Saturday, August 17, 2013

Of coffee, a little dog and squirrels~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm waiting for my sister, she has to phone some clients to confirm their appointments for next week, so I have a few minutes before we go shopping.

Last night we went through the pantry to check what we need and those things we need to get for emergency supplies.   I'm good about those things, but Sis is very through,  she is also getting things for her own house for Brian, her tennant/house guest----but I guess it would be better to refer to him as her tennant.

Poor Brian has been putting in 12 and 14 hour days of late, so much to be done before the Labor Day weekend, I'm not totally sure what it is but it seems that where he's now at they are going to be shifting things over right after Labor Day and will need that week to tweak things.  He is earning his money.

This morning again I was up early, enjoying my coffee, there is something about fresh brewed coffee that has a waking up feeling to it, just the smell is enough at times to give a lift to one's mind and senses, and on chilly mornings like this one with that tang of Fall in the air it seems even extra special.

I think I could not survive without at least one cup of morning coffee, of course periodically I have to go to my dentist to gently whiten my teeth as coffee does stain, but not overly white, white-white teeth is sort of off putting to me, very unnatural.

No I don't think I could survive without coffee, tea, chocolate and a good bottle of wine----of course we also have to have the staples of life as well.  But those are the speical flavors and scents to keep us going.

This morning as I was sitting out on the back porch enjoying the garden and the nip in the air, Belladonna was with me, I put her light sweater on as it was chilly and had her out-door bed next to me, when I saw it.

A very, very fat squirrel come into the garden, grubbing around for food,  I knew that it loved to induge in the walnuts on my neighbors tree, for more than once I've found the reminants of shells here and there, and I could see that this squirrel had indeed fatten up for the winter, as he (or she) carefully picked and hunted its way across my garden,  I think that is why I love it so (the Garden), I get so much animal life here, the various birds, the squirrels and occasional possum (fortunatly not often), humming birds, bees, butterflies, and the scent of the flowers, I love to choose those that have a wonderful strong scent that travels on the air to attact pollenators.

In the mornings hearing the birds calling out, marking territory,  the other day I was surprised to hear the call of a Hawk, and what sounded like the reply by a much younger hawk, I looked up and spotted the pair high up in the sky.  How rare to hear something like that in the residental part of the city or in the city at all, but how wonderful as well.

But there was that squirrel, and I saw Belladonna slowly stand up, trembling not with fear but with excitement, here was her intruder that frequently teased and scolded her totally unaware of the Mighty Belladonna's presence.  Then quickly she flew down the stairs without making a growl towards her nemisis, the squirrel was completely unaware of the 4 legged danger swiftly approaching until the last second.   I thought that the little creature had met its doom, it scampered as fast as it could with Belladonna close on its tail, I knew that Belladonna would catch it, but at the last moment it made a desperate leap to a tree just out of Belladonna's reach and scampered up the branch.

I watched as Belladonna stood under the tree not with trembling frustration but with satisfaction, the squirrel in the tree was trembling, not even scolding the little dog, it knew in its over confidence that today would have been its last, if not for fate.  But Belladonna a tiny dog with the fierceness of a Rottwiller knew she had won the day and taught that sassy squirrel a lesson.   She did one self-satisfied bark and came trotting back to me in all her smug glory as if she were saying "That'll learn him, come around here like he owns the place, not while I"m on duty, no sir!"  

And for that I simply had to give her a bit of my buttered toast as a reward for a job well-done.

Later Darklings

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