Sunday, October 26, 2014

Of a fun yet exhausting Weekend~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am taking a short sit down after a very hectic weekend.

Sis and I have our menu all planned out for the Halloween party and we decided to purchase some of the items we would need yesterday, and it is now on the pantry shelves, much of what we will need will be made Thursday, the Brain molds, the Heart Mold and the Zombie Hand mold, a lot of the appetizers will be made and refrigerated to be baked on Friday, cookies and such.

But a lot will be part of our frozen wares as well.  Sis and I have "cleared the decks" for Thursday and Friday, no work, nothing, Sis has a colleague who will handle emergencies if need be.

Doyle has put Grim out today with the help of the children well mostly my oldest Nephew who is now becoming quite the young man.  Coralline made sure Grim's "gown" fitted just right and with the testing today of the fog machine it looks wonderful.

Friday night Sis, Doyle and I had a wonderful time at the Friends Book sale, I found some wonderful mysteries including a completely updated Jack the Ripper Reference work,  Doyle nosed around the biographies and Sis with any reference works she could use, she did find a 1950's text book on the Sociology of Death that she found interesting, so we went home with our treasures to read and decide if to keep or re-donate. 

Saturday we did shopping and we were later happily invaded by my Brother and his family, Sis and I had not really expected them so we took the easy way out pulled out the menu for Papa Murphy's take and bake Pizza, and called in our selections, good thing my O'Keefe and Merritt stove has two ovens, Doyle and my brother were able to distract the two younger boys by having them go with them to walk the dog's and Coralline and her brother told us about what they had seen the other weekend, Coralline was completely fascinated by the Skulls exhibit and her older brother said he wished he could have gone but he didn't want to miss the Blue Angles since it was Fleet week,  but then I became terrified I knew the World Series was on did they want to watch it at my home?

Well Doyle came to the rescue on that with his spare T.V. set up in the spare Maid's room, and although I know my sister in law was not interested I was surprised to see that my oldest nephew was not so interested either and chose to stay with us asking about questions in regards to monsters and such since Halloween was getting to be so close, on further questioning it was more how did the idea of Monsters came about, oh that did lead into a long and convoluted talk on the development of Horror Literature, from storytellers to Fairytales to the Twilight series which my nephew pronounced as "dumb".  But then my sister suggested that maybe I should write that as one of my link pages, a simplified version of where we get our ghosts and goulies, since I was an English major in college.

Well nothing is ever simple, but I think I'll give it a go, in time.

Doyle came quickly into the family parlor to set the recording to record (are you ready for this Darklings?)  "Wonder Woman"   I think he has a crush on Linda Carter.  He didn't want to miss it.

So with my sister in law and I and Coralline and her brother in tow we went to get the pizza's and then pop them into the oven,  when we got back I happened to mention that Svengoolie was showing "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein"  the twins pleaded to stay and watch it,  so with the children spread out on blankets on the rugs in the family parlor and the adults sitting comfortably and Belladonna and Weiner Dog begging for pizza bones and popcorn (no popcorn I warned the children)
we settled in to watch one of my favorite and yet funny films.

This movie did signal the end of the Golden Age of Universal monsters by the 1950's it turned to Science Fiction with monsters from outer space and such.  The children enjoyed it but it became very late and both Doyle and my brother had been drinking beer and my sister in law wine so, I said they could not drive home.  With the boys and their Dad camped in the maid's room and my sister in law and Coralline in the bedroom we always set aside for Coralline they stayed over night.

Today they helped Doyle put up the jumping spider and Grim and a few more lights, fed them breakfast and lunch, (thank goodness for dishwashers although my sister in law insisted on taking care of the pots and pans)  we bade them a happy good bye and to see them on Halloween.

Now for dinner, well there is still plenty of left over pizza,  so we'll heat that up and Sis is making wilted spinach salad, Doyle is watching Wonder Woman, and tonight we'll relax and watch Good Wife, CSI and record "the man from UNCLE". 

I will post those articles I found and I think later on I will attempt to write a short concept about Horror Literature---at least my take on it.

Later Darklings


  1. I look forward to reading your concept of Horror Literature. I have a fondness for Horror Literature as well as Gothic Literature. Ann Radcliffe is wonderful if you are looking for some overwrought stories:)

    1. It may take me a while but I'll most likely post it as a separate page under mysteries and thoughts Just give me time. I still have a Halloween party to do LOL!