Friday, October 31, 2014

Of Halloween is Here!!! And it's raining---Pooh!!!~~~~

Good Morning Darklings!!

Halloween is here and it's raining!!

Well Doyle being the far-sighted man that he is, went out yesterday to the Hardware store and bought gripping strips for the front porch stairs,  "All the better to make sure the children don't slip on the stairs"   and he's right, and that was his task yesterday. 

Then later he called his family in San Diego to find out about their Halloween plans, they were going to a haunted house that evening, and trick and treating tonight and a Halloween party afterwards.

His children young and old will be exhausted tomorrow, and they promise to send photo's.

I'm glad----he's planning to go down to visit them around Christmas with his work it's hard for him to travel to see them so it will be a good thing.  AND he's going to take the train down there, no flying for him, its easier, more comfortable and he can carry more presents for the grandchildren. 

We have been going to Halloween events around here as well "The Pirates of Emerson" Haunted Houses,  going around seeing Halloween displays, we're also going to take in a show in China Town about a haunted Theater.  Keep those spooks going.

I have no idea how many children will be coming with all this rain, I fear I'll have a lot of candy left over.  Sis and I will think of something so it won't be wasted.

But I have to go, I have appetizers, baking in the oven, and they will be easy to quickly re-heat, Doyle ever the far sighted planner bought two more micro wave ovens so it will be quick and easy to re-heat them for serving.

Have a Safe, hopefully Sane Happy Halloween and don't forget to get your Flu shots!

 Remember you are celebrating Halloween with two of America's Best Known Family Values Family, so Have tons of fun even if it does get a little Batty.

Later Darklings

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Of Having added a new page "What is Horror Literature" ~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I have been busy---writing that is, yes I managed to write at least part of an article on my thoughts on what is Horror Literature.

Granted my Darklings its nothing like the literary works by far more studious experts on the subject but it is a "stab" at it.

For now I have posted part 1 on this subject---so if you look to the right of this blog site under the links of "Thoughts and Mysteries" you will find "My thoughts on the history of Horror Literature"  Sorry it is only Part 1.

But I promise once I'm past all the Halloween fun I will do another chapter on this.  But at least you have a little Halloween reading for tonight.

But for now enjoy this photo of three of the most wonderful gentlemen to frighten and seduce us into the world of terror and horror.
Later Darklings and have a Happy, Safe and Fun Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Of "Opps I fogot one other thing"~~~

Yes Darklings,

I posted Beer and sparkling sodas for the Halloween party but I forgot to post the wines that I found at Cost Plus World Market.

Granted they are not the most expensive of wines, but then my friends know that it's a party, not a fancy Froo Froo Dinner engagement at my place, then the wine would be more carefully chosen, a more casual type of thing more for fun.

So let me show you the image of what I was able to find. 

Which should make for an interesting selection.

Of course we also have something alternative for the more unusual guests.

But no matter what we will make sure that no one will place themselves in danger, I have plans to have those too under the weather to sleep over at my place, even if it's a bunch of cushions in the maid's room (minus the maid)

Later Darklings

Of getting closer to halloween~~~~

Well Darklings,

I have been loading up on goodies and refreshments for the Halloween party, everyone I've invited are going to attend, in spite of the rain.  So I have to make sure I have plenty of goodie bags for the children as a number of folks are bringing their little one's  so the spare room is going to be made comfortable with blankets on the floor, plenty of cushion for them to fall asleep on and we'll have people  rotating to watch the little ones and lots of good finger food for them to eat.

I've added "Hocus Pocus" to the movie list for the little ones, so there will be some fun choice for them, but I would not be surprised if some adults snuck in there to watch the movies.

I've also included coloring books and games for them as well, the games can be played on the screen porch, it has plenty of lighting and it will be warm enough, just have to make sure for all contingencies.   But I think a lot of them will be pretty tired from trick or treating.

Well have at least 12 children including my niece and nephews and her friend Marrisa, and a few others, quiet a mix group.

We've moved Grim and the Fog machine so he and the machine will be under the eaves of the house without getting wet, it will be the best we can do given the circumstances.

Even my Ghostly couple the Artist will be coming by, and a few other artistic friends,  my cute police officer's wife and two little ones, Doyle said he'll make sure she's comfortable, so it is going to be interesting.

Cost Plus world Market has been offering some interesting sodas that I'll use in our decanters for the children and those that don't want wine or beer.

So I'm going to post some pictures of what I'll be offering  here to give you my Darklings an idea, at least on the drink department.

I also found these darling place holders so we can label what foods are being served and also so anyone can ask what's in it in case of allergies.
Now this is all from Cost Plus world market you never know what you'll find.  I could not resist these coloring pencils which I think will be nice for those who want to draw pictures (hopefully not on the walls)
So I bought several bundles so there won't be any fighting.
We will be very busy in the Kitchen preparing the goodies and such, but I think it will be worth it after all Halloween itself only comes once a year, but who says you can't celebrate it year around.
And Doyle is so handy in the kitchen.
Later Darklings

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Of a fun yet exhausting Weekend~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am taking a short sit down after a very hectic weekend.

Sis and I have our menu all planned out for the Halloween party and we decided to purchase some of the items we would need yesterday, and it is now on the pantry shelves, much of what we will need will be made Thursday, the Brain molds, the Heart Mold and the Zombie Hand mold, a lot of the appetizers will be made and refrigerated to be baked on Friday, cookies and such.

But a lot will be part of our frozen wares as well.  Sis and I have "cleared the decks" for Thursday and Friday, no work, nothing, Sis has a colleague who will handle emergencies if need be.

Doyle has put Grim out today with the help of the children well mostly my oldest Nephew who is now becoming quite the young man.  Coralline made sure Grim's "gown" fitted just right and with the testing today of the fog machine it looks wonderful.

Friday night Sis, Doyle and I had a wonderful time at the Friends Book sale, I found some wonderful mysteries including a completely updated Jack the Ripper Reference work,  Doyle nosed around the biographies and Sis with any reference works she could use, she did find a 1950's text book on the Sociology of Death that she found interesting, so we went home with our treasures to read and decide if to keep or re-donate. 

Saturday we did shopping and we were later happily invaded by my Brother and his family, Sis and I had not really expected them so we took the easy way out pulled out the menu for Papa Murphy's take and bake Pizza, and called in our selections, good thing my O'Keefe and Merritt stove has two ovens, Doyle and my brother were able to distract the two younger boys by having them go with them to walk the dog's and Coralline and her brother told us about what they had seen the other weekend, Coralline was completely fascinated by the Skulls exhibit and her older brother said he wished he could have gone but he didn't want to miss the Blue Angles since it was Fleet week,  but then I became terrified I knew the World Series was on did they want to watch it at my home?

