Friday, October 10, 2014

Of more of Dressing Darkly and the King Fire update~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well it's Friday!   And what are you all going to be doing this weekend?

Well I know I'm going to be ordering patterns, yes patterns Darklings, dress patterns.

I can sew, but my speed is simple skirts and blouses, or mending a hem or sewing back a button or replacing a zipper, I'm very handy doing that.

That is one thing I think all young people Men as well as Ladies should learn, having a well fitted sewing kit is essential in anyone's life.

But with the more complicated patterns I leave that to my dressmaker and she does a fantastic job too.   The one thing is we do not cut the pattern, no, what is done is to trace the pattern onto a separate sheet of paper that way the pattern is preserved and there fore it can be done again in a different color. 

Now I help her with that as it's not easy and 4 hands are better than two. 

But before I get into that an update on the King Fire, Al called Doyle to tell him he's still up at his cabin and has managed to do some repair but it's getting a bit cool up there and the cabin cannot be inhabited as yet, he's making some arrangements to stay there to do repairs but he's going to have to hire some help as well.

We will be seeing him next week, no one has claimed or reported dogs like Duke and Gabby so Al is going to officially adopt them he'll come down here to do it. 

The King Fire is completely contained but still smoldering and raising smoke, there will be fire crews monitoring it and keeping it contained but it will not be completely out until a good rain fall or first snow fall.   And another fire has broken out near Auburn, and another near Yosemite. 

I had planned to go to the Gold Rush Country next year and maybe take a side trip to Yosemite from Jamestown or Sonora, but I do not know if I can bear to see all that fire scaring, but we'll know come spring.

Now in regards to clothing, ladies there are a number of web sites where you can find lovely Elder Goth clothing, but it depends upon your own taste, where you work and what events you are going to.

One of these sites is Victorian Trading company, the others that I'll list are Pin Up Girl Clothing, the Pyramid Collection,  and for fun Hot Topic, I love the nail polish that comes in those glass skull bottles, but I do recommend that you check out Dress Barn, and Macy's, if you search carefully you will find things that will work.

But as I said I do like to have my clothes sew from vintage patterns, or modern versions of vintage patterns,  a number of new patterns coming out for Fall are being sold by the Vogue pattern company and I recommend checking them out.

The Vogue/McCall pattern company always sends me the latest news on new patterns, it is also how I get modern versions of vintage patterns.  Now in my next post I will show, especially for you Rebecca how Blondes can be wicked and femme fatal. 
For now I present to you two of the patterns that I'm going to Order.

Later Darklings
This give you the over all length that I prefer but for some they may prefer to shorten it a bit, depending upon height.
Yes Darklings I do wear gloves much like in this photo.

Now in this photo except for the fake fur, I never wear fur to the city for work, but this gives you and idea of how I dress, although I would not use this color.

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