Saturday, September 27, 2014

Of King Fire Update, Al and the Dogs~~~

Good Morning Darklings,

Well there is the beginning of good news on the King Fire in the El dorado National Forest near Pollock Pines.

It is now 74% contained, the rain and very cool weather gave the fire fighters a good fighting chance,  Al and Doyle went back today to get a proper survey of his property damage and to make sure no one looted anything.  Duke and Gabby went with them, they simply refuse to let Al out of their sight.

And Al decided he will keep the dogs, He said to me this morning "Those guys are up there in years, it's hard for an older dog to get adopted, I owe them a stable home or to at least be with me"  and he sheepishly admitted that they slept with him on the bed last night, I said not to worry, sheets and bedspreads are always washable.

So he told me that he has to plan on what it will take to get his home fixed up again, and to see about planting grasses  in the area to prevent mud slides, he said he can't live in the house yet, but is thinking of moving one of his more restored trailers there and attach the water and sewer line to it and use small propane tanks for cooking and heating. 

I said take your time, you are no intrusion and it would be good for Doyle to not feel outnumbered by the women folk, as I called it.

And speaking of women folk, my niece and sister in law will be here any minute and then we are going along with my sister to the Spirit Store, to ogle the new Halloween goodies.  And grab a bite to eat. 

Coralline told me she is excited about it.  Well even as a grown up so am I.

Later Darklings

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of Excited that halloween is coming!!! Saw Sleepy Hollow and oh the Fall season looks interesting on T.V.~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes!  Two posts in one day, have I gone insane???   No, I'm waiting for my ride to finish up his task, since I'm all done and ready to go, he's just finishing his notes, making sure they are correct.

And it doesn't hurt to hold back commuting home at rush hour, sometimes just waiting 30 minutes doesn't hurt.

Well I managed to get through some unfinished things and get them ready to go, I took a half hour break, and walked to the nearest CVS to get a bottle of my favorite drink with the "battery acid" taste, yes Darklings Dark cherry Coca Cola.  I don't indulge in it often but on such a humid muggy day it did feel good, I was looking for a Dr. Pepper but they were out.

And there I saw it!!!  I had to have them!!!!  I couldn't RESIST!!!!

So I bought them!!!!! 

Yes My Darklings a skeleton Cat and two skeleton birds, and a skeleton wolf's head that howls' when you touch the hidden tab.  They will go so well with my skeleton dog.

I called Doyle about my purchases and he asked me "Do they have a skeleton fish?  That would go well with the skeleton Cat"   Well that is something to think about.

And they had such delightful smaller indoor decorations, I could have easily gone overboard, but there is just only so much room in my ride's car, he's got 3 boxes of books cases from IKEA and it's pretty cramped as is. 

Oh Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!!  And no assembly required!

Oh for the Spirit Store to be open!!

I'm having a hard time waiting, there are times when I'm like that actress in the old Mervyn's commercial She's at the front door at 4 a.m. with her hands on the glass saying "Open! Open! Open!"

Sis and I are already planning what food we'll serve at our Halloween party, after all it will be on a FRIDAY!!!!

Are YOU prepared my Darklings?  

And Doyle told me that he and Al went to the grocery store to stock up on Angry Orchards Hard Cider varieties, Hmmmm I knew his beer stock was low, so I guess it's time for the Fall Flavors.

And it's time for me to stock up on some of my favorite wines. 

But I won't have to cook dinner tonight.

My Darklings did you watch the season opening of Sleepy Hollow, when I first saw the first few minutes I was puzzled and thought "did we miss something? Are the writer's cheating us?"  But no it was an illusion.  And just as exciting already.

We did see the premier of Gotham, already I spotted the Penguin and Poison Ivy, but it seems that its being told from the future Commissioner's Gordon's view point.   I love twists like that.

And I did enjoy the new NCIS: New Orleans  and Blacklist---I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation.  I did catch the premier of Big Bang and Scorpion we had to record them, so after we see the second episode of Mysteries of Laura we'll do a catch up. 