Well Doyle came to the rescue on that with his spare T.V. set up in the spare Maid's room, and although I know my sister in law was not interested I was surprised to see that my oldest nephew was not so interested either and chose to stay with us asking about questions in regards to monsters and such since Halloween was getting to be so close, on further questioning it was more how did the idea of Monsters came about, oh that did lead into a long and convoluted talk on the development of Horror Literature, from storytellers to Fairytales to the Twilight series which my nephew pronounced as "dumb".  But then my sister suggested that maybe I should write that as one of my link pages, a simplified version of where we get our ghosts and goulies, since I was an English major in college.

Well nothing is ever simple, but I think I'll give it a go, in time.

Doyle came quickly into the family parlor to set the recording to record (are you ready for this Darklings?)  "Wonder Woman"   I think he has a crush on Linda Carter.  He didn't want to miss it.

So with my sister in law and I and Coralline and her brother in tow we went to get the pizza's and then pop them into the oven,  when we got back I happened to mention that Svengoolie was showing "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein"  the twins pleaded to stay and watch it,  so with the children spread out on blankets on the rugs in the family parlor and the adults sitting comfortably and Belladonna and Weiner Dog begging for pizza bones and popcorn (no popcorn I warned the children)
we settled in to watch one of my favorite and yet funny films.

This movie did signal the end of the Golden Age of Universal monsters by the 1950's it turned to Science Fiction with monsters from outer space and such.  The children enjoyed it but it became very late and both Doyle and my brother had been drinking beer and my sister in law wine so, I said they could not drive home.  With the boys and their Dad camped in the maid's room and my sister in law and Coralline in the bedroom we always set aside for Coralline they stayed over night.

Today they helped Doyle put up the jumping spider and Grim and a few more lights, fed them breakfast and lunch, (thank goodness for dishwashers although my sister in law insisted on taking care of the pots and pans)  we bade them a happy good bye and to see them on Halloween.

Now for dinner, well there is still plenty of left over pizza,  so we'll heat that up and Sis is making wilted spinach salad, Doyle is watching Wonder Woman, and tonight we'll relax and watch Good Wife, CSI and record "the man from UNCLE". 

I will post those articles I found and I think later on I will attempt to write a short concept about Horror Literature---at least my take on it.

Later Darklings

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of "Frankenstein", Halloween Party Planning, and a crazy day~~~~~

Hello My Darklings!

How crazy was it?  Well you spend 3 hours on a phone telling someone they are sane and the world is not out to get you.

Another cousin of mine, I seriously believe she needs to see someone other than family I think is going into a form of menopausal paranoia, her husband called me at home yesterday, while I was in the middle of balancing my check book and I still had a report to write out for work, to plead with me to speak to my cousin.

I made the mistake of doing so and at least I had her on speaker phone that way her shrieking voice would not damage my eardrum.  I know I'm sounding unkind, but I am not a psychiatrist nor physician, but she does need help.

I finally was able to get through to her that she is going through menopause, and it can cause in its worse possible way a form of paranoia, I had no idea if it is related to hormones but she really needs to seek medical help.  I was able to separate her physical symptoms from her mental, I told her to write down in two columns one labeled as thoughts or mental and the other labeled as physical feelings or sensations.  That way I told her she could present her case to her doctor and she would be able to seek what sort of treatment would be needed, I was able to convince her that she maybe directed to another doctor as well as this could be affecting her on several levels.

She finally calmed down, but I was exhausted, I had her put her husband on the phone gave him a quick run down of what to do and that he better call her doctor and say that its an emergency.

That was yesterday, today I got a follow up phone call and it was decided to hospitalize her to get her symptoms both physical and mental under control,  he saw her today and she was alert and said she felt better, but still suffered from the hot flashes, so he went out and bought a fan for her to keep her cool, the nursing staff did not complain, anything to help.

But I was behind on doing things so I set aside my check book and instead worked on my report. So in the long run although my evening was ruined (I had planned a quiet evening) at least my cousin is getting the help she needs.

Never a dull moment in my house.   But it did exhaust me mentally and physically.

Ahhh but Tuesday evening was very special, my Cousin Louise treated me to seeing "Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff on the Big Screen at one of our local movie theatre's.

What a difference!!!  It was completely restored will all the scenes that had been removed, cleaned up visually and the sound.  And seeing it on the big screen you finally understand the impact this movie must have made back in 1931, one scene where the monster comes in backwards now makes complete sense, seeing that face and those eyes close up larger than large it really looked like something come up from the dead. 

And little details that you miss watching it on Television you see on the screen, I could have seen it several times and still find something new.  And Karloff, his interpretation of the Monster, a killing brute but one to pity.  He kills Fritz because Fritz tormented him, he killed the Doctor because the Doctor was going to end his life, but little Maria was a mistake, he thought she was as pretty as the flowers and would float, his reaction was like that of an animal being terrified by its mistake.  And in the end him shrieking in fear of the fire. I felt sorry for the Monster, granted he went after Frankenstein's bride but there was an animal reason behind that.

I came away from seeing that movie with a totally different outlook of it.

Oh Darklings if you have a movie theatre that is willing  to show those restored classics then by all means do see them. 

Next week it's "Night of the Living Dead"  I do not know if I'll be able to go, but I hope so.

Now tonight Sis and I are going to plan our menu for the party, I already know what is being brought and what we have in the way of drink and sodas, so now we'll see what else we'll need and then Shopping for paper plates and napkins and such to at least cut down on the dish washing.  We most likely will do that on Saturday as tomorrow there is a Book Sale to go to and I'm looking forward to that. 

We've brought out all the Halloween serving platters, punch bowls, Jell-O molds (yes Darklings Brains, hands and hearts) decanters and such.  They are on the main dinning table waiting to be filled and laid out.  The decanters will be on special tables with drip pans to catch any droplets.

Lot's of toilet paper is ready to be used both upstairs and down stairs.  Music is going to be selected to play quietly under the noise of the party, Then much later in the evening after all of the trick or treaters cease coming to the house, I have a magician friend who will hold a "séance" in the Library, I had him come to the house asking him to plan on setting up his backdrop as if he were to do it and I would pay him for his time, so I could see what would work.  We worked on an area where it would be perfect for him and his assistant to set  up his props and staging he brought a DVD showing his full séance show and we discussed what would work and what won't.  What time he would need to be at the house to set up and I said that since he's my friend to simply mingle among the guests and to be sure he and his assistant ate as well.  And I would make sure the Library would be off limits to allow them to set up with out fear of anything being disturbed.

So besides food and drink and DVD's for the children we will have a magical séance.  Most of the time I don't have that but this time I will, because it's on a Friday.  And I do hope it doesn't rain.

