Thursday, August 29, 2013

Of first full Day of bridge closure~~~~


Thank GOD Doyle is cooking dinner tonight!!! 

Everything was crowded, granted they put on more ferries but oh the crowds, everyone was polite but everyone wanted to get home!!!

Then the buses would fill up, alright I say to myself, its just today and tomorrow, so I flagged a cab, this fellow wanted the cab as well, so we both got in, fortunately we were going in the same direction, my home was past his, so we shared the ride,  I split the part from the ferry to his place although he paid a little extra because it did mean back tracking a bit, and he gave the tip to his place, then on to mine, and the drive got out of the car to help me out, usually they don't but he said I looked exhausted and I was.

And I thought it's my turn to cook dinner, but as I walked in I smelled the wonderful scent of meat grilling, Doyle just put the marinated kibobs on the grill, and now Sis has come home.

So now I have an idea of what tomorrow is going to bring.

Later Darklings

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