Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of the Heat!!! The Unseasonable Heat!! ~~~~~~

Well Darklings,

We are having a blast of a heat wave, which I fear will give an indication of what we might get for Summer.

Thank goodness I wore light weight clothing, otherwise I'd be melting like the Wicked Witch without the bucket of water being tossed, although I might welcome it. 

Even the thermostat here at work is not sure what its suppose to be temperature-wise, so I dragged out my mini-fan to help circulate the air.  Ice herbal tea is the drink of choice today but someone made lavender lemonade and managed to bring in several large jugs of it, heavily iced.  Delicious!!!

But this heat wave is threatening to remain for at least a few more days, we're somewhere in the 90's right now, at least it feels like that.

My sinuses are doing better thank goodness and whatever bug that hit me seems to be gone.

Doyle called me at work and informed me that he installed the "Magic Mesh", alright Darklings I'll explain.  We have a heavy screen door on the back door of the house, but Belladonna and Weiner Dog insist on going out and going in and going out and going in, it got to be ridiculous doing that when we were at home.

Well Doyle happen to see a commercial on T.V. about this lightweight mesh screed that opens and closes using magnet's, if your hands are full you don't have to struggle and it keeps the flying bugs out, and if the Dogs want to do their in and out dance we don't have to deal with the screen door.

Doyle said it works, no sooner than he got it up then the dogs immediately got the idea and dashed out and dashed in, and out and in and out and in---Doyle thinks they are having a game with the magnets because the magnets do a clicking sound.  Now when one of them has a chew toy or a ball and the other wants it they can run around the house and outside and back into the house and whatever their little hearts want. 

Although one of them, Belladonna,  slipped and fell into the ornamental pond, and Doyle had to give Belladonna an unplanned bath.  Oh the indignity of it all!!  She was not pleased.

At least Doyle has a few days off, but I am going to miss him at the end of this month,  he's going back east to see his Grandson get married, his Grandson has done two tours of duty in the middle East and has been home for almost a year and has ask his girl friend of many years to marry him, it will be a simple wedding,  she's 4 month's along, he just wants her to be secure.  Doyle is happy for them and I'm happy for him.

I'll be unable to go, although I would have liked to but the timing is not right, I won't be able to reschedule my vacation until late June, I'm going to miss him but fortunately I can make arrangements to do things.

Right now I'm looking forward to seeing both the old Godzilla movie that will be playing in a local theatre and the New one to compare it with.  Yes Darklings Godzilla is a secret indulgence, but this time the old one will be as it was originally released, not the Raymond Burr version, so we'll get to see it as originally scripted. 

And now I have to sign off, I'm on my break and have to work until 6 tonight---we had a heavy case load and at least I'll be caught up.  Doyle said we'll have Chinese---too hot to cook, I'm all for that.

Later Darklings

Monday, April 28, 2014

Of plans going astray~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well this will be a short post, for all my planning it came to nothing.

I came down with a serious "what the heck it was that I didn't even know".  It seems that I was afflicted by the same "bug" that most of the staff at work got the week before.

I had headaches that were so bad the teeth in my upper jaw ached, my sinuses were running so bad that I went through a half dozen boxes of Kleenex until I could get some Dayquil, which helped, my stomach didn't want to keep anything down, ran a fever, and it felt, every time I tried to walk to the bathroom, that an elephant was sitting on my back.

Doyle said I looked like "Death warmed over", not a pretty sight, Sis kept asking me how I was feeling and I kept replying "Did anyone get the license number of that 18 wheel rig that ran over me?"----I felt so bad.

Finally the fever broke, I began to feel better, sinuses are more manageable, but I still feel tired.

I talked to my Boss and he agreed to shift my vacation to sick leave, something that he doesn't do very often but he didn't think I should lose my vacation after all the overtime I put in to cover everyone else,  only to get sick.

I'm on my lunch right now, but at least Doyle will pick me up at the end of my day, I just could not face taking public transportation home.

