Summer, a happy time, and school will be starting in a few weeks, there is going to be a lot of very unhappy parents and students.     

I have a feeling that Gov. Jerry Brown is going to be involved in that as well.  This does not bode well.

Ahh my ride is ready,  I'll keep you posted my Lovelies.

Later Darklings

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