Monday, September 30, 2013

Of a Weekend of events, and thoughts~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Sis and I had a wonderful day on Friday! Of course we had our mani-pedi’s at this Salon that she knows in the City. I went with “Devil’s Lure” by Revlon, I’m not sure if it’s made anymore as it was a limited edition, but sometimes it turns up on E-Bay.

Anyway I chose it as the color is much richer, Sis decided to go with “Ginger” by Essie as it goes well with a lot of her clothes and she doesn’t want to off-put her clients by going with a strange color. But it was so nice to be pampered.

For lunch we decided upon salads as we didn’t want to be heavy and sleepy, and then to shopping, Nordstrom was our choice, but we did go into Tiffany’s, if nothing else just to drool.

I love how the staff treats its clientele even if you are window shopping. Sis saw a bracelet she fell in love with, she knew it would be perfect for her daughter. It was simple in Sterling silver and she wanted a heavy flat sterling sliver disk that was sort of thick with rounded edges to hang from it and to be engraved with her daughters’ initials in a flowing script, it was for her daughter’s birthday in November and since she would be up there to visit her at that time she wanted something very special. Her daughter had remarked how she’d like to have something like that but had been putting it off for a while; this would be very nice and classic.

At Nordstrom’s I found a lovely silk blouse in a deep camouflage green but not a boring green, with long sleeves and a shawl type collar, what dressed it up nicely were these gold buttons, and it came with three extra’s. And we had to check out the Channel counter, I was almost out of Channel #5 and purchased a bottle, trust me Darklings, I made my last bottle last for nearly 2 years. Sis found a pair of black Coach shoes that were extremely comfortable, considering that she doesn’t buy many shoes and always has her shoe repair man keep her old pairs going, buying a new pair for her is a treat and an investment.

We took a side trip to another store, I think it was Macy’s, sometimes these stores seem to run together, but we went down to the fine wares clearance area and here Sis indulged again, she found these glass starfish in 4 graduated shades of blue designed to hold things like mints, nuts, or other little goodies, and they were on sale.

Of course I had to ask her why and she said for her Tropical room, that I call her Tiki Lounge or 1950’s Hawaii, her idea of paradise. Frankly I think she was affected many years ago when she saw the singing parrots in the Tiki Room at Disneyland and of course her honeymoon many years ago to Hawaii. She told me many times “The Marriage may have failed but we’re still good friends and the honeymoon was wonderful.” Some day she’ll go back to visit, she’s been thinking of the Alanie Resort, I asked her “do you want to relax or hear the joyous sounds of children?” She replied “The place that will pamper me the most.” And something like that Darklings you should save up for, remember you’re worth it.

I found a nice little treat in the clearance section, a jar that says blood bath salts, complete with a small skull on the lid and a bat on the front of it, at the bottom it says take a relaxing bath in blood red. There were no salts in the large jar but it would be perfect to hold either Epsom salts or my own preferred bath salts. Sis teased me and said it would go perfectly with the “Bates Motel” bath towels that were given to me as a Christmas present last year. I’m putting them out in the guest bathroom for Halloween; I think I’ll put the jar there too.

But all too soon we had to leave, it was going to take forever to get home over the bridge given that it was the last Friday of the Month, and the bicyclists would be out doing their boring monthly “Critical Mass” protest, yes Darklings booooorrrrring, (someday I’ll blog about it), fortunately we didn’t encounter them, I guess we left early enough.

Still it was slow, and we decided upon Chinese take out when we got home, Doyle called and said he had a surprise and was obliging to pick up the food; I sent off several e-mails and went to pick up Belladonna. I bought her a little present, a new sweater with skulls on it as well as a brand new carry all bag, as the old one was wearing out, and it looks very stylish, at first glance one would think it was a large Michael Kors Tote bag, and then you see the mesh for the dog. Belladonna fitted perfectly into both items.

The surprise that Doyle brought home was a conglomeration of Beers, Angry Orchard’s Hard Apple Cider in a special box of 12 bottles consisting of 3 of each Crisp, Traditional Dry, Apple Ginger and Cinnfil Apple---all hard ciders. Doyle also had Pumpkin Ale by two different Breweries, and a special box packed of various Harvest Ales by Blue Moon Brewery.

Then there was Speakeasy Beer from San Francisco’s Speakeasy Brewery, this included the Tallulah pale Ale, Big Daddy, a bottle of Prohibition Porter, (I understand they are not making it anymore), and several others with that 1920’s mobster theme.

I asked him how he got these beers and he replied “A gift from a very happy and very grateful client, and he wasn’t the only one, other staffers who worked with Doyle also got beer as well all as a bonus.

I am not a coinsurer of Beer but Doyle said “we are ready for October fest”. Late September is when the micro breweries come out with their seasonal and specialized beers and ales and Doyle likes to stock up for the Fall and Winter season, I know he’ll be buying more.

So into the spare refrigerator they went in to be properly chilled and ready for that special occasion, although during October and November Doyle will occasionally indulge in the Pumpkin ales when he is relaxing on a Saturday or Sunday late afternoon, but never more than one bottle, too many spoils the enjoyment he says.

We decided to relax Friday evening and watch an old favorite “Perry Mason and the Case of the Fatal Fashion” both Sis and I remarked how we loved Barbara Hale as Della Street, so professional and confident.

In checking the mail after dinner I discovered we’d receive an invitation to an Artist showing for Saturday night, one of my art friends’ friend was doing a presentation of the ghoulish and ghastly works of art in oils and sculpture designed to be “thought pieces”. Sis of course moaned, and Doyle rolled his eyes and I said, “Well it would be interesting to see what depravity goes on in people’s minds.”

And with that remark Sis and Doyle agreed to go, provided said Sis, we all go to see “Rear Window” playing at a nearby historic movie theatre---Hitchcock in October? Perfect Timing!!!

Saturday we were up early, doing the usually grocery shopping and planed to eat dinner early, if we were still hungry when we came home I had things in the freezer that could be heated up. Not being sure when we’d get home and how perky we’d be, I decided to record Svengoolies’ presentation of that 1959 classic “The Leech Woman”, I have to say that it is a story with two morals in it, one that as men grow older their gray hairs seem to give them honor and distinction but for women as they grow older they are cast aside and pitied, the second morality tale is vanity thy name is woman, but I’ve also said you may have woman’s vanity but it is caused by man’s blindness.

Sad to say even if women are more liberated, we still have those same old idea’s running around, and women have to fight even harder.

The art show was by a friend of an artist acquaintance of mine and Sis’s and although the sculptures and paintings were very well done with a lot of thought to the subject matter they were morbid, and unsettling, dealing with the theme of horrific homicides not by shooting but by sick minds, up close and personal, emphasizing the psychopath and how they are being allowed to be free to terrorize us, we are always afraid of the terror without, but forget the terror within.

I don’t think I would have a single one of those art objects in my home, neither would Sis but some people were buying them, as investments I think, although I felt they would be better suited to a chamber of horrors in a wax museum, the gallery had to be very cool as some of the works were done in wax.

