Friday, March 29, 2013

Of healthy gains and a hot house mystery~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Today was a day to cheer.  I was able to bathe myself with no help at all, but I did need a little help getting in and out of the tub, yes I wanted to use the tub, just soaking in the hot water was such a pleasure. 

Ella even put in one of my favorite bubble baths Gregorio's Beverly Hills',  the fragrance was heavenly, and Ella teased me with a little rubber ducky that looks like a vampire.   Where she found that I do not know but he's going to be the mascot for the bathroom.

Such a wonderful pleasure soaking in such a lovely scented environment, I felt so pampered and enjoying the feeling of luxury.  Every Elderly Goth should indulge in that at least once a week.  

My Therapist came by this morning and we worked on the muscles and range of motion and she was very, very pleased, I've been doing my exercises, painful as they are, I've been forcing myself to do them.   And the massage therapist was here this afternoon, she felt that some of the back muscles are beginning to loosen up and I have to agree, between the heat, exercises and the massage as well as the medication my spasms have been less, and I've been able to sleep these last 3 night all through the night without a spasm waking me up.

Such a relief!

But not until the Doctor pronounces me able to go back to work will I be able to cheer.  I've been walking around the main floor of the house and the garden to build up my leg muscles and endurance, but I still tire, Louise says it will get better it just takes time.   I have to remember I'm 60 something, not 20 something.

Marie has left to visit her children this weekend, she won't be back until Monday evening, but Doyle will be home with me.  Since he's had a few days off he took Belladonna to her pet groomer's to be pretty for Easter.

I know Darklings that sounds so spoiled and such but except for nieces and nephews I do not have children of my own, and considering the situation how I found her, I think spoiling her is worth it.   Doyle had a chance to call his children long distance, they are back East visiting family and they said that next time they'll plan on visiting during the 4th of July instead of Easter week, they are still having snow problems in some areas.

We only see Doyles' children occasionally because they live so far South out of town, like well down in San Diego and Los Angeles, but they have to go where the jobs are, which is sad, so getting a call from them is such a joy.  And we are glad they are doing well.

I managed to walk in the garden and hot house this morning and such a warm morning it is, but the heat felt good.

I sat on the bench in the hot house, enjoying the pond and the Koi and admiring the Orchids,  my gardener came by and said that he found what appears to be an old pond path and foundations for something within the hothouse,  so I slowly followed him and it appears that the old pond stream path meets where the current pond is but then it winds back again, he found what appeared to be small bridges that cross the stream path and going back further there was covered by dirt, foundations to something that went up and in the back of it an old cement bench that looks like rock.  He said that the bridges had to be strong enough to hold a person's weight or it would not make sense to have them where they are, he's going to remove more of the dirt from this bench area and such because he thinks it might hold a clue as to the full interior design of the Hot House.   He thinks that it was not to encourage seedlings because another section of the hot house is more set up like a green house for that, but that the area with the pond is was for displaying plants, but the big question is what was it like.

I pondered on that and then remembered that my Great Aunt was very big on photographing everything in and around her home,  I said that I would have Doyle help me go through the photo albums; we may find a clue in them.  My Gardener was very excited about that, seems he loves mysteries.

So when Doyle returns with Belladonna we'll look into that.  Frankly I love the idea of finding out more of what the house and grounds contain and are hiding. 

But for now it's time for my nap, Louise is saying it's time to rest, and she is right I do feel tired.  As I find out more information on the hot house I will let you know.

Later Darklings

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Of Gardens and Cars and Orchids~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

The car has turned out to be just wonderful!

I can easily get in and out and there is plenty of room in the back for Coralline and Miranda should we need to go somewhere.  The trunk space is just right as well.

I found myself getting a bit tired but fortunately Doyle brought the wheelchair for just in case.

Today we'll go back and finalize the deal, but we are traveling in  Louise's car so she can drive me home and Doyle can drive the new car. 

Doyle, and rightly so, is concerned that I am not up to par to drive yet as I still have to take medication.  

My bruises are fading away finally but with some it will take longer,  I can go up and down the stairs at least once a day now, but if I want to take a nap I'll still be using the spare room on the ground floor.  I'll be seeing the Doctor again tomorrow, he is concerned about my weakness although it could be a complication from having that horrible virus.   But the therapist insists that I do walking at least around the house and garden to keep the muscles in tone and to slowly build up strength.

The weather here has turned cloudy and they are predicting rain for the Easter weekend, personally I hope it holds off, but Doyle says we will take our drive.