Sis will cook dinner and Doyle will pamper me, but I know in a few days I'll have to pull my own weight as well.

There is talk by the weather man that things maybe heating up this week, frankly I could use a dose of warm weather to get the general ache out of my bones. 

Sis watched on T.V. at her house the Canonization of the two Popes, and although I know each has their critics, that some feel that John-Paul II didn't do enough, I feel that he did go as far as he could go, now with Pope Francis I hope that he can take it further especially about the shame of those pedophile priests----we are in a new age, a new thought process, a new focus.   I am hopeful.

Now I'm going to the staff room to heat up some Won-Ton Soup.

Later Darklings  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Of Easter Sunday~~~~

Good Morning Darklings!!!

Well I sort of slept in this morning, but for a good reason.

Last night Doyle, Sis and I went to Easter Midnight services, something not done much, we had to hunt for a church that does that, as most people want to go to Sunrise Services.

But I find that there is something very medieval in going to a Midnight Service, the ritual, the awakening, the Priest calling out "Christ is Risen!"  I posted it more at length in an earlier post from a year or two ago. 

But then afterwards to fall back into bed feeling that all will be right with the world sort of feeling. 

But Sis and I while waiting for Doyle to get the car and deal with the traffic jam in the church parking lot, could not help but overhear some people remarking that the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which heralds when is Easter Sunday, was a Blood Moon, and they sounded worried.

Oh no, thought I, not amateur "doom sayers"  Didn't need that.  Still considering the timing it was strange.

But then I shook those thoughts off, as we drove home and into a nice comfortable bed. 

Our Easter Dinner will be in the Early Evening, to allow for what ever plans my Brother has with the Boys.   Coralline and her Mother have shown up, and we are all going to get into Doyle's Van to go to a crowded breakfast at a Coffee Shop that he likes, its a bit out of the way, but they serve wonderful pancakes, designed to hold you all day until dinner.

I am going to be feeling fat after today, but I'll have a week to diet, if need be.  It is a bit over cast and chilly here, but I know that will burn off before noon. 

Dinner really will be easy, a nice Ham to be served,  usually if its just a small gathering I'd be serving Leg of Lamb, but with the Boy's, our elderly neighbor,  my cousin and her friend, Sis's boarder Brian, and a couple of Doyle's friends, Ham seemed to be a better choice, and we can have sandwiches for lunch during the week. 

And when we get back Coralline and her Mom will be helping out with things like getting the table set, and pulling down the large serving items. 

I am so glad for my Stove, it will be able to handle it.

And now Doyle has the Van out front, so to gather my coat and purse and off we go, we're sneaking in Belladonna and Weiner Dog in their carry all's into the Coffee Shop, but I think the owner knows but turns a blind eye---He's a dog lover too.

Happy Easter My Darklings!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Of Easter, Blood Moons and exhausted!!~~~~~

Hello Darklings!

I am SO glad that I am taking next week off for vacation, frankly my Dears I need it!

Well I shouldn't be so bad about it, but things at work have been a bit crazy, people out ill with allergies, Easter Break so spending time with their children, and one of my co-workers being in a car accident, not too bad but has a broken leg and cracked ribs, so it is obvious we are short handed, long hours, working late, shouldn't be working so late, and Doyle being so lovely picking me up and driving us home.

I was seriously tempted to stay for a few days at a near by hotel but they are charging Holiday rates, no, no I'm not getting caught in that trap, cheaper to pay for gas.

But next week a number of people will be back, so there will be a certain amount of sanity.  But I do think that last Monday night's blood moon might have affected some people.  Doyle came to pick me up and was waiting for me,  we had only a quarter of a block to walk to his car, when suddenly a naked man came running up to us, only wearing a smile and tennis shoes.

He was dancing back and forth mostly in front of me, and Doyle was ready to belt him one but instead I pointed at the man's pitiful wanger, laughed at him and said "Is that all you've got?" and proceeded to walked passed him as the smile on his face and his wanger fell. 