Doyle confessed that he preferred the anatomical art exhibits in which dead people were shown with their skin removed and showing the inside of how our bodies worked, those were done with injected plastic for preservation and I remember thinking how informative that exhibit was, but this was something totally different, going into the minds of psychopaths. Sis got the artists’ card she said she like to interview her (yes her) for a paper, perhaps combine it with the interview that she did with our previous ‘ghostly’ painters whose exhibit we’d seen some time ago.

And we were surprised by the artist, a short, rotund, cheerful lady, draped in purple, with a lot of silver bracelets on one wrist that jangled as she moved her hands, her hair was close cropped with natural ringlets, I looked at Sis and remarked “You’d think she’d be baking cookies for her small grandchildren” and Sis replied, “Hansel and Gretel’s old witch may have looked like her and she was going to eat them up.” I could only agree.

We did run into our ghostly couple, she just as pale as ever and he looking like he could disappear into a dark corner, her gallery show in New York went very well, almost all the paintings sold and she is embarking on a new series. “Tombstones” she said, “I’ll have it so they project out of the canvas, some will be physical installations as we are looking for old gates, and things, some will be small studies and some almost like sculptures but with a painting they will emerge from, in some ways I’m being inspired by the Night Gallery stories”. After they drifted away, I asked my Sis if she remembered how they supported themselves between showings, knowing that it does cost money to survive, she couldn’t remember, but said I might have mentioned it in my blog, now I’m going to have to look back to see.

Doyle insisted we go to an ice cream parlor that stays open late that he knows of and indulge in Ice cream, saying “I want to see something that makes me think I’m a kid of 10 again” And considering the huge banana split he ordered and devoured I’d say he got his ‘kid fix’. Sis went with just plain strawberry ice cream and I with rainbow sherbet, we too felt we had to get a strange taste out of mouths.

Sunday dawned cold and a bit overcast which eventually gave way to sunlight, we’d made plans to go to the cemetery to put flowers on our late eldest brother’s grave, something we do every year. This was one of those times when we’d be able to do it together at the same time, given how her work previously would have her traveling.

We decided to go in Doyle’s car and as we were driving to the cemetery like a vision out of the past a parade of 3 vintage cars crossed our path, 2 were from the mid to late 1930’s and the last one was from the late 1940’s, seeing those car’s I screamed “Daddy I WANT!!” Yes Darklings even tho I have my own vintage car, just seeing them was exciting, since we had to go in the same direction we were able to catch up before they turned off in another direction. On the back rear window of each car was a logo in gold lettering “Bay Bombs”, it seems they are a local vintage car club that does fund raising events with their vintage cars, including offering their cars as transportation for weddings and special occasions. What fun!

But on to the cemetery, we’d pack a picnic lunch since our brother’s grave is near a nice shade tree, and although the cemetery does an excellent job of maintenance we pulled a few weeds (good thing we brought gloves) and made sure to have cans to hold the flowers so’d they would last a few days. We ate, talked reminisce of old times, and found ourselves missing him even after these many years, Doyle had brought his Sirius radio and was using the portable to play music, we were rotating from 50’s to 40’s and back.

Suddenly Sis stood up, she looked at our brother’s tombstone and said “If there really is an afterlife, I’d like you to give us a sign! All these years, and it still hurts, I should be able to deal with it, I’m trained to but it still hurts. Do we exist after we die! Show us!”

I was shocked by my sister’s outburst, I knew our brother’s murder had affected her, it affected me too and our younger brother, but I hadn’t realize she was still is so much pain, even with her telling me I had to still work it out, she did too.

I looked at her, then stood up, she continued to look at the headstone and then after a moment we heard Ray Charles singing “Hallelujah, I love her so”. Why that song? Years ago our brother and us performed a pantomime dance to that song at a armature talent show at the Elks Lodge, we did it for fun, we were kids.

Sis looked at me and I started doing the dance moves to the song as best as I remembered it, and Sis joined in. At the end of the song we were laughing and sat down on the picnic blanket. I looked at her and asked “Did you get your answer?” She smiled with tears in her eyes and nodded, maybe it was just a coincidence but at that moment? Right after she asked her question? I was not going to question it and let it lay. Doyle looked at us with his mouth agape, shook his head and said nothing but smiled.

Then on the spur of the moment, Sis took a napkin and wiped some dust off of the smooth surface of the tombstone, put on her red lipstick and kissed it. I did the same. O.K. Darklings we were being silly, but can you imagine someone else coming along and seeing those two lipstick kisses on that headstone and what they will think? I’d like to think they’d be a bit puzzled or something.

For the rest of the day we just relaxed out in the garden, Belladonna had gone with us for the picnic and was glad to be in her familiar territory. And we each had a bottle of one of the harvest beers to relax with.

Later Darklings

Friday, September 27, 2013

Of Thoughts and Plans for this weekend~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am so happy with my new work schedule, I have today off and already my sister is making plans for us to play "Hookey" today.  

We have an appointment for a mani-pedi to pamper ourselves and I've made my selection of nail polish, I think "Toxic Apple" by Wet and Wild will be perfect for the season of darkness and terror.  But I have also been leaning towards "Devil's Lure" by Revlon, I guess I'm going to have to flip a coin on that.

Speaking of nail poilish I have not seen anything Halloween-wise that has come out recently, of course it could be early, but it seems that Wet and Wild is offering what they offered last year, however I did pick up a bottle of "Poison Ivy" by Wet and Wild, I used a lot of it during Christmas and St. Patricks day.

The last few mornings have dawned chilly and nippy, yes fall is in the air with a vengence, athought the weather man says we will have some very warm days, and possible rain next week, it's already having a dusting of snow in the Sierra's.   But now people are worried about fires in the Oakland Hill's, I tremble at that, the Oakland Hills Fire storm of the 80's, my apartment went up in flames, 25 people lost their lives.

Sis says I still need to process that, and she's right.

And now Sis is saying that after our mani-pedi's we'll have lunch out perhaps at one of the places near Union Square, since we are going to S.F. for our treat.

Mmmmm and shopping---yes Darklings  I love to shop, at least window shop.

It also seems that the family intervention is going to have to be put on hold for at least a week, my sister-in-law called and said that the oldest Stooge, Coralline's older brother, has to have 3 wisdom teeth removed his other teeth are being pushed in crooked alinement, and he'll have to have braces to make sure they aline right. 

I asked her over the phone if that may happen to the other boys and it's possible it will with them, but Coralline's teeth are coming in fine but as soon as a wisdom tooth erupts it will be removed to avoid problems.  They are hoping to do the same with the boys

Now I must go, Sis is driving and we don't want to be late.

Later Darklings

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of a Busy Fun weekend, and Family situations~~~

Hello Dear Darklings,

We had such a busy weekend, and all to the good I might add. I saved our experiences and thoughts on a flashdrive and am finally able to upload it to my blog.

Coralline was dropped off Friday, by her parents and she greeted me with a BIG Hug, saying “Thank You, I don’t think I could take my brothers one more day and if it rained tomorrow and I was home with them (meaning her brothers), they would drive me crazy.” I had to agree with her on that, they don’t do rainy days very well.

When Doyle came home she greeted him with a big hug as well, and then asked if he could help her with one of her assignments, he said he’d join her, just give him a chance to put some things away and I watched her go happily into the Library.