So now I'm going to check the crock pot, stew again but it's easy to make, and then the rice.

Later Darklings

Well look who arrived early for the party!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Of updates and articles~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well this is going to have to be a short post, I'm at work right now.

My cousin called me and asked if I'd be interested in going to the movies and I said of course, so since she is working just 5 blocks from me she'll pick me up and we'll go to the movies and then have a late dinner afterwards, her treat.

Well I'm all for that, but what movie I haven't a clue, the "Ouija" movie won't be out until Friday, and there isn't any other that I'm interested in, I hope its not a weepy movie I've had enough weepy in my life and she knows it.  So we'll see.

I have also come across some interesting pictures and articles which I will post over the next few days.  One about Mourning clothing which should be interesting.

I recorded Coast to Coast last night Judika Illes was on the latter half so I had fun listening to it while I was commuting to work, I have not finished it yet but a very interesting person.

I love Coast to Coast radio, but it comes on so late that I have to record any interesting program and listen to it while I'm commuting.  They have ghost hunters, UFO spotters, vampires, exorcists and other persons from the odd side of life. 

If you've never heard of it look it up on Google Coast to Coast Radio, when I have time I'll put up a link.

Must Go.

Later Darklings

You never know what's out there in the night, in the dark.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Of getting ready for Halloween~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Are you all getting ready for Halloween?

I know I am.

With the help of Family (and a few friends) we were able to get the house decorated inside and out with all the Halloween decorations,  but Doyle wants to hold off on putting up Grim, and the fog machine.

The machine works very well and Grim has been checked out and is ready to go down stairs in the basement so all we have to do is take him apart in 3 sections, get him staked down set up the fog machine, a few tests the day before and we are good to go.

And we did buy more fog juice.  Doyle has the system set up so the fog goes through a pipe that runs through a Styrofoam cooler filled with dry ice and then out through another pipe that will be behind Grim, cooling down the fog will make it cling to the ground, so it will be buying the dry ice the day of Halloween.  And heavy leather gloves to handle it.

But it works very well. 

And candy, have we got candy!!!   Sis and I checked out the best prices on Candy and surprise but Lucky carried the Party house fun pack for a dollar cheaper than any place else, including Target and Wal-mart, between it and CVS I was able to get really good prices and deals, and I'm going back to Lucky tomorrow, Snickers I Need Snickers!!!  

We seriously loaded up, well we have to Halloween is on a Friday, and those little ghosts and goblins may be out later than usual.  So I have to have more than enough.

Brian our technical wiz was having fun setting up the video projector so we can have ghosts coming out of the wall in the Entrance Hall but it won't be blocked by people, and it will be on a loop I think things will be very interesting. 

When Halloween is on a Friday or Saturday Night I tend to go all out because one can rest the next day, but if it's on Sunday through Thursday I go a bit easier because people don't like to stay too late, many have to work the next day.

Some of the food will be made by myself and Sis, my brother and his wife will be bringing two dishes, my cousin is coming over and is also bringing something, and I know what everything will be so it won't be all salads,  the ovens and the microwave will be working overtime, but a lot of finger food, as well as plate food,  and drinks,  I've loaded up on soft drinks and wine and beer. 

In a way I'm glad I'm semi-retired, if I had to work full time I'd be DEAD!   Brian will be handing out candy over at Sis's place until about 9:30 then he'll join us, but after he's made sure that all the electronic stuff is working.

My house cleaning persons who clean for me once a week, I've asked if they would come over twice the week of Halloween  on Monday and Thursday to make sure everything is fluffed and dusted.  Of course I have to pay extra but it will be worth it.

I know the kiddies will be bored if it's a mostly adult party but I've remedied that,  I have a couple of fun Halloween movies "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein" and "Hotel Transylvania" I think I'll lead off with Hotel first once the children sort of settle down and we'll play it in the ground floor room off of the Kitchen.  It won't be any problem to keep and eye on them.

But I have to see the opening sequence of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" it is one of the funniest bit's I've seen in ages.  I know it's on You Tube Darklings you need to at least see that.  And if the Kiddies are still up I have the two Elvira movies, Hmmm I think my oldest nephew if fine with that but I'm not sure about the younger ones.

I've been doing a lot of going here and there and Sis has been putting in overtime with some of her clients, Brian is visiting family for the weekend and Doyle is in the City in regards to some work, he just called me and will be home in an hour.  My feet are killing me so Sis suggest we call our favorite Chinese restaurant and just take it easy tonight.  And I agree.

Yesterday got a bit interesting we saw Crazy Joe out in front of his parents’ house with a Grim Reaper Halloween decoration, either it was given to him or he “borrowed” it from someplace else.  Now Doyle and I can observed Joe very carefully without him seeing us, but from what we could tell something is going on in his mind that he’s thinking that by putting his “grim reaper” up that it will somehow adversely affect us.  We know this because a neighbor told us that Joe told him that he (Joe) has a “secret weapon” that will chase us out of the neighborhood.   Well if that’s it it’s not much.  Crazy Joe just doesn’t understand us but then his brain doesn’t go to the penthouse anyway.
I  knew it was not going to the penthouse this morning, Joe was on his cell phone talking real loud to “someone” claiming we were doing Social Security fraud and a lot of other BS and that Doyle does child pornography etc.  So I said to Doyle “I hope it’s that cute young police officer that will visit us”.
And an hour later it was, Joe was sitting on his parents front porch steps with a stupid idiotic grin on his face watching everything, Off. "Cutie"  was apologetic his commanding officer said to make an appearance to keep Joe from constantly tying up the phone lines, seems he’s done it before on more than one occasion, so if an officer shows up it stops for a while.
Anyway Off. "cutie" told us the complaint and I said that Doyle is a retired  police officer and now is in private investigations, it would be no problem to check his record and if Doyle was a pedophile or into child Porn I’d of kicked his butt out and called the police. I did offer our computers to be searched and even Doyle said they were welcome to search his computer at work as well.
Off. "cuties"  Sargent was with him and agreed that Joe is harassing us and told us why they have to come out, and apologized for disturbing us and we said that it was fine, and again they suggested that we do a restraining order but we said since Joe is a 51/50 such a piece of paper would not matter to him if he’s on pot or has been drinking and not taking his meds.  It would be a useless exercise, and he’s not trespassing on our property, just then Crazy Joe's parents and Uncle and Aunt drove up from a day of Shopping and saw us with the police and Joe grinning stupidly and when his parents got out of the car Joe pointed towards us saying something like "see, see they're goona go to Jail!"  the Sargent and Off. "cutie" said they would talk to Joe’s parents, now that they've arrived. 
Off. "cutie"  noticed the Grim Reaper Joe put up and we said it was Joe’s scare tactics to scare us out of the neighborhood.  I told him if we manage to put up our Graveyard to come on by Halloween, we’re out between 5:30 and 9 to 9:30 at the latest to check it out.   He said he would as since Halloween is on a Friday night it will be all hands on deck pulling double shifts.  But his wife and two kids would come by for sure and I told him about the party and he and his Sargent were more than welcome.  As well as their families, the more the merrier. 
Well they went over and talked to Joe’s parents and Joe was yelling at them that he had a complaint about us, but then the cops said something to him and his Dad yelled at Joe and Joe got real quiet. 
After a bit the officers left, Joe’s Dad said a few choice things to Joe that I couldn’t catch and Joe went back into his cave, while his parents and relatives went into their house, later on before we left to buy the candy two of the daughters showed up and went into the parents’ house, I guess they’re going to talk about Joe, but since that everything has been quiet.
Earlier this afternoon one of the daughters came over and apologized about Joe and I said not to worry, we all know he's not well in the head, and that she and her children were welcome to come over to trick or treat on Halloween and she said they love coming to my house and wouldn't miss it for the world. 
Ahhhh our neighborhood is never boring.  But now I must call in that order or we won't be eating dinner until late I don't want to miss "The Good Wife".
One last thing Darklings,  I just received my J. Peterman catalogue and in it are some wonderful dresses and such that I would call very Retro, 1930's Goth.  I'm not happy with their shoes but I am going to order several of their dresses which would be perfect for work, day and a couple of them for fancy evening wear. 
Later Darklings
Lilly Collins in a perfect Ethereal Goth evening dress. So other worldly.

