Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of Film Noir continuing~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have been having so much fun at the S.F. Film Noir Festival.

It is such a delight to meet with other like minded people, Peggy Cummings such a lovely lady, and I enjoyed seeing "Night of the Demon" (aka "Curse of the Demon")  it is one of my favorite supernatural noir films.   I recommend Darklings to get the double set from Amazon and view the longer version, the American edition edited out some key scenes, that is why the longer British version is better.  

But seeing it on the big screen make it so much more menacing.

There is more to come this week and I am looking forward to it.  Since I have two tickets both my sister and Doyle can rotate depending upon their schedules.   And I am so glad that my sister was able to post on the board for you Darklings.  She recorded the "Black Cat" for me, one of the most Gothic noir films of the 1930's I've ever seen.  I have my own copy but I wanted to see what "Svengoolie" had to say about it.

Because of my schedule for the rest of the week I may not be able to post until the weekend, but until then my Darklings, have fun, enjoy this lovely chilly weather that reminds one of the grave.  Oh my!  Does that sound Morbid???

Ahhh and once again my co-work has brought me coffee with a hint of nutmeg this time,  I still need to find out what is his motives.   I do know this, he too loves Film Noir, we ran into each other at the Festival and he has a "passport" to all the films as well.  So we shall see.

A side note:   Belladonna is doing well, Coralline has developed a serious chest cold, but her parents and doctor are watching it and she is slowly getting better.   Miranda is a bit frustrated because Coralline is sick but they've been in touch via phone, her brother Ted is doing a paper on the structure of Victorian houses including balloon construction.  My sister and Doyle are doing well.

And I've had some questions about the cat that sleeps under my front porch, well he's a bit of a Cat About Town, he appears to be well fed and cared for, and I do give him food and water as well, but I have to take it in at night to avoid the raccoons.  There are other people that also feed him, but who he belongs to I haven't a clue, but I'll continue to watch him---he doesn't come near the Koi pond we've set up an electric wire fence to keep predators out,  but I am planning on having a similar pond inside the large green house once I get it re-furbished and fixed up and I will move the Koi in there for their protection and then put mosquito fish in the outside pond, I can get them for free from the Water Company.

Now back to work.

Later Darklings

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"The Black Cat" movie

Hi Everyone, this is Gothic Roses' sister Marie,

She called me a while ago between film showings at the Noir Film Festival to ask me to let those of you who get the "Svengoolie" T.V. program that tonight he's showing "The Black Cat" with Lugois and Karloff,  very Goth and very Noir.   It comes on at 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  

I'm going to record it for her since she also wants to see what Sven's comments are about the movie.

I'm going with her tomorrow to the festival, couldn't today had a couple of clients.  I like Noir fillms too, but sometimes work comes first.  But I'm making time to go with her this week.  I'm looking forward to it.

GothicRose will post later on.

Of Film Noir and Twisted Minds~~~~

Well My Darklings,

Doyle and I enjoyed last nights Noir film fest,  there is something about
the twisted thoughts as presented in the films and by writers of Noir
type books that intrigues me.

The twistedness of the human mind can be unfathomable, into further and deeper depths,  perhaps that is why I enjoy such programs as "Criminal Minds" and CSI Las Vegas and New York.

The latest that has appeared is "The Following", I'm going to Tivo it (record it) for viewing later, I don't want Coralline or Miranda exposed to such darkness yet, their minds are still young and they have enough to deal with from school and peer interaction.   Of course one cannot protect them all the time, but one can help with giving them a course of action and to be open with trusted family members.

But "The Following" can show how twisted individuals can brainwash people into horrible acts,  it reminds me of the Jim Jones cult and the Branch Davidians and the Heaven's Gate people, how they willingly committed suicide.   One must be careful to never surrender one's own personal will and life choices to another.   That is one powerful thing that my parents taught me.  The vampire stories are even analogies of surrendering one's will to another, something that I realized at an early age, especially thanks to my Father with his wise words to me.

