Saturday, July 13, 2013

Of relaxing, taking care of things and updates~~~

Oh Darklings,

Today is such a lazy day,  I'm glad that we are finally having what passes for normal weather here in the Bay Area.   I was up early out of my "coffin" and enjoying my morning coffee and listening to the waking bird song as the sun creeped over the rise.   

Belladonna was being a lazy thing and didn't want to leave her warm snuggles,  so she settled next to Doyle and curled up warmly, she finally came down to do her bathroom duties with that grumpy look that dogs have when they just don't want to get up and do something.

Doyle unfortunately has to go to a meeting with several clients, many are becoming so security minded that he has been filling in to help with the over load. 

Sis decided to make something fattening---banana pancakes, I asked for only two as I know it will hold me to well past lunch time, and her caretaker houseguest, Brian came over to help out,  as I put another pot of coffee on and set the breakfast table.

Brian is happy he got a job and it pays very well, so he'll be talking with his ex-wife to make arrangements to start paying the child support again, I've met the lady, she is very nice, and in her own way very supportive of her ex-husband, she said that people have enough stress in their lives and when two people can be civilized and work together it makes things much easier.  Brian will continue to stay in Sis's house while the work is being done.

And progress has been made, the kitchen is finished, as well as the down stairs bathroom,  the foundation is sound and does not need work and thank goodess the re-wiring was done so no "ghostly feelings" in the place.   Sis is looking at the basement room and it it quiet large so part will be partioned for laundry, she sighed saying she'll have to buy a new washer and dryer.  So she's been making her list (and checking it twice).  Her contractor said it would be good to work on the roof and gutters right now before any more inside work is done, it has a third roof and needs replacing, so that is next.

I miss Coralline but she has been going to Summer School and then to an afternoon science camp, so has her brothers, but I'll be seeing her in August which I'm looking forward to.

My garden is coming along nicely, my gardener has cleared away all the brambles and such from the back part of the property and I can see the old pet cemetery quiet clearly now, the gardener even found old iron fence railings which I intend to put around the little cemetery and allow for some extra space for just in case,
more work is going to be done to the Greenhouse to finish it up.   I've fallen in love with the dark purple phalesopes(sp) orchids, but Sis thinks I should intersperse white ones as well, the little indoor stream has been completely found and my friends are finishing it up for me,  they said they'd like to hold their tarot  meetings at the Greenhouse, they feel the atmospher is becoming very magical.     Frankly I don't mind, I just need to know when, so I'm not surprised by a sudden influx of people well it's not many only 6 or so.

I've walked around the property today, checking the house and grounds and the small outer buildings making notes on what needs to be taken care of.  Like I said such a lazy day.

But it won't be for long,  Sis wants to go to several places to look for outdoor furniture for her place, I was puzzled but she said that now is a good time to buy things at sale prices, so we are going to Cost Plus and one other place, and several nurseries, she wants to see what would be good tropical type plants that would do well in our location besides "Birds of Paradise"  and my gardener will become her gardener as well, he doesn't mind---it's more business for him.

But still such a lazy day.

Oh and I found an amusing cartoon that sort of celebrates the event that happen 66 years ago in Rosewell, frankly I like the sentiment.

Later Darklings


  1. I LOVE the cartoon! And I am very envious of your backyard pet cemetery. What a lovely thing to have! I've got only a VERY TINY garden, but I'm trying to give it an abandoned, slightly overgrown cemetery flavor. Not as easy as it sounded when I began, but it's coming along.

  2. Tarot readings in the greenhouse? Make sure to film one of those sessions!

  3. I really like that cartoon! I also think having tarot readings in your greenhouse sounds really awesome :)