Thursday, August 8, 2013

Of the wined up for the week~~~

Well My Darklings,

I've finally cleared off the build up on my desk.  I'm off for the next three days, and so looking forward to having the time off.

I'm waiting for a co-worker who is tied up on the phone to ask her a question so I can label one pile of reports for Monday and then I'm off to catch my public transportation home.

By Sunday we'll know if we have to implement Plan A.

Sis called me before she left to go home and asked if I was interested in Chinese takeout, she's tired too and Doyle won't be home until Sunday evening, so I said go ahead  but nothing Kung Pow or hot and spicy, so it will be the basics, which I do not mind.

I feel numb and mindless right now, I think with all the stress of BART and the threatened AC Transit strikes we're just flattened.

I'm going to see if I can book some SPA time at the Claremont Hotel and Resort, I feel the need to be pampered and cosetted, but Sunday is Shopping with Coralline and I do want to feel refresh for that, so yes, SPA time it is.   I'll call in the next few minutes to set some time.

I agree Rebecca and Tea, things become fun when the Spirit Store opens, we can be who we deeply are, wicked and willful and just a touch evil.

So if I don't post for a few days, I'm just getting my head back together to face whatever comes next week, oh well I've been through difficult times this won't be any different.

But I do wish my favorite stores for nail polish and cosmetics would have some new lines of colors for me to "oooo and awwww" over.  But it seems that will not happen for a while, they are pushing all the "Going Back to School" stuff.

School oh School, how I remember it well,  sometimes I felt like Wednesday Adams, just a bit on the outside of things,  Hmmm that reminds me of a few things that happened and how those reteched children that poked fun at me how they turned out.  Not nicely I might add.  Hmmm I think I might go over those school photos just to remember things, it will be a good and mindless excerise.

Later Darklings

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