Monday, July 22, 2013

Of being sick with a Summer cold~~~

Oh Darklings,

I am so miserable right now.

Over the whole weekend I was feeling fine, but just a tiny bit "off my feed" so to speak.  I thought I was overtired as last week was rather hectic and I had been putting in more hours because of staff on vacation.

But last night I felt a serious chill all over my body and I broke out in a sweat.  Right now my temp is 100 but I'm taking asprine to lower it.  No body aches, just feeling miserable.  It might be a Summer cold.

So I didn't go into work today, called my Boss and he said take as much time as I need to get well.

So I slept, woke up, showered, slept some more, drank some tea and had toast, slept again and now I just had to get out of bed and walk a bit, so here I am.

Doyle is out of town again he called and was concerned but I told him there was nothing he could do,  Sis set up the crockpot when she saw how I was feeling, to make chicken soup with veggies (no tomatoes) just carrots, celery, peas, a little potato for a little thickening, an a touch of onion for flavor, it will be enough for two days.   Saltines tonight, maybe sweet french bread tomorrow night depending upon my stomach.

Camomile tea or peppermint tea with a touch of honey. 

Sis has called to check on me while she is meeting her clients.   The work on her house is coming along quite nicely,  this weekend she is going to be chosing paint colors and wall paper and she wants me involved, if I can right now I feel numb.

Dear Darklings when one gets older getting sick is a serious proposistion,  not to be ignored and monitored closely.  We are not 20 something and can bounce back.

Well I'm going back upstairs to sleep some more, but I'm going to set my CD player (it plays 5 cds) to play quiet music softly,  I have those that have music and bird, water sounds so I'll think I'm in the woods.  Poor little Belladonna she can't understand why Mommy is not taking her for her walk, just sending her outside into the small garden.

Well sometimes the body does say "you need to rest"  I just wish one didn't have to feel miserable as well.

Later Darklings

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  1. I hope you get better! I know not to ignore a fever, I ignored mine for nearly a week this February and it turned out I had the flu and had to get a fluid IV. Is there somewhere you can rest an watch some classic movies? I kind of like watching movies in a feverish state :)