Saturday, October 4, 2014

Of a new wine to taste and savor and the heat, the horrible heat~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well new to us, that is.

A few days ago Doyle did a little shopping for me and brought home a bottle of wine by the Ménage a Trois winery called "Midnight".

I wasn't sure if it would be wise to serve with dinner but Doyle said "Be adventurous" and I was not disappointed.

At first I thought it was Apothic Dark of which we have a number of bottles carefully stored, but it had a slightly different finish and just as pleasing as Apothic Dark.

To describe this wine I'd have to turn to this description:

It is crafted a blend of not three—but four—grapes! Merlot adds a plush, velvety texture, Cabernet Sauvignon offers elegance and power, Petite Sirah lends inky intensity and Petit Verdot imparts a deep violet color and concentrated fruit. To round out the flavors the wine is aged on French and American oak. The result is a wine that leaves an indelible impression. It’s mysterious and dark, soft and sensual.

And to describe it further:

A gorgeous garnet color in the glass, this luxurious blend wraps you up in a velvety embrace. Voluptuous blackberry and plush spiced plum flavors seduce your palate, while hints of mocha and exotic spice linger on your lips like a stolen kiss. Silky and smooth with a long, powerful finish, a most intense expression yet, a passionate blend bursting with dusky aromas, an extraordinarily deep color, and rich, ripe black fruit. Don’t be shy—turn out the lights and savor the pleasures of the dark.

Well Darklings I have to say that this wine did indeed deliver what it promises, but I do suggest to not drink it on a hot day or evening, but savor it during the cool days and nights, to get the full sensual feeling of the dark via this wine.

Needless to say, Doyle went back and purchased more of this wine to add to the cellar, I am so glad the cellar is just below ground level, not damp, on the North side of the house and manages to keep a cool even temperature of 55 degrees.

Of course the hardest thing is to transport it especially if we buy wine on hot days, well the best thing is coolers and insulated frozen ice packs, but with just enough protection to  avoid damaging the labels, really easy to protect.  

Of course storing his beer and ales is easy although in the same cellar, but we don't have to use slated racks, but temperature, and keeping it away from sunlight is the most important.

Winespotter dot com has an article about what is an idea situation or temperature to store your wines whether red or white.

I'm not a wine snob, I've had people serve me wine that cost them 40 or 50 dollars a bottle and to me it's just vinegar, so really it's not the cost but the taste and if you know what you like, then it doesn't have to be extremely expensive, just delicious.

And now the heat!!!

Well Darklings, we are having our Summer Heat wave, I checked the thermometer and it is 92 degrees in the shade.  Bella and Weiner have no desire to move anywhere and have planted themselves in front of the box fan their water bowls close at hand.

For Lunch I had a simple salad I just could not eat much, every fan is going in the house, and every window is open to allow for any air to come through but nothing is moving, I managed to nap a little and was able to do laundry down in the basement perhaps the coolest part of the house.

The bedrooms upstairs will be impossible, so I have fans going on up there to circulate air, I think I'll be sleeping in the nude tonight, it's the only way.  Doyle was going over some papers for his work, but he said he'll have to tackle it later this evening the heat is just too much to deal with it.

Sis has several clients coming over to her place so it would not be wise for me to go over.

And I refuse to cook dinner in this heat, Doyle suggested our favorite take out, so I'll call in an order in a few hours but now the heat is giving me a headache so the best thing is to lie down and take an aspirin and a cool compress to my head.

I hate to think about it but wouldn't it be awful after all this heat that it rains on Halloween?  Cool weather yes, rain no.

Later Darklings

What could be cooler than to dine and drink in a cave?

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