Saturday, September 27, 2014

Of King Fire Update, Al and the Dogs~~~

Good Morning Darklings,

Well there is the beginning of good news on the King Fire in the El dorado National Forest near Pollock Pines.

It is now 74% contained, the rain and very cool weather gave the fire fighters a good fighting chance,  Al and Doyle went back today to get a proper survey of his property damage and to make sure no one looted anything.  Duke and Gabby went with them, they simply refuse to let Al out of their sight.

And Al decided he will keep the dogs, He said to me this morning "Those guys are up there in years, it's hard for an older dog to get adopted, I owe them a stable home or to at least be with me"  and he sheepishly admitted that they slept with him on the bed last night, I said not to worry, sheets and bedspreads are always washable.

So he told me that he has to plan on what it will take to get his home fixed up again, and to see about planting grasses  in the area to prevent mud slides, he said he can't live in the house yet, but is thinking of moving one of his more restored trailers there and attach the water and sewer line to it and use small propane tanks for cooking and heating. 

I said take your time, you are no intrusion and it would be good for Doyle to not feel outnumbered by the women folk, as I called it.

And speaking of women folk, my niece and sister in law will be here any minute and then we are going along with my sister to the Spirit Store, to ogle the new Halloween goodies.  And grab a bite to eat. 

Coralline told me she is excited about it.  Well even as a grown up so am I.

Later Darklings

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