Saturday, November 1, 2014

Of A Halloween Success!!!~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Halloween was a success!!!  The rain held off giving the trick or treaters a chance to claim their candy!!!

And so was the party!!   Everyone getting into the mood and I think what helped even more was discussions about local ghost stories and people being up front and honest with any strange and paranormal experiences. 

Everyone took turns answering the door to the children who were allowed into the hall to get their treats!  And seeing the place festooned with spider webs and strange people in strange costumes,
by 9:30 the door bell stopped ringing with the exception of late night party attendees.

The children had fun watching the movies and falling asleep on the cushions and such, my oldest nephew took turns with the parents to watch the little ones, until they were all finally asleep, with the exception of my oldest nephew and Coralline, they managed to stay awake for the séance and had places front row center.

And we were not disappointed, disembodied hands writing messages, floating tables, spirit bells rapping out answers, moving planchets on Ouija boards and many other ghostly phenomena. It was a huge success.

And I did have a number of people who were in no condition to drive and admitted it, so between calling taxi's and having them sleep over it was a safe Halloween.  And now finally the last of the left over cars had been claimed, and we have a lot of left over food that will tide us over this weekend.

Tomorrow evening we're going to take in a ghostly event, but because it will be in S.F. and we'll be out till late, Sis and I made arrangements to stay overnight at one of the better hotels, so we'll be dropped off by Brian, at our hotel, then take a taxi to and from the venue, stay overnight then come home by BART and Taxi.

But tonight we shall relax because oh our aching limbs, later in the week I will start removing the decorations, Doyle will slowly take down the outside decorations, already today he took down Grim and the Fog Machine, and he was so effective.

Tonight we'll have fun watching Svengoolie present "Black Friday", I have not seen that movie in ages and it will be a treat.

But for now microwaving dinner, even Elder Goths must succumb to the modern use of things, and the two extra Micro-waves were a BIG Help!  

This morning being in a mindless frame of mind I happened to turn on Grit TV and they showed two episodes of Science Fiction Theater, from 1954, I remember watching these programs years ago, and found them to be both educational as well as entertaining. In one of them the strange person showed a devise called a "sonic broom" and Doyle and I saw that and we said "Oh my Goodness!  A Roomba!"

Now I'm making sure to watch this or at least record it so I can see how much did they predict that has come true.

Later Darklings---Time for me to take more aspirin.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Hallowe'en. I'd love to see pictures of how you decorate it some day. :)