I turned and saw tears forming in Doyle’s eyes, but he was smiling, then quickly wiped the tears away and hung up his jacket and hat. (Yes Darklings he loves to wear a fedora), then he joined Coralline in the Library, while I went and finished dinner.

Marissa was also invited to dinner and for the evening so her parents could have an evening out, it was a good thing, between the three of them Coralline’s assignments were done quickly.

I decided upon Lasagna which the girls dug into with relish, Marissa asking if she could have the recipe to give to her mother as her Mom’s although good, always seems to come out watery, I noticed that Doyle’s appetite was coming back as he asked for a second helping.

Coralline told me that she didn’t have a chance to see “Sleepy Hollow” her Dad and brothers wanted to watch something else, her mother gave in but told my brother that they were going to have to invest in another T.V. as my brother in his upside down wisdom, forgot to record the program for both Coralline and her Mother and they were unaware of a repeat of the program.

I know that because she called me the other day to vent her frustration about her husband, my brother. So I said “buy another T.V. put it in the living room, in a locking cabinet so the boys can’t get to it and keep the key on your key chain and then maybe get the boys tested for ADS or something because their behavior is becoming out rageous,” she agreed but first, was to get my brother to admit it---I said to take him to parenting class, that his testosterone attitude was not making for a happy daughter or wife.

She asked if all four of us could do an intervention. Four? Sis, me, her and Doyle. I thought it would be a very good idea and I’d talk to them about it. Ahhh another soap opera on the family will be happening soon I think.

Marissa was glad I had recorded it because she wanted to see it again “It went by too fast” she said.

Well that program has 4 fans already. It is such an interesting twist to the Washington Irving story. For those of you who don’t know it but the town of Sleepy Hollow does exist and has made the legend of the Headless Horseman a tourist attraction.

In the 1940’s Walt Disney did an animated short with Bing Crosby as the narrator and the short remained very close to the original Tale, but never tells why there is a Headless horseman. As always the Horseman has a weakness, in the original tale anyone pursued by the horseman had to cross a particular bridge over running water and the horseman cannot follow.

Later Johnny Depp did that wonderful movie on the story, only in this case if a person possessed the head of the horseman they’d control his spirit to do their bidding but if the horseman regained his head he could return to hell permanently taking the person who had the head with them.

Now this T.V. program SLEEPY HOLLOW----I like it!!! A new twist on the battle between good and evil, the back story is going be very interesting...----if they can twist up the stories about Fairy tales they can do this with the old Washington Irving story and American Revolutionary history.

The CGI on the headless horseman is perfect, none of that prop shoulders on a head, and the girls and I love the Horse it’s just as much an actor as the cast.

But one has to suspend belief on how a man who is 250 years old can adapt to the 21st century so readily and how a police department Captain can quickly say "O.K. we need this guy" but, well, they have to cram that all in within 48 minutes (have to have time for commercials) and they give the Horseman a weakness, which is sunlight.

It’s just like "Supernatural" twisting up the old ghost, monsters and angel legends. I just hope FOX doesn't sabotage it like they did with "Alcatraz" and a couple of other shows that I liked with making the programs disappear for weeks on end with Sports games. They never did allow those shows to develop their "legs".

All four of us could hardly wait for next Monday! Coralline has asked me to always record it, so I’m going to set this DVD disc aside to keep the episodes on it.

As I said, in the TV. Show sunlight weakens the Horseman, and he has to return to his dark underwater grave (which makes it hard to find him) but its important that he not regain his head, otherwise it will release the other 3 horsemen of the apocalypse. This really beefs up the story line.

And it seems that Crane and the Horseman and bonded to each other, because when Crane decapitated the horseman, the horseman sliced open Crane’s chest and while both of them sort of dying, their blood flowed out to commingle, to create a supernatural bond, giving Crane a sort of immortal life.

There are two factions of witches, good and evil, one of the good witches was Cranes wife who was burned at the stake by lies of the evil witches, the other good witch was a priest/monsignor who either managed to live a long life or was a many generations descendant, who in the opening episode tried to turn the horseman back with magick but was killed.

Crane and his 21st century partner a female police officer, finds the horseman’s head and for now is currently re- hidden. There are some symbols and such which indicated who might be on which side but I think there will be surprises. There are a few things or images that I think maybe too gruesome and intense for the very young, and may give them nightmares, which is why it’s on at 9 p.m. and not the family hour.

I promised myself to be sure to buy the series DVD when this comes out, and although Doyle thoroughly enjoyed it, he also had to be a critic on police procedures which he always does on any police procedural show, including CSI. I don’t argue with him, I just hold up my hand and he saves the criticism for the commercials time. It works.

Yes, the next day it poured rain in the morning, but Doyle drove carefully to the Vintage Expo. And we had a lot of fun, Marissa had hoped to come with us but her parents had another commitment to go to, Coralline’s eyes just popped out at all the beautiful things, she fell in love with a very dark blue cloth purse from the late 40’s or early 50’s and we found a matching hat, when I put the hat on her she suddenly looked so grown up and yet a child, we talked about the hat and purse and I decided to buy them for her for later for her to use when she’s a little older, I can tell that she will have a slim figure like her mother and I, so it won’t be a problem to find vintage clothing for her, she may even, in time be able to use mine.

But she so wants to find a suit, shoes and gloves to match her hat and purse, already a vintage maven. But I told her she is just turning 13 and is not fully grown yet, any clothing items purchased now would become too small, shoes included and she is not an adult ---YET….but I think we’ll come to a compromise.

Such an awkward age, still a child in many ways and slowly becoming an adult, her friend Marissa is still finding herself as well. I think the only thing that helps the both of them is that they are still very family oriented, Marissa doesn’t have the “problem brothers” that Coralline has, but she feels she is in competition with her older brother although her parents say to her that her talents are different and that there is no comparing, and they seem to be very good on that.

Coralline is sort of “outgunned” because she has three high energy brothers and her outlook is different, artistic, some times dreamy. While her brothers are rough and tumble, given to pranks and jokes. Fortunately her Mother is seeing the problems this can cause, but my brother is enjoying the maleness of it and forgetting there is a young girl in the house. I think he is still mentally compensating for the fact that our older brother died right at the time when an older brother was needed, and having to be in a house with two older sisters, Mother, Grandma and Dad, well Dad did make time for my brother which was good and they had their special days and times together away from female interference.

Sis and I have talked about that and we have come to that conclusion that our brother is over compensating for that loss, but forgetting that it is a situation in reverse. Yes an intervention is going to be needed. We’ll have to make plans.

Doyle found a couple of Fedora’s he liked at the Expo as well as some interesting period ties, myself, well Darklings, I found a beautiful evening gown in a very deep dark purple, the color was very flattering to my fair skin. And also a lovely 1940’s suit in Maroon with a matching fascinator hat. I know in my closet I have a matching pair of shoes and purse, gloves were a problem, but something will turn up.

Sunday was beautiful and sunny after the rain so we went to early Mass, and had breakfast out before we went to the Harvest Festival. The grounds and such were a bit soggy but not too bad. So many crafts, food, music, already it’s beginning to hint of Octoberfest. I found some things that will be perfect to put up for now and for Thanksgiving. It was just so much to take in, afterwards, we went home tired but happy.

