Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Construction~~~

Well Darklings,

I have to admit that the weather has put somethings on hold, fortunately the tarps are holding and no water into the basement. I did find some interesting things while the basement was being cleaned out.

A wonderful old oak desk that must have been used in a office, it has a hid-a-way top so that all one has to do is flip the top to move the typewriter underneath and have a flat writing surface, it's a bit stiff but some WD40 loosened it up so that it works very well.

Now I'll have to find a re-conditioned typewriter for it.

I also found two chandeliers, I don't know why they were removed but I came across some old photos which shows what rooms they were originally in. I've talked to my construction person and he says I can have them newly wired and installed in the correct rooms.

It's like a treasure hunt, my kitchen is covered with boxes of old stuff that I'm sorting through to see what is salvageable, and with the old photo's to help out I'll be able to see what goes where.

But now I'm tired and covered in cobwebs and dust so to the showers to get cleaned up. And I don't have to cook dinner tonight, a friend of mine is coming over and he is going to take me out, where to I don't know but then I love surprises.

Later Darklings.

Another Death Day~~~~

Well my Darklings,

I've just celebrated another "Death Day"----the "muggles" (I love that word) prefer to call it "Birthday" but I like to call it "Death Day".

Why? Because it's one more year closer to dying---whenever that will be.

The normal people don't realize is that with each so-called "Birthday" you really are celebrating having lived one more year---you've survived not getting killed by idiot drivers, stupidity, drugs, drink,disease, war, famine or any other means of dying.

So because you have survived another year of living from the day of your birth that is suppose to be reason to celebrate.

It wasn't until I had reached the 50th year of survival, when my brother, his wife, my sister brought out a cake done in chocolate with red raspberry filling and frosted with black frosting with a small grim reaper and a gravestone candle with the numbers 50 and the words "over the hill" and one small black candle lit.

Now did he sing "Happy Birthday" no they did the funeral durge by saying "Dum, dum, de dum, de de de de de di di dum" Frankly Darklings I loved the morbid, gallows humor, black napkins, black paper plates, red drinking glasses and red plastic cutlery.

I saved those cake toppings, plus one each of the napkin, plate drinking glass and cutlery and I put them into a shadow box made with a very old ornate picture frame, I added dried dark red roses to it from the bouquet that they gave me, and a picture of me on that day. It's my "Memento Mori" and each year I look at it when I celebrate my "Death Day".

When it will come I don't know, but I told my sister that my funeral should be an occasion of celebration, drinking,lots of food, music, dancing an old fashioned wake designed to "Wake the Dead".

I also find it ironic that my "death day" happens to be close to when the Earth is waking from it's "Winter Death" to come to life, bloom and grow. Which if one really thinks about it gives Easter it's real meaning.

Sorry if this sounds too Morbid my Darklings, but Death as Life shouldn't be.

Later my Darklings

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Phantom, Vertigo and St. Patrick's Day

Hello Darklings,

I've started work on the house, a little at a time, and so far I am please with what is developing. No unexpected surprises.

St. Pa tricks Day is coming up, and I usually avoid those festivities, I'm sorry but Corn Beef and Cabbage and green beer is not an elder Goth's style, but it is the wearing of the "Green" on that day and on that day everyone is "Irish".

So what does an elder Goth do? Well if one is invited to a party, go and enjoy and if you are going to wear green, make sure it is the darkest green you can find in your wardrobe, although I have seen some stunning green and black outfits in steam punk styles.

And one can wear dark green and black in either vintage or goth style as well. I once had a white wine that was called "Green Hungarian". It tasted very good, light, fruity, I had several glasses but the next day I had a headache that took 4 aspirin to get rid of. My friends said that sometimes certain sulfides can cause headaches. I've since then stayed with those that do not cause that problem.

Last week I took the opportunity to go an early estate sale, now why it is an "early" estate sale is that a friend of mine would be handling the procedure, the heirs had taken what they wanted but decided they didn't want the rest and wanted to clear the house out for sale. My friend had everything priced and set up for the sale and the ads went in but she invited me to come and take a look the day before to see if there was anything I wanted the day before the sale was to open---and I did, I found a lovely very dark green vintage wool coat with a genuine leopard skin collar----now I know Darklings---what fur? and from an endangered animal? I agree, but remember the key word is "vintage", this fur had been mounted onto this coat more than 60 years ago. So as a consciouses elder Goth I have bought it for re-use as my new wool coat. The fur collar is easily removed to dry clean the coat and I have a black velvet collar that fits it perfectly for day use.