Something all Elder Goths should live up to.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Of Lounging around as an Elder Goth~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Several of you inquired what does an elder Goth wear when lounging around well I'm going to post a few images of what does work and what doesn't.

First get a pair of these, they are called "mules" and either they will have bows in the shape of a ribbon flower or fluffy marabou, vintage one's are always nice.

Second be prepared to seduce your man, there maybe snow on the roof but let him know there's still a fire in the furnace,  so be glamorous yet comfortable.

Think of the Golden age of Hollywood, at least under these outfits the corset is off and you can breathe free and yet be beautiful.

The only time you should dress like this is if you are dying from the flu or a very nasty cold, it is the only time I permit myself to be sloppy, because you never know if you have to make a hasty dash to the bathroom.

And always have a very comfortable yet sexy chair to relax in.

Because although you are an Elder Goth, you are always a lady, with poise and dignity and a sexiness that empowers you.

Later Darklings

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Of Family doings and Blonde Goths~~~

Well Darklings,

I'm being a stay at home lady today.

Doyle had to go to the office to clear away some final reports, of which he was happy to help find a child that had been taken by a non-custodial parent.  The woman in question was unstable, so a generally happy resolution, I just hope the child wasn't not too badly traumatized.

My brother and sister-in-law have come to a comfortable idea, my sister in law is taking Coralline to see the Skull's exhibit, and my brother is taking the boys to the Fleet Week events.  It's a good thing they have two cars, and with Doyle in the City as well they have back up in case one of the cars should break down which I don't think will happen.

Sis and her friend left early this morning for the Death Parlor conference and I enjoyed my coffee and pumpkin spice bagel with cream cheese this morning.

Right now I'm slow cooking a huge pot of Stew with lots of veggies in it, and then later when they arrive and settle in I'll cook up a good size pot of rice, comfort food for an Autumn day.

The tribe will stay over to sleep and then tomorrow they'll help putting up the outside Halloween decorations that won't be compromised by any rain.  Good Old Grim Reaper and the fog machine and a couple of other items will go up last once the rains are past.

And then decorating the inside of the house, I am so looking forward to Halloween.

I had a chance to check out Target's indoor and outdoor decorations, out door was too cute, but I did see a few things for indoors such as a punch dispenser with a large label on it with chalk board paint so I can put whatever description on it. 

And I think I'll check out Wal-mart to see if there is anything I missed last time, my elderly neighbor said she'd be happy for the doggie company, so that is settled.

But before I go I want to touch upon the concept that if you have blonde hair and such you really can't pull the goth look off, that one's hair has to be dark or some such nonsense.

Sometimes something as simple and lightening one or two locks of hair can create an amazing effect.

I knew a lady whose hair was a golden blonde but she wanted to do something different, of course if she did it any time of the year people would have thought it startling, but it was something she wanted to bring in.   October being the right time she went to a very good hair stylist and wanted one just one lock of hair in the front to be much lighter than the rest  and then style it as a wavy swirl over to one side,  the effect was perfect and everything thought it was for Halloween, she wore sun block and wore her foundation makeup a slight shade lighter, now she was limited in her lipstick choice,
but she was inspired by the villainous heroine in the TV program Revenge, but she could wear red.

Well she kept the look right through Halloween, thanks giving, Christmas etc. etc. until everyone became use to it.  She even changed her hair style realizing that you don't have to have really long hair to be Goth, just those simple changes still gave her the Goth look she wanted but it was not so startling to be shocking. 

And one other thing that I did suggest to her and I suggest to many ladies, she wore an all in one shape wear bra slip which took away any lumpiness she was concerned she had.  And it worked, except for extreme heat, this shape wear worked very well for her.

So I'm posting a couple of pix from Pin Up Girl Clothing think Wicked and wild my Darklings, one can be dark in outlook even if blonde in hair.

Later Darklings

I couldn't resist this outfit.  Had to have it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Of more of Dressing Darkly and the King Fire update~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well it's Friday!   And what are you all going to be doing this weekend?

Well I know I'm going to be ordering patterns, yes patterns Darklings, dress patterns.

I can sew, but my speed is simple skirts and blouses, or mending a hem or sewing back a button or replacing a zipper, I'm very handy doing that.

That is one thing I think all young people Men as well as Ladies should learn, having a well fitted sewing kit is essential in anyone's life.

But with the more complicated patterns I leave that to my dressmaker and she does a fantastic job too.   The one thing is we do not cut the pattern, no, what is done is to trace the pattern onto a separate sheet of paper that way the pattern is preserved and there fore it can be done again in a different color. 

Now I help her with that as it's not easy and 4 hands are better than two. 

But before I get into that an update on the King Fire, Al called Doyle to tell him he's still up at his cabin and has managed to do some repair but it's getting a bit cool up there and the cabin cannot be inhabited as yet, he's making some arrangements to stay there to do repairs but he's going to have to hire some help as well.

We will be seeing him next week, no one has claimed or reported dogs like Duke and Gabby so Al is going to officially adopt them he'll come down here to do it. 

The King Fire is completely contained but still smoldering and raising smoke, there will be fire crews monitoring it and keeping it contained but it will not be completely out until a good rain fall or first snow fall.   And another fire has broken out near Auburn, and another near Yosemite. 

