Thursday, August 15, 2013

Of the Scent of Fall in the air~~~~

Darklings, it's early,

But already for the past few mornings I can scent Fall in the air, and it makes me tingle.

Don't get me wrong, Summer is fun and lovely, but there is something about the anticipation of Fall that is special.

I love Spring with the rivers and streams running full, the flowers blooming, all that wonderful green vegetation,  Summer is the scent of laziness, of cicada's humming in the tall dry grass, of ocean breezes and seashore shells,  Winter is cold,  bone chilling cold of pumkin spice coffee and tea, of hot soups and comfort food, of wet winter storms howling and pelting at your windows so you draw up to warm fires and tell ghost stories.  But Fall is a sort of combination of all these anticipated things, of fruits to be preserved, of the hint of warmth and cold, of the tingling of things to come, of darkness slowly creeping back, pushing the Sunlight away. 

Fall is of dryness and wet, of warmth and cold, of the shifts of the seasons, of being prepared for things to come.

And I get tinglely.  Perhaps this is the same thing that birds and animals sense for migration, hibernation, and mating.  

Sis and I have been going over the pantry the other night, while we waited for Doyle to come home,  she wants to do preserving of fruits and stock up on veggies again, and also check for oil for lamps and batteries for flash lights, in case we have a storm blackout, which could happen given our electric company's problems of not trimming the trees in time. 

And she's right, I want Doyle and I to go over the house and property to anticipate any problems, having the gutters cleaned out and any repairs, the roof and chimney's checked, and the fire places cleaned out, so go over the check list and make phone calls. 

Things cannot all be fun and games, a sense of preparedness is important as well, which reminds me to go over our first aid cabinet as well. 

Sis will not be able to move into her house until late Spring, depending upon how long it will take to paint and wallpaper and other upgrades and repairs, she's not hurrying, she wants it done right.  At least Brian her caretaker, house guest/tennant is comfortable.  I don't mind how long she stays, but she's right she does need to have her own place.

So we are planning to do a major shopping event this weekend and maybe do some buying up in Brentwood later on.  I really will look forward to doing something old fashioned and comforting all for Fall.

Later Darklings

We've tried it and we've found it delicious, just right for Fall

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