The cut was wonderful and fitted perfectly not too loose nor too tight, and clean. There were other wonderful vintage items as well, that I fell in love with, a number of vintage suits and hats, and now with all my space, I can literally have an entire room for a closet.

Last night, wearing my best vintage suit with all the correct accessories and driving in my 1940 Ford, I went to the Paramount Theatre that shows all the old classic films and last night it was Hitchcock's "Vertigo", seeing all the scenes from San Francisco from the 1950's was wonderful, the twisted convolutions of the mind in the story suited my mood as well. I ran into some friends of mine there also wearing their vintage and we went afterwards to a local establishment for drinks afterwards, two of my girls friends wanted to ride in my car of which their dates were envious of. So I told them if you want to get into "vintage" you have to go all the way. Oh that sounds sooo suggestive.

I was asked if I was to travel on a trip would I drive my Ford and I said no, it is for local, but I do have a basic Honda Civic--and I make sure it's alarm system works and I use a lock on it that locks the gas pedal, I do it with my Ford as well. But most of the time when my Ford is out, most people just look at it but do not touch, sometimes I think they think it's a dream.

I love going to the Paramount, all that art deco, art modern features, makes me feel very Retro and not so old after all. Our local theatre also plays on Thursdays old classic films, but of late I've not been happy with their selection.

Last Thursday evening on PBS's Great Performances they presented the 25th Anniversary of "Phantom of the Opera". I saw it years ago first in New York and then later the San Francisco Production. I had forgotten how wildly romantic and passionate it could be. Now the music keeps running through my mind. I personally feel that "Phantom" is the only Goth musical, frankly it is "THE" Goth Musical. Passion, dark lairs, a mysterious tortured figure---it took years for the music to fade from my mind, and now it's all come back to re-possess my soul. I shall have to listen to "Big Band" music to try and drive it out of my mind.

Next week is the Vintage Fashion Faire at the Concours in San Francisco, I have no idea what I will find, but it promises to be interesting and fun.

Later Darklings

Saturday, March 3, 2012

clothing and a house

Goodness Darklings,

I am in a writing mood of late, perhaps because of the (horrors) sunshine.

But more because I’m having fun looking at all the fashions that have come out through the various media outlets and of course Fashion Week.

In a way I pity the fashion reporters and buyers, how exhausting it must be to go to these events and how much fun.

In a few weeks I’ll be going to my own fashion show, the vintage fashion fair held in San Francisco, if ever there was a city that captured Noir and Goth so beautifully it’s San Francisco.

But I’ve been having fun going to the web site and checked out their Paris Suitcase and there were several items I simply could not resist.

I have posted 3 images for you above.

First up is a gold plated bib necklace with Swarovski crystals by Carven. Very art deco and very edgy for an evening out.

Next were two belts with panthers on them, first (on the right) a Pantera crystal-embellished leather belt by Lanvin the other (on the left)a Roberto Cavalli Metallic-leather jaguar-buckle belt, although I feel that the Lanvin one is edgier than the Cavalli.

But picture them with a long dress or fitted top and skirt or black jeans or black leather pants, even the deepest, darkest Emerald green or purple will look well with them.

But I am looking so forward towards the Vintage Fashion Fair that will be held in the next and Darklings, I have just indulged in our locally famous White Elephant Sale, one never knows what one will find, and I found several lovely vintage hats, and the old fashion nylons that one needs to wear with a garter belt, still in their packaging.

Some of you have asked for a progress report on my home (formerly my great-aunt’s).

Well Darklings, I have friend who is a retired building inspector and he has gone through my house completely, having “fun” dealing with spiders, and a few dead rodents. Even he has fallen in love with the house.

The foundation and the roof need to be redone, as well as wiring, plumbing, drywall, etc.
But the upside is that for now the roof will hold and I can have the wiring and plumbing done a bit at a time (well first one then the other).

So foundation first, and completely redo the basement/laundry area, I was warned that with everything it will mean that a lot of the lathe and plaster will crack, but I’m not worried about that as long as the house is structurally sound, which my friend said it is.

My greatest fear was wood rot and termites; fortunately the termite damage is small and easily repaired.

What will happen in the basement/foundation area is to completely have it retro fitted for earthquake, and then finish the basement off, so that it is not a dark and damp place, and make the laundry room totally easy to work in by having it light and bright, with a clothes drying line for rainy days, washer and dryer, my question is, is it easier to go with gas or an electric dryer? With Electric I’ll have to install heavier wiring, but with gas the pipes are already there from the former old gas dryer. I plan to use the dryer mostly for sheets and towels; oh I know such a mundane problem. I was advised that if I go with a gas dryer to install a carbon monoxide detector.

