Saturday, October 11, 2014

Of Family doings and Blonde Goths~~~

Well Darklings,

I'm being a stay at home lady today.

Doyle had to go to the office to clear away some final reports, of which he was happy to help find a child that had been taken by a non-custodial parent.  The woman in question was unstable, so a generally happy resolution, I just hope the child wasn't not too badly traumatized.

My brother and sister-in-law have come to a comfortable idea, my sister in law is taking Coralline to see the Skull's exhibit, and my brother is taking the boys to the Fleet Week events.  It's a good thing they have two cars, and with Doyle in the City as well they have back up in case one of the cars should break down which I don't think will happen.

Sis and her friend left early this morning for the Death Parlor conference and I enjoyed my coffee and pumpkin spice bagel with cream cheese this morning.

Right now I'm slow cooking a huge pot of Stew with lots of veggies in it, and then later when they arrive and settle in I'll cook up a good size pot of rice, comfort food for an Autumn day.

The tribe will stay over to sleep and then tomorrow they'll help putting up the outside Halloween decorations that won't be compromised by any rain.  Good Old Grim Reaper and the fog machine and a couple of other items will go up last once the rains are past.

And then decorating the inside of the house, I am so looking forward to Halloween.

I had a chance to check out Target's indoor and outdoor decorations, out door was too cute, but I did see a few things for indoors such as a punch dispenser with a large label on it with chalk board paint so I can put whatever description on it. 

And I think I'll check out Wal-mart to see if there is anything I missed last time, my elderly neighbor said she'd be happy for the doggie company, so that is settled.

But before I go I want to touch upon the concept that if you have blonde hair and such you really can't pull the goth look off, that one's hair has to be dark or some such nonsense.

Sometimes something as simple and lightening one or two locks of hair can create an amazing effect.

I knew a lady whose hair was a golden blonde but she wanted to do something different, of course if she did it any time of the year people would have thought it startling, but it was something she wanted to bring in.   October being the right time she went to a very good hair stylist and wanted one just one lock of hair in the front to be much lighter than the rest  and then style it as a wavy swirl over to one side,  the effect was perfect and everything thought it was for Halloween, she wore sun block and wore her foundation makeup a slight shade lighter, now she was limited in her lipstick choice,
but she was inspired by the villainous heroine in the TV program Revenge, but she could wear red.

Well she kept the look right through Halloween, thanks giving, Christmas etc. etc. until everyone became use to it.  She even changed her hair style realizing that you don't have to have really long hair to be Goth, just those simple changes still gave her the Goth look she wanted but it was not so startling to be shocking. 

And one other thing that I did suggest to her and I suggest to many ladies, she wore an all in one shape wear bra slip which took away any lumpiness she was concerned she had.  And it worked, except for extreme heat, this shape wear worked very well for her.

So I'm posting a couple of pix from Pin Up Girl Clothing think Wicked and wild my Darklings, one can be dark in outlook even if blonde in hair.

Later Darklings

I couldn't resist this outfit.  Had to have it.


  1. Lovely examples of Pin Girl style:) Shape wear is wonderful for the "wiggle" dress styles and if fitted properly not uncomfortable at all.

    I get frustrated when I hear people say blondes can't be goth. Or that natural colored hair that is not black or dark is not goth. Goth is an attitude toward life not just a cranky elder goth is showing;)

    Another tip for blonde goths...check out tumblr with photos of Stevie Nicks...not a goth per say but her wardrobe is the inspiration for many romanti-goths.


    1. Oh I never thought of Stevie Nicks, but that works and of course you're right Rebecca, being Goth is an attitude that goes beyond fashion.

      The dress with the bolero jacket is from Victorian Trading Co.