Friday, October 31, 2014

Of Halloween is Here!!! And it's raining---Pooh!!!~~~~

Good Morning Darklings!!

Halloween is here and it's raining!!

Well Doyle being the far-sighted man that he is, went out yesterday to the Hardware store and bought gripping strips for the front porch stairs,  "All the better to make sure the children don't slip on the stairs"   and he's right, and that was his task yesterday. 

Then later he called his family in San Diego to find out about their Halloween plans, they were going to a haunted house that evening, and trick and treating tonight and a Halloween party afterwards.

His children young and old will be exhausted tomorrow, and they promise to send photo's.

I'm glad----he's planning to go down to visit them around Christmas with his work it's hard for him to travel to see them so it will be a good thing.  AND he's going to take the train down there, no flying for him, its easier, more comfortable and he can carry more presents for the grandchildren. 

We have been going to Halloween events around here as well "The Pirates of Emerson" Haunted Houses,  going around seeing Halloween displays, we're also going to take in a show in China Town about a haunted Theater.  Keep those spooks going.

I have no idea how many children will be coming with all this rain, I fear I'll have a lot of candy left over.  Sis and I will think of something so it won't be wasted.

But I have to go, I have appetizers, baking in the oven, and they will be easy to quickly re-heat, Doyle ever the far sighted planner bought two more micro wave ovens so it will be quick and easy to re-heat them for serving.

Have a Safe, hopefully Sane Happy Halloween and don't forget to get your Flu shots!

 Remember you are celebrating Halloween with two of America's Best Known Family Values Family, so Have tons of fun even if it does get a little Batty.

Later Darklings


  1. It's raining here too, and cold. It may even snow tonight 0.0 so I don't know how many kids will show. Either way I'm on a strict diet, left over candy will likely go to my parents or my brother lol.

    1. Ooo Let them gain the weight, I like that.

      A friend of mine shared a photo of a Halloween some years ago, with snow about 2 feet thick, so her parents played games, told ghost stories, made hot chocolate, and made their favorite food Mac and Cheese.

      She said it was the best Halloween Ever!

      I hope yours was nice, well as nice as can be with rain and cold and the possibility of snow.