Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of "Frankenstein", Halloween Party Planning, and a crazy day~~~~~

Hello My Darklings!

How crazy was it?  Well you spend 3 hours on a phone telling someone they are sane and the world is not out to get you.

Another cousin of mine, I seriously believe she needs to see someone other than family I think is going into a form of menopausal paranoia, her husband called me at home yesterday, while I was in the middle of balancing my check book and I still had a report to write out for work, to plead with me to speak to my cousin.

I made the mistake of doing so and at least I had her on speaker phone that way her shrieking voice would not damage my eardrum.  I know I'm sounding unkind, but I am not a psychiatrist nor physician, but she does need help.

I finally was able to get through to her that she is going through menopause, and it can cause in its worse possible way a form of paranoia, I had no idea if it is related to hormones but she really needs to seek medical help.  I was able to separate her physical symptoms from her mental, I told her to write down in two columns one labeled as thoughts or mental and the other labeled as physical feelings or sensations.  That way I told her she could present her case to her doctor and she would be able to seek what sort of treatment would be needed, I was able to convince her that she maybe directed to another doctor as well as this could be affecting her on several levels.

She finally calmed down, but I was exhausted, I had her put her husband on the phone gave him a quick run down of what to do and that he better call her doctor and say that its an emergency.

That was yesterday, today I got a follow up phone call and it was decided to hospitalize her to get her symptoms both physical and mental under control,  he saw her today and she was alert and said she felt better, but still suffered from the hot flashes, so he went out and bought a fan for her to keep her cool, the nursing staff did not complain, anything to help.

But I was behind on doing things so I set aside my check book and instead worked on my report. So in the long run although my evening was ruined (I had planned a quiet evening) at least my cousin is getting the help she needs.

Never a dull moment in my house.   But it did exhaust me mentally and physically.

Ahhh but Tuesday evening was very special, my Cousin Louise treated me to seeing "Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff on the Big Screen at one of our local movie theatre's.

What a difference!!!  It was completely restored will all the scenes that had been removed, cleaned up visually and the sound.  And seeing it on the big screen you finally understand the impact this movie must have made back in 1931, one scene where the monster comes in backwards now makes complete sense, seeing that face and those eyes close up larger than large it really looked like something come up from the dead. 

And little details that you miss watching it on Television you see on the screen, I could have seen it several times and still find something new.  And Karloff, his interpretation of the Monster, a killing brute but one to pity.  He kills Fritz because Fritz tormented him, he killed the Doctor because the Doctor was going to end his life, but little Maria was a mistake, he thought she was as pretty as the flowers and would float, his reaction was like that of an animal being terrified by its mistake.  And in the end him shrieking in fear of the fire. I felt sorry for the Monster, granted he went after Frankenstein's bride but there was an animal reason behind that.

I came away from seeing that movie with a totally different outlook of it.

Oh Darklings if you have a movie theatre that is willing  to show those restored classics then by all means do see them. 

Next week it's "Night of the Living Dead"  I do not know if I'll be able to go, but I hope so.

Now tonight Sis and I are going to plan our menu for the party, I already know what is being brought and what we have in the way of drink and sodas, so now we'll see what else we'll need and then Shopping for paper plates and napkins and such to at least cut down on the dish washing.  We most likely will do that on Saturday as tomorrow there is a Book Sale to go to and I'm looking forward to that. 

We've brought out all the Halloween serving platters, punch bowls, Jell-O molds (yes Darklings Brains, hands and hearts) decanters and such.  They are on the main dinning table waiting to be filled and laid out.  The decanters will be on special tables with drip pans to catch any droplets.

Lot's of toilet paper is ready to be used both upstairs and down stairs.  Music is going to be selected to play quietly under the noise of the party, Then much later in the evening after all of the trick or treaters cease coming to the house, I have a magician friend who will hold a "séance" in the Library, I had him come to the house asking him to plan on setting up his backdrop as if he were to do it and I would pay him for his time, so I could see what would work.  We worked on an area where it would be perfect for him and his assistant to set  up his props and staging he brought a DVD showing his full séance show and we discussed what would work and what won't.  What time he would need to be at the house to set up and I said that since he's my friend to simply mingle among the guests and to be sure he and his assistant ate as well.  And I would make sure the Library would be off limits to allow them to set up with out fear of anything being disturbed.

So besides food and drink and DVD's for the children we will have a magical séance.  Most of the time I don't have that but this time I will, because it's on a Friday.  And I do hope it doesn't rain.

So now I'm going to check the crock pot, stew again but it's easy to make, and then the rice.

Later Darklings

Well look who arrived early for the party!!


  1. Sounds like quite the celebration! A seance is such a cool idea. :)

  2. I will post how it turns out, I'm so glad my friend was available but I am going to pay him for his time and use of his illusions. But he's excited about it as well.