Monday, August 19, 2013

Of Confusing names and getting mixed up~~~

Dear Darklings,

Well today I don't have to go in until 1 p.m. and just work till 5, I'll be taking the Ferry home and Doyle will pick me up at the dock.  I have need to be on the Bay, I just didn't feel like taking the BART and Bus home with all the jigging and jogging of the spine.

Yes, my back has acted up a little, and I was taking a stronger pain med, its better now with just taking over the counter meds, which in the long run I prefer to do.

But in the taking the strong meds, I found myself confusing names,  if I am not focused I do get things mixed up and instead say "Oh that do-hicky" or "Thingamabob" or "Whatchamacall it" or "Thingamajig" or "Do-Dad" and the final one that I'd say in complete exasperation "Oh YOU know what I mean".   To wit they really don't and give me that puzzled Twenty Questions look "ahh is it bigger than a Bread-Box?"

The other day I was talking on the phone to my sister-in-law Monica and calling her Carol, as a matter of fact I referred to her as Carol in one or two of my posts (I guess I'll have to go back and edit it) and Monica said to me "Ahhh are you sure you know who you're talking to?"  and I replied slightly exasperated "Of course I do, Your Carol, Coralline's Mother."  and she replied "No I'm Monica, Coralline's Mother"  well the stunned silence was longer than the longest laugh on the "Jack Benny Show"  until Monica asked me "Are you alright" and I became so apologetic, and told her I had taken a strong pain med for my back, which helped her to understand my confusion. 

She asked me if I was planning on driving my car and I re-assured her that I wasn't, because when I take a strong med I stay home or take public transportation or have someone drive me.   In this case it was my sister.  Oh I just hate it when I become be-fuddled.

But today I am in my "right mind", thank goodness.

This weekend Sis and I did a lot of shopping, we even went to a Farmer's Market not only for fresh goodies but also for preserves and packaged goodies that we love.   And we are also prepared for power outtages,  Sis and I happened to go into our local CVS drug store to re-supply our first aid cabinet and our car kits, when she spotted them, the "Old Boston Lanterns"  these look like old-fashion lanters but have LED lights and batteries,  we already had a couple but we decided to buy 3 more, to have for several areas of the house, and of course we bought batteries as well.  Sis also bought a couple for her house for Brian to use, just in case.

Doyle suggested that we might want to look into a gasoline generator to keep the refrigerator and freezer going during a black out, or if we have to for any reason cut off the electricity to the house.  I wondered about the expense of that, because we really don't have that long or bad an outage but could see the wisdom of it,  so I said "Lets talk about this at length the 3 of us to consider this, it sounds good but we'd have to justify the expense"   Doyle was resonable about my request, so we'll discuss this in the next day or two.

He also suggested that we may want to look into a couple of ladders and strong saw horses for the house as well, something we'll also discuss.

I have a feeling that the next few weeks is going to be "preparedness time" which isn't a bad thing.

I have a chimney person lined up to inspect and clean the chimneys and flues so we'll be fire safe for the winter, my gutter man is coming in on Thursday to inspect and clean the gutters but he also said it would be good to do the cleaning  again in Novemember when most of the leaves are gone from the trees.

So between myself, Sis and Doyle taking a day here and a day there to deal with all of this, we'll get it done and then relax for the winter.

And I am still looking forward to our mini-vacation on the Delta King and Old Town Sacramento.

Now to put some things together and head for work.

Later Darklings


  1. I LOVE the cartoon! Always did like WitchyPoo and her amazing cackle... ;-)

    As for the names, you're not alone, meds or no meds. For YEARS, my mother frequently called me Cecile (her sister's name) and called her sister by MY name. Why, we have NO idea, as we were not anything alike, and our names aren't, either!

  2. Oh I know Lucretia, usually I'm very good with names, but of late it's been "bua bua bua" and then I'll say "You know the one who works in Blah Blah's Dept, he's wearing a red bow tie" and my co-workers look at me and the looks on their faces "Dear Lady, we love you, but you're losing it, but we'll humor you."

    It's a good think we all have a sense of humor, it might be dark humor but we have it. Of late I've been saying "Dellie Bob" as well.

    It can be frustrating.
    Take care.