Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Of more Riots in Oakland~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Once again I'm posting from work, and dear David has purchased another Latte for me, sweet young man, he asked if I would be interested in going with him to the Paramont Theatre in August to see the 1954 Godzilla on the Big Screen, I said yes,  if all goes well in Oakland.

And speaking of Oakland, well the protesters were out again, this time shutting down the 880 freeway during the afternoon communte,  then they directed their attention back into downtown Oakland, more fires, more smashing and destruction, more hate graffitti, but this time more arrests.

Doyle and Sis are worried for me if I work a late day, but I feel that this will be over at the latest by next week, unless Occupy Oakland gets it into its head to prolong the situation.   Frankly enough is enough, this only hurts businesses and commerce and people trying to work.   It solves nothing, it changes nothing, it only creates a bigger divide.

One of the Jurors was on an interview program, they had to hide her face to protect her, but she said that all 6 of them agonized over all the evidence, at first 3 of them wanted to convict, but when all of them went over the evidence those 3 changed their minds,   it all came down to the last few seconds those moments when Zimmerman was in fear for his life, they all agreed that he had the right to use what ever means to save himself.  The "Stand Your Ground" law was invoked.  Those 6 jurors saw that, they cried, they prayed, they agonized over this decision.  And according to the law, according to the evidence "not guilty" was the only verdict to render.

Doyle could understand this, but he turned to me and said "Where was the Media about Justice for Johnathan Paul Foster, and Autum Pasquale, children 10 and 12 who were murdered, white children by sadly black perpatrators.   The Media is bias and disgusting, the Media only wants to foment riots and rage"  and Doyle was going on about it how the Media ignores the injustice and the greed and harm of Monsanto, Big Pharma, what is happening in Syria, and other huge events and focuses on the death of an actor, or the crash and burn of a singer, or the baby bump of a Royal.

I didn't stop him, because in his own way he was right.  So I let him get it out.

And once again we made our plans incase Oakland riots again tonight.   Not a good situation and one that will never solve or bring peace to anything.

I would prefer to post about lovely things, about silly things about things tottally different from what is happening, but I also feel an obligation to those who live outside of the Bay Area, outside of California and the United States who read my blog to understand what is also happening here. 

And if I only posted about lovely, silly, selfish things, one would think I'm shallow and self-centered, I don't think I am, but sometimes I feel as if I can no longer stand this world that has developed, and prefer to stay in my own little world but life is real, and I must face it as agonizing as it is.

Must go.

Later Darklings

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