Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Tragedy at S.F.O. and old-fashioned things~~~

Dear Darklings,

I'm sure that many of the National and International News agencies are carrying this tragic story.

Flight 214 from South Korea, crashed yesterday afternoon at the San Francisco Airport.

The miracle is that only 2 people died, 2 teenage Chinese National girls who I believe were part of a group of 70 going to a Summer Camp here in the US.

There were 290 passengers and a crew of I believe 16 I'm not sure, the only thing is that there were 309 people total on board, 307 survived.   At last count 181 were injured with various types of injuries, at least 16 critically, but at this time they are expected to survive.

The bodies of the 2 girls were found outside the plane, which has us puzzeled.   It is described that the plane came in too low the pilot realized it gave it an increase in power but it was not enough to clear, the landing gear of the tail of the plane hit the rock wall that separates the run way from the bay,  and then the rest of the plane skidded and its jet enginges ripped off. 

The pilot at the last second managed to get word to the tower that replied that emergency personnel are on their way.  Police were tossing box cutters to the crew to help passengers get free of their seat belts, many passengers and the crew helped others remain calm even though there was fire, the airbags to slide to safety were deployed.

Doyle thinks that the 2 girls were sitting in the tail section of the plane and when it hit they were thrown out.  But that is only speculation.  Many flights are being rerouted to Oakland, San Jose Airports possibly Los Angeles as well. Any airport that has very long runways.

Yesterday evening as Sis and I were cleaning up from canning the fruits we were watching and listening to the news reports, it will be weeks before anything will be diffinet about this.  All we could do was pray for them and their friends and families.   Doyle told us that the Boeing 777 is a very "tough" plane and it might have been a good thing the pilot poured the power on to give the front end lift, it might have helped save many lives.

I know that I have many readers on my Blog who are from overseas, and this blog may help give them a quick overview of anything major happening in my area.  But Yahoo and Google News will have more information and updates.  So I'd have to refer you to those sources.

This event sort of deflated our day, one hates to be happy and enjoying things when such a tragedy takes place, it makes the events in our lives seem so trivial and silly.  Sis and I stayed up until late in the evening to discuss this, how we felt.   Doyle had put in a long day and said he was going to bed.

His comment was "This is in the best hands possible, all we can do is pray and if they need a blood drive or donations help out that way."   And really he is right, but still one cannot help but think that.  Sis said that if one goes on thinking that then we become too morbid in our minds to become effective in helping others, and even though we know Death is all around us, every minute of every day, we need to be able to see and understand that as tragic as it is we can only do what we can.  And she is so right, I know she was thinking that I was remembering what happened to me as a child, and every now and then she reminds me to carry on.

Yesterday morning we had an early start to our Day by going over to a friends house, she has been going through all her closets and her storage unit and what a treasure trove!!!  Hats, purses, clothing all from the 1940's and 50's and a few things from the early 60's (total Mad Men),  with several large mirrors and a wall mirror we tried on everything and made our selections, we bought over half of what she had,  but she'll have plenty to offer.   I found a number of hats that looked very good on me including a Shapirellie,  and the purses such a variety, it became hard to choose but I selected those that went well with my personal style,  but she had several suits that fit me just beautifully, one in Dark grey,  two in black, and one in a very dark green, then there was a black jacket with (I'm sorry to say but remember the suit is over 60 years old) a leopard print collar and cuffs, and it was just like new. 

Sis also found wonderful things as well and we were estatic with our finds, so over coffee and coffee cake we made our purchases.   Then our friend showed us her cosmetic purchases from Besame Cosmetics, such a deep purple lipstick almost like liquorish,  and the powder compact so sweet and totally retro.  I love Besame Cosmetics the colors are perfect for me.

Our friend said she had other things to go through but she was going to sell what she had left over first but she said she'd call us for first refusal.   That helped us with our Vintage fix for now.

When we got home and carefully put our things away we went to the Kitchen and started our canning project first with sterilizing the jars and lids and seals, we decided that with the apricots we'd wash and cut them in half removing the seed, cook them and put them up as halves, the cherries we removed the stems those were going to be worked on Sunday, once we got the apricots ready and the jars sterlized it was putting them in and carefully sealing them then allowing them to cool,  while that was happening we prepared the plums for Sundays project to make plum jam, we'd do that first and then we'd work on the cherries,  right now I'm taking a break and so is Sis, while Doyle is continuting to halve the cherries since the Plums are done, Dinner is going to be take out tonight, Doyle will get it while we clean up the kitchen. 

I preferr to make dinner as it's cheaper and healthier but with projects like this sometimes one has to do take out.  At least yesterday Doyle wrote out the labels and put them on when the jar were cool and has the rest of them ready. 

Sometimes doing old Fashioned things is very theraputic,  we forget the old ways so it becomes important to return to them just to remember how things use to be. 

Now I must go, we still have the cherries to finish. 

Later Darklings

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  1. I saw the tragedy of the plane crash on the news. Such a sad story but it sounds like all the crew did a great job of helping the passengers afterwards.

    I have to admit I love Besame cosmetics as well. I have their tiny gold powder is lovely and perfect to stash in a small elegant evening bag. Their "Red Velvet" lipstick is my perfect red. Next up I want to try their cherry lip gloss. I have chronic dry lips and the packaging looks so sweet and the formula of gloss sounds very luxurious.