I was glad I had Monday off, my work schedule has changed now that I’m working half time, so I was able to go through things to donate to charity while my cleaning service vacuumed and dusted, and considering my back I am so glad for their help.

Doyle told me Monday evening after he came home from his office, he was so glad we had the girls over, it has helped him a great deal.  And he told me to plan on packing my bag in a week we'll be going to Old Town Sacramento for an extended weekend, I am so looking forward to it.

Sis came home on Tuesday after having a lovely extended weekend with her family and Grandchildren. She’s planning on seeing them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that way she says she won’t interfere with their plans with the in-laws.

Already so close to the Holidays, Harvest Fest, OctoberFest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dickens Fair, Christmas festivities, New Years….where has the year gone?

Later Darklings

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Of an update and an answer to a question~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I know I haven't been posting for the last few days, its been busy and I just got home from work.

Quick update---we've been having fun at different events, and work has been busy.

Trisha  on your question about Coralline receiving a card from you.  Let me ask her Mother for permission, since Coralline is my niece, so I'll need input from her first.

I'm sure she won't mind, but again I don't want to overstep my bounds, I'm sure you understand.

I recorded Sleepy Hollow again last night, I AM enjoying that show.  But I also recorded "The Blacklist" as Doyle wanted to watch "Castle"  And tonight with the Premier's of NCIS, NCIS LA, and Person of Interst as well as "Marvel: Agents of SHEILD"  I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to see James Spader's performance. 

And now I must go, I have to make dinner tonight, Thank goodness for crockpots.

Later Darklings

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of "It's a Quarter to Three"~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Lucretia and Rebecca Thank you for your kind thoughts, they do help get us through the rough times, others have posted as well but asked to remain unknown but I thank every one of you.

Doyle is doing better, no more drunk binge's, but he's asked to not have wine for a while, he's afraid he'll get depressed again until he can process this.

Coralline will be over for the Weekend, her parents will be dropping her off on Friday, and she has to do her homework, Doyle is looking forward to the weekend with her.  Sis is going to visit her children in Sacramento and is leaving this afternoon, she says she wants to get ahead of the rain which threatens for the weekend.

So on Saturday the three of us are going to the Vintage Fashion Expo in the City, Coralline is looking forward to that as well as I and Doyle is happy just to get his mind off of things.  And Sunday we are going to the Harvest Festival at the County Fair Grounds.   Coralline wishes she could go to a Ren Fair, but I think we'll wait on that a bit.

We are all feeling just a bit better, my headache is gone, but I was a bit quiet at work yesterday fortunately my co-workers thought it was the after effects of the headache.

Some of you have asked me what does Doyle mean when he said to the Bartender "It's a Quarter to Three"

Well if you know Frank Sinatra it's one of his songs  about a man drinking all alone late in a bar, and about love   it starts with ..."Its a quarter to three, there's no one in the place except for you and me.  So set 'em up Joe, I've got a little story I think you ought to know....."    So the drinker is telling his story to the Bartender about his love life and about his Baby   and it ends " one for my Baby and one more for the road."

Doyle has known this Bar and this Bartender, for some years, and when he has a case that ends badly, he'll say to the Bartender "It's a quarter to three," and hands his car keys to the Bartender,  and the Bartender knows Doyle is going to be very drunk, and bit by bit some of the story will come out,  and then at a certain time he'll remind Doyle he needs to go home calls a cab, tells the cabbie the address and what he is suppose to do if its a unfamilar driver, some of the drivers know Doyle.

He's not a mean drunk, nor a maudilin drunk nor a happy drunk, he's a sad drunk trying to keep the nightmares away, but just wise enough to know that no one else should be inflicted by his state.  Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but this one was very bad, and Doyle came home last night with 2 bouquets of Red Roses, one for me and one for Sis, for putting up with his drunken state.  "For my Ladies" he said.  "For putting up with me, for not condeming me for my weakness, and for just being the best people in my life."  

Of course he said something very personal and loving to me privately.   That is why when this happens I understand and it will pass like a very bad lighting storm, in which the rain will wash away everything clean and make it fresh.  It could be months or a year before this will happen again.  And he's been there when I've had bad times as well.

Sis understands as well, "We are all human".

And now Coralline will be comming over and Doyle is happy about that, tonight he's going to call his children and check in with them and make arrangements for him to visit them either before or after Thanksgiving  "Bad to travel during the holiday period"   as well as we know.

Now I'm going to pick up my bag and things and go to work,  Doyle and I will have dinner in the city, my neighbor will keep Belladonna for the Day.  And tonight all will be good.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of a "follow up"~~~~~

Hello again Darklings,

It's good I stayed home today, to process what Doyle told me.

Dear Lucretia, thank you, Doyle has been good to me in the years that I've known him, so has his family.  I think because of the tragedies that my family has been through it helps me cope with Doyle, but then Doyle has to cope with me.

My sister being a psychologist and doing consuling, even grief consuling and I having taken psychology classes it helps us to understand and be compassionate about todays tragedies and given our family's life history we see things both differently and in many ways logically.   A combination of old world and new world, of late 19th early 20th as well as the ultra modern 21st century.   Sometimes people think we are anachronisms, we appear to be too complacent but we really are not, the concept of "to everything there is a season" has been strongly instilled into us, but sudden tragedy is still painful.

Doyle cares, espeically when its a case dealing with children, in the years he was a police officer he's seen alot, too much I fear, and he cares alot, but he has to mentally divorce himself from emotions while working a case, something he learned years ago, but when its over and its one that he cares about, he goes to a particular bar, the bartender knows him, he'll say to the bartender "It's a quarter to three" and hands his car keys to the man, sometimes I'll know, sometimes I don't know but this I do know, when he comes home in a cab I simply confirm where he was from the driver and go from there.  It doesn't happen often but I did learn this from his late wife (she passed away some years ago, we were friends) so I knew what to do.

 I know in the next day or two he will call his children and ask about the grandchildren, I think when we go on our mini-vacation to Old Town Sacramento and stay on the Delta King it will be good therapy for him as well.   And I'll suggest that maybe before Thanksgiving to go and visit them down in San Diego.

Doyle left about 40 minutes ago, I called a cab for him so he could pickup his car, I called the bar where he left it and they assured me it was still there and it was no problem. 

I was surprised he got him self going, but he said work was good therapy for him, and he needed a certain amount of closure as well.  I made a thermos of soup and one more of coffee for him to take and told him to be sure to have it or he'd feel worse.   He didn't argue.

Sis called me to see how I was doing, and I hadn't realize it but the headache was still vaguely in the back ground, so I rested but suggested we get a very large order of War Won Ton Soup, she said she would get it and a loaf of sourdough French bread, so I'm putting the butter dish out later so it will be soft enough.

Soup and bread, with some warm apple sauce comfort food, no wine tonight, but tea something soothing for the head and stomach I think.

I could hear the vague banging being done on Sis's house, they are working on the back portion to create her tropical paradise, I thought the banging would bother me as I sat out on my back porch but instead it became a sort of white noise and I fell asleep in the outdoor recliner with Belladonna next to me.  After an hour I woke up feeling much better and able to prepare the thermoses for Doyle.