So many choices and such a conflict to record and even the Originals, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Castle has not yet come out, this is going to be a very interesting Fall opener.   Football need not apply.

And now it's time to go,  my ride is ready, my boney animals are ready and I am ready.

Later Darklings

Of the fire and such update~~~~

Well my Darklings,

The King fire is about 35 percent contained if the winds don't pick up, so far it seems to be going in a North East direction but embers do fly up and start hot spots in other locals.

I've been praying for rain and cool weather to give the firefighters a chance, they've come as far away as Alaska and Florida, 5,000 of them, this is a horrendous fire.

Al and Doyle went up yesterday to see if Al could go to his cabin and in the afternoon they were letting some folks up there, and also Al wanted to see if any notices were posted about these lost dogs,  they didn't get back until late last night.

Al said that he lost his work shop and his non-working VW, he was glad he didn't have gas in the tank of that car or it would have been worse,  it seems that the back part of his cabin got badly scorched, and it appears he may have lost the bad deck of his cabin but so far it appears to be in tact,  so he got boards and he and Doyle put boards over the windows, and doors.

Put a big sign on it saying that it is owner occupied, and had salvaged family photo's which he was grateful to find unharmed.

There was no notice of any dogs missing answering to the two dogs he has.  So this morning we took them to the vet to see if they were micro chipped and they were not.  So the Vet gave them a full set of shots, advised what sort of food they should be fed incase they might have food allergies, and said that the taller dog was about 10 years old and the shorter one was about 8, Duke is male and Gabby is Female, and both are neutered, the Vet found the neuter scar on Gabby. 

So with all those shots the dogs are now sleeping the sleep of the just and medicated.   Al is making plans on moving one of his trailers back up to live in while he does repairs to his cabin, but it may be a while until his area gets the all clear.

Duke and Gabby have taken to sleeping on these rugs that I have in the kitchen towards one corner,  I was surprised to see the other day that Duke dragged one of the rugs to one spot and laid down there, and Gabby just crowded on it, so I moved the other rug there with their food and water bowls near them,  and it's a good spot just right where they can see all the doors, and yet be out of the way. 

They won't go outside unless one of us is with them, and has taken to accepting both Doyle and myself as part of their "pack". 

So for now Al will be staying with us but going back and forth until he gets a final all clear,  the question of the dogs are still up in the air, although both Belladonna and Weiner have accepted them.
They are house broken and very calm, Al is not sure if he wants to keep them, but we said to not to worry at this point in time. 

Take care of what needs to be done first.  So now Al and Doyle are working on plans, I'm leaving in a few minutes to put in a few hours at work, Sis said she'll do dinner as her clients are now coming to her home for their appointments.

And then I'll take a little time this evening to collect my thoughts to see what will be happening next.

I do know that I have a graveyard to set up for Halloween, so I need to go through and see what is being offered.

Later Darklings

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Of more on Forest Fires, gaining furry friends~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well after being gone for most of yesterday Doyle came home with Al and the two dogs, once Al got his trailers settled in for storage. 

Al looked exhausted and ready to drop, Doyle asked me if we could put him up for a short time, well I thought any man who is willing to rescue stray dogs is O.K. as far as I'm concern.  Doyle loaned him some work clothes and  I fed the dogs, both German Shepherds, and well mannered, but they would not eat if Al was not in their view, so before he could shower he sat down in the kitchen with us and drank coffee covered in dust, sweat, soot and dirt so the dogs would eat. 

The dogs were dirty too but at this time I was not going to complain, they ate and drank and then flopped down on the floor too exhausted to move, Belladonna and Weiner dog would sniff them and we kept our eyes on them in case a fight started but the Shepherds didn't move an inch as a matter of fact one of them started to snore.

Al said he would stay in the down stairs room he didn't want the dogs to run about the house while they were still dirty and he could watch them when they went out side to do their "thing" and cleaned up after them.

