Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Of "Opps I fogot one other thing"~~~

Yes Darklings,

I posted Beer and sparkling sodas for the Halloween party but I forgot to post the wines that I found at Cost Plus World Market.

Granted they are not the most expensive of wines, but then my friends know that it's a party, not a fancy Froo Froo Dinner engagement at my place, then the wine would be more carefully chosen, a more casual type of thing more for fun.

So let me show you the image of what I was able to find. 

Which should make for an interesting selection.

Of course we also have something alternative for the more unusual guests.

But no matter what we will make sure that no one will place themselves in danger, I have plans to have those too under the weather to sleep over at my place, even if it's a bunch of cushions in the maid's room (minus the maid)

Later Darklings

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