Monday, July 15, 2013

Of riots in Oakland and responses to posts~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm posting from work, so it will have to be brief, although I'm on my coffee break, and that dear young man David has once again enticed me with a Hazelnut Moca Latte. 

First to respond to you Lucreitia and Underground,  the property is really very large, the house was built when owners could own nearly several acres of property, but we are down to two houses wide, but nearly the width of a half a block deep,  on the back side of the property we have a fence and then the blank wall of a  building nearly 1 and a half story tall  the trees pretty much hide the building.  My sister's property is a bit shorter, her's backs into another back yard,   in looking at the backs of all the properties that I can see from the uppermost window of the house, mine is the only one with a sort of commerical building, everything else is residential, and since my sister is on one side of me and there is more than enough space between my house and the neighbors house there is no interference at all, it is a wierd configuration.  Because from the front and across the street we are all residential with trees and a small park with a pond a block or so away.

Really a very hidden nook in this area, with such a peaceful feeling that one could not imagine it being in a large city.   The other day Marissia came to me with pictures she was so excited about,  it seems that down in the park that has some tall palm trees there is a nest of owls,  her father with a huge telephoto lens managed to capture them on film, and there is scat at the bottom of the trees showing that there is a nest up there.  Owls!!  How bizarre and how wonderful!

About the tarot readings, we'll see how that develops, I think it would be fun, about filming I'm not sure, some people are very private but we'll see how that comes about.

Now about the riots in Oakland.

I have not posted hardly anything about the Zimmerman-Martin trial, it seems to be a lighting rod among people of extreme opposite opinions.   On the outcome, based on evidence presented, the acquital verdit as rendered by a Jury of 6 Women seemed to be the only outcome.   Which many people object to, it gave an excuse for a group of protesters to smash, destroy and set fire to things.   According to some alternate news media reports it appeared to be from the more criminal element of Occupy Oakland, well they haven't been able to get much support of late considering their last riot.

Sis and I were unaware of this on Saturday as we didn't turn on the news until the evening, and had been playing classical music in her car during our errands, since there is no classical music station to be found in the Bay Area anymore, or as Doyle laments not even Country Western.  

Not until about 4:30 we received a cell phone call from Doyle warning us of what might happen, so we came home as soon as we could avoiding much of downtown Oakland to get home, amazing all the side routes we found.  I recorded Svengoolie (my wicked indulgence) so we'd watch the news and there they were smashing, setting fires, spray painting "Kill Pigz" on BART and Police cars.  It seems  they can't spell, don't they know the pural of pig is pigs with an s not a z.  It just emphazies stupidity.  

So Doyle drove me to the Ferry this morning and we saw the mess they left, he said since he has to be in S.F. he'll pick me up and bring me home, until we are sure that things have quieted down.

This does show a divide between people,  this is happening more and more, Doyle told me that since the Oscar Grant trial  more and more people are putting in more security systems and those that could afford to leave have sold their homes and moved out of Oakland, at least in those areas that have been hit,  Doyle told me that Montclair and Piedmont have been very attractive to the criminal element.

So he's going to "beef" up mine and Sis's security, including video camera's with very good night and day resolutions.   It is sad.

Now I must go, coffee break is over.

Later Darklings 

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