I have soothing classical music on, and am still puttering around, doing little things that one forgets to do, and now I'm taking a tea break.   Doyle won't be home for a while, exactly when he didn't say, but at least it's easy to heat up soup.

Last night waiting for Doyle I watched "Sleepy Hollow" and it was good I recorded it for Coralline, but I don't want to talk about it now.

Althought there is another new show premering tonight I'll record it, I don't think any of us wants to watch televison tonight and my Sister indicated she'd prefer to talk or put together a jigsaw puzzel, she said her paperwork could wait.  Yes, for tonight somethings can wait.

Later Darklings

Sometimes a little alone time helps

Of A Headache and Doyle being Drunk~~~

Yes Darklings,

Doyle was drunk.

Sometimes people believe that everything is sweetness and light, and most of the time it is, my sister and I have learned to not fight, if we disagree on things we are polite about it but we also have our "off" moments, when that happens either one or the other will say "I'm not fit company right now, when I've calmed down I'll talk" so the other avoids them or goes onto other matters or does other things.

I'm not saying we dance on egg shells but we do our best to guage the others' emotions.  It's called "being aware"

But sometimes things happen and that is a mental and emotional firestorm.

Doyle came home drunk last night, thank goodness someone put him in a cab,  he was in no condition to drive, I was up late with a bit of a sinus headache, all one can do is compresses to relieve the pain and I decided to stay down stairs---good thing too, Belladonna started doing whining barks, and I saw that a cab had pulled in front of the house, going out side I saw that it was Doyle trying to get to his wallet.

I asked the cab driver where did he pick him up and he gave me the location, helping Doyle I paid the driver, while Doyle stumbled into the house.

It's rare that I see him in this condition so I kept quiet to see what he'd do and if he would talk, he proceeded to go to the liquior cabinet where whiskey and brandy are kept, and he pulled out a half filled bottle of Jack Daniels,  I rarely drink Jack or Jim unless I have a cough, and then with honey and lemon,  but this worried me.

Doyle collapsed into his chair and started drinking,  I sat near by trying to ignore my headache, so I simply asked him "What's Up?"   a safe phrase, and Doyle proceeded to tell me, no it was not about the Navy Yard shootings, it was about a case he had been working on, dealing with a child taken by a non-custodial parent, Doyle had been working on it for 5 months, but it didn't end well, he had more than enough information to give to another operative in another state, but the person and the child went to Canada, the operative followed.   The news was sad and tragic niether person nor child are alive and Doyle is drunk, angry both at himself and at the selfishness of people who would take a child's life.

I let him drink and talk and then he feel into a stuporious sleep, and I took the bottle away, or what was left of it.  I know for the next few days even weeks I'll be dealing with Doyle's dark demons when this happens, this is one of those times when the evil darkness invades our lives, last night I let him sleep in his chair first removing his shoes, belt and watch, this morning he stumbled out of it and shedding some of his rumpled clothing he manged to get into the downstairs shower in the downstairs guest room.  

I put coffee on, picked up the clothes called work and said I would not be in, migraine headache (which was in the shower), Doyle came out wrapped in a towel, looking the worse for wear, manged to get to the kitchen table, Sis came down with his bathrobe and slippers, neither of us said anything and we felt anything more than coffee and toast would have him make a dash to the sink.

All three of us sat there, with Belladonna at my feet, in more coherient tones Doyle told us.  We could only hold his hand, even Sis acknowledged that in part Doyle has to work it out.   I called his office and they understood, even the secretary was crying.   I said to him everyone feels horrible when you lose one, its no one's fault you have to look to who is really to blame, he understood, got up and called his office back said he would be in later today, he felt it would be only right to make arrangements to bring the child's body back home.  Another agent who was familar with the case would notify the surviving parent.

Will it be in the papers?  Not really, so much happens now a days a lot does not get reported.

Sis has gone to meet her clients, Doyle is sleeping for now, I'll wake him in about 4 hours,  but for now I'm going to take Belladonna for her walk, in the sunshine, in the cool Fall weather, my headache is gone, I'll putter in the garden a bit, feed and watch my Koi, and plan things, but now I need to take things gently with Doyle for a little while.   He won't get drunk again,  I know that.   He'll do what he can, by this time next week he'll be fully functioning, but with one more dark nightmare hidden into another compartment in his mind. 

I think I'll ask if Coralline can come over this weekend, I think seeing her will help Doyle.

Later Darklings

Only Doyle can climb out of his depths of dispair, but we can throw him a life line

Monday, September 16, 2013

Of a Spooky hunt weekend~~~~

Yes My Darklings,

I did not post the entire weekend!  Shame on me, but I had a very good reason.

We had Coralline for the entire weekend,  her Dad (my brother) dropped her off at my work, and since I went in early that Day (Friday the 13th) I left early.

But Friday was not all fun and games, I had to do some grocery shopping, and we went to our nearest Safeway, I know Darklings, Safeway how mundane, well they do offer things that one can't get at Trader Joe's which was right next door, so we shopped there too.

But Coralline spotted them at Safeway, yes, in purple and black and black and orange, salad plates and serving platters and dip trays all done in skulls, bats and cats with a few spiders thrown in for good measure, so we bought a set for 6 (just in case a guest or two), and the serving platters were a good idea as well.

And we spotted doggie sweaters with skulls just in Belladonna's size, so we bought 2 because they do wear out, Coralline was so happy to have the weekend with us, just to get away from her 3 stooge brothers, but I told her she had homework that needed to be done.

I did promise her we'd do shopping on Saturday if she did her homework right, so as quickly as we could we went home and while I prepared dinner she started her assignments, math, a review of a chapter in her history book, and she needed to read a poem and analize it for her english assignment, I asked her which poem and she said Robert Frost the one about the snowy woods, I knew immediately which one she referred to.  I suggested she do her math first, then history, then we'll talk about the poem.

Since we were home early, I did an oven pot roast, using the timer to remind me when to check it, and then prepared the salad, chilling it, and put the veggies to one side to cook the last 15 minutes along with the rice to serve with it.  Doyle pleaded with me to have rice, so easy anyway.

Then we went over her homework, espeically about the Robert Frost poem, she knew that the person in the poem was sad but what was it about, I told her that the person in the poem was thinking of taking his own life, things seems so bad to him,   it was a question of which road should he take, but the presence of the horse brought him back to reality and practicallity and that he had to endure tough times, just as his horse had to plow through the snow, the horse shaking its head was saying "come on snap out of it".  So we went over it line by line with her realizing what each line meant.  Especially the last line "the woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep"  I told Coralline that when life seems bad or difficult to not give up that is what the last line means.

Coralline liked that and wrote that down in her paper, which she had to re-write checking her spelling, which she did at her little desk. 

Dinner then with Doyle, Sis, Coralline and Brian who needed a home cooked meal, and we relaxed watching "Perry Mason and the Case of the Avenging Ace"  So retro and so much fun.