But for now Doyle and I are going to the next series of film showings at The Castro Theatre, I am looking forward to it.

Later Darklings,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of rain and vampires~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I'm taking a break and having my 3rd cup of coffee,  I must live on coffee I think.   I have one at home, one on the ferry and then one on my break.  

At lunch I drink bottled water, I prefer Dasani, and then in the afternoon 1 cup of tea and more water.  Riding home on the ferry I drink more water.   And at dinner I have water followed by later either a small glass of wine or a cup of chamomile tea.   It is strange but I've never thought of that ritual of what I drink before, habit I guess.

I had hope to leave the office on my lunch hour but it rained and I forgot my umbrella, not that it mattered when I went home but it was heavier on the lunch hour,  for some reason although the rain was cool it wasn't freezing, and it felt refreshing,  if I hadn't just recovered from a cold I'd have danced in it.  It just felt right to dance in it.   Strange in a way.

And this morning, even with everything damp from the rain the air felt fresher, cleaner, I enjoyed taking deep breathes of it. 

A little rain is a good thing, but too much can be very depressing.

I set up my radio to record Coast to Coast, the AM radio program that has people on to talk about strange things or conspiracies or off beat historical discoveries.  Last night it was about vampires, the speaker did both historical, medical and forensic research on the vampire legends how it came about,  much had to do with disease and superstition, possibly pre-mature burial but also with several medical conditions,  I found it fascinating as I listened to my recording on it and I will go to the Coast to Coast web site to get the speaker's web site for more information. 

And considering the conditions last night and to day it just seemed a perfect subject to listen to.  For those of you who are into the strange and bizarre I will post the Coast to Coast web site on my links section as soon as possible. 

My co-worker is again temping me with another cup of coffee,  sweet young man.   I wonder if he has a crush on me or is just playing up to me for a special request?  Hmmm I'll have to find out.

Later Darklings---break time is over.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of "Film Noir" and more colds~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am having my 3rd cup of coffee for the Morning,  having arrived at "Oh my Gosh, it's too darn early" a.m.    At least I took the first Ferry over, it helps me get into the mood of working in this Gothic Noir City.

But we do have a back log of work, thanks to the Martin Luther King jr holiday and some sort of important event that occurred back in Washington D.C.  I think it was called an inauguration?  Sorry Darklings, but I am being a little cynical.

The Holiday I perfectly understand, King worked hard for equality, but some other things I tend to be snide about.  Maybe it's because I've been here at work since early morning, and am now taking a break.

My sister and I had a wonderful, relaxing Spa weekend, it ended much too soon, but if one doesn't go back to work then it is hard to appreciate such a wonderful treat.

Sad to say we will not have Coralline with us this coming weekend, both she and one of her brothers came down with colds.   Her mother wants to make sure it will not develop any worse so she is confined to bed and is having her studies delivered to her home by her teacher.  Lovely lady, I met her, she is very inspiring to encourage children to learn.

Miranda is also disapointed and was looking forward to seeing her again.  But she too has a  big assignment that she needs to have done to present on the following Monday.

But all is not lost My Darklings,  this weekend starts the San Francisco Film Noir Festival and Peggy Cummings will be there for a special presentation and talk, I have my tickets and am looking towards a full week of Noir Films.  Doyle will be able to attend many of the films with me except for opening weekend, so I am going with a friend of mine and we are going to have fun dressed in our 1940's clothing. 

Many of these films are not available on DVD so I am making a list and I hope for their eventual release, and a number of them have been restored.  I am always interested in those films that are done in San Francisco,  to see the old city-scape as it was during the 40's, 50's and early 60's is so fasinating espeically with all the changes.   Changes that are still happening even now.

Ahhh one of my co-workers has just brought me my 4th cup of coffee and, yes, I do detect a hint of pumpkin spice creamer!  Perfect for a cold winter day.  What a dear man.  