He had a small cabin up in the area of the fire and was grateful for his friends helping him tow his 3 vintage trailers he was restoring, saying he was glad he had new tires on them and the brakes and brake lights working, it made it easier and safer to tow.  But he said that once they got to a safe area he wanted to go back with a friend to see if his cabin was safe but they would not let him back, the wind had shifted.

So all he had was the clothes on his back, his wallet, 2 stray dogs, his heavy duty truck, and 3 vintage trailers in storage.

His buddies would take him in but where they are staying has a no pets policy, even for a short time. 

And me being soft hearted anyway, said he could stay with the dogs until he either could go back or if he'd have to make new arrangements. 

So with borrowed clothes, a fresh shower for himself, he and Doyle took the dogs this morning to Pet Food Express where they have wash stations and they both washed the Dogs removing tons of dirt and soot, bought K-9 Advantex and treated them to keep fleas and such off of them.  Then went to Target and while Doyle stayed with the dogs Al bought some cheap clothes and underwear and what necessities he needed for himself and the dogs to tied him over.

And Doyle to make me happy, being the kind person he knew I am, took time to go into Target when Al returned to the Van, and there he bought a half dozen of each Apothic Red, white and dark wines.

Which are now tucked into my wine area down in the basement.  The Al and Doyle took all 4 dogs for a walk and to talk,  and they found that they had to rearrange how they could walk, it seems that the dogs took it upon themselves as to how they would like up, the larger shepherd on the far outside nearest the street with Weiner Dog next to him, and the Belladonna next to Weiner with the smaller shepherd on the side nearest the lawns, so Doyle and Al had one Shepherd each.  And they paced themselves with the slowest walking dog, Belladonna.

When they came home as I was preparing dinner I asked Al if he knew the dogs' names and he said he had no idea, but he started calling he taller dog Duke and it seems to respond to that name, and he shorter one Gabby, because it seems to "talk" a bit kind of mumble, mumble grump, grump. 

Sis and Brian are over at the house to join us for dinner, and while the pot roast is in its final stages of cooking, the salads chilling in the frig, Sis is making potatoes au gratin. While the men folk sit on the back porch (that is now completely screened in) with the dogs and are talking about the King Fire, and what they've seen in the news, it is not pretty, but it seems the cooler weather maybe helping.

Al is resigned to the fact that he may have lost his cabin, but it will be a few days at least until he knows what has happened.

As I type this and hear my sister puttering in the kitchen, she just asked me if maybe they may want  apple pie for dessert, I said that old fashion comfort food would be he best.  So pie it is.  And the "men folks" voices murmuring drifting in as one or the other's voice gets a bit louder, I am grateful that I have a good size home to house the occasional wayfarer, or visitor, that we know so many people and are in a position to help when we can. 

In many ways I feel blessed.   Al has just come in to use my phone to find out what is happening, but so far the word is he still cannot go back,  he may try to go back on Tuesday, him and Doyle, if they do they'll take Doyles' van it can hold them and the dogs and if possible anything that Al can salvage if there is anything to salvage.

And now the timer has gone off, time to serve dinner.

Later Darklings

No the fireman is not injured he's just resting.
 Another view of the fire, near one of lakes.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Of forest fires and being heart-sick~~~~

Oh My Darklings,

I am just so heart sick about the horrible fire that is at Pollock Pines nearly Hywy 50, this leads to the south end of Lake Tahoe,  it is horrible.

One of my acquaintances has a couple of vintage trailers that he was in the process of restoring, he and some of his friends were able to get up there and pull the trailers out and in the process rescued two stray dogs.

He called me this morning and asked if I knew a place where he could store them, I asked Doyle and Doyle told him of a couple of friends that had plenty of storage area in Livermore, so Doyle called them on his cell and got the O.K. 

My friend said he still had the dogs so I directed him to my vet to see if they were micro-chipped and hopefully return them to their owner(s) he said they were beautiful dogs and if he can't find the owner at all he'd adopt them, they've seem to have bonded to him, won't let him out of their sight.