Doyle surprised Sis and I with some new wines,  The Diving Rod Cabernet Sauvignon and their Chardonnay and a bit of a surprise Once Upon a Vine's Big Bad Red Blend, and the Charming Pinot Noir, well he bought 3 of the latter, I was surprised by these new additions, but Doyle said the Pinot Noir is good relaxing wine and the others were recommended to him by a friend who knows wine.  So they have been added.

I chased Coralline to bed because we were going to have a busy day Saturday,  she had an assignment to go to this place called "Playland Not At the Beach"  and do a writting assignment of her immpression of the place, as a matter of fact everyone had an assignment in which either Saturday or Sunday they were to go to a place that they drew out of the box----the parents knew of this and agreed to take their child to whatever place they drew, my brother warned me about this and told me that no where was he going to have the 3 monsters near a place that had antique displays. 

I found it to be fasinating with displays of antique games and devices, moving train type displays, opitcal illusions, hints of an old fashion 10 in 1 Bally show, and they had a magician performing as well, it seems that it can be booked for birthday parties for children or adults,  I believe they have a web site, it was all too much to take in but Coralline was enchanted by it, so I made a note for us to go back perhaps with her friend Marissa.

When we got home she started her paper right away, but afterwards I suggested that she nap since she wanted to watch Svengoolie present "The Phatom of the Opera" the 1940's color verison with Nelson Eddy
and Susanna  Foster (and yes Darklings gowns by Vera West).

Coralline snuggled with me and Belladonna on the couch on one end Sis on the other and Doyle in his recliner snoozing,  never have I seen the color in the costumes used to such advantage by West, one of her few color productions, and even the Opera house set that was used in the original Lon Chaney Sr.'s Phantom was beautiful almost an actor in its self, Foster's and Eddy's voices sounded beautiful even if the so called opera's were never really written, in the end Coralline felt sorry for the Phantom, it was not really a horror story but a tragic love tale.  But she laughed when both the Inspector and the Baritone were left behind as the heroine was swept away by her admirerers,   she looked at me and said "I guess she preferred her career, I think I would too."   I could only smile, I too perferred my career as well, and even with Doyle I have not given it up.

Sunday I was to take her home so we made sure all her homework was packed and in the trunk of the car, and then after a relaxing breakfast at home, we went to THE SPIRIT STORE near the house.   There she helped me choose things for the outside displays and some fun things for indoors for the Halloween party, such as books that have spiders jumping out,  flowers that wilted,  but she wanted for her room at my house this wonderful candlelabra we also stopped at Beverly's to see what they had and she found a blackbird or raven sitting on top of a white pumpkin with the words "beware" on it and another with an owl and the words spooky, they were small enough to be paperweights so we bought them for her desk at the house.

And there were these craft things with ghosts and skulls and other spooky items to use to make a shadow box, but she wanted them for her Draculina Doll house to decorate with, so why not thought I.  I told her if she needed more she could call me and I would get them.

Am I spoiling her, in a way yes, but her Mother said that it was fine because her time is taken up so much with the boys, but she is trying very hard to make time for her daughter as well.

And slowly we drove back to her home, stopping at the BIG Spirit Store in Hayward, and found some more things that were not in the local one.  But eventually it was time to go home,  I hated to part from her it was fun for the both of us.  But one must be practical as well. 

I did ask her parents if it would be alright for Coralline to come with me to see "Rear Window" on the Big Screen at a local theatre that was doing a retro movie night, it was middle of the week, once I gave the dates, it turned out that they would be in the area for an event the boys were in, so we made arrangements to have them drop her off at house and we'd go straight to the theatre and then we'd all meet back at the house later.   "A Grown Up Movie!!" Coralline exclaimed, I told her that I would explain the movie if she had questions later, but it seems that she's been curious about Hitchcock films, so this would be dipping her toe into it.  I always felt his films from the 40's and 50's were his best, so I'll be on the watch for those and see if she's interested.

Coming home the house seemed empty without her presence, even Sis felt it and Doyle, he said Belladonna had been mopping about all day not having Coralline to play with. 

And now tonight, well it will be time to watch the premire of Bones and Sleepy Hollow, I think I'll record them in case Coralline doesn't get a chance to watch them at her house.

Later Darklings
I agree

Friday, September 13, 2013


Why Darklings  ITS~~~~~

Dare I say it, Dare I even whisper it?

Well it must be said......

ITS------- FRIDAY  THE 13TH!!!!!

Now have fun and rent, borrow and watch a very scary movie!!!

Later Darklings,  MMMMWWWHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!   O.K. so I'm a 'little' crazy today.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Remembering 9/11~~~~

Yesterday Darklings, was a hard day to deal with.

It's been like that for a number of us here at work and at home,  yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

My Father once said  "everyone has their own version of "Pearl Harbor", be it family related like a violent death from an accident or nation wide like the assination of Pres. John F. Kennedy.  But there has to be at least once, an event wether personal or nation wide that stabs you in the heart with a pain that you feel will kill you."

My parents as they were growing up, got married, raised a family had that kind of pain several times over, the depression where their father's lost their jobs and the family struggled,  Pearl Harbor which took our nation into war, the Deaths of President Roosevelt and Kennedy, the death of their eldest son, my brother.

I had it too, the horrible death of my best friend, my brother, Kennedy, I lost several friends in Vietnam, and one dear friend through Aids, but I thought I could weather it out, although the pain is there, but it wasn't until that early morning, I had been putting in a late night shift,  and was leaving the office when I saw our Security Guard weeping, I went to him and he showed me on his portable T.V. set, he always watched the early morning news and to see what traffic was like so he'd know who might be in late or on time, but we saw it, those planes crashing into the towers, I stood there frozen, I could not tear my eyes away from the screen, and the event was being played out, and when I saw the plane hit the tower I felt a "stab" in my heart, that very pain my Father talked about.

In the movie Star Wars, Yoda said he felt a "disturbance in the Force" of millions of souls crying out in pain and fear, on that day I finally understood what was meant by that.

Last night Doyle, my Sister and I went to Napa where they unveiled a memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11, Doyle knew of several police officers who died from lung cancer because of the dust particles in their lungs from that day, Sis lost several friends who were in the towers that day at a meeting,  I knew of one friend who was visiting New York and wanted to go to the resteraunt in one of the towers, they never did find anything of him.

The memorial is made from several girders from the towers, simple and beautiful, with light diffusing through it. A combination of burnt steel and light,  I felt it was perfect.  Sis and I found the names on the panels, as we left we felt we had truely said good bye to our friends.

We will never forget.  No one should.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Of Fire and Wine, the Munster House and Food paired with movies~~~~

I know Darklings, what a strange combination.

But at the moment I have those things upper most in my mind.

First let me speak of wine,  yesterday evening a friend of mine came by to drop off a surprise present to me.  In was in "thanks" for a favor I had been able to do for him, I told him it was not necessary to give a gift, but he was very appreciative and because of this favor it had helped him immensely.

And what was the gift?  Two bottles of wine "Bewitched" Pinoe Noir 2010 (very hard to find right now) and "Bewitched" Chardonay,  these wines come wrapped in a 'bewitching' wrapper which includes suggestions as to what meals to pair the wines with.   I had the Pinoe Noir last year and found it very flavorful and wonderfully complex 4 out of 5 stars in my book.  I've not had the Chardonay but we will.   My friend also gave me a bottle of "Curious Beasts" Red, he knows I am intrigued by wines with bizarre names, and to have it in my Apothecaria (wine celler) on display and waiting would intrigue any curious person.

