Thursday, October 30, 2014

Of Having added a new page "What is Horror Literature" ~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I have been busy---writing that is, yes I managed to write at least part of an article on my thoughts on what is Horror Literature.

Granted my Darklings its nothing like the literary works by far more studious experts on the subject but it is a "stab" at it.

For now I have posted part 1 on this subject---so if you look to the right of this blog site under the links of "Thoughts and Mysteries" you will find "My thoughts on the history of Horror Literature"  Sorry it is only Part 1.

But I promise once I'm past all the Halloween fun I will do another chapter on this.  But at least you have a little Halloween reading for tonight.

But for now enjoy this photo of three of the most wonderful gentlemen to frighten and seduce us into the world of terror and horror.
Later Darklings and have a Happy, Safe and Fun Halloween.

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