And now my Darklings I have to go back to work.  If any of you are into Film Noir check out the web site for San Francisco Film Noir Festival.  You will find it very interesting.

Later Darklings

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Of wicked delights~~~~

Hello Darklings,

My sister and I are so pampered and relaxed it is wonderful and well worth the expense.

I say Darklings one needs to indulge in a Spa Treatment at least once a year, preferably twice a year, but it can be expensive, so save up for it Darklings, save up for it.

We are staying one more night here and then tomorrow we return to reality first picking up Belladonna and second seeing what messages and things that need to be attended to.

I did managed last night to phone my brother and sister in law on their family ski vacation, they are taking in the hot tub to get out their aches and pains, everyone has done well, even Coralline tried her hand at skiing but she told me that for all the pain and expense in her opinion (of a 10 going on 11 year old), it is not worth the trouble.   Her brothers thought it was "awesome" even throwing snow balls, but Coralline did not like getting hit with a slush ball, wet and drippy and making one's clothes wet and drippy.   I had to agree with her that it was "mean" to throw a slush ball.

Today they told me they were going to watch the game with the 49'ers and the Falcons on their room t.v.  Coralline said she's is going to the lobby to read next to the fireplace and stay warm.  Of course the boys are going to enjoy it and then play in the snow some more.

The thought of all the cold snow has me looking for a good hot jacuzzi to stay warm in.

So for now we are looking forward to our mani-pedi's and hand and foot massages, yes Darklings, very hedonistic,  I know but I haven't done this since last September and it maybe nearly a whole year before I can do this again.  So enjoy I must.

Later Darklings

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of a SPA weekend and guns~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

My sister and I are at the SPA, currently I'm using their wi-fi to post, and am looking forward to our first treatment.

In between we will relax, eat, read and sleep in the most heaven sent luxury that I can hope to enjoy.

This last week has been busy for me at work, and coming home just to tiring, but we managed to get all the Christmas decorations stored away.   Next weekend sis and I will do a good going over of the house, vacuuming, dusting trying to find all the little tree needles that Christmas trees leave as reminders.

But for now we will relax and enjoy.   Doyle has been in touch with me and hopes to complete his assignment by Monday.  He wants to take me to a gun shop out in Pleasant Hill and check on a .38 revolver,  it's been a while since I've shot a gun but he wants me to have one, get proficient with it and then apply for a Conceal Carry Weapon Permit, especially since I've been working late at night frequently and there have been a lot of crime happening,  I would prefer pepper spray but one of our ladies was assaulted and she used pepper spray and it didn't work, she was beaten up and was in the hospital for a few days, I went to visit her and she was so bruised. 

She told me it was for her purse, and all she had in it was some Kleenex, aspirin and her bus pass and a lipstick, she keeps her keys, id and cash and credit cards in a small wallet that she has in an inside pocket in her coat, the robber was so mad he started hitting her she brought out the pepper spray, sprayed him but he didn't stop.  She told me she wish she had a gun.  It was a startling admission from her, but she said she is going to get training and buy a gun,  to quote her "they are animals, beasts, and you put down a rabid animal!"  I suggested that besides the gun she also talk to someone to help her work this out, she said to me "once you've been victimized there is no going back, I won't be a victim again!"  I couldn't and wouldn't argue with her and said she had my support and we should look into a class to show how to avoid looking like a target as well.   She agreed, so we will go together, she wanted to come back to work as soon as possible but I told her to listen to her doctor and that I would make sure her schedule is that she will be working daylight hours for the time being, just to get herself back into the swing of things.

So I agreed with Doyle and will use my associates assault as the reason.  IF the sheriff will allow it, he he so namby-pamby, doesn't believe a citizen should protect themselves. 

Well now I must relax, this is a SPA weekend.   My neighbors will house sit for us and Belladonna is at her SPA and hotel as well I called this morning and she is doing well.

My sister is here and our first treatment is in 15 minutes, so must go.