I had planned to go to the Gold Rush Country next year and maybe take a side trip to Yosemite from Jamestown or Sonora, but I do not know if I can bear to see all that fire scaring, but we'll know come spring.

Now in regards to clothing, ladies there are a number of web sites where you can find lovely Elder Goth clothing, but it depends upon your own taste, where you work and what events you are going to.

One of these sites is Victorian Trading company, the others that I'll list are Pin Up Girl Clothing, the Pyramid Collection,  and for fun Hot Topic, I love the nail polish that comes in those glass skull bottles, but I do recommend that you check out Dress Barn, and Macy's, if you search carefully you will find things that will work.

But as I said I do like to have my clothes sew from vintage patterns, or modern versions of vintage patterns,  a number of new patterns coming out for Fall are being sold by the Vogue pattern company and I recommend checking them out.

The Vogue/McCall pattern company always sends me the latest news on new patterns, it is also how I get modern versions of vintage patterns.  Now in my next post I will show, especially for you Rebecca how Blondes can be wicked and femme fatal. 
For now I present to you two of the patterns that I'm going to Order.

Later Darklings
This give you the over all length that I prefer but for some they may prefer to shorten it a bit, depending upon height.
Yes Darklings I do wear gloves much like in this photo.

Now in this photo except for the fake fur, I never wear fur to the city for work, but this gives you and idea of how I dress, although I would not use this color.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Of Dressing Darkly, Full Moons and Death Parlors~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I really should get back on how an Elder Goth should dress, but frankly I have to admit that a lot of the clothing that I've seen from Macy's and Nordstrom are a bit "preppy".

And having your hemline end above the knees is not aesthetically pleasing.  As Mae West once said "Long Dresses hide a multitude of shins".   Of course in the work place that is not possible and in some cases not practical either.

But what you want to "advertise" is your "Power" not your legs and too short a hemline is not at all attractive.

On the subject of pants most pants too are not Goth in my way of thinking, unless however they project a feminine, feline Gothic grace.

Now when I'm working in the yard or doing housework, or even on vacation or camping (yes Darklings I've done camping) then pants would be called for, but if I'm vacationing at a luxurious location, then again remember feminine, feline Gothic grace.

At work I usually wear either suits, a dress with long sleeves coupled with a coat (mostly for cold) or if hot then a scarf and hat when commuting.  Many of my suits have been sewn up for me by a wonderful seamstress following vintage patterns, and fit me beautifully.

But most of us are not that fortunate, in the Macy's collection for fall I've seen some suits with interesting collar designs and fitted waists, which I think would be very nice, but of course many ladies would say "Oh that's not goth", well you have to take into account where you're working, if you're in a bank, insurance office or lawyer's office etc. what you can do to make it goth is choose a piece of jewelry (costume) that would indicate you're a bit different. 

Like a spider pin, or and I have seen them an octopus pin, or a cross in black stones, you will know it when you see it. 

Most of my suits, dresses, skirts  are in black, with a few in deep maroon, or the deepest darkest, richest purple or green one can find.  The slacks or Jeans that I have are in black, it goes with everything. 

My hem line for work is several inches below my knee, for sure mid-calf, unless your legs cannot carry off that length, then stay with several inches below the knee,

I always wear a hat and gloves, it protects the face and hands. 

Now I have seen some lovely shoes on line from Woman Within, but their clothing tends to be granny style  and a Elder Goth is never granny looking.   Think of Regina in the T.V. series "Once Upon a Time" she is the epitome of powerful, elder goth.

One thing I do HATE is panty hose, the worse abomination to give a woman a disagreeable discomfort that you have to go to the doctor for. 

Thigh high stockings are fine but I always back it up with a good garter belt, and not those froo-froo one's from Victoria Secrets either, but one's that will hold up to a full days work.  And wearing shoes without nylons is asking to get blisters on your toes and backs of your heels,  flip-flops are only proper for wearing at a pool, and should be banned from your car or to the store, if need be wear a good pair of flats.

Another thing I detest is the wearing of pajama bottoms and tops to the store, to me it means that you don't care, you haven't showered or bathed, nor even brush your teeth, Yuck!!! 

Now at home what I do is if I am cooking then I wear an apron if I just got home to prepare dinner, most of the time it's either in a slow cooker or I've put it in the oven, after dinner and picking up the dishes to wash I switch out of my outer clothes and nylons into a house dress to wear under the apron,  and then I do the clean up.

After clean up I switch to one of several lounge outfits, with mules that have the little fluff on the toes, to sit around the house as I read or watch T.V.  if someone drops by, I'm at least in an outfit that is acceptable to receive unexpected company.

For bed well it depends on how cold it is, but I have several silky, soft night gowns with matching robes or penoirs, when it's really chilly out comes the flannel night gowns. 

On nail polish I have not be overwhelmed by much except that I have seen a few colors by Essie that look intriguing, right now I'm wearing one by Sinful called Starry Night, perfect for October.

Much of my cosmetics is either by Besame especially their lipsticks, Clinique and Physican's Formula.  Now that I'm older I've tone down my eye make up, but do enough to define my eyes, the lipstick I still remain bold with, and no matter what I continue to wear cologne or perfume.

My favorites are Channel No. 5, Elizabeth Taylor's Passion and Black Pearls, and an old tried and true favorite Tabu,  my Mother use to wear Tabu.  I'm not above trying a few others if the scent pleases me.

On hair, if I could wear the hair styles from the 1940's I would but they are complicated, most of the time I wear it as seen in the movie "Dracula's Daughter" as it is so long, but my sister has taken to coloring her hair as close as possible to it's original color, and I too am going to succumb to that,  there is too much grey appearing in my hair that although I do still get carded on occasion when I ask for Senior discount, because facially I have few wrinkles (Lucky in the DNA department) my hair is becoming a give away----YES Darklings I AM vain.

But all this straight hanging getting into one's eyes stuff, no,  and cutting it short, no, Betty Page?  Not really, but there are some styles depending upon your facial structure would look very good, again Regina, and Meryl Streep in "The Devil wears Prada".

Well enough of that....

Last night was also a beautiful Full Moon, and Sis had dropped by,  Doyle and I were setting out the lights for the Halloween display, seeing what would work best, so we relaxed on the front porch sitting on the steps, we had the metal front gate closed so Belladonna and Weiner Dog would not dash out, and they were sitting on the steps with us.

Sis told me that a colleague of hers had invited her to a "Death Parlor" conference being held in the City, an all Day affair that would last until past 9 p.m. she tried to get one or two more tickets knowing that I would be interested in it but alas no more were available it had sold out quickly.  She told me about this Web site called "Order of the Good Death" and I could check to see when they would hold another one, although she heard that the one for next year would be held back east.

