Sunday, October 5, 2014

Of the heat and sleeping outside~~~~

Yes My Darklings,

We are having another horrible hot day, although the weather man said it will cool off but last night was just unbearable inside.

The good thing is I did have my contractor/handyman (he does small jobs for me as well) screen in my back porch just like it was in an old photograph.  He had to have the screen door made from scratch but it was worth it. 

So Doyle suggest we eat out on the screen porch and it was so nice, on the side that the sun would come through I had bamboo blinds put up to cut the sun's glare, but we still had a fan rotate back and forth to move the air,  although it was a modern one on a pole I think I'll get an old fashion style one from Victorian trading company and put it on one of my old bamboo tables that we found up in the attic, there were from the early 1920's when spotted bamboo was used to make porch furniture, and they were curved into interesting design patterns, but it did feel good to be outside.

So Sis and Brian joined us and Doyle bought so much that we will have left overs for this evening, as well.

But it was so warm that we didn't want to go in, so Doyle and Brian set up a small T.V. with one of those portable antennas that you see advertised on T.V. and it worked pretty well, after all we were only pulling in ME-TV it was so much fun to watch the old Superman T.V. programs, Sis and I felt like kids again. 

George Reeves was such a handsome man, if he could have been cast as an agent for the FBI or some Detective program he would not have had the Superman curse, but then his personal life was a mess as I understand it.

I'll never forget how I learned that he committed suicide.

Our Folks were able to save up for a weeks vacation in Yosemite, we stayed in a cabin with bath in Camp Curry, they had a huge dinning hall, and you could order box lunches to pick up to eat at your cabin or take with you to picnic at one of the sites to see.  Mom kept the menus, with scenes of Yosemite on the front, Sis and I have a set each.

We were going to one of the stores for something and I  turned to see a newspaper rack.  It was either the San Francisco Chronicle or Examiner or the Los Angeles Times but I never forget the headline said "Superman Dead"  my jaw dropped open, then Sis turned and saw me staring at the news paper and she read it too, and ran to get Dad, he saw the paper and bought a copy.

Superman Dead??  How? Why?   We walked back to the cabin Mom holding my Brother's hand he wanted to go and play in the Merced River, our older brother was not with us for some reason, I know he stayed with Granny at her house because he had a part time job.

Dad read the paper very carefully on the porch of the cabin as we ate our lunches, then he put the paper down, I could see him carefully gathering his thoughts but finally he spoke.

He reminded us that everyone who appears on TV or in the movies or on stage or radio are all actors and actresses, they are playing pretend roles, and are in real life not the person in the movies.

Some play villains but are very nice people in real life, some do their best in the movies but sometimes are so unsure about themselves and things that it makes them depressed, for some they never work again in the movies and some get so sick in their mind they make decisions that if they were not sick they would never do.  And that was how Dad explained to us about how "Superman Died".   In the back ground our brother kept moaning that he wanted to play in the river and when could we go.

Then Dad said to us, "If Superman was a real person, who could do all those amazing things, do you think he'd want you to be sad?"  and we said No and Dad said "You're right he'd want you to be the best children in the world and to always do your best and here we are in the most beautiful place in the world, don't you think he'd want you to learn about the history of this place and to enjoy it?"  and we said Yes, so then Dad said "Then lets do that!"  and we did.

It wasn't until years later that I heard about what may have happened and the confusion surrounding George Reeves death.  A mystery, a very strange mystery.

But last night we enjoyed seeing our childhood played out, and tonight we will watch T.V. again but this time more modern Drama.  However I do have "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." on record, so I can watch it again,  we'll I did have a little crush on David McCallum. 

Now to heat up in the microwave and on the stove top our left overs and enjoy the evening on our screened in porch.

Later Darklings.

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