Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Of skeletons and flaming skulls~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well we’ve been having another wave of heat, followed by drizzling rain with a lot of thunderstorms,  PERFECT for an aging elder Goth, but just give me the drizzling rain and the thunderstorms, I can do without the heat.

I am not looking forward to my GI test in a few days, tomorrow is when I take that meds and pretty much drink clear liquids,  I’m going to hate that.

But for the last week, Doyle and I have been having some fun,  I had to go to Home Depot with my handyman, and I have to confess, his old Dodge Truck rides like an old Dodge Truck but it is dependable as he says.   Although my bones wonder what roller coaster did I ride in.

We had to pick up some paint to do some painting work on one side of the house that gets a lot of weather and fortunately I had the original “paint samples” to compare with what was needed.  

As we  walked through this very busy business (I swear you need a traffic cop to direct people)  THERE IT WAS!!!   It was perfect!!    I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

Yes Folks a 9 foot tall skeleton T-Rex with sounds and light up eyes,  and there were baby dinosaurs hatching out of eggs.

 But besides that there was also a 6 foot tall and a 4 foot tall skeleton Horse,  I knew instantly we could put them in the front of the house with a skeleton Rider on it and the T-Rex could be in the Pet Cemetery with the eggs.

My Handyman gave me a look like “Are you crazy lady?”  then shrugged his shoulders, he knows the insanity I do for Halloween.   Well around Halloween for an elder Goth who isn’t.

The good thing is that I have plenty of space in my basement to store them afterwards,  But I’ve always wanted a “Ghost Rider” and here it is!

And CVS has wonderful things out that would be perfect indoor decorations and Michael’s with theirs.   

And several Spirit Stores have opened up I am in HEAVEN!!!

Of course after we came home with the paint and painting supplies plus the skeletons Doyle saw them and said to me “You’re serious aren’t you.”   And I said “Yes!”   he sighed and said “Fine”.  

But first things first the painting.   And the GI test.

You know I’m thinking, for Christmas I could move the T-Rex to the front yard, have him holding Christmas lights with a Big Santa Hat on his head,  one of my cousins I know could whip one up provided I buy the material. 

That would be perfect for an Elder Goth Christmas!   Oh and I can also order buzzards as well!  Good thing my basement is large to hold all of this for the off season.

But then Doyle said to me, “Would it be possible to have a skeleton horse made out of re-bar and cement for a decoration in the yard?  Have it all year round?”  I love the way this man thinks.

And Darklings I’ve come across something else that’s terribly scary,  Flaming Skulls!

Let me explain they are made out of some flame resistant material and if you have a firepit, you know one of those elevated ones with a screen over it for the back yard, you could have a fire in it and the flames dance around the skulls.   Or put a couple in the fire place with the same effect.

This is what Charlie Hintz on the Cult of Weird site has to say about them:

“These life size deluxe skull-shaped fireplace logs from Myar come in black, white, and brown. From the photos, it looks like the mandibles can be open, closed, or removed entirely so you can get the perfectly arranged pile of skulls in your fireplace.

Each skull is highly detailed (just look at those cranial sutures!) and hand-painted. They are made of fire proof steel-reinforced ceramic and lava granules, and heavy enough that they won’t blow away if you leave them outside in the fire pit.”

Amazon sells them but I’m not sure about the pricing it seems they say you get 2 of them for $79.95 or it’s really 1 for $69.95.   Either way it’s made in the USA and I’m going to get 2 just to freak people out.

And Darklings if you’re into the strange, bizarre and just plain weird, then check out “Cult of Weird”  the link is    http://www.cultofweird.com/    It’s perfect reading for the dark October nights.

Later Darklings 

Here's that Big Boy I've been talking about

And how about these Flaming skulls----Creepy enough?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Of the Heat---The Hellacious Heat!!~~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

We are having another heat wave and it is a killer, totally “Hellacious”, I cannot believe that for the first time in over a hundred years we hit 101 degrees, and inland 115,  San Francisco hit 106, the last time it was that hot in the City was 103 degrees when Ulysses S. Grant was President.

And the weatherman is saying that today will be even hotter!!   On top of that we are having heavy haze coming down to the ground, all from the various wildfires that at burning here and in near by Western States, the Easterly wind is bringing it making breathing conditions horrible.

Well I did have to open my mouth and ask where was the Summer weather, I guess that will teach me.

The school that Christopher and Coralline and the twins their air conditioning system failed, so all the parents were called to pick up their children, my brother and sister in law couldn’t do it, so I came to the rescue,  we stopped by their house to pick up everyone a change of clothing and then on to my home, where I had the misters’ going on the screened back porch, to create a cooling environment, I do not have air conditioning but I do have fans.

It didn’t matter in my house if you were inside or outside, the temperature was equal,  Sis has a window mounted air conditioner in her office for hot days for her clients comfort,  but once she saw her last client she turned it off, to do her part to not strain the power grid.

Poor Coralline she was still wearing the compression brace on her ankle but the heat was making her ankle swell up,  Christopher removed it and I iced it, and had her laying down on the chaise lounge,  the twins being their goofy selves, put on the lawn sprinkler and somehow packed their water guns and were playing getting wet in the heat,  while Coralline and Christopher emulated the dogs and myself and simply laid down and drank water.

My brother and sister in law joined us, and so did Sis, she suggested that the children sleep on cots in her office with the air conditioner,  she was going to do the same, but Coralline wanted to sleep on the back porch, so the twins and their Mother went, while everyone else slept on camp cots or lawn lounge chairs on the porch, my brother said he would sleep on the porch as well, and with Belladonna and Weiner Dog to protect us from evil squirrels or other nocturnal creatures we managed to pass a comfortable night.

And now we are facing another hot day, my brother and sister in law have left early to do grocery shopping,  Sis and I will be leaving in a few minutes to do the same, Doyle said he’ll watch the children with the dogs.  And except for the children doing their homework, we are doing nothing today.

The misters because they are wetting down the air seems to be making breathing on the back porch a little easier I kept it going till late last night and I'll do the same today.

At least the weatherman is saying that by Monday we should start seeing a decrease in the temperature,  all we can do is rest,  stay in the shade and drink lots of water.   Thank Goodness I don’t live in Death Valley.

Later Darklings