Later My Darklings

Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Shopping and Spas~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I got up this morning at "Oh my Gosh! It's freezing cold!"  a.m. and took the earliest ferry into the City (S.F.)  I had stayed late Friday and put in a long morning today, then took the afternoon off and went shopping!

Love to shop!  So I went to our nearest "Bed, Bath and Beyond" store to get some new goodies for the kitchen and the guest bathroom,  needed a new kitchen sink floor mat, got one so cushy, and new bath mats for the bathrooms, shower curtains and rings, that have these wonderful fun images of being a Diva which lightened the bathroom up.

We needed new kitchen towels and some cook ware so I purchased the 3 clad stainless steel, easier to keep clean.  I took my time looking over everything, one never knows what will turn up.  And such wonderful aromatic goodies as well.

Then I went to T.J. Max, one can find some of the best design things for a much lower price there and treated myself to a pair of Anne Kline shoes in black patent leather, with a 2 inch heel and a cream color trim, very business like and dressy at the same time.  And I indulged in Beverly Hills Gregorio (did I spell that right?)  I've found it to be a very soft subtle scent, I wore it one time and seduced a bank executive wearing it, he later steered me onto some very good investments.  No impropriety here just fun in the bed room, we remained friends for a long time, even after he married his 2nd and later 3rd wife.  When we met he was between number 1 and 2.

Right now I'm waiting for my sister we're going this wonderful shopping center that has Nordstrom's and Victoria Secrets, we've promised to treat ourselves.  Followed by a late dinner.   Doyle is on assignment right now and he'll be gone for at least a week, pooh.  So it's "girls night". 

I've put in for my sister and I, to have a SPA weekend at the Clairmont Hotel and Resort, anything to take the chill out of our bones and to relax.  My cold is much better and so is hers and we need to be properly primped and pampered and indulged in, like slowly rolling one's tongue on the most wickedly delicious chocolate truffles followed by a red wine that would send one to heaven.  

As a matter of fact Darklings, if you check out what they offer at the SPA, you would think you were a "Lotus Eater"  and we are going to do Everything.  We are going to stay there for the weekend as well so we won't have to travel even the few miles to get there,  Belladonna is going to be staying at a Doggie Hotel and Spa as well, she's stayed there before several times for the day and seems to enjoy it, so she will have a treat as well.

I am looking so forward to it.

Sad to say we won't have Coralline until the weekend following, her folks want to take her and her brothers on a skiing vacation, which they had planned for months in advance, Coralline said she won't ski but she is going to take pictures with the camera that her folks got for her for Christmas and she has a lot of sim cards to go with it.  She's not sure what she'll see on vacation but she wants to be prepared.  She is hoping that her brothers won't do anything stupid to ruin the vacation, but she's afraid that one of them might.

I love the frank reality that she has about her brothers.

My sister is here and is ready to go, traffic will be a bear but I know an alternate route and although a little slower it is much easier to take and faster during commute time.

Later Darklings

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Watch out for e-mail Scam, and an Update~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I must warn all of you who read my Blog, of a new e-mail scam that is being done.

If you receive an e-mail from the Federal Bureau of Investigation saying that you will be arrested for  "money Laundering"  if you do not respond within 72 hours, it is a Scam, the e-mail is a fake.

I received one and so did some of my co-workers who called me last night who were upset and concerned about this. 

This e-mail is supposedly from an "Agent John Gale" or another American Sounding name.   At first it looks like it might be legitimate but upon further inspection there is something wrong with the e-mail address listed.

I went to the legitimate web site for the F.B.I. and they do not send out such e-mails, No.  If you are being investigated they will come to your door. 

So if you do receive such an e-mail it is a FAKE,  forward it either by e-mail or send a copy of it to your local FBI office,  there are Regional Offices and then smaller field offices and you can find the snail mail addresses for them on their web site,  there is also an e-mail address that you can forward an e-mail to the FBI for such e-mail fraud.

