Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of Monster and Voodoo Dolls~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am home,  hooray!!  I didn't think Home would look so good but it was a busy day, fortunately the trip home wasn't slow, but I think I am still tired from all that shopping.  Well Coralline marched from store to store like a drill sargent.  And she knew what she wanted.

She is in some ways maturing that little girl.

To Trisha and Lucretia I don't see why one can't collect the Monster High Dolls---I have a link and one can order them from Mattel, along with available accessories.

As a matter of fact my Sister thinks she might use them in part of her therapy, they are silly and non-threatening in their own fantasty-morbid way. 

When I came home and put my things away Sis came up to me and said "why not have a duplicate set here?"  "Of What?"  I asked.  "Of the Monster High Dolls and their things, book cases don't cost much at IKEA"  I looked at her for a second and asked "What are you getting at?"  and she replied "A playroom"  "And where would that be?" said I. 

She took me to the small room off the kitchen that use to be a maids room and it has a very tiny bathroom, no tub just a shower.  I had been thinking of using it for guests, but with Sis moving out I would have two spare bedrooms upstairs so that is not necessary, so I was thinking of it being a sewing room or something, but a playroom for dolls---I thought about it, the room is very plain so there are possiblities---I looked at Sis and said "O.K., but no racks or iron maidens" and she agreed.

While Sis is getting dinner out of the oven, I am planning for a play room, who says you can't collect dolls at our age. 

Of course Doyle might be baffled about this, but when I've gone into the basement area that is strickly off limits he asks me "Candle Time?"  and I reply "Candle Time"  if nothing else its good therapy and I do get results, I don't do it often but then I am my own woman.  I plot and plan carefully.

And now Sis is calling me to dinner.

Later Darklings

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  1. :)
    I love the Monster High dolls. I have several and Granddaughter #1 has almost the entire huge collection. She has been collecting since the very first ones came out several years ago. Now that the GD is 12 we have decided to put them away...I know at some point they will be "cool" again.

    I also collect Evangeline Ghastly doll. She is a collector doll and one could easily go broke buying everything. I let my self buy one new model per release. Lovely, well made but expensive dolls.

    Even grandmother's love their goth dollies!