I'm hoping the Doctor will allow me to at least go to my work one day next week just so I can see how things are progressing,  I still will not be able to go back to work full time for a while, but some of my staff are concerned with a few things.

Several of my friends came by yesterday late afternoon with orchids for the hot house, the cybideiums as they are more hardy than the Catalaya's.  And although the Hot house is not completely ready they will do well in there as it currently stands.   They placed them around the indoor pond giving it a strange Gothic exotic look to it, as a matter of fact it has given me idea's for that area.  And they chose cybideiums that have a deep purple colors to them,one is almost a deep brown.  

My regular gardener who trims the trees, has been removing the invasive weeds and mows the lawn was just in awe of their exotic beauty, we talked about their care and he is very familiar with them as he has cared for the same type with his other customers, but he asked if it would be alright for his wife to assist as this was going to be more work and I said it would be fine.

My accountant and I have been going over the finances for the trust for the house and grounds as well as my income, but I insisted that my sister sit in as sometimes my head gets a little fuzzy, but the bottom line is that the income for the care of the house and grounds is more than enough to cover everything.  Which relieves my mind.   It is my intention to bring the house and grounds back up to it's glory but with a few interesting twists to it.

I know that if anything happens to me it will go to my sister who feels the same way as I do about it.

Strangely last night Marie and I started reminesing about family and events, and with so many years to look back on things and considering how our own life experiences have molded our outlooks, we were able to view a number of things without the extreme pain that we use to feel.   And also how they formed us.

I'll talke about this more later, my Darklings.  Right now Ella has my lunch prepared and the Therapist will be coming early so we can take care of the car deal later.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of family and cars~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well Doyle has looked over the car and has test driven it, he's put a deposit on it to hold it after explaining to the sales person why we needed to come back today (Me of course),  so we are going in a few minutes to look and test drive the car.

My therapist won't be here until the later afternoon, so the timing is perfect.  If it's comfortable for me that will be perfect,  there is also a pre-owned certified Jetta that he also looked at so we will compare the two.

Ella will wait at home to greet Louise in case we've not returned by noon.

I had a wonderful visit with Coralline and her family, the boys played and explored the garden but were carefully watched by their father (they can get into mischief).  I was so glad that the bruises had gone done and didn't look as bad, but Coralline was upset by what had happened.  I assured her that every day I was getting better and stronger, but that for an elderly person it takes longer.

Easter Coralline's family is going to visit her Mother's relations for Easter dinner and this time their Grandma is NOT cooking.   Coralline is hoping that she can visit on the weekends during the Summer break and I assured her that would be possible.  So we made plans,  her Mother was just appalled by the idiot who hit me, his thinking he can fight this.   We know its just arrogance.   My brother is just glad I'm alive, men view things differently than women, some can deal with illness and some have a hard time, my brother is the latter.

Marie left early this morning to see her clients and already I've been getting phone calls from work about some of the progress of some of the projects, and they've e-mailed me information on it---nothing like working from home, but there are limitations.   I think I'm getting restless and want to go back to work, but not until the doctor says so.

And now I must go Doyle is ready so car shopping it is.

Later Darklings

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Of New Old-Cars~~~

Hello My Darklings,

With Doyle out of town I found myself missing his company, but he called this morning saying that his assignment is done and will be flying in late tonight and for me to not wait up.

It was good hearing his voice and he said he was being a bit of a "buzzy bee".

While he was gone he's been having a friend of his who is very car knowledgeable looking for a car for me.

His friend is zeroing in on a certified pre-owned Honda Acura TL 2006 year (I hope I have this info right).

Tomorrow Doyle is going with his friend to look this car over and get "the Car Facts" on it.   But the reason why its being sold is the owner is moving out of town, going over seas to Hong Kong and it is too costly to ship it over.

I trust Doyle's instincts on this car and said if he feels good about it so will I.   And It will be very, Very reasonably priced.  I didn't even care what color it is, just to have a vechile to drive without putting my vintage car in jeopardy is important to me.

So it is possible by Easter I will have a "nearly new" car.   But we shall see.

Now my sister is encouraging me to have lunch, grilled chicken salad with cranberries and a touch of soft blue cheese, and this delcious Ken's Cider Vinagrette.   And Coralline will be here with her folks, I'll be so happy to see her.

Later Darklings.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Of Further Updates and being an Elder/Elderly Goth~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Dear Carrie and Kellie Thank you for your concerns and good thoughts, and there were others as well, again Thank You.    It really picks my spirits up.

