Monday, October 13, 2014

Of Lounging around as an Elder Goth~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Several of you inquired what does an elder Goth wear when lounging around well I'm going to post a few images of what does work and what doesn't.

First get a pair of these, they are called "mules" and either they will have bows in the shape of a ribbon flower or fluffy marabou, vintage one's are always nice.

Second be prepared to seduce your man, there maybe snow on the roof but let him know there's still a fire in the furnace,  so be glamorous yet comfortable.

Think of the Golden age of Hollywood, at least under these outfits the corset is off and you can breathe free and yet be beautiful.

The only time you should dress like this is if you are dying from the flu or a very nasty cold, it is the only time I permit myself to be sloppy, because you never know if you have to make a hasty dash to the bathroom.

And always have a very comfortable yet sexy chair to relax in.

Because although you are an Elder Goth, you are always a lady, with poise and dignity and a sexiness that empowers you.

Later Darklings


  1. Love the pictures:) I wish I could find an online shop for all black or black and lace peignoir sets. Have you run across any?

    Mules are the way to go...I totally agree.

    1. I constantly hunt for them, consignment shops, Macy's, Nordstrom, vintage clothing shops, I've even purchased patterns that my dress maker sews up, sometimes that works, I just keep searching. With vintage clothing you have to make sure that the fabric is not too fragile, but it is a hunt, Victoria Trading company is always good. I think in a future post I'll list the links to some shops where I've been lucky.

  2. All so true! I want to recreate the furry mules with claws that Scary Godmother wears in her boudoir.

    The baggy plaid pants outfit... ugh. I constantly see people dressed like that in the grocery store. I may not always dress up to go out, but I at least put on real pants. ;)

    1. I agree Bane the sloppy look that I see a lot of people wear is just horrible, we Elder Goths have to always remain an example of good taste to the younger generation and lead by example, and Mules with Claws Hmmmm I like that idea!