He told me more about the horrible loss up in that area, but said that he was vaguely acquainted with the alleged person who may have started that fire, and said he couldn't believe it might have been him, unless it was a small camp type fire that went out of control.

So he's coming by to pick up Doyle and Doyle will guide them to his friend's place and make arrangements for him. 

Doyle and I were planning to take a mid-week trip to Lake Tahoe but I don't think that will happen.

Pray for rain my Darklings.  We need it more than ever.

Later Darklings

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of "Do you know what Anniversary is today??"

Hello My Darklings,

Well do you?

I'll give you a hint----

"They're creepy and they're Kooky, they're all together Spooky, the........"

Give Up?

On This Date Sept 18, 1964, was the premier episode of   "THE ADDAMS FAMILY".

There house is a museum where everyone can scream(um).

And it was too, according to a yahoo article if the show had gone onto a 3rd season they would have show it in color.

Here are a couple of color photographs-----

It seems that the walls in the living room were of a dark patterned pink color, not red, which is surprising because the walls in both the main parlor and dinning room in my home has pink Victorian patterned wall paper,  the family parlor (which is a 2nd living room and smaller) has also the same paper.  

I'm not sure if my Great Aunt re-wallpapered it when the Show came on but it does appear, from the fade marks on the wall paper to have been done at that time.
Now I do wish it and the Munsters had gone to a third season and had been filmed in color.
Enjoy Darklings!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Of Lovely developments~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Sis had the refinisher show up and pick up the desk, she's had him do work for her before and trusts his workmanship, I really don't think he could do anything to spoil it. So I'm sure it will come out beautifully.

She'll be by in a few minutes and we'll do our usual shopping errands, Doyle has placed the wines that we had purchased a few weeks ago into special slots in the basement wine area, we had placed them there when we got home but he wanted to label their location.

Now he's off to go to some salvage place with a friend of his (who fortunately has a truck) to see what he can find to furnish his "man-cave", he can be like a school boy.

I have dinner cooking in the crock pot and my neighbor is going to watch the dogs for us, we are planning to see what offers both Target and Wal-Mart are going to offer in the way of candy.  Last year Target had the best deals, but I think we'll pay for it in cash.

With all the hoopla of hackers getting into stores cards systems, we are falling back on cash, but not in our purses,  Ladies do you remember those old-fashioned pockets attached to one's bra straps?  Yes indeed, and my I.D. and keys in my regular pockets, so all anyone will find in my tiny purse is a lipstick, mirror, headache pills, and Kleenex and a comb should they purse snatch it from me.  Oh my  cell phone is also in my pocket, I don't have one of those fancy ones with 20 million aps on it, just a basic flip phone with 911 and several city police phone numbers programed in.  But then who wants a boring flip phone.  Well I do, when Doyle calls it plays the James Bond theme, when work calls it plays the Darth Vader theme, Sis is Mozart, my brother is Indian Jones theme.

I know silly isn't it. 

I told Sis about the velveteen pumpkins at Nob Hill and she wants a set for her home.  Why Not?

But one lovely thing that Sis is going to spoil me, well us with, is she has passes for the Art Deco Gatsby Picnic and it will be lovely, I'll use my Battenberg Parasol to keep the Sun off of my delicate skin and I have a lovely 1920's style afternoon dress that will be perfect for it.   A lovely home, vintage cars, and wonderful idea's.   It is a lovely development. 

And now Sis is here so to Target, a few other places and then groceries.

Later Darklings

Friday, September 12, 2014

Of wine, desks and Halloween~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well we are having another mild heat wave, not so bad where I am but I know just over the hill it will climb to triple digits.

And now I can take a breather,  I am so exhausted from working that I know with my hours being only part time now, I'm using my hours up very quickly and the Holidays are coming, so for sure they will go quickly.

But I did talk to my supervisor, I really want to be more retired than what I am now, my income from my investments and retirement plan is more than enough, and with the trust to cover the house, I really don't have any worries.  So why do I work?  I asked myself that question and the answer came back 'to not become dull'  but my Doctor did advise for me to slow down a bit and enjoy life.