My strength is slowly coming back although I'm still on the weak side for walking,  my appetite is also coming back but I cannot stomach much food with three meals a day, so Ella and Louise are breaking it down to 6 smaller meals, which is much easier to do.

My jaw and teeth no longer hurt, and my range of motion has improved, it is good to see that some of the bruising is slowly diminishing, but the worse ones still look ugly but are also getting better,  and things don't hurt as bad, although I still get some back spasms.

The massage therapy that was delayed will start next week, several of my friends have been coming by to do things around the garden, and running some simple errands for me, it helps take some burden off of Ella and Louise as well as Doyle and Marie.  

Doyle is going to have to go out of town on an assignment for a few days and Marie's client list has increased so that she is coming home later.   Louise offers to stay later but really once I've eaten and settled there is no need and the phone is next to my bed, both land line and cell.

The Therapist's said that although there is improvement, because of the Flu there was a little set back in gaining strength so we'll start on that again.  

One good thing is that Coralline and her parents will be coming by on Sunday, it will be good to see her again, I just hope she is not too shocked by my appearance.  But she has been worried. 

Easter is coming a week from this Sunday but all our Easter plans are on hold, we need to be sure I'm over this Flu bug, do not want a relapse.  Marie is going to be visiting her children which is good, so it will be just Doyle and me----I told him let's just get Chinese Take Out.  But he wants to take me for a drive in my vintage car, just to see things and feel part of life,  I think that will be a wonderful idea. 

For an Elder/Elderly Goth it is hard being ill, it is frustrating to be so limited and in essence confined, but having support of family, friends and a medical team helps.  

A younger (well she's in her 20's) goth friend, who is an artist came by yesterday evening, it was a very nice visit and she asked me that since young people (of her generation) go to Goth clubs and take in the action what would an Elderly Goth do?  

I told her that most of the club scene would be too frenetic for those of my age, but to at least take in what the new bands were while watching their alcohol intake, that would not be too far out of line, it is important for an Elderly Goth to realize they are not a 20 something, so trying to act like a 20 something would be ridiculous and silly and off-putting.   It's better for an Elderly Goth to inquire with the youngsters what they think of the new bands and their sense of trending.

Doyle and I went to one club a while ago before the accident,  he in his tux and I in my evening gown, most places prefer that people stand up so seating was limited but for some reason we were able to get a banquette and low table,  seems the club owner thought we'd be more comfortable so we got VIP treatment.   We had a chance to talk to some of the young people who wondered who we were and we exchanged opinions on the various drifts of music styles.   One young lady was dressed like Little Bo-Peep, she showed us a picture of her and her AK 47, the caption read  "O.K. Mr. Wolf now try and get my Sheep"   I Loved it!

We made a few connections and I loved discovering several artists and their works.   But another thing for some Goths including Elderly Goths is studying Film Noir and being a part of the Art Deco scene, as well as reading and studying written works of goth and horror writers, horror films,  Art works, as well and being into things like art and photography.  

So the trick is I told Monica, to be aware of the scene, to be in it but be separate from it as well, to be aware that one is much older and that things are not from the 1940's or 50's scene but much younger and to not act like a 20 something but to be your age but to not be disapproving or overly critical but to understand the changes in the scene.   To make connections with younger people in a friendly way but to not treat them like children.  

Monica is one example, I admire her work and have even given her funds when she was between assignments, without any thought of being re-paid, but she did in her own way repay me, she used a photograph of me when I was younger and duplicated it with some variation for a book cover, later she did a full length painting of me and gave it to me, it is very flattering.

She said she wanted to do that because I don't criticize her for her life style and in turn she introduced Doyle and I to her friends and I've helped them as well.

It is a delicate balance and also one has to have trust as well between peoples, and that also there are rules of etiquette as well.  In doing that I was able to help Monica and some of her friends become more discerning without being invasive or overbearing.   A sort of detached--attachment.   Again a balance.

Ella is saying I need to have my lunch before the Therapist gets here,   so I will write more later my Darklings.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Medical set-backs and progress~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well I had a nasty medical set back, and it was very rough.  The cough that I was developing turned into fever and chills.  My temp went to 102.

Now usually if it's the flu or a cold the doctor's say "Bed rest, fluids, aspirin"   and I did have my flu shot a few months ago.   But whatever this was was affecting my breathing as well.  And since my ribs and other parts of my body were seriously bruised, my doctor didn't want to take any chances so to the hospital I was admitted.