This will most likely happen here in the United States, but for those of you from other countries please be on the watch for such fraud there maybe a variation designed to represent your countries investigation bureau as well.  

It is just another variation of what we here call "The Nigerian Scam",   no offense to the people of Nigeria, but that is what it is called because much of these e-mail scams seem to originate from Nigeria.

Since I have such a large blog following I wanted to let you Darklings be aware of this.

I am getting better from my cold, but the weather conditions here are simply chilling.  The flu that is going through the United States is reaching epidemic portions, it is a nasty one and now I've heard that 20 children have died from it.  That saddens me and yet there are people who will not get the flu shot vaccine, I can understand it if you maybe allergic to some of the properties in the vaccine, but just to refuse to take it as a matter of principle is foolish.  

We had to protect some plants from the frost and Doyle had to break the ice again in the pond, we've since put a plastic sheeting over it to see if that will help insulate it a bit,  a neighbors car radiator burst from the cold because he had been putting in water instead of antifreeze, now it's going to cost him a repair bill, it was such a loud bang that we thought someone was shooting in the neighborhood, until we heard the cursing and all we could do was commiserate.

I've been keeping my vintage car in the garage, but we've been covering the engine compartment with old heavy duty moving blankets to further insulate it.  And when I come home from work I open the garage door and turn over the engine and let it run for 10 minutes to keep the engine fluids moving.  The heating bill is going to a bit high as I've been running it at 68 degrees when we go to bed, so at least the house will be bearable in the morning. 

And although wearing a silk nightgown maybe sexy, flannel pajama's keep you warm.  Belladonna has been wearing her warmest doggie coat and we have an electric blanket throw set at the lowest setting, that she can curl up on.
I and some of my co-workers have been taking extra blankets and comforters to homeless shelters, so many people have been crowding them,  and we've been donating funds to the various charitable "Soup Kitchens", so many people, so cold and hungry.  It is after the Holidays that the gift of giving needs to continue, this is when the coldest months arrive, when those in need, need our help the most.

Doyle has heard of a number of homeless men being found suffering from hypothermia, or dead from the freezing cold weather.   We cannot save the entire world, but we can do our best to save a portion of it.

Now I must go, my sister and I are going to do a little shopping  get some fresh vegetables and make a nice pot of hot  filling soup to warm us up for dinner, during this time of year soups and stews are the best.

I know Darklings, not so glamorous a post but then when its this cold, glamour goes "out the window".

Later Darklings

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of the cold and "Mr. Teeth"~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm having a late lunch and it looks like I'll be working late tonight.

I'm still suffering the after effects of this cold, stayed in bed for two more days and it looks like bed rest this weekend. 

We are having a terribly cold day, frankly a terribly cold period right now, of course those of you back east, in Canada and Russia, this weather would be considered mild I'm sure.  Sorry Darklings, I was not born in Fargo, Minnesota or North Dakota or where ever Fargo is located.

I love the milder Mediterranean climates.  My sister and Doyle have picked up the slack and have been doing dinner and such although all I can stomach is soup.  I know I need to diet to lose the 3 pounds I gained during the holidays, but this is not the way to do it.  Pooh!!

No Coralline this weekend, my sister-in-law wants me to get well, but we may have her for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  And Miranda's parents informed us that Miranda has a lot of assignments that she has to develop, each one has a different completion date, so she is going to be very busy.  We do miss the girls, their energy really enlivens the house, although the house has a nice quiet elegance, when they are around it takes on an energy that is indescribable.

The trees are out on the curb waiting for the re-cycling pick up and all the boxes of decorations, lights and ornaments are in the hall waiting to be stored upstairs,  Doyle bought some restaurant style metal racks that will hold them very well, without us having to worry about them being crushed or shifting. 