Doyle still wanted to belt him one but I reminded him that it wasn't worth going to jail for punching out idiots, took his hand and made him walk to the car, leaving the naked fellow just standing there.

As we settled into the car I remarked "I hope he doesn't catch a cold",  Doyle just gave me a look, and then laughed as we drove through the night lit streets of San Francisco,  across the bridge and I looked at the skeletal remains of the old bridge highlighted by the rising almost full moon.  As I looked at the metal work of that old work house I found myself sadly nostalgic for the old Beast, and as always,  I mentally said "good night" to it, an old worn out faithful friend.

It was just past midnight when we got home and I looked up at the moon as it was going into eclipse, did I want to stay up late and see this astronomical wonder?  Yes I thought, it would be one of those few times when the time was nearly right, so bundled up with a blanket and with a glass of dark red wine, I sipped and watched.   Doyle decided to stay up with me and we used the moment to quietly talk about things, Wiener Dog and Belladonna were curled up in their daytime nap beds in the kitchen, they thought humans staying out side in the chill when there were nice warm beds inside, were being silly. 

Then the Moon was in full eclipse, turning a copper color red of dried blood. How wondrous I thought, how mystical, how Gothic and a bit evil, I was almost tempted to howl but stopped as Doyle and I hear softly in the distance dogs doing mournful howls in the near silence, there was something almost agonizing about it, Primitive, primeval.   I heard a soft growl at my feet and there was Weiner and Belladonna, doing low warning growls, and then the mournful sounds stopped, and our dogs stopped growling.

Doyle gave a bit of a shake of his shoulders and said quickly, "Let's go in, lock the door."  The dogs were quick in the lead.  Doyle locked and bolted the kitchen door as I put our glasses in the sink,  then Doyle told me to go upstairs and he would re-check the windows and front door as well as the door that led into the basement, since the basement also had an outside door for convenience.

I did as he told, almost glad to get into the imagined safety of the bed, with both Weiner and Belladonna jointing me, and waited for Doyle.  A few minutes later he entered and assured me that all was secure.  As he turned out the light I asked him "What did you feel?" and he paused and then said "I really don't know but it didn't feel right" then he kissed me and said "Morning will look good".

And I woke up the next morning opening one eyeball to see the nose of Weiner dog in close up checking me out and being reassured when I said "I'm fine, I'm fine".

The good thing is that I could sleep in late and go in later in the morning, last nights' experience during the eclipse seemed un-real, but we did have an eclipse,  as I went out to catch the bus into the City I ran into one of my neighbors who asked me if I too heard the dogs howling, at least it was not mine nor Doyle's imagination.

So with free moments I and Sis have been able to get the house ready, and this morning we did the final bit of shopping for the Easter Dinner and managed to go to Good Friday Services, a period of mourning and to remember those whom have gone on before, now I am relaxing and typing. 

Sis will be back later she had an appointment with a client, Coralline called me last night to tell me she received your card Trisha, she hope you received yours,  she knows of the "Easter Beagle" as her Dad has been teasing her about it, but she hopes you like the Easter Pickle. 

Last night she told me a joke "What happens when you go out and plant Jelly beans in your Garden?"  I told her I wasn't sure and she said "You'll get your hands dirty."  And when you think about it, it is so true.

Doyle pleaded with me if we could skip the umpteenth showing on T.V. the "Ten Commandment's", and I said "Of course, no one can say 'Their God is God' like Yul Brenner, and that is the highlight of the movie, along with the parting of the Red Sea."   But I also said I was not going to watch "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"   no matter how much my Brother insists that it too is a religious movie. 

And now at this moment, inside and outside the house is quiet, not a bird, not a car, no neighbors calling out to each other, silence, almost expectant silence.  As if something is being anticipated.

Redemption??  Re-Birth?? Renewal??   I don't know, but I feel the need to go out into the garden and wait, I don't have these moments very often, but when they happen I take them and wait to see what will develop.

Later Darklings

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Of being lazy (well not really)~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I know I have not posted in over a week!!!  Well with the rains and thunderstorm, and work, and allergies things have been a bit crazy. 