Oh I'm not sick Darklings, just a little heart murmur, but I do have to admit that getting up at "Oh My God It's Early!" has lost a lot of 'charm' for me, although I do love my co-workers.

And the Powers That Be do not want to lose my expertise, so I am to be "on Call" which knowing how often they get backed up and with fellow co-workers wanting to have what we call "a life", it will be a much better proposition.   I will continue to read up on all the updates on my work and I've been informed if there is going to be a training on a new test or system I am to be included in it.

So starting this weekend my life will finally be my own, unless they need me.  Oh the life of a dilatant, a social butterfly, flittering here and there, sipping at that flower and this flower.  But I am going to keep myself busy, there is a lot to do and be involved in.

And with fall nearly here I am looking forward to it. 

Already I've made a list of the movie classics that will be shown around various theatres, it will be a while before the Film Noir festival, and one of my favorite vintage fashion shows will not be until November but there is a book sale coming in October and do not get me going on Halloween---Which happens to fall on a Friday, I am making serious plans for that. 

So where do I begin?   Well Doyle's Man Cave is done, it's starting to look like a 1940's private detective's office, there is a small foyer with a locking door, so if you're coming in from the rain you can hang the rain coat in, then there is the "office door" with a pebbled glass upper half that has Doyle's name and then under it "Private Investigations"   and you walk into the office, behind where his desk will be is an imitation window, my present to Doyle, it's recessed to give the impression of a window with the skyline of San Francisco from the 1940's, I had it fixed up so that the lighting will change over the hours so that the lights from the other offices will come on, with little tiny street lights, and a moon that will rise at a certain time. 

A friend of mine from Los Angeles did it for me, I had done him several BIG favors over the years and this is his way of re-payment, and one can get through a wall in the garage to replace any burnt out lights.

It has hardwood flooring made out of sustainable bamboo, the walls are made to resemble the walls in Sam Spades office, there is a real window that looks out into the garden but my friend found the old fashion wooden blinds that one would have found in old office buildings, so now it's to finish the lighting, we've found a office chandelier that will be good for over all lighting but we are looking for the lamps that would have been used back them.  And a desk, chair, file cabinet for that period, Doyle wants to use it as his office, away from his office,  so it will look like a cross between Sam Spades', Philip Marlow and any other 1940's film noir detective's office.

Fortunately there are a number of pictures based on the set design and layout so I was even able to include a cold water sink so Doyle could wash his hands before coming in to dinner.

The height of it was one concern but since my garage was designed to have a storage loft as well it turned out that the height was just right.

With a bit of luck I think I'll be able to find a copy of the "black bird" and if not I think my ghostly artists could make one for me.   So now to find the furniture.

Our trip to Napa was very rewarding in many ways but also it was a bit distressing as well.  We were able to donate a lot of plate and glass ware to that consignment shop to help out folks who lost theirs, but to see the damage up close and personal well it did leave me gasping, and that was only a 6.0.  Although I know my house is anchored down I even wonder if it could really ride out a serious quake especially if the Hayward fault shifted as that one is closer to me. 

Doyle tried to distract me and we left for the out reaches of Napa and managed to find a motel to stay at, one of the more average one's but we were comfortable, one of the delights we found was Anaba winery, it is green powered and their wines were delicious I managed to get 1 bottle of the 2011 Syrah, although they say they are sold out, there still was a few bottles left but I was informed those were spoken for.  So I considered myself lucky. 

We did stop at a few of my other favorite wineries that were not affect, and it seems each one was contributing to helping those that had lost some of their stock.  Amazing how well a community can pull itself together.  And just the other day we heard that the boy who was crushed under the bricks of his family's fire place is home and expected to recover, but there was one fatality, a woman who was struck on the head and thought she would recover, had succumbed to her injury.  But at all that only one death, I consider that a miracle.

And now with the weather so nice and warm I want to travel there again, but we shall see how that goes.