Oh it would have been fascinating to go, but it was not meant to be, but I told her to gather as much info as possible.  And I'm going to check out this web site.

Just then we looked up as Brian joined us  and enjoyed and remarked about the full moon, after a few minutes Belladonna and Weiner Dog started to howl, and we couldn't resist Sis and I joined in, Brian with a shrug of his shoulders as if saying "why not?"  joined us as we howled, our neighbors who were walking by with their dogs joined us in the Howlfest.

 After a minute Doyle came back out side and I heard him exclaim "again??!!  Children of the Night!!  Shut  Up!!"   we stopped, and then Brian turned to him and said "Spoil Sport."   All of us including our neighbors, laughed. 

Now today, I will be getting out the Halloween serving platters and such, and getting them ready for our event.

But I am going to check that web site.

Later Darklings

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Of a Blood Moon~~~~

Hello Darklings,

This is going to be a short post, but I want to let you know that tonight's Full Moon will be a Blood Moon, that is possible that we will have a lunar eclipse.

Now the time for the West Coast will be between 2:15 to 3:45 a.m. that is very early Wednesday Morning,  from beginning to end. 

What time it will be for other parts of the country I'm not sure so check your local weather stations or the internet for your times.

I'm looking forward to it, and will set my clock.  Doyle thinks I'm a bit loony-toonie

But I would not be an Elder Goth if I didn't take this opportunity to see this unusual event.

I'd howl at it but I might scare the neighbors that  early in the morning. 

So if you can Darklings do take it in.

Later Darklings

Monday, October 6, 2014

Of Sleeping outside~~~~

Well Darklings,

I never did tell you about our sleeping outside.

As I said before the heat was so horrible and it made our bedrooms so uncomfortable that we ate dinner and watched T.V. outside on the screened porch, but even my sister said that her house was too uncomfortable to sleep in even with all the fans on. 

Doyle as practical as ever brought up the sleeping cots that I have just in case we have an overflow, (mostly my Brother's gang of 3 boys), so Sis and I slept on the cots and Doyle and Brian slept on air mattresses out on the back porch, we did have access to the bathroom off of the Kitchen, night lights are always a blessing.

Weiner and Bella decided to sleep with the men folk, I called Bella a little traitor but she just looked at me with a practical look like "If you think I'm going to sleep on that tiny thing and fall off, think again, lady." 

And without further adieu snuggled onto the blankets on the mattress,  and I have to say we all slept very soundly and with a certain amount of comfort.

We woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon Doyle taking upon himself to cook breakfast, it felt like we were camping in a way.  And with that Sis and I reminisced about camping with our parents, and the time we were traveling and had a hard time finding a motel that had a vacancy sign.

We finally found one but it was still in the midst of renovations, but we were so tired and the gas station across the street had closed for the night, after all  it was nearly 9 p.m. and Dad said we were down to an 1/8 of a tank of gas,  I don't even remember where we were going to for the vacation, Oregon I think to visit distant relatives, but Dad had the camping gear but we couldn't even find a camp ground. 

So Mom said "Motel" and we started looking.   It was an old motel, with individual cabins, the owner was apologetic about everything but he did have a cabin with kitchen that had two double beds, so Dad and Mom had one bed, Sis and I had the other and my brothers slept on this couch that folded out into a bed.

There had been heavy rain an hour before and we found ants in the door way, the owner gave us a can of Bug Spray, again saying that with the work being done and the rain a lot of things were not up to par,  and he and his wife were kind enough to have dinner for us, it was Meat Loaf, but it was good, so good my Mom asked for the recipe, which flattered the owners wife, and they gave us coffee, sugar and milk for the next day so we could at least have coffee and milk and they said they'd cook breakfast for us.   Dad offered to pay, but they wouldn't have it, but Dad snuck $10.00 under their telephone.

The next day Mom was perking the coffee as we kids got cleaned up when all of a sudden we heard Mom yell,  and hopping out from the kitchen area was a frog!!!   Dad was laughing but got a used face cloth and captured the little thing and took it outside to release it in some bushes, the Motel Owner came running after hearing Mom scream and he and Dad laughed over the tiny frog as Dad put it under a nice damp bush.

The owner told us that there was a near by creek that had frogs and this one must have wandered in somehow.  Mom said she heard a sound under the sink and investigated only to be startled by the frog, our brothers wanted to keep it but Dad said it wasn't fair to the frog.

Afterwards we had a nice breakfast and Dad again snuck some money under the telephone, and then gassed up the car as Mom packed everything.  Thanking the owners again for their hospitality we continued on our way. 

It wasn't until about 3 years later, we were traveling again to visit our relatives in Oregon and Mom said let's stop at that Motel and stay overnight there,  well we were there but the Motel wasn't, instead we found old burnt out buildings and a sign saying that it was going to be demolished.

The gas station was there so we knew we were at the right place, so we pulled in and Dad asked if there was another place to stay remarking about the Motel across the street, the Attendant said there was and even called ahead to see if there was room and there was so Dad talked to the clerk on the phone for reservations.

Then Dad came out and asked about the Motel across the street and how we had stayed there 3 years before.

The attendant shook his head and said "it was a bad thing."   He explained that the owners were very nice people, had the place renovated and was doing good business, even paid for a billboard so people would know about it. 

The wife had a brother who wasn't,  as the attendant said "right in the head", he came to stay for a week, which was fine as it was in January a very slow time, and the owners were installing new mattresses, so the brother helped out with that.  But late one night they only had one "guest" in the cabin next to their office home, and he heard yelling and screaming, then it stopped, the guest didn't think too much about it, and went to the bathroom in his cabin, then he smelled gasoline, he became alarumed grabbed his suitcase and stuffed his change of clothes into it grabbed his keys and shoes and threw them into his car, just in case,  he was in his bathroom and was walking towards the office to complain about the gasoline smell, which he said smelled stronger outside, when suddenly the office exploded into flames.

According to the attendant, the guest jumped into his car and drove across the street to the phone booth that was there at the gas station and called the fire department.  As he was calling the fire department the other cabins exploded into flames one by one.   The attendant said he only lived a block away and heard sirens and saw the flames and came running to the gas station thinking it was on fire.

When he got there he saw the man in his bath robe and the police and fire fighters, they were hosing down the buildings and looking for the owners when between the burning cabins the "crazy brother" as he called him comes running out and was yelling that they were evil and burning in hell all was hell and poured gasoline on himself and ran into one of the cabins before anyone could stop him.

The next day the found the bodies of the owners in the office part, and that of the brother in the burnt out cabin that he ran into.  Piecing it together it seems that the brother had stabbed the husband and wife to death, and then burned the motel.   It was known that the brother was "off" always claiming that he was being followed or that his sister stole things from him, now a days it would be called paranoid schizophrenia.