And if I were to try and put it all in one post---well then I'd get serious typers cramp, its sort of like writer's cramp but the fingers sort of freeze up.

I think the most difficult thing was the thunderstorm, poor Sis was visiting a friend and noted that the sound of thunder was getting closer and closer to her friends house and even her friend remarked about it when suddenly, both of them felt a tremendous pressure on their heads, and the neck hairs started to stand up.

Sis said she felt a tingling along her arms and then suddenly POW!!! KA-BOOM!!! Both Sis and her friend felt as if a house had exploded, so they dashed out into the rain to see if their was a fire but instead what they saw was car windows smashed, chucks of a tree a redwood tree all over the place, some houses had their windows smashed or cracked and a 80 foot redwood tree was reduced to 25 feet and splinters.

Police and Fire showed up and fortunately no injuries but a number of nervous people.

The house had some damaged to the roof line, but no one there was injured.

When I came home from work, well I have to confess I was enjoying the rain and saw some lighting but I had no idea that it struck close to my sisters and her friend.   But as I said when I came home from work, there she was and her friend (and her friend had an overnight bag), but they both looked white as sheets, my sister offered the hospitality of my home to her friend, which I didn't mind considering the situation.

But the next day we had to go back to see the damage and it was jaw-dropping, the power of nature, how it just destroyed that tree, and people picking up pieces of the wood as souvenirs of this event, even I picked up a piece.  And yet it didn't catch on fire.

The theory is that enough electricity had built up and considering that the redwood tree was the lone tall object in the neighborhood it became the flashpoint, but since wood is not a very good conductor it simply exploded.  Thank goodness it wasn't a flag pole that could have been worse.

Sis's friend felt better to stay back in her house, but Sis decided to stay with her to help her check everything just in case and then took a taxi home. 

And this all took place just the day before April Fool's day, well it was no April Fool that's for sure.

Tuesday evening Doyle wanted to go to this Magic Auction he said one of his friends was selling things---Magic Auction???  Well what is this? I thought. 

And what it was was a Flea Market and Auction for magicians either professional or amateur, and I found it very amusing and delightful, strange things that look bizarre suddenly under the magician's hand become something very extraordinary, and entertaining. 

Our "friends",  the haunted couple were there as well looking at things, they told me they had been to the sight of the exploding redwood tree and picked up a few pieces of wood as well,  "the grain of the wood is so unusual I found a piece that appears to have a face in it"  she said and waxed on the idea's of how to incorporate it into an art piece.

I did manage to buy two things, a wand that looks like a Harry Potter Wand and the tip lights up, and a book about a female magician Adelaide Herrmann, she performed from the late 1880's to about 1930 and I found it fascinating as it was unusual for a woman to be performing a magic stage show.

We stayed and watched the Auction and saw different things being bided on including a tiger cage and a very large trunk.  Some of the biding was slow and some became a bit spirited.  And then it was over, so after saying good by to Doyle's friend, we left going out into the chilly rain and deciding whether to stop someplace for coffee or go straight home. 

We decided on the latter as Sis was with the dogs, and enjoyed a nice slice of hot apple pie with decaff coffee, after all we did need our sleep. 

And we took in during the week, a classic movie "The Third Man" with Orson Wells, so noir and the chase in the sewer tunnels in a way you wish Harry Lime did make it but then it was better he was caught,  I do hope we can go to some of the other films, we did skip "The Way We Were" I'm sorry Darklings, but in my personal opinion it is a, in the words of my brother, "a sappy movie", when I saw it ages ago I did not have any sympathy for the characters, and I still don't although some people love it, its not my kind of movie.

But there are others coming and I am looking forward to it.  There was other things I got caught up in between work, the rain, home projects and such that its a miracle I found time to post this.  But I managed.

And now I'm planning the Easter Dinner, I do hope it doesn't rain that day, but if it does Well That's Life as Frank Sinatra said.

Later Darklings