Thursday, August 22, 2013

Of relaxing and well just thinking.....

Well Darklings,

Went to work early today, it was good to get home early and quickly.  Right now as I type I have my feet elevated, Doyle is cooking today, Lasana (I don't think I spelled that right), with romain salad,with splashes of basil for a little bite, and Walnut Raseberry vinagrette, to be followed by lime sherbert.

I do cook but because I work I have to prepare it the night before and set it into the crockpot to cook the next day, I leave a note saying what time it went on and whom ever gets home first is the one to turn it off, sometimes Sis will come by to do that before she goes to her next client.

Dear Trisha, one thing I've discovered not all T.J. Max's carry the same things it depends on what the buyers can find in their area's but I hope you're lucky.  One store that has always disapointed me with its obvious cheapness is Ross, at least in our area, I have never been happy with it.

But if you love to make goulish goodies, watch for that magazine that I mentioned in my last post and those cookbooklets, you never know what will be tastefully intriguing.

Of course you expect Cheapness with Target and Wal-Mart, but the way they promote Ross that its an upscale bargain store, not on one's tintype.

I took time on my lunch hour to go to the drug store near my job, to get some personal items, the usual like toothpaste, etc. and I picked up the lastest issues of Vogue and InStyle magazines the September issues which way like 5 pounds each.   If I was being mugged all I'd have to do is swing my cloth shopping bag and bean the mugger with Vogue, guarentee to knock him out.

Since I had gone in early I got off early but Doyle called and asked if I could pick up a bottle of a particular salad dressing, Oh groan I thought  but Fate saved me, one of my co-workers was heading home early and needed to pick up some things at Trader Joe's so I traveled with her and was excited to see at the Mall, they were setting up things inside the Spirit Store, oh I can hardly wait. 

The dressing that Doyle wanted is not at Trader Joe's but at the Safeway next door, so we agreed to meet in front of Trader Joe's after we got our things.   While in the Grocery store I was intrigued by a blended red wine called "Deadbolt",  the price was reasonable enough so I indugled in a bottle.  If we find it good I'll let all you Darklings know.

Doyle is saying that dinner is ready, the wine is uncorked and we shall try it out.

Later Darklings

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