The guest said that he heard a man's voice yelling that "you're poisoning me!" and "I'm not going back," and a lot of other things that he didn't hear very well.  The miracle was that the yelling woke him up and then smelling the gasoline warned him something was wrong,  it was found that one of the locks on the pumps was busted and there were about a dozen burnt gas cans found at the scene.

I remember Mom saying out loud, "they were such a nice couple," and the attendant agreed, they had helped a lot of folks.   The motel that we did stay in was nice and very modern, and had a café next door, but it wasn't the same Mom said.

I reminded Sis about those two trips and she remembered it as well the funny part about the frog and then the sad part what happened later.

Then she reminded me about the trailer that Dad borrowed from a friend that we went camping in, a real vintage piece,  but that is a story for another time.

You know Darklings, I haven't been back there for ages, after that last trip our Oregon relatives moved to Arizona, so we traveled in a different direction---as a matter of fact that was the one we had the travel trailer.  But that is for another time. 

Tonight not so hot but we'll have grilled shrimp salad for dinner tonight and again on the back porch, dinning al fresco, then "Gotham" and "Sleepy Hollow" followed by "Blacklist" as we record "Castle".

Later Darklings

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Of the heat and sleeping outside~~~~

Yes My Darklings,

We are having another horrible hot day, although the weather man said it will cool off but last night was just unbearable inside.

The good thing is I did have my contractor/handyman (he does small jobs for me as well) screen in my back porch just like it was in an old photograph.  He had to have the screen door made from scratch but it was worth it. 

So Doyle suggest we eat out on the screen porch and it was so nice, on the side that the sun would come through I had bamboo blinds put up to cut the sun's glare, but we still had a fan rotate back and forth to move the air,  although it was a modern one on a pole I think I'll get an old fashion style one from Victorian trading company and put it on one of my old bamboo tables that we found up in the attic, there were from the early 1920's when spotted bamboo was used to make porch furniture, and they were curved into interesting design patterns, but it did feel good to be outside.

So Sis and Brian joined us and Doyle bought so much that we will have left overs for this evening, as well.

But it was so warm that we didn't want to go in, so Doyle and Brian set up a small T.V. with one of those portable antennas that you see advertised on T.V. and it worked pretty well, after all we were only pulling in ME-TV it was so much fun to watch the old Superman T.V. programs, Sis and I felt like kids again. 

George Reeves was such a handsome man, if he could have been cast as an agent for the FBI or some Detective program he would not have had the Superman curse, but then his personal life was a mess as I understand it.

I'll never forget how I learned that he committed suicide.

Our Folks were able to save up for a weeks vacation in Yosemite, we stayed in a cabin with bath in Camp Curry, they had a huge dinning hall, and you could order box lunches to pick up to eat at your cabin or take with you to picnic at one of the sites to see.  Mom kept the menus, with scenes of Yosemite on the front, Sis and I have a set each.

We were going to one of the stores for something and I  turned to see a newspaper rack.  It was either the San Francisco Chronicle or Examiner or the Los Angeles Times but I never forget the headline said "Superman Dead"  my jaw dropped open, then Sis turned and saw me staring at the news paper and she read it too, and ran to get Dad, he saw the paper and bought a copy.

Superman Dead??  How? Why?   We walked back to the cabin Mom holding my Brother's hand he wanted to go and play in the Merced River, our older brother was not with us for some reason, I know he stayed with Granny at her house because he had a part time job.

Dad read the paper very carefully on the porch of the cabin as we ate our lunches, then he put the paper down, I could see him carefully gathering his thoughts but finally he spoke.

He reminded us that everyone who appears on TV or in the movies or on stage or radio are all actors and actresses, they are playing pretend roles, and are in real life not the person in the movies.

Some play villains but are very nice people in real life, some do their best in the movies but sometimes are so unsure about themselves and things that it makes them depressed, for some they never work again in the movies and some get so sick in their mind they make decisions that if they were not sick they would never do.  And that was how Dad explained to us about how "Superman Died".   In the back ground our brother kept moaning that he wanted to play in the river and when could we go.

Then Dad said to us, "If Superman was a real person, who could do all those amazing things, do you think he'd want you to be sad?"  and we said No and Dad said "You're right he'd want you to be the best children in the world and to always do your best and here we are in the most beautiful place in the world, don't you think he'd want you to learn about the history of this place and to enjoy it?"  and we said Yes, so then Dad said "Then lets do that!"  and we did.

It wasn't until years later that I heard about what may have happened and the confusion surrounding George Reeves death.  A mystery, a very strange mystery.

But last night we enjoyed seeing our childhood played out, and tonight we will watch T.V. again but this time more modern Drama.  However I do have "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." on record, so I can watch it again,  we'll I did have a little crush on David McCallum. 

Now to heat up in the microwave and on the stove top our left overs and enjoy the evening on our screened in porch.

Later Darklings.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Of a new wine to taste and savor and the heat, the horrible heat~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well new to us, that is.

A few days ago Doyle did a little shopping for me and brought home a bottle of wine by the Ménage a Trois winery called "Midnight".

I wasn't sure if it would be wise to serve with dinner but Doyle said "Be adventurous" and I was not disappointed.

At first I thought it was Apothic Dark of which we have a number of bottles carefully stored, but it had a slightly different finish and just as pleasing as Apothic Dark.

To describe this wine I'd have to turn to this description:

It is crafted a blend of not three—but four—grapes! Merlot adds a plush, velvety texture, Cabernet Sauvignon offers elegance and power, Petite Sirah lends inky intensity and Petit Verdot imparts a deep violet color and concentrated fruit. To round out the flavors the wine is aged on French and American oak. The result is a wine that leaves an indelible impression. It’s mysterious and dark, soft and sensual.

And to describe it further:

A gorgeous garnet color in the glass, this luxurious blend wraps you up in a velvety embrace. Voluptuous blackberry and plush spiced plum flavors seduce your palate, while hints of mocha and exotic spice linger on your lips like a stolen kiss. Silky and smooth with a long, powerful finish, a most intense expression yet, a passionate blend bursting with dusky aromas, an extraordinarily deep color, and rich, ripe black fruit. Don’t be shy—turn out the lights and savor the pleasures of the dark.

Well Darklings I have to say that this wine did indeed deliver what it promises, but I do suggest to not drink it on a hot day or evening, but savor it during the cool days and nights, to get the full sensual feeling of the dark via this wine.

Needless to say, Doyle went back and purchased more of this wine to add to the cellar, I am so glad the cellar is just below ground level, not damp, on the North side of the house and manages to keep a cool even temperature of 55 degrees.

