Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of Cleaning Gutters and Halloween Goodies~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I'm home today, all day, a good thing too.  I had planned for the gutter man to come and clean out the gutters and by happy circumstance Doyle had arranged for the Fireplace man to come back today to clean and check the fireplace in the formal parlor.  So a lot of work being done today, and I'm to have the contractor who is working on Sis's house check in with me about the progress and phone Sis at certain times to inform her. 

I'm almost as busy as if I were at work, and I  must turn off "Kitty Kat" I don't want the poor fireplace man to be frightened.

Dear Rebecca, I'm not too worried about "Crazy", and we may not have to go that far with him, but we are documenting him, I have a special notebook for that, even when it is events that do not involve us directly.
I'm also sorry that you are suffering from 90 degree weather where you are, our mornings here are chilly, but they do warm up coast and bay side to the mid-to upper 70's and inland it does get hotter, although it is predicted that it could warm up this weekend even more.

My concern is the Rim fire down near Yosemite, it is HUGE, almost the size of the city of Chicago.  At this time only 20 percent contained and threatening the water and power supply at Hetch-Hetchy (what use to be known in the 1920's as little Yosemite)  They are saying that this fire may not be completely out until Winter, unless cooler weather and rains without lighting appear.  Nearly 4,000 firefighters are at this one.  Many people do not realize what a disaster this wildfire can be even though it was nature made.

We'll have to leave it in the Higher power's hands as my Mother would say.

With the gutter and fireplace work, and the stores Sis and I have put into the pantry, the house is almost ready for the Holiday Season and all ready I am thrilled, yes, thrilled Darklings.   I have recevied in the mail the Grandin Road Halloween Haven cataloge and my latest Victorian Trading Company Catalogue, now I must check both the Spirit and Fright Web sites and Pyramid Collections web site.   And I saw on Amazon two most marvelous pins that I can wear any time,  Octopusses, yes Darklings, Octopusses, almost looking like the God Chutulu,  this is a must purchase item and very affordable.

I am seriously looking forward to Halloween this year, although Doyle did remind me last night about the Gun Show at the Cow Palace next month and I check my calendar for the Vintage Fashion Expo in Sept. and the Vintage Fashion Fair in October as well as our Friends of the Library Book Sale,  then Halloween, and all its events,  we are seriously considering going to the Pirates of Emmerson Haunted house event, a month long thing, and then Thanksgiving  and the trip to Old Town Sacramento and the Delta King,  and then the Dickens Fair and all the Christmas fun---we'll put out our skeleton Christmas tree again, seeing Coralline during the holidays.

Darklings I am almost delirious with Joy at the thought of it.  And a friend or fiend of mine has invited me to a "seance" in October which should be very interesting and the classic movie series that will be starting up at several theaters.  Oh I must catch my breath.

Last Saturday, Sis and I could not make up our mind what to have for dinner and really neither of us felt like cooking, so we presented the problem to Doyle who said "Dress up ladies we are going out!" and we did in my vintage car, looking like something out of the 1940's, we went to one of our favorite places where they knew us as being a bit eccentric in dress but nice to wait on, we were seated at our favorite table.  I know other people dressed in their t shirts and jeans and flip-flops were looking at us, some of them even sat up straighter,  we had several come over to our table and ask if we were part of a theatre group and we said no we always dress this way, its more elegant.   Sis and I even handed our personal cards something that some people were amazed about, and we had our pictures taken with some of the folks, some even wanted pictures taken with my car.  

One young lady asked if it was o.k. to dress nice like this all the time, and I said "When one is going out in public, unless you are going to the dumps or to a lumbermill or doing home remodling or heavy gardening or camping, it really pays to dress nice."

The look in the young lady's eyes was very interesting, and the little "o" shape of her mouth at understanding.

Unfortunately we missed seeing "North by Northwest" that was playing at the Parmount Theatre last Friday night, but there will be other times.

Sunday we went to the folks house that are clearing out their Grandfather's estate, they had taken our suggestions about how to clear out more things, and it appears to be working.  The Grandson was enjoying his excursions in Flea Market selling and is thinking of doing it on a sort of full time basis, "I don't have to go every weekend" he said, "I do need time for more stock" to wit his wife sort of rolled her eyes but admitted that it was fun "We just have to get rid of the stuff that is, although sort of collectable is in a way, junk"  They were lined up for a number of Gun shows to get rid of some of the fishing rods and reels and other odd items, "We're pricing it to go" she said.

We had fun looking for smaller items, but there were several old style clocks that had me very interested, one was an oversize coo-coo clock with a large door for the bird to come out, there was no inards, only the clock frame, but then it came to me, could we have installed a birds head and with an electronic device tell the hour with wierd sayings like in "The Munsters"?  It could be done, it would cost some funds but I knew of a college lad who loves that sort of wierd stuff.  But the other clock was more traditional and it had the face and hands (not a coo-coo clock) but a battery operated works could be installed.  So we bought them, and a few other delightfull things to add to the house,  but what really had everyone puzzled was several marble tombstones,  very old, where they came from no one knew.

The folks wanted to get them out of the house as they felt uncomfortable with them, so we took them off their hands for a small fee,  I told Sis we could put them in the garden until we found out where they came from, Doyle said to me that he loves a mystery and would look into it, although it could take time but we'll have them properly displayed with respect.

Now I must go, the fireplace person is calling me, something about the firebox---I guess it will need some repair.

Later Darklings
Sis and I all dressed up and ready to go

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