This did throw all the scheduling off, but both Ella and Louise were willing to stand by, they even came to the hospital to make sure I would eat and take my meds.  Ella in the morning and Louise in the afternoon, this took pressure off of my sister and Doyle and they could stay in touch with them as well if any changes happened.

It took nearly 5 days for the fever to break, and my appetite was gone, anything that even looked like food I could not stomach, so to prevent de-hydration I had an IV to make sure that would not happen.  I slept, coughed, dry heaved, moaned, sweated----I was not at my glamorous.  And I lost over 8 pounds, not a good way to lose weight. 

The fever broke on Saturday, and I looked at Louise saying "I wish I could have some won-ton soup", well she snuck some in but said for me to only have the broth, I felt like a baby bird, happy for it.  Sunday we tried a little walking I was weak, but the Doctor was happy, by Tuesday he said I could go home today. 

And although I'm weak I've made a little progress.  I cannot eat much but I can stomach things now provided it's light, even a poached egg is a wonderful banquet for me.

My bruising is healing nicely and so are the cuts although there is one on my face that might require a little cosmetic surgery to prevent scar tissue.

My Lawyer has been in touch with Doyle and it looks like it will be at least 4 months to have a hearing, the stupid man refuses to settle out of court insisting he's in the right when everything including his lawyer knows that this other driver is going to lose. 

I've been feeling very un-glamorous because of this but Doyle knows the way to encourage my heart.   He found a number of Dita Von Teese interviews on You Tube, I just saw one now where she says "How boring is the world going to be if we have to make everything Politically Correct."  And she is so right my Darklings.

You can be Politically Incorrect provided that you do it with grace and elegance, and not be crass.

And now I must lie down  Louise says I'm pushing it and she's right. 

Before I forget I found a photo of one of the roses that will be soon blooming in my garden----enjoy!
Later Darklings

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Of further Updates and dealing with Lawyers~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Thank you Carrie and Kellie for your warm concern and your good wishes,  I will do my best to be patient and take my time, even my Doctor said healing cannot be hurried.

I saw my Doctor yesterday afternoon, Louise took me to my appointment, she and Ella are very caring people.  I feel very safe in their care.

The Doctor said I am healing but slowly, he is concerned about the spasms that I have in my back muscles, but the heat therapy seems to be working, and I'll have to use a muscle relaxant for a short while,  the cuts and bruises are slowly healing, but the worse of them make take a couple of months, he is photographing my progress for my Lawyer.

It seems I will not be able to go back to work for at least 8 weeks minimum and I will still need treatment, possibly massage and heat therapy afterwards, he's looking into several things.  There is no bone damage which is good.  And he has seen some progress in my range of motion with the exercises, not a lot but more than before.

I'm seeing my Lawyer this afternoon, I did have a chance to talk to him on the phone yesterday, he said that the other driver's Lawyer is trying to delay things, and looking at the progress of my case it may be several months before we go to trial,  but he said that is good because with everything it will help build my case even better, he's finding witnesses who saw the accident and the photo's clearly show the other driver is in the wrong.

My Doctor is a little concern because I'm starting to cough, he was concern about my heart or that I'm coming down with a cold, but so far it appears to be allergies, so I'm on medication for that as well.  Just when I want to enjoy the dark beauty of my garden this happens.  My caregivers and Marie and Doyle are going to monitor this new development.   My Doctor thinks that with the shock of the accident my system went down, as he calls it.

Oh Darklings, you should see the beautiful plantings my friends did, lovely deep dark reddish purple pansy's, outlined with these white flowers that I've seen I think it's called "carpet of snow",  and my Iris's bulbs that were planted last year are coming up, dark colors I know and some unusual ones as well.  Whitish Daffodil's as contrast.  One of my friends have planted several rose bushes the color's are a deep purple red, and several that are a purple red with white center, I never had a chance to get the names, but the pictures of them are so beautiful.

They also started work in the Greenhouse to make it into a garden to enjoy during the cold months, my Koi are already established in their pond in there and the outside pond has the free mosquito fish from the water company, with a little feeding they should get a bit bigger,  my friends also put in the inexpensive gold fish in there for color, what they call "feeder fish"  if any of them disappear I can always get more.

The cat that use to sleep under my front porch has a permanent home now, it seems to have adopted a neighbor who is taking good care of the little thing, it looks much healthier.

I am able to move around the house a little better, but I still need help to bathe and dress, but Ella thinks that in 4 or 5 weeks I should be far more independent, between her, Louise, My sister and Doyle they make sure I do my exercises and walking, it's not good to sit or lie down for too long, too much of a chance to develop clots in the legs and they are right.

