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I have been having fun just finding various outlooks by people about the Goth sub-culture but I believe the sweetest one is from “Mommy Warriors” as posted by Alyssa on November 10, 2008. 

I’m sure Mommy and Daddy had an interesting time explaining this to their children but they encountered the positive element of the Goth sub-culture and from what I’ve read have come away with a positive out look besides having an extra dash of fun.

Please read this including the comment from one of the Goths:

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Goth Disney?

November 10,2008 | Written By: Alyssa |
Yesterday proved to be an interesting day at Disneyland.  We got to the park just as it opened and from the start, our day of fun turned into a question and answer session with the kids.  On the tram over to the Disneyland gates I could tell the kids took notice to some of the people wearing all black.  We saw even more people in black funky outfits by the time we entered the park and reached the first ride.  The kids started with the questions.
Why are they in all black?  Why are they wearing platform black boots?  Should I be afraid of them?  Did you see that guy with the all the earrings, especially the ones in his nose?  Why does that girl have a dog chain around her neck?  Is that a boy or a girl?  Do you think all those tattoos are real?  Mom, why are all these people here at Disneyland?
I myself started to wonder, what kind of crowd is Disneyland attracting these days?  After a few hours of seeing all these people that were “different”, I finally asked one of them if there was some type of event happening at the park.  He was very nice in telling us that they were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of “Bats Day in the Fun Park.”  Bats Day in the Fun Park, which started in August 1999 between the promoters of the Goth/industrial & death rock clubs, Absinthe and Release the Bats, has turned into a 3-day weekend event which happens near Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca.  Thank goodness there was an explanation!
As the day went on my husband and I had to try and explain what “Goth” meant and the reason why they dress in black or Victorian style fashions.  When we got back to the parking lot, we were pretty drained, not only from walking around the park, but from the deep conversations we had to have with our 10 and 8 year olds all day.  So just when we started feeling relieved, the kids noticed some funky cars all lined up in the parking lot.

There they were rows of old hearse cars.  Yet another thing to blow my kids minds and more explaining on mom and dad’s part!  So yes, we had to go up and down the rows to check out all the hearses.  Most of them were old ones but had great paint jobs, caskets in the back and more to keep my kids looking at every single one of them.

They also had great license plates such as DEPARTD, 4BONESZ, COUGHIN, GOTH SUV and this one…"DIGEMUP"

As I mentioned earlier, it was an interesting day, one that none of us will forget!

2 comments to Goth Disney?

Hello Mommy Warrior, You can’t imagine our delight when we found this notice of our joyous car club randomly on the web. I was a lil’ disappointed my hearse didn’t make the cut for your post but I do see my license plate listed. :-)So not only did I want to thank you for your advertising but cordially invite you to the next 2009 celebration of bats day at the fun park where we’ll be sure to make our undying appearance once again.
Thx again for your posting and hope to see you there.
I’m sorry but it seems I lost the 2nd comment---which I believe was a positive response to Richard’s comment
I have no idea if “Bats Day at the Fun Park” is still being held but it would be interesting to find out. And I'm sorry but I just could not transfer the images to the page, my apologies.

Later Darklings.

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