After giving his gifts we made arrangements to have dinner sometime soon before he leaves town on business.  It's good to have friends like that.

Since I know that the Pinon Noir is hard to find, if I like the Bewitched Chardonay and the Curious Beast I will stock up.   Doyle misses the Beer that was served with the Elvira label although I did keep the six pack and empty bottles and have them on display in the Apothecaria as part of the "dead and gone".

On a side note,  the family in Texas (I believe they are the McKee family) that build a duplicate of the Munster house will be having their annual Munster halloween tour, one weekend only, to raise money for charity,  I mean a family going through all 70 espisodes of the Munsters, hunting photo's, counting steps to get an idea of size, is very dedicated, they even have a "Spot" under the stair case.   I wish we could go and take a tour but alas not to be, at least this year, who know about next.   I will include a link for it for those who may have the chance.

And now about the fires, at last notice the Yosemite Rim Fire is about 80 percent contained and they may have it completely out by the end of this month.   Already conservationists are moving in to see what can be done to prevent irrosion,  Yosemite itself has been spared, but it was very devestating.

And speaking of devestation, we have our own local wildfire on Mt. Diablo, approx 30 miles east of us, the fire started accidently, a spark from a chain from a tow truck, that is how dry everything is, they are calling it the Morgan fire because it began on Morgan road,  people have evacuated their homes, moved their animals including horses out of the area, for some people near the community of Clayton, they only had a few minutes, for one man he had time to grab his wallet and keys and drive out.   Some people driving to Walnut Creek at night said that the mountain looked like a valcano,  I've included some shots of it.

At this time I've heard that it's 45 percent contained but the air quaility is affected.

Everything all around is so tinder dry and flamable, even around our own homes,  I've had my gardener make sure to remove all the dry brush from those flowers that have withered, and I am concerned about the firewood that I have stacked to the rear of the property, all it would take is some evil person sneaking in and doing malicious mischief.   I'm glad Doyle put in those sensor lights and motion camera's.

Our only concern is our local 'crazy person' but he's been quiet lately, rumor has it that family members are looking into ways to have him removed and put into a sort of half-way house.  As I understand it, the father is not in very good health and its too much for the Mother to care for him,  family members have been coming over to help out, even staying the night, everyone rotating, I'm glad that the mother has such a positive supportive family.  And considering how the family members saw how our Crazy was acting out to the point that it required 6 police officers, they know they have to do something.  That is why I'm holding off on the Restraining Order. 

Doyle went out and purchased several skeletons from Spirit, he's really getting into the "spirit" of Halloween, he has ideas for less frightening displays, I'm not going to stop him.  I've done my own personal shopping and bought a new pair of fangs,  and tonight after dinner I'm going to put on Revlon's "Devil's Lure"  I'm so glad I bought two bottles when I had the chance.  I also have a gloss by Revlon called "Forbidden" so I am prepared and looking forward towards Halloween.

And now the timer on the crock pot has gone off,  I'm cooking something very mundane,  Beef Stew, to be served over rice,  a simple salad with ice berg lettuce and pomogrante dressing,  Doyle will chose the wine, but for desert, mango sherbert with dried cranberries or vanilla ice cream with a topping of preserved apricot haves with their syrup, to be followed by one possibly two Noir Films and coffee.  And what would go with Beef Stew?  Hmmm "The House on 92nd street" and "Calling Northside 777".

Doyle thinks we should pair our movies with food, for example if we have spagettie we should watch a spagettie Western afterwards,  if it's chilli then "Blazing Saddles",  if it's steak then a "James Bond" film or other spy movies.  Do you see what I'm getting at Darklings.

So what would go with Pizza and jug red wine or milk shake (ewu what a combination) well I'm thinking "Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs" or "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"---no that should be with chicken wings.  Well you get the idea.

But still even I like the idea of pair food with a movie, one does have to get creative, and speaking of creative  I am soooo looking forward to the T.V. primer of "Sleepy Hollow"  the idea of it sends darkish shivers up and down my spine.  Hmmmm I wonder what food would go with that?  Something I'll have to think upon.

Later Darklings
This is the fire on the rim of Mt. Diablo

Friday, September 6, 2013

Of Starting to put together the Graveyard~~~~

Well Darklings,

I only worked a half day today.   And the heat is picking up, yes it seems we will have a mini-heat wave.  Well for those of you who do not live in the San Francisco-East Bay Area (mostly out of state)  our Summer around here really doesn't happen until September/October.

Of course if you just go North-South or Further East, anytime in Summer you will immediately be hit by the heat.  But not here, I think that is why so many people crowd here, unless one is looking for a job in Silicon Valley (near San Jose approx).

I took the Bus home, just to get the feel of riding over this new bridge, I'm still not use to it, I miss my old worn-out friend.  But just as I got home Doyle pulled up in his car.  Asked me if I had any ideas for the Graveyard, and I thought a few tabeaus----he wants to get the really grusome one and I said "Are you trying to give the kiddies a heart attack??"  Considering the layout of the property, we could have one area that is more kiddie friendly and then for the more adventurous the grusome scenes.

But what I really like is the Zombie Gnomes,  well Gnomes are a bit terrifing anyway, but Zombie Gnomes----sorry Darklings but I really like that.  So well have headstones up with Zombie Gnomes and ghost ducks and zombie dogs and cats and deer and a Zombie parrots, a friend of ours is going to rig it up with a repeating phrase "Polly wants a finger, Polly wants an eyeball, Polly wants BRAINS".  

But we will have warning signs up for parents saying which path to take with their little ones.  But if I know some parents they will come back and take the scarier path just for fun.

So much to choose from, the frightening fortune teller, the creepy dolls, the man in the electric chair,  so much.   Doyle is already getting out the metal archway to put at the front that says "Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here",   he's also wondering if we can borrow a Hearse to park in front.   I'm wondering what has got into him to be so enthusiastic but he says if we can set up the static displays now bit by bit and also start decorating the house as well it won't be so tiring later on.  He does have a point there.

But I also told him that tomorrow all three of us are going Stove shopping, I have an idea of what I want for the kitchen to replace the temporary stove, and I have the measurements for the space so its just a question of where to find it, cost and installation.  I really am looking forward to this. 

Doyle went earlier today to get the paperwork for the restraining order, I'm still a bit hesitant on this, something keeps saying to me to hold off, as if something will develop.  But I have learned to trust my inner voice but to keep Doyle happy I will carefully fill out the paperwork but not date it yet, just to have it ready.

Our friend who also does various types of animatronic rigging has looked at the clock and said that he can fix it up so a bird comes out---a black bird-  But he said it would be best if it came out from behind the clock less chance of it snagging up and more space for the speaker and electronics, he wants to be able to switch it from bird to chimes or all sounds off and have it just tell the time.  One thing he does wish he could do is have a baby Loch Ness monster swim in my  outdoor fish pond,  it would be on a track.  It wouldn't be too bad because I moved my Koi to the indoor pond in the greenhouse to protect them from raccoons and such, and the outdoor one is mostly plants and a water fall,  and I did buy some fish tank skulls to place around the outdoor pond, so I told him that whenever he had time he could experiment away.

