Saturday, August 3, 2013

Of exhaustion and planning for the week~~~~

Well Darklings,

I didn't get home til 8:30 p.m. it was a long, long day.   But with discussion and taking into account upcoming vacations etc.  we were able to come up with a month long plan for getting to work during the strike, should that happen.

For sure the plan will start on Monday with a review to see if there are any updates.

Those who live in or near S.F. on the S.F. side of the Bay will come in using either Muni or their cars and they will car pool where possible, and will start the morning session,  everyone else will car pool or take transbay Buses and using Muni to get to work between 12 and 1 p.m. and work till 8 p.m. that way an overlap of 3 hours morning and evening will be covered.  No midnight oil at all thank goodness.

And we also planned to cover any holes that would happen with those taking vacations.   

Moi is on the afternoon/evening shift but I will have every Friday off since I'm only to be working part time.  3 day weekends will spoil me.   I was so tired last night that Sis made me a grilled Cheese sandwich and I crashed into Bed.

Now I'm up and bright-eyed and somewhat 'bushey-tailed'.   I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to my brother's house, and spend the day there, helping Coralline and her Mom go through Coralline's closet then Sunday its up early and we go shopping.  We'll go the Saturday vigil mass, then I'll have dinner at Coralline's house, they are asking me to spend the night there as well so Coralline and I can have an early start Sunday.  So that's the plan.

Sis will be busy with her contractor on her house, Belladonna will stay with my elderly neighbor,  Doyle is out of town for the weekend.  So it seems that all plans are in place.   Coralline called me a few minutes ago and said "Guess What?"   What said I,  well her favorite craft place "Beverly's" is already getting their Halloween things out.  Including Black Flowers!!  she said excitedly.  Well I do need to freshen up my fabric bouquets, so I think we will also be doing a side trip as well. 

Hmmm I think when I have a chance I'll need to check out the Spirit Halloween web site.

Later Darklings

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