Of course the hardest thing is to transport it especially if we buy wine on hot days, well the best thing is coolers and insulated frozen ice packs, but with just enough protection to  avoid damaging the labels, really easy to protect.  

Of course storing his beer and ales is easy although in the same cellar, but we don't have to use slated racks, but temperature, and keeping it away from sunlight is the most important.

Winespotter dot com has an article about what is an idea situation or temperature to store your wines whether red or white.

I'm not a wine snob, I've had people serve me wine that cost them 40 or 50 dollars a bottle and to me it's just vinegar, so really it's not the cost but the taste and if you know what you like, then it doesn't have to be extremely expensive, just delicious.

And now the heat!!!

Well Darklings, we are having our Summer Heat wave, I checked the thermometer and it is 92 degrees in the shade.  Bella and Weiner have no desire to move anywhere and have planted themselves in front of the box fan their water bowls close at hand.

For Lunch I had a simple salad I just could not eat much, every fan is going in the house, and every window is open to allow for any air to come through but nothing is moving, I managed to nap a little and was able to do laundry down in the basement perhaps the coolest part of the house.

The bedrooms upstairs will be impossible, so I have fans going on up there to circulate air, I think I'll be sleeping in the nude tonight, it's the only way.  Doyle was going over some papers for his work, but he said he'll have to tackle it later this evening the heat is just too much to deal with it.

Sis has several clients coming over to her place so it would not be wise for me to go over.

And I refuse to cook dinner in this heat, Doyle suggested our favorite take out, so I'll call in an order in a few hours but now the heat is giving me a headache so the best thing is to lie down and take an aspirin and a cool compress to my head.

I hate to think about it but wouldn't it be awful after all this heat that it rains on Halloween?  Cool weather yes, rain no.

Later Darklings

What could be cooler than to dine and drink in a cave?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Of Halloween, the King Fire and your Halloween Costume~~~~

Good News Darklings!

This is according to the National Forest Service on the King Fire----

"The National Forest Service has begun reopening areas of the Sierra closed by the King fire, which has burned almost 100,000 acres west of Sacramento since September 13, according to the Sacramento Bee.
The fire is now 94 percent contained. A rainy four days aided firefighters in halting the spread of the fire, according to the Los Angeles Times. More than 2,000 firefighters and support personnel are still working on the fire, down from nearly 8,000. Fire officials now anticipate full containment by this weekend, according to a Cal Fire report issued on Tuesday."

Al was happy to hear about that and is going back with a friend of his to get a real proper survey of the damage, they're going up in his friends camper truck to stay a few days, Duke and Gabby will go with him, but he said he's going to make sure that they don't wander away, even though they do stay close to him, he is concerned and he'll check again to see if any dogs fitting their description are reported missing.  He says he wants to make a good faith effort.

Halloween is now only 29 days away, I can hardly wait.  We all had fun going to the Spirit Store there was just so much to choose from, that it made it very hard, but one thing I did like was this "Fire and Ice" effect done with a small LED rotating spot light, I thought that it would look good lighting up the Grim reaper, so I purchased 3 of them, sort of spread the effect around.

And then there was this lovely Victorian Haunted Telephone, I thought it would be perfect for inside the house on the front hall table, maybe even year round.  Who knows?  So I couldn't resist that.

I wasn't sure about pop-up werewolves, but there is the possibility.  And I had to get new table cloths,
but I was a bit underwhelmed by the severing plates, so I'll stick to what I have.  Although Sis did suggest that we check Target since I did get lucky last year. 

Coralline just was in Heaven, testing this devise and that devise and her Mom said to me "If I show this to the boys there will be no peace in the house!"  Coralline liked the Haunted Telephone as well.

So although I did buy a few things, this weekend Doyle, Brian and Myself will drag everything out and do a set up of the tombstones, and put marker flags for the other items, I don't want them to be too much out in the sun until a couple of days before Halloween, again depending upon the weather, but by having them on display in the basement (and I'm so glad I got it finished off) we can see if they need any work or need to be replaced. 

Coralline and her Mother have decided they will be Lily Munster and Wednesday Addams, My brother is going to be Herman Munster, I'll be dressed as Morticia and Doyle will be Gomez,  on the boys we're not sure, knowing how bouncy the twins can be, I suggested that they might want to be flying monkeys, but the twins rejected that, however the oldest said he'd like to be a werewolf (there wolf), and we thought O.K. then the twins can be zombies.   No one for Pugsly unfortunately.

Nor Grandpa or Uncle Fester, Brian wanted to be an Undertaker, why not I thought.  Sis is going to be the Wicked Witch of the West or East or whatever direction.

While Doyle and I were down in the basement (and it's good size it runs the entire length and width of the house)  we checked for things like pipe leaks and such, we have one section for Holiday storage and those holiday serving wear, the laundry room, and the wine and beer "cellar' or Apthocarium  but there is a large finished space as well, and it has of all things, a fire place, It's unused as a matter of fact the chimney of it connects to the fireplace in the family parlor as one flue,
I was very surprised about this when I first moved into my Great Aunts house, but was told that in some of the better houses they would have had some heating system to dry laundry on cold and rainy days. 

So I presume that back in the day before electric and gas dryers that is what it might have been used for since the area was in it's own way finished before I had it redone,  and as Doyle and I were checking things and taking a break he looked at it and said to me "You know you could install a gas fireplace fixture into it and we could make this area into a "haunted parlour",   after all you're giving me my man cave, why not something really specifically bizarre, with all the skull candelabra and such make real use of it."

And I said to him "And what so you and your friends could play poker or something?"  but he continued "Well you always want to do something really strange, in a way your like Sarah Winchester, always adding something new, why not?  At least think about it." 

Then he reminded me when we visited a friend of his who was into Victorian things and re-created Sherlock Holmes flat in the 2nd story of his Victorian Home, I remembered that house years ago,  wondering why Doyle's friend bought something that was a wreck, most of the interior had been gutted to make several horrible apartments, all the beautiful wood work torn out, the only thing that survived was a lovely stair case, but the interior of the house was gutted into a 1960's monstrosity, The good thing is the front door and the stain glass windows were preserved.  But his friend and his wife said that it had given them an opportunity to create from scratch.  And the position of the stair case was perfectly placed just like in the old Basil Rathbone movies, but with the slight upper bow window made for the front area on the 2nd floor perfect for the living area. 

Over the years we had seen it as a work in progress and then a few years ago we were invited to visit them when we were in the area and we did and what a transformation but the Sherlock Holmes living area was a marvel, based on a display done in England as well as the Jeremy Brett Series.

So I have Doyle's suggestion in the back burner of my mind for now.  There are possibilities, who knows?

And now Darklings----what will be your costume for Halloween? I have posted here a suggestion board.
So have fun!

Later Darklings