I am sad about the loss of my car, but Doyle and my Lawyer said that we can make the cost of a replacement car part of the settlement,  we shall see, I just do not have an idea what would be a good replacement, all these new cars have so many whistles and bells, so something reliable and stylish and easy to drive and get in and out of.   Some of these cars you feel like you are being stuck in a sardine can.

I am so glad I didn't drive my vintage car that night.   If that had been damaged I would have cheerfully strangled the other driver in spite of my injuries.  Just a simple run to the grocery store, who would have thought such a calamitous event would have happened.

I did have fun getting my Mani-Pedi---Marie was right, a bright color was and is perfect, I have "geranium" by Essie on my fingers and toes,  the ladies at the shop were so kind to me, even brought me tea, and told me to relax and enjoy everything.   And Louise's suggestion about going to a gym that has a very warm jacuzzi tub to help my muscles has been working,  we are going right after we see my Lawyer today. 

I must be getting better I was able to type much longer than before, but now I must go.  My therapist is here and she will not tolerate a delay.  ***sigh***  I hate the idea of surrendering myself to other's care, but there are times when it is for the best.

I will post more later.

And Thank you for all your warm concerns.

Later Darklings

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Updates and slow progress~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am going to have a treat today,  Marie is taking me to the manicurist so I can have a mani-pedi, she is having one too.

Marie is insisting that even though I feel bad, I should do little things to encourage and uplift me, and she is right.  It is still painful for me to walk any great distance, so I'll have to use the wheelchair and wear one of my caftans.

My sister wants me to enjoy the sun a little and to not feel cabin fever,  later this afternoon some of my friends are coming over who are gardening enthusiasts to put annual plantings in the ground as well as some perennials.  I gave them cash told them what I was interested in and should on the diagram where I'd like to have them, if they paid for more things I'll reimburse them. 

And there is a very nice sunny spot in the garden where I can sit and enjoy it, and they are bringing over pot luck as well, so it will be a "planting party", very impromptu, but it does uplift my spirits.

Marie and Doyle helped me get ready although I'm able to do a little more for myself, the exercises do work, but I need my pain medication at night so I can sleep,  I'm trying to take a little less of it each day so I can be more alert and also better gauge my improvement.

Marie thinks I'm rushing it and Doyle agrees, I'm not going to argue with them if they want to fuss over me, if it makes them feel better, but I don't want to impose on them either. 

Poor Belladonna its so hard on her she wants to be close to her "Mommy" but if she jumps on my left side its painful,  so I have to arrange myself so she is on my right side.  And she senses that there are changes in her "schedule" the little thing likes routine and she can't understand why Mommy isn't taking her for the evening walk, even though she likes Miranda.

Doyle is bringing the car around while I type this and he told me that my favorite movie will be on "Svengoolie" tonight---if I can stay awake.   It's "Dracula's Daughter" with Gloria Holden.  Although I have it on DVD, I am going to enjoy Sven's silly but sometimes informative comments.  So this Day is looking to be a very good one.

I'm seeing the Doctor on Monday and we'll see how things are progressing,  and my Lawyer on Tuesday, he is also working with the insurance companies on my behalf, since technically with the pain medication I may not be in a "clear mind" to make important decisions, seems that already the Lawyer for the other driver is trying to make a deal,  much too soon says my Lawyer, so we shall see.

My sister is here, time to go, she says I should wear a brighter color for my mani-pedi,  decisions, decisions.

Later Darklings.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Of owe, ouch, owe and pain~~~~

Dear Darklings,

For three days (today being the third) I've have a therapist coming to work with me especially on range of motion in my left shoulder and arm.  The concern is that the dislocation might limit my range.

Oh the pain!  I find myself in tears, and this morning I took a good look at myself in the Mirror.  I nearly broke down at what I saw, my caregiver Ella and even Louise said that I'm depressed, because of the trauma and the pain, and perhaps the pain medication.

The therapist is concern that if I do not get back my full range of motion then doing something like pinning my long hair I may not ever be able to do that, I may be facing cutting my hair,  it's so long it's well past my derriere.

That thought just depresses me.  But the therapist has re-assured me that it's early days yet and I'm still healing,  but even Doyle and my sister think I should consider cutting my hair just to make it easy on me.  It is a handful to wash.

Louise said to not rush into it, something can be worked out,  right now she is making arrangements to take me to a gym that has a warm water jacuzzi, she thinks that the heat might be therapeutic and the Doctor said it would be good. 