I heard an unusual story on the news last night.  It seems a parolee was arrested and a large amount of drugs (34 pounds of marijuana)  was found at his home,  it was being guarded by his pet named "Mr. Teeth",  Mr. Teeth was a very large alligator.  The alligator (actually a 5 foot Camian) was rescued and taken to our local zoo where it was being treated for infections and some aliments, the zoo might have adopted the poor creature but the zoo's vet's said it was in very poor condition even for its size, the poor thing died this morning, but they (the vet's)tried.   It only goes to show criminals really don't know how to take care of their pets. As for the criminal, throw the book at him for animal cruelty.  Guarding drugs indeed!

Doyle was wondering if we could get an alligator for the Koi pond, I raised an eyebrow at him and he said "Like the ones in Disneyland on the Jungle cruise ride"  Some times Doyle's humor can take an unusual turn, but then we do have "Kitty Kat". I'll talk to my sister about her friend who does special effects, who knows what could develop.  Several mornings this week, Doyle had to break the ice that formed on the pond, it had gotten very cold.

We got a low energy electric throw blanket for Belladonna for these cold days, sometimes I think her sweater doesn't keep her warm enough.

On Nail Polish, I've developed a liking for the Wet and Wild division of polish called Megalast, it goes on very well, dries quickly and holds up well, right now I'm using a neutral polish called "Cement" a deep taupe polish, very neutral and goes well with most working clothing without standing out.

I've received my booklet from my tax preparer and I'll need to make an appointment with him to do my income taxes,  once I feel a bit better I'll pull together all the paperwork he'll need. 

After all the holiday excitement things seem very dull indeed, nothing really strange or bizarre is happening and I haven't come across anything to get me excited, of course it could be this cold.  One very sad fact, so far with the flu season 18 children died from the flu here in the States, of course many people could say, "with all the millions of people in the States you're focusing on 18 children?"  Well the reason is that the parents didn't want to vaccinate them against the flu, and now they have to deal with their loss, frankly for the low cost or in some cases free flu shots one can obtain for one's children, that is 18 lives too many.  

Because of Miranda and Coralline being around I am more aware of illness, and I say to all of you, it is not too late to vaccinate your child,  please do so and get the shot for yourself too.

Ahh my lunch hour has come to an end, already I'm being asked questions.

Later Darklings

Monday, January 7, 2013

The first working day of the new year~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Ahh well, the celebrations are over, and now it's back to work, Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho.

Yesterday was 3 Kings Day or the Feast of the Epiphany, and slowly we took down the decorations off of the trees and from around the house,   the hall is filled with boxes to be put away.

I'm taking a short break at work today, to do a quick post and brief updates.

Coralline and her brothers and Miranda are back at school we didn't have Coralline this weekend as her Folks wanted to visit an Aunt who lives out of town.

And with School back in session the schedule is going to change a bit. 

Doyle and I had a wonderful time at the New Year's event on the U.S.S. Hornet, I will cover that in depth in another post.

And yes Darklings, my sweet sisters' curse of a cold did fall upon me.  I stayed in Bed last Friday and Saturday while my sister, Doyle and Ted, Miranda's brother, started removing the decorations I finally rose from my bed of pain on Sunday to help out or at least direct what should go where.   Sis said to wait a bit when I felt better so we can put everything away.   I hope we can do it by Martin Luther King jr Day.

I had to come to work today to at least clear things up and get things on the right path, so if I need to stay home a couple more days my co-workers will be able to follow my notes.  Being sick is no fun, Phooey!

I saw that Revlon has a new series of nail polish the theme I can't remember except it has to deal with metaphysical themes,  on nail polish was titled "Superstition", another "Essence", "Black Magic", "Charmed", and "Spooky"  there were others and all in a plain non-shimmer colors but there was two types of glitter top coats a sliver one the name is something like "Celestial" and had glitter in the shapes of moons and stars, the other was gold in the shapes of hearts and I think it might have been called "glitter Heart"   but I'm not sure my head is so stuffed up.  

I'll try to find out more later.

Now I must go Darklings and drink some hot tea.  Colds are a curse.

Later Darklings