Earlier this week my Sister had us over to her house for dinner, it was good seeing my brother and sister in law, the boys and Coralline, she just could not stop chatting about the trips that her family has been on.  I was so glad to see that she had recovered from her injury but her Mother told me that she still has a bit of pain in her little finger and was concerned that it didn't heal right, well that evening was a bit of surprises, my sister took us on a tour of the house and so much has been done, only two bedrooms need to be finished as well as some finishing touches in the garden, but everything is in place and she is very happy with it and showed up her prize find---a kidney shaped desk, with a file cabinet for current cases, and drawers for writing paper and materials, it was right from the late 1940's and such a find.  She found it at a charity shop, all she had to do is have it refinished as it's solid mahogany, but even I could see the beauty in this wonderful desk and the style was just right for her home office.

The other surprise was Sis, Coralline's Mother and I chipped in to buy Coralline her own laptop, now she can work on her home work, do her journal and any writing that she'd like to do.   Her friend Marissa is suggesting some reputable writing competitions for her to submit her stories as well as magazines that take stories from young writers.  I told Coralline the worst that can happen is that they may say "no" but even Steven King's first novel "Carrie" was rejected until his wife said to keep at it.  So never be discouraged.  Coralline was elated with her gift even her Dad said she deserved it.

Her mother told me that she got a part time job to help offset the cost of the insurance and gasoline for their RV, I asked how did they manage to fit all 6 of them in it, and she said "A camping tent"  they were going crazy with how crowded and noisy the RV got with the boys arguing, until they got to Manteca and went into a Bass Pro shop and found a tent that could be put up in 30 seconds, so with an awning going from it to the RV's awning and of course pegging it down the boys had a room to their own and seemed to like roughing it.  The oldest kept an eye on the younger two, and there were a few rules set down but I was told it worked out well and sanity reigned.

And now my Darklings, it's coming!  Yes, Halloween is coming!!  I went into the Nob Hill grocery store and there they were, skeletons of human's and dogs, lights and candy and other decorations.  And I got my Grandi Road Catalogue and Spirit is sending me information as to where the nearest stores will be, I am so excited---I did have to buy the skeleton dogs, but Belladonna and Weiner dog were not amused, especially when I put them near their food dishes, so to keep peace in the house I tucked the boney dogs away.

Now to see what Target and Wal-Mart will offer, but Oh I can hardly wait for Spirit to open their stores, hurry, hurry I say, I simply can't wait.  Oh and there is the Pirates of Emmerson haunted houses as well as a few others we need to check into.

On a personal note, Doyle's problem is getting better but it is taking a long time to resolve itself, so he'll be off the antibiotics in a few days and he can go back to work full time in two weeks, but he is going to have to see the doctor in 2 months as well as having another follow-up ultrasound, the good news is that it does not appear to be a tumor at all so keeping and eye on it at this time is the best procedure, and he's not feeling any pain or tenderness so that is good.  But he still wishes he'd kicked that other fellow.

Frankly I don't blame him.

Now my Darklings, Doyle has shown up with Dinner, our old standby, Chinese!

Later Darklings

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Of I'm back, I'm back!!~~~~

Hello Darklings,

This will have to be a short post.

Whew!!  Well I have been busy, sometimes it doesn't pay to take an extended weekend vacation but I did and the minute I get back it's "We need you now!!" 

Well illness, and some of my co-workers getting their little one's back to school, and someone having to leave for family emergency, it was an All Hands on Deck situation. 

But both Doyle and I managed to squeeze in a short trip this last weekend.

But I'm going to have to tell you about it another time, Sis is having all of us over for dinner at her house for a change, and I have to admit I've not had a chance to see any of the work that she's had done lately and she also wants to show her prize purchase.

So Darklings, I will be forced to fill you in later.

But I just wanted to let you know I'm well, Doyle is slowly getting better (I'll have more on that later), we had a great time.

And now my telephone is ringing, it's Sis she needs my help with the dinner, well it's better than yelling across the fence.  LOL.

Later Darklings