But I just can't stand the idea of anyone seeing me so battered, bruised and ugly looking----who ever said "Vanity thy name is woman" is right---but I am vain for a reason, of course I'm getting old and my body is heir to what age brings---but there is getting old and there is getting ugly. 

Marie says I'm being impatient about getting well, and she's right.   I want to be well and beautiful NOW!

Well the good thing is the schedule for me Ella arrives just as my sister is leaving, so they have a chance to talk while I'm having my coffee, then Ella makes a simple breakfast for me that's easy to chew and is filling.
Then she helps me bathe and get dressed, I can only wear a simple caftan right now and wearing makeup is impossible, then a few exercises to keep my circulation going and to loosen up my joints.

The therapists arrives and works on me while Ella takes care of the dishes, both Ella and Louise know what exercises I'm suppose to do,  come lunch time Louise arrives and takes over and Ella tells her what a baby I've been in the morning.  

Louise helps me move around the house again so I'm not stiff, sees if I have any appointments, we just came back from the dentist to make sure my teeth were not damaged, let's me rest and have a cup of tea.  Then I'll either nap or go on the computer, for an hour then more exercises.  Louise has to prepare a special dinner for me again because it's painful for me to chew, and checks on my appointments for the week. 

I'm going to have to go, Louise said there is a place that would be happy to allow me to use their hot baths, and I don't need a membership can just pay by the use.  I asked if we could pick up some won-ton soup when we go home and she said yes, but she'll have to mash the large pieces.  Oh well, at least it's won-ton.

Later Darklings

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Of Being in an auto accident~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I haven't posted much but I was in an auto accident,  some idiot fool, ignored a red light and, to use the common term "T-Boned" me on my driver side.

The fool was drunk, he didn't have a scratch, but I was in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder, cuts, major bruising and a throbbing head ache and back ache,  the good thing is that my back and neck or any other part of my body wasn't broken.

The bad part is the muscle damage and strain put on my back and neck, and my shoulder.   My insurance company totaled my car.  And it looks like we're going to have to go to court,  what makes it worse is this man has an excellent high paying job and is financially well off.

And yet he insists the accident was my fault,  thank goodness for traffic camera's and Doyle's former associates doing the investigation, because everything  clearly points to the other driver at being at fault and his lawyer is saying don't go to court settle it out of court.   I am listening to what my Doctor's are saying I have to face in further treatments and what my lawyer is saying. 

This person is going to be financially hurting when I'm done.  And it seems he received a DUI the month before.  It is a miracle no one was killed---especially me.

Fortunately I have good car, health insurance, I have an excellent income from both my job for sick leave and personal financial investments.

The good thing is my house keeping service will take care of the house and will do some extra cleaning for me (of course for an extra fee) and I have a caregiver who will come in the mornings to help me bathe and dress and will make a breakfast for me, and I'll be starting therapy next week.

My sister and Doyle have hired someone else come in the afternoons to be with me and take me to my appointments, any shopping, laundry and prepare dinner and if they are out of town be with me at night.  It will only be for a short while, but I hate feeling helpless.

I can type because it's minimal movement, but unfortunately Coralline cannot come and visit me, my neighbor's daughter Miranda will take Belladonna for an evening walk for her exercise.  And she can call Coralline and keep her updated on me, as sometimes my medications for pain make me very fuzzy.

I will be so glad to put this behind me, and just when the weather is starting to look beautiful and everything is starting to bloom.   Some of my friends will take care of the plantings and with a little effort I won't be so limited or confined.

This after noon Louise will come in and we can talk about what will her "assignments" be.   I like her, she was highly recommended to us by her previous charges, she is both friendly and professional, and she can gauge about my physical limitations and needs,  I don't want to be pampered or spoiled, but I do need help at this time until I get my mobility back,  Doyle is letting me have his car and has purchased a light weight wheel chair to help me move around the house,  we've set up a bedroom in what use to be the maid's ground floor room, until I can start climbing stairs again.  I can go up and down a few stairs to get to the car.

I'm hoping to be able to be far more mobile by the end of this month.   But I just hate being like this.

Doyle is suggesting that I might want to consider retiring from my job, I told him that the accident and the job are un-related.   I really hate being inactive, but on the job decision I'll put that off to another day, I'll just take one day at a time to heal.

So Darklings, if you don't see me posting for a while, its because I'm healing.

St. Patricks Day is coming, and all you Elder Goth darklings should wear your very dark green to celebrate.

Later Darklings, now I must rest.