And for the rest of the basement?? Well storage is a good thing, so what I plan to do for now is finish it off, and make it light, bright, water, mold and mildew proof.

That is step one.

I know Darklings, a light, bright laundry room and basement? Well I feel that in those area’s you do need as much light as possible to be able to see any damage and make sure things are right and to be able to find things as well.

Step two will be the roof.

So far it is holding but it’s on it’s 3rd layer so it will need to be stripped to the ribs and that will give us a good chance to see if any of the ribs need to be replaced and all new gutters. Aunty wasn’t feeling well and sort of let things go, I think it’s because she didn’t want to face the fact that the place although sound did need some serious upkeep work, and fortunately I am in a position to have it done.

So I intend to do steps one and two this year before, I hope Summer’s end, my building inspector friend will act as my “major domo” and over see what is being done and give me updates, because unfortunately I do have to work, even with an inheritance.

I gave up my apartment, and moved what I had into the 3rd level of the house, yes Darklings, 3 levels, plus basement, plus attic a lot of stair climbing, but step aerobics are suppose to be good for you. All of my aunts clothing I’ve moved into another bed room for now until I can properly go through it, and she had some wonderful vintage pieces, never threw anything away.

Some of my cousins are in a snit, but my younger sister doesn’t mind, she received a comfortable bequest and since her job requires her traveling a lot she told me laughingly that’s she’s glad she doesn’t have my ‘headaches’. Oh well, I don’t consider them as such. And with the extra bedrooms she can visit and stay for as long as she needs to, she is almost as darkly minded as I am.

Two of my surviving elder Uncles remembered my Great Aunt as being a bit intimidating, I had the pleasure of asking how and they told me. I was surprised to discover that some of the things I’ve talked about, she also did, very effectively. I asked them why they didn’t stay in touch with her, I mean my parents did and so did Granny, and they replied that is was their wives who insisted---I have to admit two of the most mean spirited women I ever met. They don’t even like me, fearing that I’ll contaminate them or their children or grandchildren----well there is one cousin that is impressed with me, and she is quiet an artist, I’ve sort of taken her under my wing, if only her Mother will let her breathe.

Now those aunts are wailing about how unfair it was that my Great-Aunt left the bulk of her estate to me, but I had the malicious pleasure of telling them they only had themselves to blame. Thanks goodness I don’t have to see them very often.

I had a chance to walk into the garden and was sad to see so much of it had gone to seed so to speak, but a friend of mine who loves to garden is going to map out what appears to be there and when I’m ready I can plan on what I want to do.

The front garden has an old fashioned metal fence and gate, but it’s hidden under a wildly spreading bougainvillea that has thorns, which considering all the metal thieves might be a good thing. Right now I have the lawn mowed but told the gardener to leave the bougainvillea alone for now.

Plans, plans, plans, so many plans, and I’ll have to take the time to carefully look them over.

Later Darklings.

Being a "Little Evil"~~~

There are times Darklings, when it is so much fun to be just a “little” evil, in a harmless way of course.

In my case it is tempting my fellow co-workers with richly evil Red Velvet cake. There is this wonderful bakery that only makes this cake sporadically, if you want one for Valentine’s Day or for a special occasion it has to be special ordered….But….once in a while the baker will put one or two out for sale, just to tempt his customers and it goes quickly.

I have even seen women debating who will buy the cake, in which the baker will, like Solomon divide the cake in half and at least they are partially happy.

Ahhhh but the other morning, I had stopped in to buy a loaf of fresh baked bread before I dashed to work and there it was, sitting in all its Red Velvet glory, with a tiny pair of plastic horns, because it was Red Devil’s Velvet cake. I knew that being a special day (FEB. 29th!!) it was time to buy it and have all of my co-workers who are dieting, fall into sin….a serious fall into sin.

Just in time for Lent!!!!

I placed it oh so carefully in the staff lunch room and everyone carefully went around it, afraid, very afraid, then at lunch time I brought out …the knife…and everyone fell into sinning.

Some felt very bad but I said that this day didn’t exist since it was February 29th, and February usually has only 28 days in it, so it doesn’t count because it’s the 29th. The sinners could see the logic in that and so continued until there were only the plastic horns left; I think I’ll keep them as a souvenir.

Am I just a “little” evil??? Of course I am, but it was oh so delicious Darklings, just oh so delicious.

Later Darklings.