Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of Monster High and Draculaura~~~~

Well Darklings,

It seems I got it ALL wrong,  the doll is called Draculaura and "she" is from the Monster High series of characters, and there are a number of them.

As I best understand it, its like Barbie but with monsters, all kinds of fun monsters, like Frankie Stein, and Clawdeen etc.  and Coralline has all of them very carefully put into a decorated trunk,  she also with her allowance has been able to buy the various sets of furniture that goes with it. 

Her Mom Carol told me that when Coralline does very well on a class or a difficult exam she gets rewarded with another Monster High thing or doll.   And it seems that its not just one dollhouse but several, and they are all bookcases with graphic backgrounds.  My brother put the bookcases on wheels so Coralline can move them around when ever she wants to do imagination play, but it seems that she's writting down the stories as well.

The one that was damaged by her brothers was the one that she was working on, and now that her room is locked they can't get into the others.  But she wants to be able to work on it here at my house for the time being.

But I asked Coralline that since she has Draculaura already, what was that other Draculaura doll?    I should have known better----Barbie remember?  Draculaura and the other dolls can come out in different guises.

I know Coralline is growing up, in another year or two she'll be starting high school, but I think this is a way to help her transition.  Marissa who lives near me, came by last night and was having fun with Coralline looking over the new clothes and Ooooing and Awwwing the Doll house, Marissa is older but its the imagination part that is interesting.

I'm looking at these dolls and saying to myself and my sister agrees  "We didn't have this when we were growing up,  we wish we did!!!"   Are we too old??  Sis says we are dolls enough and I have to agree.

And Coralline will be starting school next week---oh Pooh!!  She says, but I did promise her that she can stay over the 3 day Labor Day holiday unless she has a big assignment she needs to do.

But now I know what to surprise her with for Christmas or something special, I just have to co-ordinate with her Mother.

Well I need to get my things together and back to work I go.  High Ho!

Later Darklings

This is Draculaura in one of her many guises,  Coralline wants to style her hair like that, but without the pink (for now)


  1. "Sis says we are dolls enough and I have to agree." --Love this line. :-)
    I had never heard of the Monster High dolls before now. Heck, I'm 51 and I'd like to start collecting them!! I guess I'll have to wait patiently for my grand-daughter to grow up a bit (she just turned 1) and hope she has a delightfully dark side as does her nana (moi).

  2. I'm 51, and I say if you want them, GO for it! I got my first one (not Monster High but similar) a couple of weeks ago. And I'm looking into patterns for both clothes and furniture to create for her. Why not?? Our Inner Goth Girl is never too old for fun!