Thursday, October 9, 2014

Of Dressing Darkly, Full Moons and Death Parlors~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I really should get back on how an Elder Goth should dress, but frankly I have to admit that a lot of the clothing that I've seen from Macy's and Nordstrom are a bit "preppy".

And having your hemline end above the knees is not aesthetically pleasing.  As Mae West once said "Long Dresses hide a multitude of shins".   Of course in the work place that is not possible and in some cases not practical either.

But what you want to "advertise" is your "Power" not your legs and too short a hemline is not at all attractive.

On the subject of pants most pants too are not Goth in my way of thinking, unless however they project a feminine, feline Gothic grace.

Now when I'm working in the yard or doing housework, or even on vacation or camping (yes Darklings I've done camping) then pants would be called for, but if I'm vacationing at a luxurious location, then again remember feminine, feline Gothic grace.

At work I usually wear either suits, a dress with long sleeves coupled with a coat (mostly for cold) or if hot then a scarf and hat when commuting.  Many of my suits have been sewn up for me by a wonderful seamstress following vintage patterns, and fit me beautifully.

But most of us are not that fortunate, in the Macy's collection for fall I've seen some suits with interesting collar designs and fitted waists, which I think would be very nice, but of course many ladies would say "Oh that's not goth", well you have to take into account where you're working, if you're in a bank, insurance office or lawyer's office etc. what you can do to make it goth is choose a piece of jewelry (costume) that would indicate you're a bit different. 

Like a spider pin, or and I have seen them an octopus pin, or a cross in black stones, you will know it when you see it. 

Most of my suits, dresses, skirts  are in black, with a few in deep maroon, or the deepest darkest, richest purple or green one can find.  The slacks or Jeans that I have are in black, it goes with everything. 

My hem line for work is several inches below my knee, for sure mid-calf, unless your legs cannot carry off that length, then stay with several inches below the knee,

I always wear a hat and gloves, it protects the face and hands. 

Now I have seen some lovely shoes on line from Woman Within, but their clothing tends to be granny style  and a Elder Goth is never granny looking.   Think of Regina in the T.V. series "Once Upon a Time" she is the epitome of powerful, elder goth.

One thing I do HATE is panty hose, the worse abomination to give a woman a disagreeable discomfort that you have to go to the doctor for. 

Thigh high stockings are fine but I always back it up with a good garter belt, and not those froo-froo one's from Victoria Secrets either, but one's that will hold up to a full days work.  And wearing shoes without nylons is asking to get blisters on your toes and backs of your heels,  flip-flops are only proper for wearing at a pool, and should be banned from your car or to the store, if need be wear a good pair of flats.

Another thing I detest is the wearing of pajama bottoms and tops to the store, to me it means that you don't care, you haven't showered or bathed, nor even brush your teeth, Yuck!!! 

Now at home what I do is if I am cooking then I wear an apron if I just got home to prepare dinner, most of the time it's either in a slow cooker or I've put it in the oven, after dinner and picking up the dishes to wash I switch out of my outer clothes and nylons into a house dress to wear under the apron,  and then I do the clean up.

After clean up I switch to one of several lounge outfits, with mules that have the little fluff on the toes, to sit around the house as I read or watch T.V.  if someone drops by, I'm at least in an outfit that is acceptable to receive unexpected company.

For bed well it depends on how cold it is, but I have several silky, soft night gowns with matching robes or penoirs, when it's really chilly out comes the flannel night gowns. 

On nail polish I have not be overwhelmed by much except that I have seen a few colors by Essie that look intriguing, right now I'm wearing one by Sinful called Starry Night, perfect for October.

Much of my cosmetics is either by Besame especially their lipsticks, Clinique and Physican's Formula.  Now that I'm older I've tone down my eye make up, but do enough to define my eyes, the lipstick I still remain bold with, and no matter what I continue to wear cologne or perfume.

My favorites are Channel No. 5, Elizabeth Taylor's Passion and Black Pearls, and an old tried and true favorite Tabu,  my Mother use to wear Tabu.  I'm not above trying a few others if the scent pleases me.

On hair, if I could wear the hair styles from the 1940's I would but they are complicated, most of the time I wear it as seen in the movie "Dracula's Daughter" as it is so long, but my sister has taken to coloring her hair as close as possible to it's original color, and I too am going to succumb to that,  there is too much grey appearing in my hair that although I do still get carded on occasion when I ask for Senior discount, because facially I have few wrinkles (Lucky in the DNA department) my hair is becoming a give away----YES Darklings I AM vain.

But all this straight hanging getting into one's eyes stuff, no,  and cutting it short, no, Betty Page?  Not really, but there are some styles depending upon your facial structure would look very good, again Regina, and Meryl Streep in "The Devil wears Prada".

Well enough of that....

Last night was also a beautiful Full Moon, and Sis had dropped by,  Doyle and I were setting out the lights for the Halloween display, seeing what would work best, so we relaxed on the front porch sitting on the steps, we had the metal front gate closed so Belladonna and Weiner Dog would not dash out, and they were sitting on the steps with us.

Sis told me that a colleague of hers had invited her to a "Death Parlor" conference being held in the City, an all Day affair that would last until past 9 p.m. she tried to get one or two more tickets knowing that I would be interested in it but alas no more were available it had sold out quickly.  She told me about this Web site called "Order of the Good Death" and I could check to see when they would hold another one, although she heard that the one for next year would be held back east.

Oh it would have been fascinating to go, but it was not meant to be, but I told her to gather as much info as possible.  And I'm going to check out this web site.

Just then we looked up as Brian joined us  and enjoyed and remarked about the full moon, after a few minutes Belladonna and Weiner Dog started to howl, and we couldn't resist Sis and I joined in, Brian with a shrug of his shoulders as if saying "why not?"  joined us as we howled, our neighbors who were walking by with their dogs joined us in the Howlfest.

 After a minute Doyle came back out side and I heard him exclaim "again??!!  Children of the Night!!  Shut  Up!!"   we stopped, and then Brian turned to him and said "Spoil Sport."   All of us including our neighbors, laughed. 

Now today, I will be getting out the Halloween serving platters and such, and getting them ready for our event.

But I am going to check that web site.

Later Darklings


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  2. The "Death Parlor" event sounds very interesting. I should check to see if there is something similar in my area.

    We have some fun things around this time of the year. Troy Taylor who writes are the fun "Haunted" this place or that lives in the area and does zombie pub crawls and haunted events. Always a fun time.

    I have to say the Sinful's Starry Nights is one of my favorites lately. And Besame is wonderful...I have their small gold powder compact for special occasions and I love it. I wish I could wear their lovely dark lipsticks but my blonde hair and fair/golden complexion just do not go with it. I have their "Dark Red" and it is nice for an evening out but the other colors just do not suit me sadly.

    I wish I could wear the lovely dark lipsticks but this season some nice "berry" shades are showing up and that is more what I can pull off. Whenever I go to Sephora or another makeup counter they always want to use peach and light pink shades on me...which I abhore. I am not a "pastels" type person.

    I agree that the granny look is NOT a good one if one is trying to carry off a Goth look. It is a fine line between Goth and dowdy.

    Great post:)