Well Doyle is ready to go to the Spirit Store, so I'll finish for now.

Later Darklings
We have the eye of newt, and tongue of frog, but you forgot the Ketchup.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of thinking about a "Restraining Order"~~~~

Well My Darklings,

It seems I have a dilema, our neighbors' son is now using an innoncent "third party" to harrass us.  Ever since the last altercation he has been getting progressively worse, but foxy enough to just stay out of the hands of the law.

The 3rd party is now aware of what is happening and will no longer be used as a pawn.   Part of my problem is that I did not get copies of the previous incident reports so not knowing the incident numbers and given the volume that our local PD has it would be impossible to get all that information.

I've been advised by both our Police and my lawyer to seek the restraining order.  I'm loath to do it, but Doyle says we may not have a choice given the fact that the parents of our crazy person are in the early to mid-70's and the Father may not be in the best of health, the Police said that by having the Order that it is a tool that they can use should Crazy get worse.

I feel sorry for the parents, they are nice people, but with such a burden upon them.

I think I will get the paper work but I will go slow on filling it out, I need to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I'm weighting the situation, if anything happens to the Father and Crazy does blow up, its possible that the police will have recourse to remedy it, given that Crazy's sisters want nothing to do with him and are more quick to take action than the parents.

However if I do have a restraining order served on him, it could aserbate the situation and Crazy will blow up anyway, possibly worse. 

I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.   I will get the paperwork forms and have them ready to fill out, but I'm going to have to give very serious consideration to the problem.

Not a happy situation to be in, not at all.

Later Darklings
This situation is giving me SUCH a headache!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Of Labor Day weekend~~~

Hello Darklings,

Today is after Labor Day and it  was a very lazy day for Doyle, Sis and myself, just the way it should be.

Doyle took me Friday to this out of the way place to eat, I didn't even catch its name and we meet Sis there, Sis had been in contact with our Brother, he tried to get through to me at work, but the lines were busy, the upshot of the call is that we would not have Coralline for the Weekend, they had planned to go on a mini-camping trip at the last minute, the Boys (aka "The Three Stooges") were demanding it and they wanted Coralline to come with them. 

Coralline did leave a message on the home phone for all of us "I'm going to be suffering in hell with the Brats, but I'll do my best to enjoy Mother Nature, if I don't push them off a cliff".   Coralline does love camping but not with her brothers,  when she went with another little friend and her parents it was a totally different and enjoyable experience for her, so she realized what spoils the camping experience is "The Brats".   I'm going to have to have a talk with my brother.

By dinning in San Rafael we managed to avoid the worse of the communte traffic considering that I left work late, but later Monday evening we saw that the new bridge was finally open!  We watched the ceremonies on T.V. with Gavin Newsome our Liut. Gov giving his speeches---Doyle said "Blah, Blah, Blah"  he never did like Newsom has always thought him a phony.   But we did see the last car go over the old bridge with Cal-Trans escort and the first car, a 1934 convertible with police escort go over the new bridge, followed with a parade of vintage cars,  simple and befitting.

Tuesday evening Doyle came to pick me up at work and drove my vintage 1940 Buick, as we drove back over the new bridge, I found it to be lovely, elegant even, but I looked over at the old Cantalivered Bridge, such a workhorse, doing what it was suppose to do, not elegant like its western half cousin, a blue collar bridge, to be taken apart piece by piece because it out lived its usefulness, too many cars, too many demands upon its structure.

I remember as a little girl, taking a Key System train over the lower parts of the bridges, later those lower parts were converted to be the Eastern traffic and the rail lines taken out, the light and electric towers remaining for many years, forlorn, their use forgotten.   Then either driving or taking the Bus over the old bridge with my Mother to meet Dad at his work.   And yet still seeing an occassional car ferry, then they faded from view.

Then I going to work in my later years, either driving, car pooling, taking a bus over that old structure, watching the traffic or when on the bus looking at the sights, and subconsiously taking in the bridge.
The crowding, the back up as increasingly more and more cars came to use the bridge, people becoming enamoured with the extra freedom of the private car, and yet being trapped by it.   Then the Loma Prieta Earthquake,  people discovering the Ferry system, BART the modern version of the old Red Trains becoming the way to travel.  Rising gas prices making the expense of a car and the freedom to just go anyway difficult.   Yes even I have to plan our car errands, to maximum the gas use.

And I felt as we drove back on the new bridge a nostalgic tug at my heart looking at the old, tired, hard-working friend, now in the process of being dismantled, piece by piece, section by section.   I heard that eventually they will sell pieces of the old bridge as souviner's and I want  a piece of that history.  A tangible reminder of an old and faithful friend.

Labor Day weekend was really very quiet for us, we did have a chance, Sis and I to go to the Spirit Store and I spotted several things, yes I'm afraid I spent a bit too much but its only once a year,  however Sis did point out that since Spirit has a web site, to in the future, over the year, purchase what I like,  like DUH!!!  She is so right!!  Why wait until the physical store opens to buy things, when I can buy it on line.   Espeically if its something that I am familar with and like.  Imagine the hand smacking the forehead with realization.

Sunday, a neighbor brought by a large basket of freshly picked apples, so Sis in an enterprising move decided to put up apple slices for pie or general desert,  she said she wanted to do it herself, since I was going to be doing some hand mending of clothing, like re-sewing a button or mending a hem, I had about a dozen things to take care of, so since Sunday was nice a peaceful I sat out on the back porch with my mending basket and basket of threads, needles and pins and using the sunlight to provide a good viewing of the items to sew and yet be near Sis incase she needed my help.

Belladonna enjoyed the comfort of the porch, occasionally getting up to sniff, walk around and explore the garden.  Doyle was reading the Sunday paper and eventually fell into a snooze, later he woke up and made sure the water system worked.   I have it set to water at about 3 a.m. when its cool, and the water can perk into the soil.  But the scent of cooked apple slices was heavenly, and Sis didn't cook all of them I had an apple for an afternoon break.

Later when she was done she came out to enjoy the comfort of the porch,  I asked if she wanted me to do any of the clean up and she said she felt so energetic that she did it all, I felt bad that I didn't help with that part of it but she said to not feel that way, she really enjoyed the whole process of it that it was meditative.  I thought at first she was sort of joking but she was serious.   With that Doyle announced that no one would cook and would go and get Chinese in a couple of hours.

So we sat out on the porch, listening to our Sirius Radio playing Big Band music, reading, sewing, relaxing, talking.  Suddenly Sis looked at me and said "Let put a puzzel together tonight, we've got a bunch of them up in the 'cemetery' (aka 'lumberroom') Let's do that, something old-fashion"  We liked the idea and after dinner and doing the dishes we relaxed like we did as children enjoying finding the pieces that fit and laughing and commenting on life.

And we were happy to hear that the Yosemite Rim Fire is now 70 percent contained.  

I found myself enjoying the old-fashioned things, would that more people did.

Later Darklings

Yes, Darling I think Chines for Dinner tonight would be perfect.