Thursday, October 2, 2014

Of Halloween, the King Fire and your Halloween Costume~~~~

Good News Darklings!

This is according to the National Forest Service on the King Fire----

"The National Forest Service has begun reopening areas of the Sierra closed by the King fire, which has burned almost 100,000 acres west of Sacramento since September 13, according to the Sacramento Bee.
The fire is now 94 percent contained. A rainy four days aided firefighters in halting the spread of the fire, according to the Los Angeles Times. More than 2,000 firefighters and support personnel are still working on the fire, down from nearly 8,000. Fire officials now anticipate full containment by this weekend, according to a Cal Fire report issued on Tuesday."

Al was happy to hear about that and is going back with a friend of his to get a real proper survey of the damage, they're going up in his friends camper truck to stay a few days, Duke and Gabby will go with him, but he said he's going to make sure that they don't wander away, even though they do stay close to him, he is concerned and he'll check again to see if any dogs fitting their description are reported missing.  He says he wants to make a good faith effort.

Halloween is now only 29 days away, I can hardly wait.  We all had fun going to the Spirit Store there was just so much to choose from, that it made it very hard, but one thing I did like was this "Fire and Ice" effect done with a small LED rotating spot light, I thought that it would look good lighting up the Grim reaper, so I purchased 3 of them, sort of spread the effect around.

And then there was this lovely Victorian Haunted Telephone, I thought it would be perfect for inside the house on the front hall table, maybe even year round.  Who knows?  So I couldn't resist that.

I wasn't sure about pop-up werewolves, but there is the possibility.  And I had to get new table cloths,
but I was a bit underwhelmed by the severing plates, so I'll stick to what I have.  Although Sis did suggest that we check Target since I did get lucky last year. 

Coralline just was in Heaven, testing this devise and that devise and her Mom said to me "If I show this to the boys there will be no peace in the house!"  Coralline liked the Haunted Telephone as well.

So although I did buy a few things, this weekend Doyle, Brian and Myself will drag everything out and do a set up of the tombstones, and put marker flags for the other items, I don't want them to be too much out in the sun until a couple of days before Halloween, again depending upon the weather, but by having them on display in the basement (and I'm so glad I got it finished off) we can see if they need any work or need to be replaced. 

Coralline and her Mother have decided they will be Lily Munster and Wednesday Addams, My brother is going to be Herman Munster, I'll be dressed as Morticia and Doyle will be Gomez,  on the boys we're not sure, knowing how bouncy the twins can be, I suggested that they might want to be flying monkeys, but the twins rejected that, however the oldest said he'd like to be a werewolf (there wolf), and we thought O.K. then the twins can be zombies.   No one for Pugsly unfortunately.

Nor Grandpa or Uncle Fester, Brian wanted to be an Undertaker, why not I thought.  Sis is going to be the Wicked Witch of the West or East or whatever direction.

While Doyle and I were down in the basement (and it's good size it runs the entire length and width of the house)  we checked for things like pipe leaks and such, we have one section for Holiday storage and those holiday serving wear, the laundry room, and the wine and beer "cellar' or Apthocarium  but there is a large finished space as well, and it has of all things, a fire place, It's unused as a matter of fact the chimney of it connects to the fireplace in the family parlor as one flue,
I was very surprised about this when I first moved into my Great Aunts house, but was told that in some of the better houses they would have had some heating system to dry laundry on cold and rainy days. 

So I presume that back in the day before electric and gas dryers that is what it might have been used for since the area was in it's own way finished before I had it redone,  and as Doyle and I were checking things and taking a break he looked at it and said to me "You know you could install a gas fireplace fixture into it and we could make this area into a "haunted parlour",   after all you're giving me my man cave, why not something really specifically bizarre, with all the skull candelabra and such make real use of it."

And I said to him "And what so you and your friends could play poker or something?"  but he continued "Well you always want to do something really strange, in a way your like Sarah Winchester, always adding something new, why not?  At least think about it." 

Then he reminded me when we visited a friend of his who was into Victorian things and re-created Sherlock Holmes flat in the 2nd story of his Victorian Home, I remembered that house years ago,  wondering why Doyle's friend bought something that was a wreck, most of the interior had been gutted to make several horrible apartments, all the beautiful wood work torn out, the only thing that survived was a lovely stair case, but the interior of the house was gutted into a 1960's monstrosity, The good thing is the front door and the stain glass windows were preserved.  But his friend and his wife said that it had given them an opportunity to create from scratch.  And the position of the stair case was perfectly placed just like in the old Basil Rathbone movies, but with the slight upper bow window made for the front area on the 2nd floor perfect for the living area. 

Over the years we had seen it as a work in progress and then a few years ago we were invited to visit them when we were in the area and we did and what a transformation but the Sherlock Holmes living area was a marvel, based on a display done in England as well as the Jeremy Brett Series.

So I have Doyle's suggestion in the back burner of my mind for now.  There are possibilities, who knows?

And now Darklings----what will be your costume for Halloween? I have posted here a suggestion board.
So have fun!

Later Darklings


  1. It sounds as though you're getting into the Halloween spirit! I thought of going as Morticia early in the year, but decided against it because I don't have the proper foot for my sewing machine to make the dress I want. I might go as a pirate just for the sake of convenience (I have like four patterns for it). If I used that suggestion chart I would be a screaming waitress, but that would be hard on my lungs lol.

    1. LOL I think being a screaming waitress would be hard too, and there is the possibility of losing your voice.

      I do LOVE Halloween, I like Christmas too, but my decorations for Christmas is more decorous and toned down, the one thing I do during Thanks giving and Christmas is burn scented candles that smell like vanilla and cinnamon, people swear we're baking pies, and it seems that the scent is very relaxing and gives a cozy sensation.

      I had a seamstress who made my costume, and fortunately my hair is long enough but I'll have to have it dyed, sis says I have a touch too much grey, and that is going to take a little time.

  2. So glad the fire situation is improving and I hope your friend finds his property in better shape than expected.

    The Victorian Haunted telephone sounds delightful. I would leave it out all year:)

    This year I am going as The Bride of Frankenstein. I am naturally blonde so at Halloween I take every advantage to be raven haired (even if it is somewhat unflattering:)

    1. About my friend I hope so too, and yes I think I will leave the telephone out all year as well. Why Not?

      About being the bride of Frankenstein, you do have the advantage of lightening your make up maybe with a hint of blue blush to narrow in under the cheeks, but don't you have to have some sort of frame work for the hair?? I would think that would be somewhat uncomfortable.